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The defending NFL champion Green Bay Packers are returning to the gridiron for another shot as Super Bowl Champions. The Sporting News, a vintage sports paper, names the Packers the No.1 team and the Minnesota Vikings as the last team for this coming season. we still have to play the Vikes twice and their new QB has always been a scoring machine against our Pack. The outlook for the green and gold  looks promising but not perfect. The offense will be the same with Rodgers passing to his elite receivers and the defensive backs seeking interceptions. Both defense and offense lines are tentative but up to the task. Look for an improved running game. Division game wins are the priority. my prediction is a record of 11 wins 5 losses, barring key injuries.

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Heart Healthy Salad: Rich Omega 3s

Salad Nicoise, Sinatra-Style

A Heart-Healthy Salad Recipe

  • Get heart-healthy omega-3 fats from the salmon in this salad.
  • 1/2 cup canned, unsalted or low-sodium white beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 6 oz. can low-sodium salmon or 6 oz. of cooked fresh salmon
  • 1 large egg, boiled and sliced
  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • 1/2 cup cooked green beans, cut in 2-inch pieces
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 tsp. lemon juice
  • 4 cups baby spinach or green leaf lettuce

Toss all ingredients except spinach in a medium bowl. Serve on top of the baby spinach or lettuce.

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Aug. 9th Voter Turnout Key to WI Senate Republicans Keeping Seats

Elections, Conservatives, Politics, THE ECONOMY, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: Milwaukee to see ["at least $11 million"] net gain from state budget [The Walker budget the 6 recalled Republicans voted for] Part of Republican Alberta Darling's Senate district is in Milwaukee.

What are the 3 rules of elections? Turnout, turnout, turnout! And turnout will be key for Wisconsin's unprecedented special Republican recall elections on Tuesday, August 9th. This is a real election day with real consequences.

If voter turnout is high, I think the Republican Senators will hold their majority, and more specifically, in the Milwaukee/North Shore area, Republican Alberta Darling will keep her seat.

But if turnout is light, then the get-out-the-vote-have-a-chicken-dinner-block-party-for-votes strategy just might prevail: "Five such parties were sponsored by Wisconsin Jobs Now, a coalition of community and labor groups led by the Service Employees International Union. The coalition describes itself as a nonpartisan organization, although its blog posts have been highly critical of state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), who is defending her seat against Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) in the Aug. 9 recall vote.

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"STATUS" of Canoeing with Pack Rats



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Phew! Republicans hold majority, Darling still Republicans' darling

Conservatives, Elections, Politics, President Obama, TAXES, WISCONSIN

Conservatives in Wisconsin are breathing much easier this morning, because 4 of the 6* recalled Republicans won their elections! Just enough victory to keep their majority in the Senate--important because the majority controls which bills come up for vote in the Senate.

Despite this being the best election paid political operatives could muster, the Democrats still couldn't pull off a win here. To me, that is huge. For despite all the out of state Union money flowing into anti-Republican advertising, phone banks, door-to-door canvassers, and BBQ for Votes parties, the Republicans still prevailed.

Since this is the 3rd election effort against the conservative agenda, and the conservatives won, I think it is clear Wisconsinites like this new less tax and less spend direction.

The whole country was watching these recalls--Conservatives hoping Wisconsin voters would uphold Walker's return to fiscal sanity so their state could do the same; Liberals hoping a Democrat victory would make legislators think twice about cutting spending and challenging the unions. Drudge posted this as his top set of links (before 9am): "Republicans take 4 of 6 in recall elections, hold Senate... (todaystmj4 GOP maintains control of Senate)
GOP's stand could reverberate elsewhere...(Washington Times)"
Drudge also characterized the Democrat loss as "Unions Lose in Wisconsin".

Well, the focus on Wisconsin's Republican victory didn't last long on Drudge. Now the headline link is More Slide. The Dow is at -377.62 at 9:20am--make that 389.58 at 9:29am. Can it be any more clear? Our nation needs to cut our out of control deficit spending lest we join Europe in their debt-fest. Maybe President Obama would like to have a chat with Gov. Scott Walker for some cost cutting pointers? ;-)

Next Tuesday, Aug. 16th, Republicans have a chance of capturing 2 more seats in the Simac and Steitz races against 2 Democrat Senators who fled the state rather than vote. I would think yesterday's results would energize their campaigns.

I want to thank talk show host Jay Weber for making a point to allow a caller yesterday make a plea for people to pray about the recall elections. Though I couldn't vote in yesterday's election, I and many others did pray for justice and fairness.

Today's TMJ4 GOP maintains control of Senate
Washington Times: Wis. GOP's stand could reverberate elsewhere
AP Vote Totals
Wisconsin GOP holds on to Senate

*These results were not unexpected: Dan Kapanke is in a Democrat district. Randy Hopper's personal problems were seen as a big negative.


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Elmbrook: Time to close two schools

I get so embarrassed for our school board. Instead of making a common sense decision about closing two elementary schools they embarked upon a study where the options included closing Dixon or Brookfield Elementary. 

You know. Those new grade schools with enormous gymnasiums and air conditioning that taxpayers haven't finished paying off yet.

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Elmbrook Education Foundation Elects 2011-12 Board

The Foundation has a volunteer board of directors including 12-18 community members with guidance provided by Elmbrook administrators and community members with desired expertise. The following changes have been made to the Foundation’s board of directors for the 2011-12 school year.

David Frank of Brookfield has renewed his position on the board for another 3 year term (2008-2014) and will continue to serve as Board President.  He will also serve on the Foundation's Nominating, Governance, and Scholarship committees.  David is an attorney at Reinhart Law in Milwaukee. 

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It's The Shire Week

Oh, come on. You know you expected it. Sooner or later we'd talk about that subdivision The Shire.

Well we're going to talk about it because the city is talking about it. On Wednesday, August 17th at 6:30 p.m. there is a Landifll Moratorium Committee meeting, and that agenda includes a place for public comments. 

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More Than Just a Reservoir

Lake Michigan and the supply of water are again much in the news.  I readily acknowledge my ignorance of the substantive detail, factors, and issues that constitute this public policy debate.  But what seems obvious is that the adequate supply of fresh water is a long term, regional problem.  And if that be true, then one might suggest that the demand for water should be part of any complete evaluation of the matter.  I believe that no policy will be complete until we as citizens - individual by individual and family by family - begin to develop a respect for this vital resource.  And in order to do that, perhaps it might help to look at Lake Michigan as more than just a reservoir.      

This summer my family again vacationed on the N.W. shores of the Lake.  Over the course of ten days we circled the entire Lake, hugging the shore every mile.  It was a trek of 945 miles, leaving little wonder as to why the Lakes are called, "Great".  Up through Wisconsin, over the State line and through one of the loveliest streets in all of America - First Street in Menominee, Michigan.  Driving through hundreds of square miles of Hiawatha National Forest, all while realizing that a short hike due north of High Way 2, one would see little evidence that man has ever trod the planet.  I gave up counting the endless series of rivers, streams, creeks, and estuaries that fed the mighty body of water, and only marveled that despite their number, each was unique.  Our kids thrilled at their first sight of  "Big Mac" - Mackinac - the longest suspension bridge in the world.  We looked up to the majestic spires of its twin towers, their peaks standing five hundred feet about the surface of the water.  We stared down two hundred feet from the surface of the bridge, down upon the Strait that separates two of the four largest bodies of fresh water in the world.  Nothing but dazzlingly blue water stretched out as far as we could see, until the surface and the horizon joined in one inseparable line. 

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"STATUS" of Unexpected, Garden Showers



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Good week for Conservatives: Perry is 'in', ObamaCare struck down & more

Conservatives, Elections, 2012, Constitution, President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, The Courts, WISCONSIN, United States

Just a quick post here--I am up to my elbows in paint brushes and sandpaper--but there were a few positive news items that should be noted from last week. I will start with the most recent first:

2012 Presidential Election
Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he is running for President on Saturday at a RedState event. How refreshing to hear, "You see, as Americans we’re not defined by class, and we will never be told our place. What makes our nation exceptional is that anyone, from any background, can climb the highest of heights. As Americans, we don’t see the role of government as guaranteeing outcomes, but allowing free men and women to flourish based on their own vision, their hard work and their personal responsibility. And as Americans, we realize there is no taxpayer money that wasn’t first earned by the sweat and toil of one of our citizens." (My emphasis)

Perry is being attacked by the Left, so I would say they are seeing him as a serious contender! One cannot help but make the comparisons to Ronald Reagan. In fact, Richard Cohen titled his piece on Monday, The Texas Gipper. "Here again was a governor declaring for the presidency and some very wise people cautioning us on the air and in print that what worked in Texas might not work in the nation. Perry is too conservative, too much a cowboy, too religious and, while we’re at it, too handsome. This, more or less, was what was said about Ronald Reagan. "

In other 2012 Election news, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll with 29% of the vote on Saturday. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race. Some are still holding out hope for Rep. Paul Ryan and Gov. Chris Christie to throw their hats in the ring. I am not a Christie fan as he is not as Conservative as I would like across the board.

On Friday, Appeals Court Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional: "...the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the so-called individual mandate, siding with 26 states that had sued to block the law." They stopped short of declaring "the entire overhaul as unconstitutional".

Wisconsin Republican Recall Election
It would appear last Tuesday's recall results will be enough to repel Obama's Magical Misery Tour through the Midwest from crossing our border. "Obama’s bus trip this week will bring him to an Iowa town within twenty miles of the Wisconsin border on Tuesday. That’s the same day that two Wisconsin Democratic state senators who sided with labor last winter face recalls mounted by the Republican Party and national conservative groups."

"But Obama’s team has made no announcement of plans to cross the line into the battleground state."

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Council to vote on The Shire moratorium

 On tonight's agenda it's in the consent agenda as part of the Plan Commission actions.

Proposed extension of Ordinance 2223-10, an extension of Ordinance Nos. 2182-09, 2144-08, 2090-07 and 2070-06 which are an extensions of Ordinance No. 1958-04, a Development Common Council Moratorium for the Waste Management landfill known as Outlots 1 and 2 of CSM No. 9898 and outlots 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 of The Shire subdivision (initially identified as Outlots 6-10) bounding same, not including lots 1-25 of The Shire Subdivision.  

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Tommy Thompson for US Senate? Thanks, but NO thanks

2012, Elections, Conservatives, , Elections, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: Russ Feingold says "he will not be a candidate for political office next year" -- 2012.

Well, it seems our former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson is making moves on running for Herb Kohl's vacant U.S. Senate seat in 2012*. All I can say is, Thanks, Tommy, but no thank you.

My mind has not changed on Thompson since January and April of 2010, when I wrote, "Former Gov. Tommy Thompson has been rumored to be our winning candidate for months, however, I don't consider him my ideal or even acceptable candidate. Could we have counted on Tommy, the creator of Wisconsin's BadgerCare health insurance plan, to vote against its BIG Federal brother, ObamaCare? Could we count on him to vote to REPEAL and REPLACE ObamaCare?

"Thompson could win we are told, he polls at 45% to Feingold's 33% but he is NOT the conservative candidate I would embrace. "

Then I noticed in the JSOnline article that he chose Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen as his campaign co-chair. Now that choice will really impress Wisconsin conservatives. (Read that with a sarcastic tone.)

So who would I like to see run?

Former State Senator Ted Kanavas is looking good to me. He has been subbing on WISN radio for Mark Belling and Jay Weber, which can only help him broaden his name recognition in Wisconsin. It also shores up his conservative stance on the issues, not to mention gives him great opportunities for improving his extemporaneous speaking skills.

State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald also looks good to me.

Some say Mark Neumann, but pro-green side aside, after his campaign against Scott Walker, I would rather he not run.

Just being a Republican is not enough. Wisconsin Republicans, as well as many in the nation, have moved more to the right since the Gov. Tommy Thompson days.

It would be great to send a real Conservative to Washington, one who would truly complement U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

Past Posts: Ted Kanavas not seeking reelection for STATE Senate Jan. 25, 2010
Run, Johnson, Neumann, Grothman, Kanavas, Leibham, RUN! Spare us from Leinenkugel April 9, 2010

*H/T Jay Weber show this morning .

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Last night's Moratorium Committee Meeting

 Well, they met. All the committee members were there. A few aldermen were in attendance. Scott Berg took pictures. (Noisily, I might add. Folks all cameras have a way to turn off that annoying picture taking sound.)

I was generally pleased with the questions presented. I was also pleased with some of the questions from the audience. One concern was that many were not aware of the meeting, and there was a request that the neighborhoods be contacted.

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I was wrong

 Now keep in mind, if certain men were writing this post, that title would have to be:

I was wr...wr...wr...slightly inaccurate in my initial assessment.

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7th District Applicants for Alderman Sought by City of Brookfield

The City of Brookfield website announces that 7th District applicants for Alderman to fill a vacancy are being sought.Details are given on the official city website.

The former Alderman resigned to..... "possibly serve in a higher capacity".

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Homes on Dumps Across America

 Well one website has gone and made it easy to start the investigation of homes built on or next to waste sites. The list is about a year old, so that's not too bad. There is nothing listed in Wisconsin.

I'll keep digging around. I've about a dozen open links right now to investigate. I'll add to this post as I run across information to share.

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Football weekend is early, but it's here

Ike-West football, Tosa East/WEst football

I had the opportunity to see two intercity rivalries this weekend to start the way too early football season.

Friday night I saw New Berlin Eisenhower crush New Berlin West, 43-0, at Ike and then on Saturday I saw the return of the Tosa East-Tosa West game for the first time in 15 years.

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Brain Power Smoothie

DHA, brain health, kids

Kids need DHA for optimal brain development. Read more on the Health Benefits of DHA for children.

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Getting Started again

It's been several months since I published a blog.  Not much has been worth commenting on. As a member of the Elmbrook, any comments from me asanindividual would would bhe inappropriate 

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