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"Chooseday's" Nov. 2nd ballot picks

Elections, Politics, WISCONSIN

Watch this and see if you don't agree, "Those voices don't speak for the rest of us".

As JT Harris asked the crowd of about 150 people waiting to see US Senate candidate Ron Johnson at the Waukesha County Republican Headquaters Monday night, How many of you are asking God for one more chance to turn this around? My hand shot up as did most in the room.

Then JT asked, How many have been to a Tea Party? Again, hands waved in the air.

How many have been to a Town Hall? The room was full of upraised hands.

It was pretty obvious that this crowd didn't believe the voices of the Liberal Progressives featured in the above clip spoke for them.

I believe the majority of voters tomorrow will vote to "turn this around", but one never knows until the last ballot is counted.

As I mentioned, I already cast my votes, all on the Republican side of the ballot, and voted Yes on the Transportation Fund Advisory Referendum.

Why are they all Republican? Because the Republicans are Pro-Life. They are also fiscally conservative, against wasteful spending on trains, want to reverse ObamaCare, are pro business and pro voter ID, and are more inclined to adhere to the US name just a few reasons.

My Sept. 7th Primary Ballot Picks post goes into more detail on why I chose the candidates I picked. Posts relating to each race will be listed below the individual race; generic ones are listed at the bottom of the post.

Here is the list of my ballot picks for Nov. 2 in the order they appear on the ballot.

Governor & Lt. Governor: Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch

For shame, Tom Barrett, Scott Walker SUPPORTS Stem Cell research!
Walker rally made political hay, ad gained national attention
Lt. Gov. candidate Rebecca Kleefisch on Fox & Friends
How is Barrett "knee deep" in sewer water yet squeaky clean? JournoList?

Attorney General: JB Van Hollen

Secretary of State: David D. King I heard David King speak at the April 15th Madison Tea Party.

State Treasurer: Kurt W. Schuller

United States Senator: Ron Johnson As one of the many who encouraged Ron to enter the race back in early April, he is everything I had hoped he would be as a person and more. It is gratifying to see him run such a fine tuned campaign.

Need a reason to vote Ron Johnson? Ask Michelle Obama
Ron Johnson, Feingold virtually tied in poll" November can't come fast enough!
Ron Johnson enters US Senate race
Ron Johnson would be my ideal candidate
Run, Johnson, Neumann, Grothman, Kanavas, Leibham, RUN! Spare us from Leinenkugel

Sen. Feingold turned deaf ear to 97.5% at Listening Session

Representative in Congress District 5: F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. As Congressman Sensenbrenner mentioned at the Ron Johnson rally Monday night, When a nation goes off course, the people are there to right it. Today's Tea Party movement is a good example of the people rising up to right the ship.

State Senator District 5: Leah Vukmir Leah Vukmir has been a solid conservative voice in the Assembly, soon she will be in the State Senate!

What a whopper! "Jim Sullivan supports law enforcement, Vukmir does not" Unbelievable

How sickening. Jim Sullivan & supporters slam Leah Vukmir with untrue attacks
Wisconsin Assembly Update: Working night & day The RTA was dealt a severe blow by Rep. Leah Vukmir
Senator Jim Sullivan's Town Hall.....GRILLING! OUCH!

Representative to the Assembly District 14: Dale Kooyenga Since Dale is running unopposed, CONGRATULATIONS is in order. Cast your vote for him anyway; he will be another solid conservative voice in Madison.

Wisconsin 14th Assembly Forum tonight in Tosa with Kooyenga...

Sheriff: Daniel Trawicki

Also on November's ballot, a Transportation Fund Advisory Referendum
Dem signs conspicuously absent from known supporting households
Wisconsin's primary is 3 weeks away, who are you voting for?

Another local source for candidate info would be Randy's Picks for 2010 Nov. 2 Elections.

Do vote early in the day if you are able. Sometimes long lines develop near closing time. According to election law, under normal conditions, unless you are in line at 8pm, you will not be permitted to vote.

City of Brookfield residents in District 7, remember you now vote outside your district at St. Luke's Catholic Church on Greenfield Ave. and Davidson Road.

Tomorrow morning I am off to do some poll watching in the heart of Milwaukee. I will be interested in seeing how turnout compares there with what I am used to in Brookfield.

Tomorrow evening it's the Country Springs Hotel for me to watch the election results and hear the speechifying. It is going to be a l-o-n-g but exciting day..


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Election Day 2010

I'm sitting here watching the evening news just prior to 6PM enjoying every word of the commontators. They are so predictable. Obama's policies and legislation  is damaging the country they say. Much of it was what he promised in his campaign.and now people don't like it. Congress is gridlocked and can't pass any bipartisan legislation. It's long been my position that the Congress represents their constituency . Thus, based on the vote counts, the populace is just as divided as our representatives are. What can we expect from them? Probably another two years of gridlock.

Hold onto your hats, Whitefish Bay, the Trojans and Raiders are coming to town

Wednesday night members of the Wauwatosa East and West boys volleyball team probably had trouble sleeping. And it had nothing to do with the classes.

You see the Trojan and Raider boys volleyball teams will traveling to the Whitefish Bay Field House Thursday night to play a 7 p.m. WIAA Sectional Championship match. The winner goes to state next Friday and Saturday at the Wisconsin Lutheran College Fieldhouse.

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The Walker, Johnson & Vukmir win was my political Triple Crown!

Conservatives, Elections, United States, WISCONSIN

It isn't often I have had a night like Tuesday night; all 3 of my major candidates won. It was rather like winning the Triple Crown!

In horse racing, the Triple Crown is considered to be a great accomplishment: it is one horse winning 3 important races.

My political Triple Crown was having all 3 of my candidate choices win their individual race for Wisconsin Governor, United States Senator, and State Senator!

In addition to my trio of winners, there were sure thing winners such as Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and unopposed 14th Assembly Representative Dale Kooyenga. That means for the first time that I can remember, most of my representatives are true Conservatives!

The faithful were gathered at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, watching election returns on the big screen, while we waited for Governor elect Scott Walker to show up. As they called each Republican gain from all those national races for Governor, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and our statewide races for State Senate and Assembly, the crowd grew more excited. It was wonderful, way too hot and crowded, but wonderful just the same.

We all cheered when Ron Johnson was projected to be the winner of the U.S. Senate race. Since Johnson and Walker's numbers were much the same all evening, there was little doubt of the outcome of the Governor's race.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch warmed up the crowd, and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner spoke too. Finally, it was the moment we all had been waiting for.

The crowd went wild when soon to be Governor Scott Walker came out. After a Happy Birthday serenade and him quipping this would be a tough birthday to top, he got serious and said, "First of all, I want to thank God. Not for this victory but for His grace to all of us..." The crowd heartily agreed. He also introduced the new slogan that would mark the Walker administration: Wisconsin is Open For Business.

The crowd thinned out a bit after that but the 3rd race of my Triple Crown still was not decided. While Scott Walker and Ron Johnson were ahead all evening, Leah Vukmir's returns seemed to take forever to come in. The first ones were worrisome, showing Sullivan at 61% and Vukmir at 39%, though I couldn't imagine that ever happening! (Closer scrutiny revealed only 8% of the vote was in--it must have all been from Milwaukee County.)

There was also a problem with some ballots in one district in Brookfield--the Vukmir/Sullivan race wasn't included. The problem was resolved but not before 20 voters had already cast their ballots without the 5th District State Senate race on it. Thankfully, those votes were not needed, and by the end of the evening, Leah Vukmir had won with 54% of the vote to Jim Sullivan's 45%.

For comparative number crunching from the vote totals I was able to find*, Leah Vukmir received 36,852 votes to Sullivan's 33,702, for a total of 70,554 votes. Back in 2006, Sullivan received 36,148 to Tom Reynolds' 33,686 for a total 69,834 votes. So this election had a higher turnout of 726 voters. (Make that 746 if those Brookfield ballots had had the State Senate race on them?) Vukmir's margin was higher too with her earning 3,150 more votes than her opponent Sullivan. Compare that to Sullivan's 2006 margin of 2,462 votes over Reynolds. So Leah Vukmir's win was 688 votes stronger than Sullivan's 2006 victory where he captured 50.6% of the vote.

Our nation and state still have a long way to go to reversing our debt load, reducing the size of government, and restoring our liberty, but at least the first step of that journey has been taken.

Just be aware, we cannot go back to business as usual, ignoring what goes on in Madison and Washington D.C. As I often say, a Constitutional Republic does not run on autopilot! Going to a Tea Party, calling your Congressman, or going to a Town Hall is not a one time thing. It is up to us to keep those we elect accountable to us. But for now, I am breathing a sigh of relief and as JT Harris said on Monday, I'm thanking God for this one more chance to turn this around.

*Some sources quote the percentages as being 52% - 48%, which works out with the vote totals presented here. Other sources state the percentages as 54% to 45 or 46% with no vote totals. Regardless, Vukmir won!

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"STATUS" of Rising Hesitations



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"STATUS" of Greenback Gardening



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The Adoption Guarantee Facility.

Elmbrook Humane Society, euthanasia, Wisconsin, dogs, Adoption, cats, breed, animal welfare, Milwaukee, community, animals

Elmbrook Humane Society (EBHS) was founded in 1964.  Our founders had no idea how much EBHS would need to grow and evolve in order to help the increasing number of animals and residents in our community.  Animal welfare has changed a great deal over the past 45 years and there is a need to focus on the issue of senseless euthanasia faced by adult animals, especially cats and large dogs, right here in Wisconsin.

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Save the herbs

Gardening, Living well on less $

Last year, I decided I would try to save a few herb plants over the winter in the house.

My experiment was 2 fold: to have some fresh herbs over the winter months and to save the price of buying the plants again the next summer.

So I dug up the plants from my garden and plunked them into a 3 Cup container. (Larger would have been better.)

Outside of placing them in a sunny location (east exposure) and watering occasionally, that was the extent of the tender loving care I gave them.

While they didn't exactly thrive, they did survive. The photo was taken last spring just before putting them back in the garden. They also supplied me with fresh rosemary and the occasional spearmint leaves. The creeping thyme I found did not need to be wintered in the house; it survived outside just fine.

This year I brought in the rosemary and mint again, and I will try a pot of parsley too.

My other gardening experiment this year will be to move a parsley patch close to my back door and cover with a translucent plastic bin when the temperatures head to the teens and lower. Between the warmth radiating from the south side of the house and the hardiness of parsley, I should have fresh parsley for Thanksgiving stuffing and other culinary delights all winter long.

So what do you have to lose? The weather should still hold for today and tomorrow. Get out the trowel and save those herbs!


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Tosa East spikers must avoid letdown at state

Wauwatosa East playing the in WIAA State Boys Volleyball Tournament is old hat for the Red Raiders, who are making their fifth straight trip this weekend.

This is their sixth overall appearance, but they have appeared in the tournament a few other times when it was not officially sponsored by the WIAA. The tourney resumed in 2000 after an 18-year absence because of low participation from 1983-1999.

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It's Veterans Day, say thank you to a soldier today

History, Veterans, United States, War, Holidays

Today is Veterans Day, a day set aside "to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans." So today, if you know a Veteran, be sure to say thank you for your service. I also think it appropriate to say thank you to those currently serving their country.

The USO offers a very easy way to express your thanks today up until Thanksgiving. All you have to do is click the link and send a message. You can designate who you want it to go to: active duty, veteran, family, etc. (They wouldn't mind a donation to the USO too.)

For people of my vintage and older, Veterans Day used to be known as Armistice Day and was celebrated on November 11th to mark the day World War I ended in 1918.

The website gives a great history of the holiday along with an explanation of the purpose of Memorial Day. There is a lot of confusion regarding the Armistice Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

In a nutshell, Armistice Day was a day "dedicated to the cause of world peace" and to honor those who served in WWI. Then in 1954, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a day to honor vets of all wars. However, the purpose of Memorial Day was to honor those "who died in service to their country or as a result of injuries incurred during battle". Deceased veterans who died as a result of natural causes are to be remembered on Veterans Day, as evidenced by the field of flags at many cemeteries.

So THANK YOU, Veterans, your service to our country is appreciated.

Past Veteran's Day Posts: Thank you, Veterans, for the final salute
Thank you and God bless you Veterans and enlisted troops Includes movie picks
My Favorite Marine--Thank You Veterans!


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Volunteers Give From the Heart

A day in the life of a volunteer is like none other.  We look forward to sharing our time and talents for the good of humanity.  Some have more time.  Others have more talents.  But each is willing to take time from their busy lives to help in worthy causes of which there are so many in every community.  Volunteering can be done on a very local, a state or national level depending on each person’s interest.

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Our Last Spartan

"Go tell the Spartans, those that passeth by;

That here, obedient to their laws, we lie".

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Backwards We Go!

Now it's not just the trains that Scott Walker has in his bomb sights, but a number of ongoing administrative and public health projects and delay of a power plant project under Walker, that will end up, much delayed, as a stinking coal -burning plant.  High speed rail is an emerging, high tech industry that other countries are embracing. Make no mistake, this is a long-range project that may take 25 year to complete just as the interstate. And as the interstate highways made our transit sytem more efficient, so too is high speed rail doing the same thing fifty years later with fuel shortages and prices fifteen times higher.  We are giving up almost a billion, that's right folks, a billion dollars that was apropriated by the feds, as I recall,  well over ten years ago. This money won't go back into the pot. It will go to another state and Mr. Walker will make us all look like fools. For decades, Wisconsin has been at the bottom of the list of states in the annual amounts of federal reimbursement. High-speed rail is a long term goal just as was the interstate system. The $910 million should just ab out carry us over until Mr. Walker creates all of those 250,000 jobs in three years!

Important: Call Gov. Elect Walker: No High Speed Rail! UPDATE

Alert, TAXES, Transportation, WISCONSIN

Weigh in, become part of the public record against High Speed Rail. Call Governor Elect Scott Walker's Transition Office and register your sentiments on the train. This is important because it could help with diverting the $810 million train money to go toward Wisconsin road projects instead.

The phone number is: 608-261-9200. Call until you reach a live person.

This may take some effort as they have very few phone lines going to this government office, but make the call. The issue is too important to leave any doubt as to where you stand.

Lobbyist groups are staging pro train rallies this weekend.

Siemans would be one such participant. They have a lot at stake here since they make trains. (The photo left was taken at the Orlando airport.)

Wisconsin cannot afford high speed rail now and it certainly cannot afford to replace it all in 15 years according to Federal safety mandates, so make that call!

H/T Vicki McKenna today, end of 1st hour.

UPDATE: I called about 10 times this morning but always got a busy signal, voice mail, or leave a return phone number message. Then I tried again this afternoon at 3:10pm and got through right away. I stated I wanted to go on the public record of being strongly opposed to high speed rail and as requested, gave my name and email address to the woman in the office. She said they will continue taking calls on this as long as people call. That means in the days, weeks, and months ahead. So make that call!

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Weekend Developments

Great work by the Baas family and the other participants for their work on recycling. All of us can participate in recycling to a lesser degree .  Our household has been recycling for perhaps ten years without any conscious effort. The Baas' included composting in their efforts which is really admirable but involves walking outside in the winter to feed the composter. My point is: All of us can accomplish about 75 % of the recycling without composting. As a two person household, we accumulate about 15 pounds of paper products a week with junk mail, packaging cardboard,  daily newspapers,  and  toilet paper rolls as well. You can also unlist yourselves from unwanted catalogs. Just Google to

A colossal waste of taxpayers money came up again this weekend. It's called voter ID. It might prevent a dozen or so cases of voter fraud in Milwaukee and maybe another dozen around the state. Spend millions of dollars to possibly prevent a few fraudulent vote-maybe. Those with new-found political power who promised to save our money are ready to squander  millions for nothing and disenfranchise probably thousands with a new bureaucracy.

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Fun World fixtures auction set for Saturday; building still listed for sale

Brookfield, Retail

Fun World, a family entertainment center in the Town of Brookfield, has closed after its last day of business on Sunday.

In August, I reported that owner Richard "Bart" Jahn, who has operated Fun World since it opened 16 years ago, planned to sell the business. Fun World is profitable, Jahn said, but he's ready to retire and spend more time at his vacation home in northern Wisconsin.

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Planning a trip?

There is no way anyone can take better care of my best four-legged friend than me. (Said like a true parent.) So when I was faced with an overseas trip to China, I was thrown into a state of panic. Where will Skippie (said four-legged friend) stay? I was ready to schedule him at a kennel and ask for his forgiveness upon my return, when a dear friend rescued me and offered to watch my beloved for two weeks.  Great!

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Once again our shelter in inundated with kittens of all sizes and shapes.

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Shelter seeks donations for care

It has been nearly a month since eight puppies landed on the doorstep of the Elmbrook Humane Society, some after being left in the trash.

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testimonials, Elmbrook Humane Society, staff,

Wow, I just read these reviews about Elmbrook Humane Society on, very nice!  Thank you, K.M. and Adam S.

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