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Nov. 28, 2011


Welcome to Winter Meet

RecPlex Aqua Arena, Nov. 18-20

EBSC swimmers with A, AA, AAA or AAAA time standards finishing with top-six places:

12 & Under Girls: Natalie Daniel - sixth in 50y Butterfly; Natalie Larsen - fourth in 50y Butterfly, sixth in 100y Freestyle; Emily Ulmer - first in 50y Breaststroke and 50y Freestyle, second in 100y Breaststroke, fifth in 100y Freestyle; Leah Westcott - second in 50y Breaststroke, third in 100y Freestyle and 100y Backstroke, fourth in 50y Backstroke, fifth in 200y Freestyle and 50y Freestyle; Zoe Woods - third in 50y Butterfly, fourth in 50y Backstroke and 50y Breaststroke.

12 & Under Boys: Ben Attenberger - first in 50y Breaststroke, 50y Backstroke, 100y Backstroke, 100y Breaststroke, 100y Individual Medley, second in 100y Freestyle, 200y Freestyle, third in 50y Freestyle; Zach Sekaran - first in 50y Butterfly and 50y Freestyle.

13-14 Girls: Sara Kirmis - first in 100y Freestyle; Lauren Rein - third in 100y Backstroke; Renata Schlomann - third in 100y Backstroke, sixth in 200y Backstroke; Nicole Wahlgren - second in 50y Freestyle, fourth in 200y Butterfly, fifth in 100y Butterfly and 100y Freestyle; Sarah Werking - first in 200y Backstroke; Jessica Westcott - first in 200y Freestyle.

13-14 Boys: Alex Larkin - sixth in 200y Freestyle.

Senior Girls: Mary Kate Berens - third in 50y Freestyle, fourth in 200y Freestyle, fifth in 1000y Freestyle and 500y Freestyle; Sara Brzozowski - first in 200y Freestyle, second in 1000y Freestyle; Leah Lee - second in 200y Breaststroke; Maggie Lingle - fourth in 100y Breaststroke, sixth in 50y Freestyle and 500y Breaststroke.

Other participants: Rosie Bauer, Rachel Bloss, Janelle Boehm, Ryan Boehm, Kaitlyn Brayer, Andrew Cao, Lauren Ferge, Alexander Fisher, Lauren Flately, Abby Guenther, Anna Haas, Gianna Hamann, Emma Horvath, Rachel Illgen, Brendan Jeide, Sydney Kune, Casey Kendl, Alyse Korpela, Ben Kujawa, Anna Kult, Christian Larsen, Michael Linnihan, Erin Locante, Lauren Locante, Ellen Mahoney, Morgan Malatesta, Maddie Malloy, Molly Malloy, Emily Marks, Katrina Meyer, Shawna Mulcahy, Taylor Mulcahy, Natalie Mussato, Lily Perkins, Molly Perkins, Lindsay Powell, Maya Rogne, Abby Rose, Connor Rumpit, Nikhita Santebennur, Trishika Santebennur, Pyper Scullen, Courtney Severance, Madeleine Severance, Tingling Shi, Manassi Simhan, Erika Taipala, Sophie Tasker, Jack Ulmer, Alaina Wagg, Rachel Werking, Bartosz Wodnicki, Jan Wodnicki, Michal Wodnicki.




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