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Kormanik will stand up for taxpayers

March 20, 2011

Public Forum:

As always, your vote counts April 5.

This time you have the opportunity to protect Elmbrook taxpayers with a write-in candidate. Nancy Kormanik offered to run at the last minute since one of the other at-large candidates switched her position on the very important Elmbrook decision of reintroducing 4-year-old kindergarten. Kormanik believes forcing taxpayers to pay more for a program that shows no benefit after second grade is wrong, and that taxpayers should be respected. The other two at-large candidates want to implement a K4 program as soon as possible to temporarily bolster Elmbrook revenue at the expense of your already-burdened wallet.

Kormanik also has shown a genuine willingness to move up to speed on other issues important to Elmbrook taxpayers, like school closures and non-resident enrollment. She has promised to be fiscally conservative in all her representation.

Please, Elmbrook voters, write her name down on a piece of paper and take it to the polls. Complete the arrow for the blank line under the Wilson/Schultz at-large group and write in Nancy Kormanik.

Cindy Kilkenny



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