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Ask NOW: Are there coyotes in Brookfield?

Oct. 16, 2012

Are those coyote howls being heard in Brookfield?

Issue: A reader believes she sometimes hears coyotes howling in the Imperial Estates subdivision at night. She wants to know if there have been any coyotes reported and what dangers coyotes present.

Status: Lt. Bruce Schell of the City of Brookfield Police Department said he is not aware of any calls reporting coyotes but that there most likely are coyotes in the city at times. He added that coyotes generally are not something residents should be concerned about and pointed me to the village of Fox Point's website, which he said provides good information about coyotes in southeastern Wisconsin.

"Coyotes are typically not aggressive toward humans and are generally fearful of them," according to the website. But, the website adds that coyotes may attack domestic animals and recommends that pet owners avoid leaving pets outside unattended between dusk and dawn.

For more information go to www.vil.fox-point.wi.us, and type "coyote" in the search box.

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