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SCENTsational Wisconsin!


Wisconsin is the Badger State.

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Father's Day

What is your answer to the question, "What is America's biggest problem"?

Immigration law?  The terrorist threat?  The Federal defecit?  Funding for education?  An oil-spewing hole in the Gulf floor?  A second stimulus package?

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Messages From My Father

I wrote a post in June titled Father's Day; a fond remembrance of and tribute to my Dad.  That post appears in the column immediately to the right. 

A friend who read it was kind enough to suggest and then loan me a book called Messages From My Father, by New Yorker columnist, Calvin Trillin.  It was an absolutely delightful read, full of whimsical remembrances and winsome reflections; a "pocket rocket" of a book.  "Pocket" in that it is small and short; "rocket" in that it is packed with good and powerful content.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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High Speed Rail & Night Out

High Speed Rail

There are two events this week of special interest to all Brookfield residents.

High Speed Rail Information Session

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Hello? Corey Hart deal is a no-brainer

Milwaukee Brewers

I am a sports talk-show junkie.  I listen to sports talk shows all day while I write sports for a living. I am a very lucky guy.

One of the things that bothers me is when sports talk hosts come off sounding rather stupid to be polite. Fans are different. They can be illogical because they are fans and can be emotional. The reason for this blog is the Corey Hart signing.

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Ron Johnson inches ahead in poll, 48% to Feingold's 46%

Elections, Conservatives, Politics, President Obama, WISCONSIN, United States

Did you see this good news? Last week, U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson inched ahead of incumbent Russ Feingold in the latest Rassmusen poll of likely voters.

"The Wisconsin Senate race is still a toss-up, with Republican Ron Johnson and incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold in a near tie.

"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Wisconsin shows Johnson with 48% support. Feingold, a member of the Senate since 1993, again picks up 46% of the vote. Two percent (2%) favor another candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided."

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"STATUS" of Aspiring Accountants



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What's in a Name?

Elmbrook Humane Society

What's in a name? 

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Tax the rich? Every job I had was because of rich!

Truth, THE ECONOMY, TAXES, Entrepreneurship, President Obama

The Democrats keep talking about taxing the rich as a solution to our deficits and debt. But it isn't that we don't tax enough; it is that we spend too much!

Most Democrats* don't want to extend the Bush tax cuts because they include tax cuts to the wealthy. They also think taxing the rich plays well to the middle and lower class. They ignore the fact that the lowest income levels get a 50% tax increase (the highest increase), and every other bracket increases too, once Bush's tax cuts expire.

Taxing the rich will have a devastating affect on small businesses, employment, and our economy. As Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said, "They can talk about the wealthy all they want, but this is about stopping a job-killing tax hike on small businesses during tough economic times."

It is true: You can't get a job from a poor person. Every job I ever had was because of a rich person--richer than me at least. If you have worked for a small business, I bet it is true for you too. Think about it.

Here is a quick list of my employers:

  • Don's Super Value food store - Don owned the franchise. He employed maybe 70 locals and college students. I did cake decorating in the store bakery in my college days.
  • Shorewood Village Bakery - This was an upscale, family owned bakery, where I cake decorated after college. They employed about 7 workers. Owners worked along side employees.
  • Mullenbach's Fashions - A small custom bridal and ball gowns shop, owned by James Mullenbach. This was my 1st full time job after college where I was one of 7 workers. Little did I know the experience gained there would prove invaluable in my real job years later at Milwaukee Ballet.
  • T.A. Chapman's Department Store - Golden Thimble Fabrics. Chapman's was an upscale department store, owned by a very wealthy Milwaukee family. They employed a few hundred people.
  • The Snow Goose - a boutique on Jefferson St. where I designed and created custom clothing. I was the only employee. This business went under in less than a year.
  • Elna Sewing Machine sales at Mary Lester Fabric Stores. The sewing machine sales area within the store was owned by a sole proprietor. I was one of maybe 3 employees besides the owners. They went under also.
  • Milwaukee Ballet Costume Department. Here you might say, that is a non-profit arts job, not a small business. True. But if you look in the back of any program for the list of donors, you see if it were not for the donations and grants of wealthy patrons, the show would not go on. While I was there, the ballet company nearly went under several times.

So you see, had it not been for the rich, I wouldn't have had a job. Some of the rich business owners were barely making it themselves. Some worked right along side the employees. Some filed their business income on their personal tax return--they would be hurt by the Obama tax increase on incomes above $250,000.

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"STATUS" of the Glorious Garage



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Five Dollars - Four Treasures - One Public Library

"Well - you know how to read; now you need to learn to love to read".

I can still remember my Mother saying that to me as a boy.  And while this might not have proved the most important lesson my parents taught me, it has perhaps been the most cherished.   

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Getting Old - Today's Music - And Promises

There are certain dead giveaway signs of getting old.  Do you audibly sigh when settling into a comfortable recliner?  Do you find youself going to bed about the same time you used to be heading out for the night?  Do you hear youself saying, "man - what is with this music today"?

Well - in the last few years I can plead guilty on all three counts.

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To-Do List: Email Alderman & Mayor re: Brookfield train station, Walker rally in 3rd Ward

City of Brookfield, TAXES, TRAVEL, Special events

Monday's To-Do List:

1. Email my aldermen stating my opposition to the Obama/Doyle "high" speed train station in Brookfield. Since both* Republican candidates for Governor are against the train, why move forward on this in Brookfield?

It is also important to email Mayor Ponto at The Council will discuss the train station placement tomorrow, Aug. 17th.

From Brookfield City News: "Tax-subsidized train expansion is not popular in our conservative community. Mayor Ponto has been incredibly quiet about the whole thing." As the posting indicated, the mayor has the power to lead and influence. I would like to see Ponto take a strong stand against the train station.

You may also go to Scott Walker's to register your opposition to the "boondoggle" train.

And speaking of Scott Walker....

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Walker rally made political hay, ad gained national attention

Conservatives, Elections, President Obama, TAXES, TAXES, Transportation

At a rally held in the shadow of the Hoan Bridge on Monday, Scott Walker drove home his point: "Yes we can" stop the train!

Wisconsin cannot afford this $810 million dollar train, that virtually no one will ride, and we certainly cannot afford the $10 million per year siphoned off from the Wisconsin Transportation Fund to pay for its operating costs! Or in other words, we must spend our precious tax dollars wisely on Roads not Rails. (My phrase.)

The weather was indeed perfect for that rally on Monday, but the sun didn't just literally shine on Walker and the attendees in Milwaukee, Walker also captured national attention with his "Yes We Can" stop the train ad.

Here is just a sampling: "The Wall Street Journal: 'Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, a Republican candidate for governor, has been running a campaign advertisement attacking another stimulus program Democrats had hoped would prove popular: a high-speed rail link between Milwaukee and Madison', Time: 'Essential viewing,' Fox News : '...Walker, by the way, is running an ad that ties Barrett to the Obama stimulus package by way of a controversial rail project,' Politico: “Today, when Obama is in Wisconsin, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker will capitalize on all the attention to the presidential visit by holding a rally to protest the construction of a stimulus-funded high-speed train...' PBS : 'Walker hammers away at what he calls an $810 million boondoggle to build a high-speed rail line from Madison to Milwaukee,'" and more.

Walker calls our $810 million dollar "high" speed train stimulus grant a "perfect example of the out of control taxing and spending in Washington and Madison." I couldn't agree more.

If you are against the waste-of-money train, go to Scott Walker's to register your opposition.

More reading: WSJ: Wisconsin GOP Candidate Jabs Obama
What They're Saying ...Scott Walker Ad Receives National Attention

Past Posts: STOP the Obama & Doyle waste-of-money train


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South Milwaukee Library August and September events

The Library will be closed on Saturday, August 21 and 28th for carpet cleaning. 

The Library will be closed on Saturday, September 4th and Monday, September 6 in observance of Labor Day.

Registration for story time begins on Monday, August 23.  You may register in person or call 768-8195, ext 3.  Story time begins on Tuesday, September 7 at 10:30 am. It is a fun time.  We have stories, crafts and activities for the children.

The Friends of the Library will hold their Saturday book sale on September 11 from 9:30-3 in the basement of the library.  Lots of new material came in over the summer.  Time to stock up on your reading material.

The Friends of the Library have announed their 2011 book sale schedule.  The Saturday book sales will be held on Saturday, April 9, September 10 and November 12. from 9:30-3.  The Monday morning sales will be held on January 3, 2011, February 7, March 7, May 2, October 3, and December 5. from 9:30-11 am.

Want to find out the new titles the the library has added.  Go to  and click on to new material.  If you are looking for a certain type of material, you can limit your searach and request the title.

Check out the many databases that the library has to order.  Students will find the BadgerLink, Biography Resource Center, Literary Resource Center and EBSCO HOST.  Students going away to school, including out of state, can access these resources by using their library card. 


How's that for an exciting headline! I read the comments from the past several months and was encouraged by CarpieD, Santa's Elf, and Scott. I saw Scott last evening a Dale Kooyenga's political rally at Mayor Ponto's house. Dan Suttton, Bill Carnell, I have not gone away and will be around forever!

Nail Bender.  You must be a real tough guy. Never a constructive comment but always a put-down.

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Getting Small With the Classics

Most people forty or younger probably think of Steve Martin as a movie actor.  His roles in solid hits like Cheaper By The Dozen, Father of The Bride, and The Pink Panther have established him as a reliable, if not spectacular fixture in Hollywood.

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Wisconsin's primary is 3 weeks away - who are you voting for?

Brookfield, Elections, Politics, WISCONSIN, United States

Although most of us are still in summer mode and don't really want to think about politics, Wisconsin's Primary Election on Tuesday, Sept. 14th is fast approaching.

If you are inclined to donate to a campaign, do it now. This is especially true if your candidate is the underdog, such as Rebecca Kleefisch*, who is running for Lt. Governor. She needs to get the word out and advertising is expensive. Donate here.

By the way, Kleefisch just received the endorsement from Conservative Republican Glenn Grothman. There are a total of 9 candidates running for Lt. Gov.: 4 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

Governor: Some of the primary choices are easy. In the race for governor for example, only 2 major Republican candidates are on the ballot. I am choosing Scott Walker over Mark Neumann**. Though the media only mentions Walker & Neumann vs. Barrett, there are actually 9 candidates on the ballot: 2 Democrats, 3 Republicans, 3 Independents, and 1 Write-in.

For U.S. Senate, there are 4 candidates on the primary ballot: 3 Republicans, 1 Constitution Party. Hands down, I am voting for Conservative Ron Johnson (R).

In Wisconsin's 14th Assembly District (the eastern part of Brookfield, where I live, Elm Grove, and parts of Wauwatosa), there are 6 candidates to choose from. The most prominent being candidates David Coon, Dale Kooyenga, and Chris Maurer. I have met Coon and Kooyenga, and from what I see on Chris Maurer's website, they all seem to be good, conservative choices. I am strongly thinking of voting for Maurer though, because he stated at a recent forum, "This isn't a part time job". He would treat his position in the Assembly as a full time job.

Brookfield's other Assembly candidates for the 98th District (west side of Brookfield) are Republicans Paul Farrow, and perennial candidate Tom Schellinger. (Yup, the Vote Schellinger signs are popping up all over Brookfield.) Unless the planets align in a very strange configuration, Farrow will win on Sept. 14th, to face Democrat Victor Weers in November.

View the list of active candidates here. (The number of people running might surprise you. This listing includes links to the candidates' websites.)

So in the next 3 weeks, you have the opportunity to investigate the candidates for yourself. Get to know who is on the ballot and what they stand for, then vote on Tuesday, Sept. 14th.

*Lt. Gov. candidate Rebecca Kleefisch on Fox & Friends

**I heard today on Jay Weber that Mark Neumann's Kenosha Town Hall only attracted 30 people! As Weber pointed out, contrast that with Walker's more impromptu Hoan Bridge rally of 225 or so (my estimate). 2 points of contention: "Mr. Neumann promised he would stop the Milwaukee to Madison train [good, I'm glad to hear that] and return that money to Wisconsin residents in the form of a tax cut. How he can promise to give back these federal funds as a tax cut is beyond my ability to comprehend," [mine too] and in regard to Global Warming legislation, "Neumann did say he thought the free market would pass environmental breakthroughs and that he would not support any subsidies or government mandates on climate change legislation." That statement is also very puzzling since his company, Renewable Energy Solutions, accepts green energy subsidies all the time! (My emphasis)


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Flanner's has re-opened in Brookfield


The new owners of Flanner's Home Entertainment have reopened the store on W. Blue Mound Rd. across from Brookfield Square.

Colder's, the local appliance/furniture/electronics chain, bought Flanner's assets out of a bankruptcy proceeding in Waukesha County.

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America's National Park Service turned 94 this week

History, Government / Bureaucracy, National Parks, TRAVEL, United States

Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park

Did you know America's National Park Service just turned 94?

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