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GMC grid title stretch a 4-horse race

Brookfield Central, Brookfield East, Wauwatosa East football

Right now there are four teams battling for the Greater Metro Conference football race in as tight a battle as you can have in the final two weeks of the year leading into the playoffs.

Brookfield Central (4-1, 5-2), Brookfield East (4-1, 6-1), Marquette (4-1, 5-2) and Sussex Hamilton (4-1, 6-1) are all battling for the conference crown.

Before I take a look at the final two weeks, remember every team plays the same schedule, just not in the same order.

Brookfield Central has played the toughest schedule so far, so they have the easiest schedule left with teams with a combined GMC record of 2-8, a .200 winning percentage. Lancer coach Jamie Meulemans is pulling his hair right now reading this.

Both Marquette and Sussex Hamilton are tied with the second-toughest remaining schedule, each playing teams with a combined 6-4 (.600) conference mark.

And then there is Brookfield East, which has played the easiest schedule so far, so the Spartans have the toughest two opponents left with a combined 8-2 GMC record (.800).

Here’s a look at the actual breakdown for the final two weeks.

Brookfield Central — Friday: at Wauwatosa East (0-5, 1-6), Oct. 14: Menomonee Falls (2-3, 4-3).
Marquette — Friday: at Brookfield East (4-1, 6-1), Oct. 14: West Allis Central (2-3, 3-4).
Sussex Hamilton — Friday: at West Allis Central (2-3, 3-4), Oct. 14: Brookfield East (4-1, 6-1).
Brookfield East — Friday: Marquette (4-1, 5-2), at Sussex Hamilton (4-1, 6-1).

Barring some huge upset — I stress that fact since these games are not played on paper, but they are played by teenage boys - Brookfield Central should win its final two games.

The Red Raiders are winless and just don’t match up with the Lancers’ size —physically or roster-wise.
If Central comes ready to play Menomonee Falls they should win based on talent, but Falls coach John Baker will have his troops ready to play because they should beat West Allis Hale this week and then they would need the victory over the Lancers to make the playoffs. Motivational factors on both sides — Playing for the title vs. playing to make the playoffs.

So with the Lancers at 6-1, the key remaining games for the title will have Brookfield East playing Marquette and Sussex Hamilton.

The Chargers should coast by West Allis Central this week — and at this stage, whether you coast by someone or win by a point, all that counts is the victory.

The Marquette-Brookfield East game is perhaps the biggest game of the year for both teams.

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The budget is here! The budget is here!

To my surprise, the budget is online already at the city's website. Here are the numbers.

I'm sort of, kind of, speechless. (Don't let it overwhelm you.) This is a good budget. This is a good budget thanks to Governor Scott Walker. Nearly overlooked in this article a few days ago:

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Fix It! Wisconsin - Low Cost Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

Elmbrook Humane Society (EBHS) and the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) are teaming up to provide residents outside of Milwaukee county with discounted spay/neuter vouchers for their animals and access to low cost vaccinations, testing, microchipping and more!

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Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald says he's running for U.S. Senate

2012, Elections, WISCONSIN

I heard this morning that Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald is going to run for United States Senate. H/T Jay Weber

If you are following this race, Fitzgerald's announcement makes it 3 for the Republican side of the ticket. (Former Gov. Tommy Thompson and former Congressman Mark Neumann are the other 2.) The winner of the Republican primary would face Democrat Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin in November of 2012.

At this point, I think Fitzgerald would be my choice. I have also heard there are 2 other very wealthy individuals teetering on the edge of announcing, so I guess we have to stay tuned!

Fitzgerald for US Senate


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"STATUS" of a Personalized iPod



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A busy first quarter at St. John Vianney Parish School

Students at St. John Vianney have been busy inside and outside of the classroom.  As they approach the end of the first quarter, many classes have been on field trips to supplement their classroom studies and many have had special projects within the school.

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Big weekend for Woodland, GMC teams

There is plenty of action on tap - can I say that in a prep blug? - tonight and Saturday? Let's take a look.

Kicking off the weekend is the Woodland Conference Cross Country Championship - look for Shorewood boys and either the Greyhound girls or Pewaukee girls as the favorites.

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Yes, the 2011 Brewers have now surpassed the pre-season predictions. Most baseball writers did not even pick them to be in the playoffs and if they die not to go this far. (tied with St. Louis 2 to 2). What changed ? 1. a new innovative manager who uses his talented players the right way. 2. an owner who after being burned by signing pitching failures agreed to spend again for two solid starting pitchers. 3. a general manager who sought out and got cast off players including two relief pitchers give us an excellent pitching staff. 4. an MVP season by Ryan Braun who always plays to win never has thoughts of leaving and does not complain. 5. a spirit never there since 1982 . 6. real baseball fans who are true believers. 7. old baseball tricks warmed over like the double steal, the bunt and finding a way to score a run from 3rd base.

Two consecutive wins, believe it or not, will give us a World Series.

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"STATUS" of Solar Patio Lights



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Technology, NASA Explorer Schools and Spooks & Spoofs!

Technology Highlights -

This school year we have once again had many advances in our technology that aids students in their academics.  According to Sue Benson, media specialist...

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Busy weekend on tap

football, cross country, girls volleyball, soccer

It will be a busy weekend ahead for the remaining Fall sports teams. Most girls swimming and diving teams are off until the conference championships on Oct. 29. The only other team still playing the regular season is the boys volleyball team.

Here is a look at this week's playoff schedule;

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Crime, Immigration. Security

Crime, Immigration, Security.

These are highly important issues that the politicians of today avoid and have nothing to offer.

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In Memory of Bunnie Koenings .....

Bernadette (Bunnie) Koenings passed away on April 7, 2011 at the age of 91.  She was raised in Slinger, WI and graduated with a Masters Degree from UW-Madison.  She spent her entire career in public education.  She worked within Elmbrook from 1955-1982 as a guidance counselor at both Brookfield East and Brookfield Central High School.  She is remembered as a very dedicated educator who maintained high standards as a professional educator and in her personal life.  Her contributions to the students of Elmbrook (some of whom are currently educators in Elmbrook) were significant. She was active in sports and outdoor activities and particularly enjoyed swimming and gardening along with many dogs over her long life. 

Bunnie was part of the Elmbrook Education Foundation's Legacy Circle which is comprised of those who have named the EEF (and/or the Lancer-Spartan Scholarship Fund) in their will.  Her estate was recently settled which resulted in a leadership gift to the Foundation's Scholarship Program in her honor.  This gift will fund the 2012 Bunnie Koenings Memorial Scholarship and will be awarded to a graduate from either BEHS or BCHS. 

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"STATUS" of Tattoos



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Jay Seegert discusses Evolution: Probable or Problematic, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011, 7:15pm

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Special events, Religion

This Tuesday evening, Jay Seegert will examine the question many people have: Is evolution probable or problematic? - a brief look under the hood. In other words, does the theory of evolution stand up to closer scientific scrutiny?

From the Creation Science Society website:
"Jay developed this lecture after he attended a high-powered, invitation-only 3-day BioInformatics symposium at Cornell University this summer.

"Jay will demonstrate that various aspects of evolution actually seem fairly plausible to many people, including Christians. For example, a fish slowly turning into an amphibian… with the fins being slightly modified into short legs/feet and being able to crawl up on land and breath air. So from a certain distance or vantage point, things can appear to be quite plausible or look very good. However, when you “look under the hood” you see a completely different picture.

"In this talk, Jay will “take a look under the hood” regarding what actually has to happen genetically in order for a single cell organism to change into a human being. He will show how DNA works and point out a serious problem with the concept of evolution. By the end of the lecture, the audience sees how utterly impossible molecules-to-man evolution really is, even though portions of their story occasionally seem plausible."

Jay Seegert has degrees in Physics and Engineering and is also the Co-Founder and Principal Lecturer for the Creation Education Center of Wisconsin. He recently became the Ambassador for Logos Research Associates and joined The Third Rail, a project of the Biblical Worldview Broadcast Team. Jay served as the President of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee for 3 years. Though I have not met Jay Seegert before, I have heard he is an excellent speaker.

This month's meeting* begins at 7:15pm at Zion Lutheran Church N48 W18700 Lisbon Road, in Menomonee Falls (at Lisbon Rd. and Brookfield Rd.).

Last February, Dr. Scott Hardin addressed this very issue. And while we can morph pictures of fish into amphibians fairly easily, adding the DNA genetic code necessary to change from gills to lungs, 2 chambered heart into a 3 chamber heart, or adding the vascular, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems necessary to accommodate these changes is impossible.

*Due to a scheduling problem, the Institute of Creation Research speaker was unable to come to Wisconsin for this October meeting.

Next month, note the location correction: Tuesday, November 29th, at 6:45pm, Paul Frank will discuss General Topics of interest in the Creation / Evolution Debate at Grace Bible Church, 2643 S. 117th Street, West Allis. (Between Cleveland and Lincoln on 117th St.)

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Get thee to the library

I hopped in today to pick up my next read, Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and stumbled upon a goldmine. The library has recently been culling the collection and that means lots and lots of great reads cheap. Hardbacks are $1 and paperbacks are 50 cents.

Picking up this kind of bargain is really great for traveling. If there's only a dollar involved, it doesn't hurt so badly when you realize you left a book in the back pocket of the airplane seat in front of you about the time you are at the rental car desk.

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Elmbrook's mistake

There's no doubt in my mind that two schools should have been voted closed last night. Why put the community through the decision again in two years? Jumble the boundaries once, not twice, and put this behind us. I am sad that so many on the board who consider member Glen Allgaier to be great with numbers do not take his recommendation to close both grade schools to heart. Does the board really think the decision will be any easier down the road?

A couple of other observations:

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Cross Country has a local Brookfield/Wauwatosa flavor

cross country, Brookfield Central, Brookfield East, Wauwatosa East

The 99th running of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Boys Cross Country Championships and the 39th Annual Girls Cross Country Championships will take place Saturday at The Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids.

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How big is the universe? Find out at 'How Big is God?', Nov. 4 & 5, 2011

Brookfield, Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Special events

This Friday and Saturday, Wisconsin CHEA, Christian Home Educators Association, is sponsoring a multimedia event called How Big is God? at Brookside Baptist Church, 4470 N. Pilgrim Rd. in Brookfield. You do not have to be a CHEA memeber or homeschooler to attend. The event is geared to the whole family and is open to the public.

Tickets are $10 each or $40 per family (sold at door). Nursery care is available for children under 5. Separate activities are provided for K-3rd graders. Both Friday and Saturday events are included in the ticket price. (Saturday night repeats the How Big is God presentation.)

How Big is God? was created by the 4th Day Alliance and will use audio, visual effects, computer animation and laser star display to take the viewer on a journey that will explore the size of the Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond. Specifics on the How Big is God Event


FRIDAY, November 4th

  • 9:30 - 10:30 am ~ Creation Astronomy (geared for grades 4 - adult)
  • 10:40 - 11:40 am ~ Astronomy and the Bible (geared for grades 4 - adult)
  • 11-45 am - 12-45 pm ~ LUNCH: Purchase at church or visit area restaurants
  • 1:00 - 2:00 pm ~ How Big is God Multimedia flagship presentation for ALL ages

SATURDAY, November 5th

  • 7:00 pm ~ How Big is God Multimedia flagship presentation for ALL ages
  • 8:00 pm ~ Star-gazing party on church grounds, outdoors. Bring your own high-powered binoculars and/or telescopes if you have them.

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