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Now is the time...come to the aid of your political party

Conservatives, Elections, Politics, United States, WISCONSIN

Do they still use that old typing exercise? Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party? It never made much sense to me when I was in high school. It sure does now!

Well, that time, the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party, is now. With just 31 days to go until the midterm elections, we are in the homestretch.

It's time to roll up your sleeves, dig in your wallet, and prepare to hit the streets to help your favored candidates win this November. They need help distributing literature, making phone calls, manning the office desk, and doing whatever else needs doing.

For example, Representative Leah Vukmir, running against Democrat Jim Sullivan for State Senate, sent out a help request last weekend and this for literature distribution. Click her volunteer link or come to campaign headquarters on Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 6pm.

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker is holding a fundraiser luncheon featuring New Jersey's Conservative Governor Chris Christie at the Country Springs Hotel on Monday. Maybe you would consider attending.

Senate candidate Ron Johnson, who is leading Russ Feingold by 12 points in the latest Rasmussen poll, could use your help too. He will be at the Trinity Bar on Saturday, Oct. 2 from 2:30 - 6pm for a fundraiser. (125 East Juneau in Milwaukee) You can watch the Badger game and help Ron at the same time!

At the very least, make a donation and put up a yard sign for your candidate.

Speaking of donations, you might consider helping Conservative candidates in other states too. Here are just a few: Sharron Angle in Nevada is running against the well funded Democrat Harry Reid. Michele Bachmann could also use your help in Minnesota. Joe Miller in Alaska won the primary but RINO Murkowski won't call it quits.

If you were interested in these out of state campaigns, talk show host Mark Levin frequently interviews many of these Conservative candidates, and Senator Jim DeMint has a PAC called the Senate Conservatives Fund. DeMint has been instrumental in helping true Conservative candidates get their message out.

So get involved. This is especially true for those of you who participated in Tea Parties over the last year and a half. Protect your investment of time and energy in protesting the current government by working on the behalf of candidates who more closely represent your views.

I have worked on various campaigns over the years and it is a worthwhile investment in time. This year, it is essential, if we are to reverse the Liberal/Progressive agenda and rampant, irresponsible spending. I don't mean to be dramatic here, but our future and our children's futures depend on the outcome in November.


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Tosa West boy spikers looking good

The Wauwatosa West boys volleyball team came up with a huge victory on Wednesday at home, beating New Berlin United in three straight matches.

The Trojans are 4-1 and in a first place 'circle tie' with Shorewood and New Berlin. The Trojans lost to Shorewood, Shorewood lost to New Berlin and New Berlin lost to Tosa West.

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"STATUS" of Salsa-Like Days


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So thankful Brookfield train station question has been delayed

City of Brookfield, Elections, TAXES, Transportation, WISCONSIN

Before too much time goes by, I wanted to say, thank you Mayor Ponto, for delaying the decision on the Brookfield train station until AFTER the November election. Mayor Ponto informed the Aldermen of this delay Friday, Sept. 24th. He wrote, "I do not intend to place this matter on the Common Council agenda prior to the November 2nd election."

The Journal Sentinel article last Monday reported "Ponto said it makes no sense for the council to consider whether to endorse the station project without knowing its costs and without knowing who will be governor next year."

Mayor Ponto and I have emailed back and forth on this issue a few times. He wrote: "I must tell you that I would not recommend moving forward with a rail station in Brookfield on the information I have seen thus far." and "When we have a final proposal, I will tell the Council what I think and do so substantially in advance of the relevant meeting."

Right now we are debating if Wisconsin can afford this "free" short little rail line from Milwaukee to Madison, that will cost American taxpayers nearly $1 Billion dollars and Wisconsin taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 Million a year to operate. (Let's see, that works out to how much per mile?)

That $10 Million a year that comes right out of Wisconsin's Transportation Fund to operate just 70 miles of track that only serves the Milwaukee/Madison area. How will our state, or country for that matter, afford the additional runs to Minneapolis, LaCrosse, KRM, and Green Bay, not to mention the other proposed rail lines in our nation? (The Wisconsin Transportation Fund was to pay for needed infrastructure like bridges, the Interstate, and Wisconsin highways that most Wisconsinites utilize, not a rail line that only a small minority will use.)

We must stop this train. It isn't a matter of wouldn't it be nice to have a train?; we simply cannot afford it! (It would be nice to have a solarium on my house too, but it costs too much.) Our state of Wisconsin is projected to be $386 Million in the hole by December 2010. We cannot afford what we now have, much less a whole new train system.

So how do we stop the train? Elect Scott Walker.

Last Tuesday, Gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker again stated his opposition to the Milwaukee to Madison train project at a press conference near the proposed Brookfield train station site. Walker affirmed he would STOP the train, should he be elected as Wisconsin's next governor. He has cited the Blue Shirt sculpture as an example of how it is possible to stop already contracted work.

We must knock "high" speed train off its rails before Wisconsin is railroaded into a new massive, wasteful spending project that we cannot afford.

In the meantime, thanks again Mayor Ponto for delaying the Brookfield train station decision. It was a step in the right direction.

If you have not contacted Mayor Ponto and your Aldermen, please do so.

More Reading
: Brookfield Mayor delays decision on train station until after election
Mayor Ponto's September 24th memo to Aldermen

Past Posts: STOP the Obama & Doyle waste-of-money train
Walker rally made political hay, ad gained national attention


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Every vote should count...but only once! Become a POLL WATCHER

Conservatives, Elections, Voter fraud, WISCONSIN

Last April, I became acquainted with some local women* who launched We're Watching Wisconsin Elections. They created this group to help fight voter fraud in our state.

They are following legislation that affects voting and voter fraud and are also involved with educating volunteer Poll Workers and Election Observers.

While it is too late to become a Poll Worker for this election cycle, you may still become an Election Observer this November. (Deadline for the 2011/2012 Poll Worker registration is this November 30th.)

The group, We're Watching Wisconsin Elections already held a series of poll watching education sessions, but you can still take part in this important effort. They are holding a new series of training classes across the state, with 2 in our area on Oct. 18th at the West Allis Library at 6:30pm and on Oct 19th at the Waukesha Republican Headquarters on Pearl and HWY 164 at 6:30pm. (I am glad they are doing this since I was out of town for the previous ones.) Other dates and locations are listed here.

Election Observers can volunteer to watch at the actual Poll on Election Day, at the Poll AFTER the poll closes, and at your City Hall absentee ballot counting place. Since absentee voting just started, volunteers are already watching at nursing homes and City Clerk's Offices.

The Election Observer Sign-Up page states: "Election observers are integral to restoring integrity to Wisconsin elections. Your participation in the statewide election observer program will help to ensure that our elections are honest and without fraud. Please sign up below to be a part of the program. We will be providing training seminars throughout the state leading up to the elections. Once you are signed-up you will be contacted as to the training seminar in your area. You may also contact Jon Waclawski – Chief Counsel and Election Day Operations Director – with any questions: / 608-239-2996."

If you care about fair, honest elections, do sign up. Without a photo voter ID law in Wisconsin, this is one of the few tools we have to curtail voter fraud.

We're Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign email alert

*News from Rally against Vote Fraud at Milw. City Hall Turns out, I knew 2 of the ladies in this group--in fact I rode the same bus to the Madison Tea Party with one of them the next day.


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Mayor Ponto is Correct

Mayor Ponto is correct in the way he is handling the high speed rail issue. He is doing what he was elected to do. Protect the taxpayers interests. It has been a long time since that happened.

In the very complex financial picture is the big picture. Why here? What are our benefits ? Who pays for it ? Are the roads big and safe enough ? What priority does the Police and Fire Depts. give to the passengers who are out where there is no public transportation and virtually no where to go.

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Local student dubbed 'America's Top Young Scientist'

On Tuesday, Discovery Education and 3M selected Liam McCarty of Elm Grove as this year's Top Young Scientist after a day-long competition in New York City.

McCarty, an 8th grader at Brookfield Academy, developed a prototype of a deep wound closure system which helped him win the competition.

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Attack of the Giant Tomato Plants

Gardening, Just for fun!, Interesting idea

This year was the year of the tomato plant at my house. I have never had such big, beautiful plants. In fact, every time I opened the back door, it seemed they were getting bigger. Could it be they were trying to get in through the back door? ;-)

I planted about 14 plants this summer--not all of them grew as successfully as my back door buddies though. As I have mentioned before, my vegetable garden has some sort of virus in the soil; tomatoes won't grow there. Last year I tried planting them in a bag of top soil or pots. That didn't work well. The plants were puny and the tomatoes few.

This year I improved upon the plant it in a bag idea and got those large, sturdy contractor bags. I figured the plants needed more soil. I also enhanced their living conditions. In addition to the bag of top soil that I dumped into the contractor bag, I threw in a bag of composted cow manure too. The manure was the key, I think.

Now the plants I put in the veggie garden did do better than last year, but they still didn't thrive. They seemed to pick up the virus symptoms despite my use of the bags. (I think there might be a HG&D lesson there.) The plants might have become infected through the drainage holes I poked in the bottom of the bag or just from the proximity of the plant to the soil itself. It is also more shady where my veg. plot is, that might be a factor too. At any rate, that is it for tomatoes in the vegetable garden--next year I will just stick to beans, herbs, squash, and raspberries there.

But next to the house? Oh my, tomatoes sure like a sunny, warm location! It seemed the tomatoes I planted in the bags did the best. There are actually 5 plants crammed into that stretch by my back door stoop. (Yes, I know that was too close.) Two of the 5 were planted in the ground; the rest were in the bags.

So what accounted for the vigorous plant growth? I am now wondering if it was the back porch light? We leave it on all night. That night light might also account for the prolific plant growth with not-so-hot tomato production. Since tomatoes ripen at night, maybe the plants didn't know it was nighttime? Well, that will be next year's experiment. If they are going to grow so tall, I also need to rig a better tomato tower system. That tomato tree at Disney was truly amazing. Too bad our growing season isn't longer!

I did get some lovely, large tomatoes out of my garden this summer, and they are still coming; it is just never enough for my taste.

New varieties this year were: Yellow Grape, about 1 to 1 1/4 inch in length--very prolific, Hillbilly, a yellow and red stripe type yielding 4" diameter fruits, Pineapple, which was supposed to be red with yellow, but never did too much, Black Krim and Black Knight, two more of those dark tomatoes that failed to meet my standards of taste and productivity.

Out of the new ones, only Yellow Grape makes the cut for next year. I still like Green Zebra, Lemon Boy, Mr. Stripey and Aunt Ruby's German Green the best.

If someone out there has a favorite heirloom red tomato, please share. I could use a red one or two in my fold.

So how did your garden grow this year? What was your best producer? Inquiring gardeners want to know.

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2 meetings tonight discuss: Is a Target on Bluemound & 124th to be or not to be?

City of Brookfield, Development, TAXES

My Aldermen Lisa Mellone and Renee Lowerr informed me that there are 2 meetings tonight at City Hall discussing plans to build a Target store at the old Quebecor site.

The 124th & Bluemound Road Neighborhood Plan Task Force meets first in Council Chambers at 5:30pm. They are "to discuss possible amendments to the Neighborhood Plan because of the Target proposal." If you remember, there was another mixed use plan in place 4 years ago, but that project did not move forward.

In my opinion, the neighborhood, which is in my District 7 but not my immediate area, would be better off without the apartment/condo aspect of the project. Certainly our city already has enough rental property, which is often the downfall of the adjacent single family homes and community.

Brookfield also has an abundance smaller store strip malls, which are part of the mixed use concept. How many nail salons, take and bake pizza places, and coffee shops do we need? Brookfield Marketplace on Greenfield and Brookfield Commons on Bluemound have never been completely occupied since their completion and since the recession, have seen stores leave. At another area strip mall at Calhoun and Bluemound, the former Flanners has been vacant for years.

It would seem that if you have a larger store, with a good reputation, willing to move into Brookfield, this would be a better option that all those transient smaller stores. The neighbors have a legitmate concern with shoppers cutting through their neighborhood, but like Brookfield Commons, this area is rather land-locked too, with the freeway and parks to the south--it wouldn't seem to invite cut-through traffic. Yet the general consensus from a 2006 Plan Commission meeting was, "don't allow the new development traffic to invade their peaceful Columbia Gardens Subdivision Neighborhood!" Neighborhood traffic needs to be controlled.

While I would rather have a Woodman's or a Trader Joes move into that location, Target at least has a nicer image than other big box stores like K-mart and Walmart. Target seems to attract a different, more upscale clientele than the other stuff-marts.

If you live in that area, do attend the 5:30pm meeting.

Right after the Task Force discussion, the City Plan Commission will discuss this same project. "This is an open meeting and [all] are welcome to attend but there will be no opportunity for public comment."

There will be a future Public Hearing on the Target proposal amendments where you can voice your opinions, however.

While the jobs created from a Target are not high paying, at least Target would be a more consistent job and property tax provider than the coffee shop that is here today and gone in a month.

Alderman Lisa Mellone attached related materials for your perusal:
City 124th Street & Bluemound Road Neighborhood Plan
Map of Target Development Proposal
Target Memo from Ryan Company.pdf
936K View Download

2010-07-12 Plan Commission Minutes re Target.pdf 2010-07-12 Plan Commission Minutes re Target.pdf
208K Download
10-11-2010 Task Force Staff Report.pdf 10-11-2010 Task Force Staff Report.pdf
154K Download
            Agenda 2010-10-11.doc PC Agenda 2010-10-11.doc
54K Download
            Staff Report 2010-10-11.doc PC Staff Report 2010-10-11.doc
80K Download

Past Posts:
Quebecor Target Store at Plan Commission tonight, 4K Tuesday, Bike Race Friday
Can it be? A Target in Brookfeild? How about a Trader Joes too?
Connectivity will make neighborhood streets a racetrack! Neighborhood concerns over traffic from the Plan Commission 2006 Plan Public Comment session.


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October events at the South Milwaukee Library

Everyone is invited to the South Milwaukee Library Foundation, Inc.'s annual wine tasting on Friday, October 15th from 7 - 9:30 pm.  Sample a wide variety of wines provided by Otto's of Bayview.  Wine and cheese will be available.  Music is being provided by the Danny Nimphius band.  Tickets are $20 per person and are available at the door on the evening  of the wine tasting.  Tickets are also available at the M&I Bank and Parkway Floral or the circulation desk of the library.

The Foundation is also sponsoring a silent auction, which started on Monday, October 11th and will run through 4 pm on Saturday, October 23rd.  Successful bidders will be notified on Monday, October 25th.  The items are on disiplay on the first floor of the library.

The Friends of the Library will be holding their fall Saturday book sale on Saturday, November 13 from 9:30-3.  The last sale of the season will be held on Monday, December  6 from 9:30 to 11.

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Yikes! Must be a Parallel Universe? Libs favor Walker, Johnson

Conservatives, Elections, Politics, WISCONSIN

Did we enter an Alternate Universe since last Thursday? Maybe Mirror Universe would be a more accurate way to describe 2 Madison publications, The Isthmus and Wisconsin State Journal, going CONSERVATIVE!

That's right, on Oct. 7th, The Isthmus, a very liberal Madison publication actually slammed Russ Feingold in "The case against Russ Feingold, His maverick image is backed only with bluster and cheap shots" and ended with "Three reasons to vote for Ron Johnson:"

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Need a job? Try Brookfield's new ParkSide23 restaurant

Brookfield, Development, Good food / recipes

While shopping at Angelina's Deli, my favorite Italian food store on this side of town, I noticed some construction workers across the street at the former Pilgrim Square.

Wow, something is finally going in at the vacant Sticks and Stones restaurant, just south of Dixon Elementary School, on North Avenue.

There were also 2 big lime green HELP WANTED signs.

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Brookfield showdown on soccer horizon

brookfield east soccer, brookfield central soccer, Tosa West soccer

Mark your calendar - Saturday, Oct. 23, at 1 p.m. at Arrowhead High School. It's the WIAA Sectional #7 soccer championship match, the winner heading to Uihlein Soccer Park for the state tournament.

Sectional # 7, as usual, is one of the strongest ones in Wisconsin. Brookfield East is the state's top-ranked team, Brookfield Central is fifth-ranked and Germantown is eighth-ranked. So it's no surprise that they are the top three seeds in the sectional.

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"STATUS" of Updated Vacuum Requirements



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Need a reason to vote Ron Johnson? Ask Michelle Obama

Elections, President Obama, Politics, WISCONSIN

First Lady Michelle Obama campaigned for Russ Feingold Tuesday at a Milwaukee fundraiser.

She said, "even though change hasn't come fast enough for some citizens, it would be a mistake for voters to return Republicans to power next month."

..."This election isn't just about all that we've accomplished these past couple of years," she said. "This election, Wisconsin, is about all we have left to do in the months and years ahead."

..."But my husband can't do this alone," she said. ".... He needs strong leaders like Russ to help him." (My emphasis)

The leftist Liberal Progressives just don't get it, do they.

Enough said.

Ron Johnson for Senate


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"STATUS" of the Gaggles of Gossips



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Foundation Kicks Off New School Year!

The Foundation has recently moved from a 9 month year to a 12 month year.  We have been busy working on new events/programs for the benefit of our Elmbrook students and schools.  Here are just a few highlights on what we have been working on since our last post:

  • PROHEALTH CARE COMMUNITY OUTREACH EVENT ON SUNDAY, 11/14/10 ... ProHealth Care Regency would like to invite the community to join them for a Chili Social from 2-4 p.m. to benefit the Middle School Math SMART Response Campaign.  Please fill out the registration form on the Foundation's web site by 11/8/10 to register.  We are so thankful for community partners who support our Elmbrook Schools!
  • LADIES NIGHT AT THE WESTMOOR ON 11/30/10 .... Registration is NOW OPEN!  Please join us for our annual Ladies Night at the Westmoor sponsored by Pasternak & Zirgibel, S.C..  This event sells out so please make sure to get your registration in by the deadline of 11/13/10.  Event and registration information can be found on the Foundation's web site.   Auction, raffle and holiday bakery donations are now being accepted for this event.  Please email the Foundation for more information at 
  • BCHS and BEHS ALUMNI FUNDS NOW AVAILABLEThe Foundation now holds endowment funds on behalf of BCHS and BEHS Alumni.  These funds are a perfect way our alumni to be part of the legacy of Elmbrook.  Please consider a gift on behalf of a favorite teacher/program or your graduating class.  Please see the Donations Page of the Foundation web site for more information.
  • SMART RESPONSE CAMPAIGN 80% COMPLETE!  With the community's support, the Foundation has delivered SMART Response systems to 15 out of the 18 middle school math classrooms to provide real-time assessment data to support effective differentiation.  We are currently only $2,800 short of our goal to equip all middle school classrooms with this important technology.  Please consider making a donation to complete this campaign.  Please see the Donations page on the Foundation's web site for more information about how you can help!
  • 2010-2011 ANNUAL SPONSOR APPEAL UNDERWAY!  The Foundation is dependent on the support from our corporate and resident sponsors for support.  Please refer to the Donations page on the Foundation web site for more information.
  • NEW POSITIONS NOW OPEN!  In an effort to further develop Foundation programs, the Board will increase from 12 to 18 community Board members during the 2010-11 school year.  The Foundation has filled 15 Board positions as of this post.  Additional committee and/or advisor postions are also available for those wishing to help but unable to serve as a board member.  Those interested in learning more about the Foundation's volunteer opportunities should contact the Foundation at
  • GUS MACKER, JULY:  The Foundation was selected as one of two non-profit organizations to receive the proceeds from the Gus Macker 3x3 Basketball Tournament held this past July in Brookfield for the first time.  This event was co-sponsored by the City of Brookfield Visitors and Convention Bureau and WFH - Elmbrook Memorial Hospital.  This event attracted 1500 players and spectators.  Because of its success, it is now slated as an annual event for Brookfield.  Save the date for next year's event ... July 23-24, 2011.
  • INTERNATIONAL CYCLING CLASSIC, JULY The CVB was also successful in bringing another new regional event to Brookfield this past summer.  This event attracted approximately 500 cyclists from all over the globe.  Spectators came from Brookfield and neighboring communities to watch the race held at Civic Plaza.  The Foundation was selected as one of the vendors for this event.  This event will be held again on July 15, 2011.

Special Offers from our Community Partners:

  • Babboni Photography of Brookfield is offering unique discounts and a $50 donation to the Foundation for all sessions purchased by year-end.  Purchased sessions can be scheduled for any time prior to May 31, 2011.  For more information, please refer to the Foundation Promotion on the Babboni Photography web site.

The Roundabouts are Here

After ten years of fighting it, Brookfield finally has its first roundabout, complements of  Waukesha County. No more waiting at the stop sign wondering who's going next!. Since the roundabout opened, I haven't seen a car stopping there or a traffic backup. On several occasions, I have gone out of my way to practice negotiating the circle.  The most  important  feature is the yield sign. Each direction must obey its own yield sign. Totally different than a 4-way stop.  Get used to them. They're sprouting up all over, especially in developing areas in Washington County and Arizona.

A Balanced Transportation System

It's hard to jutify a train station for high speed passenger service in Brookfield. I doubt that a dozen people would use the service daily. Stops in Wauwatosa and Oconomowoc in addition to Watertown would slow the trains markedly.. The top speed would be 70+ miles per hour. How many people remember the North Shore Line between Milwaukee and Chicago that ran from the early 1900's until the early 1960's. The top speed on that line was over 100 mph. Those trains were electric and virtually noiseless. In addition to the North Shore were routes to and from East Troy, Port Washington, Waukesha, and Muskego. Imagine the transit system we could have today if General Motors and Standard Oil hadn't decided American transit should be run on rubber tired diesel buses and smelly diesel fuel. Since then the United tates has fallen decades behind other industrialized nations in high speed rail systems.Last week, Switzerland completed a sixty year project when they completed a 35.4  mile tunnel through the alps. According to Swiss officials, It will create a high speed network that will connect all corners of Europe. The tunnel will complete a high-peed transit route from Holland's Rotterdam to the Italy's Mediterranean port of Genoa. The $10 billion tunnel will allow passenger and cargo transit to pass under the Alps at up to 167 miles per hour. Swiss voters will pay more than $1,300.00 each to fund the project, approved in a series of referendums passed twenty years ago. Switzerland has just under 8 million people. The 1950's brought us the interstate highway system proposed by President Dwight Eisenhower. Gas then cost about twenty cents per gallon compared to as high as $3.00 recently.The interstate system, which also was part of our national defense system, changed the landscape and the economy of the nation. Now we need to rebuild that system. We also need a new rail system. Recently I talked to several Brookfield old-timers who remember  the transportation politics of the 1950's  era. Of course, Brookfielders, like all taxpayers, were in a purple rage about a new multi-lane interstate highway system being cut through their city. The mayor at that time showed leadership at the time and cooler heads prevailed and the city benefitted.  A similar scenario unfolded when Capitol Drive was widened some years ago. Again reasonable people worked together and reached an agreement . The same approach must be used by city officials again and forget about the November election and do what's best for the long term. The United States needs an improved rail sytem for our economy to grow along with the rest of the industrialized world. Eliminating the station in Brookfield would be a good bargaining point. An improved rail system is essential to the big, long-term picture.

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