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St. Mary's Visitation Open House - Sunday, January 27th from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

SJV students show their geography savvy in National Geography Bee school competition

On Thursday, December 6th, SJV students participated in the National Geography Bee school competition held at St. John Vianney. Each classroom from fourth through eighth grade entered one winner and one alternate.

Contestants needed to know more than just where places are located on a map. They had to understand global concepts such as international trade and foreign culture in order to answer the questions which included inquiries such as, "to see ships loading and unloading goods in Riga, a major port in the Baltic, you would travel to which European country?"

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First Stage play gets SJV students in the holiday spirit

In an effort to expose children to the performing arts and get the kids into the holiday spirit, St. John Vianney third grade teachers took their students to Milwuakee's own First Stage Children's Theater on December 6th for its production of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

The children got up close and personal with the actors as they brought Rudolph and his friends to life onstage in the cozy, small-scale theater. According to First Stage, the play emphasizes the importance of our differences, a concept in-line with SJV's goal of respecting individuals and fostering a Christ-like community.

Republicans stuck between 'a Barack and hard place' must unite, stand firm, and go on offense

Conservatives, Debt, Legislation, President Obama, Spending, Taxes, THE ECONOMY

We averted the so-called fiscal cliff this week with mixed results: some say Republicans caved on raising taxes, some say Republicans protected most taxpayers, some Democrats thought Obama lost. I was surprised that Conservative Senator Ron Johnson voted for it and pleased that Senator Marco Rubio and our Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner didn't. But honestly, with our poor GOP leadership and under the no floor debate, lame duck, back room negotiating circumstances, I don't know how this could have been resolved in a positive way. If Republicans had voted it down, Obama would just have come back later to play the role of hero by enacting a middle tax cut, knowing he had already turned up the tax heat on all those evil rich. We would have needed more proactive leadership in Congress and have been discussing this all year long, not just in the eleventh hour.

The only positive thing to come out of the deal was that the Bush tax rates were made permanent for 98% of American earners. (Permanent as long as Republicans hold the majority in the House, that is.) But even this is Kabuki theater because our tax burden is still going up with other tax increases already in place as of Jan. 1st and new revenue increases via eliminating some deductions that were part of the fiscal cliff deal as well.

With the Bush tax rates now at least set for the 113th Congress, Republicans could for once in their lives go on the offense and get the message out that our out of control spending cannot, cannot continue. Republicans could redeem themselves by presenting a united front in the House and Senate and standing firm against increasing the debt ceiling by another 3 trillion dollars as the president wants.

But this will only work if they start talking about it now and are willing to draw the line in the debt ceiling sand and say, no further.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Pat Toomey talked about this on Jan. 2nd. McConnell said, "'We have an immediate opportunity to act: the debt ceiling,' McConnell said. 'Washington’s credit card has reached its limit again, and the Senate majority must act on legislation early in February—rather than waiting until the last minute, abdicating responsibility and hoping someone else will step in once again to craft a last-minute solution for them.'”

Toomey was more emphatic, “'[Obama] got a $2 trillion debt limit increase just 17 months ago — blew through all that,'Toomey said on Morning Joe.'We will only solve this problem when we finally get the spending under control. And the debt ceiling, and after that, the continuing resolution expiration — those are the vehicles that give us the opportunity to insist on making progress on the real problem.'”  He "suggested" a "partial government shutdown" may be necessary to make the point. That's where truly necessary spending is continued and funded via tax revenue income; non-essential spending is stopped.

Getting the Republican message out is a problem with the pro Obama Praetorian press ruling the media markets. Maybe Republicans could hire the same people who created Senator Ron Johnson's ads for his senate campaign. Johnson's ads were short, concise, and explained just what was at stake with our out of control spending. We really need messaging like that in the GOP.  RNC, are you listening?

I urge you to contact your legislators and tell them to stand firm on the debt ceiling. We have less than a month to do this.
Contact your Representatives and Senators
Find your  U.S. Senators by last name
Wisconsin's  U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (202) 224-5323
Wisconsin's   U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (202) 224-5653

Find your  U.S. House of Representatives member by state
House Representative James Sensenbrenner Washington D.C. (202) 225-5101, Brookfield (262) 784-1111

House Speaker Boehner phone line (513) 779-5400

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Norquist: Take 'fiscal cliff' deal
Morning Bell: Fiscal Cliff and Tax Hikes to Start the New Year
Mitch McConnell: Debt ceiling offers opportunity to cut spending
Strassel: The Debt-Ceiling Fight Will Be Dirty h/t Jay Weber

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Greenfield & Moorland Walmart Public Hearing, 6 pm, Monday, Jan. 7, 2013

Brookfield, Development, THE ECONOMY

Brookfield District 7 Aldermen Lisa Mellone and Renee Lowerr sent out this email to alert Brookfield residents of New Berlin's proposed Walmart store Public Hearing:

"This email serves to inform you of a Public Hearing that is scheduled for Monday, January 7, 2013 at 6 p.m. at New Berlin City Hall, 3805 S. Casper Dr. for the newly proposed Walmart development which will replace the Charcoal Grill currently located near the southeast corner of Moorland and Greenfield roads. Please note, this is a NEW BERLIN proposal not Brookfield, and only New Berlin officials have authority on whether this project moves forward. However, any citizen is able to attend any municipal public hearing and you do not have to be a New Berlin resident. If you would like to find out more about this proposal then I encourage you to attend. No action will be taken by the New Berlin Plan Commission until February 4, 2013."

Thank you Lisa and Renee.

Let me repeat, this is NOT a City of Brookfield proposal; it is a City of New Berlin proposal, so do not contact your Brookfield officials or representatives about this. Only New Berlin has the authority to move this project forward or stop it.

The proposed Walmart would be on the south side of Greenfield Avenue, west of Highland Memorial Cemetery (I guess those neighbors won't complain), which makes it IN New Berlin, not Brookfield. It will be on the site the Charcoal Grill currently occupies. There is one homeowner on the edge of the proposed store property, marked as R-5 on the maps, the one east or right of the other R-5, which is a house owned and rented out by the cemetery, according to New Berlin Now. Other than the east R-5 there are no other privately owned and occupied homes near the store frontage.

This Walmart proposal would be for a 24 hour store with pharmacy and groceries. Should the proposed Walmart be approved, the current Walmart, on National and Moorland, which is the closest store to our area, would be closed.


Contact Information Developer: Jim Frayn ,Manhard Consulting Ltd. ,Vernon Hills, IL 60061,Ph: (630) 925-1206

New Berlin City Staff

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St. Mary's Visitation - International Chess and other ways we can wow you with our Technology

Come see why St. Mary's Visitation received the Exemplary Recognition Award from the Archdoicese of Milwaukee in the areas of Information, Technology and Media Skills.

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Bald Eagle swims to capture prize; Conservatives must not give up either

Conservatives, Constitution, Nature

I watched the following video clip with amazement. Since the American Bald Eagle is our national bird, I couldn't help but think of the symbolism of it all.  Watch.

The eagle would not give up. He/she needed to get that fish to feed itself and possibly its young.

It did not succeed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. try but kept at it until it succeeded.

But then the prize was too heavy to carry to safety in the traditional way. It had to do something I have never heard of or even knew was possible. IT SWAM with its WINGS as paddles!

Our liberties, our rights, our future, our constitution are all on the chopping block. We conservatives, who have been fighting against tyranny, have made a few valiant efforts to push back against those who would seek to change America as we know it. However, because we didn't prevail in the last presidential election, and many of our Republican representatives are backing down on fiscal restraint or standing up for our freedoms and Constitutional rights, we might feel like throwing in the towel on it all.

But keep fighting the fight to preserve our God-given rights.

Watch the eagle again, and take heart that sometimes the impossible is possible...if you don't give up..

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Sandy Hook - And an Unweeded Garden


Without the aid of pictures, I try to remember what they looked like.  I try to remember their voices when I walked through the door at day's end, and they would scream, "Daddy"! 

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2013 Predictions

Just for fun here are some of my 2013 Predictions. Your comments are most welcome.

1. Packers fire Capers and look for new defensive coach.

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St. Mary's Visitation - Archbishop Listecki will be visiting SMV on Monday


Archbishop Listecki will be celebrating Mass with us on Monday, January 21 at 8:00 a.m. Please come and join us! We will be taking an all school picture afterward and then he will be visiting the classrooms.

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Golden Mornings, Fairness, and Discourse

October 27th was a morning both glorious and sad.

Glorious because of the brisk tempreratures and pristinely drenching sunshine enjoyed on my weekly walk to the Farmers Market; sad because it was the last Market of 2012.  I love those walks - the jumbled worries of the week put aside; the attendant endorphin rush of exericse, fresh air, and sunshine never failing to rejuvenate.  


I always listen to music on the way, and that morning featured an eclectic mix:  The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, a hauntingly brooding depiction of a descent to madness started the playlist.  Others included the lovely ballad Romeo and Juliet by Mark Knopfler, The Killers fabulous cover of Ruby, the richly resonant chords of Take it Back by The Barenaked Ladies, and finally, the epic, prairie sweeping harmonies of Mumford and Sons. 

As I walked and listened, spinning the I-Pod like some miniature roulette wheel, I was staggered by its power and reach.  I thought of the old clanking turn table and speakers I had in High School; recalling their weight and size, compared to the matchbook-sized device in my hand, and its capacity to play any one of 20,000 songs at the touch of my finger.  Finally, I thought of Steve Jobs; the man who more than any other individual, was responsible for putting it in my pocket.

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The hypocricy of Obama's gun control to save just one life

Constitution, President Obama, Pro Life / Pro Abortion

Yesterday the President unveiled his 23 Executive Orders pertaining to gun control. There really wasn't much new in what he said. In fact, he relied heavily on that all too familiar plea: If gun control saves just one life, its worth it.

Is this the same man who wouldn't give so much as palliative care for a baby who survived a late term abortion? Is this the same father who said he didn't want his daughters "punished" with an unwanted baby?

Of course no legislation or executive order can prevent gun violence or violence of any kind. But the President loves to tug at the heartstrings when trying to push his agenda, especially when that agenda usurps our Constitutional rights. So he enshrouded himself with a group of young children to crank up the emotional response.

If only he would have the same concern for the million plus children aborted during his first term.

Obama, are you for or against Partial Birth Abortion? Yes
Walter Williams: Americans misunderstand point of the Second Amendment


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St. Mary's Visitation - Science Teacher honored, Pirate Day and Open House

Another example of how our St. Mary's Visitation  teachers are the best.....

NASA Honors for Our "Stellar" Science Teacher

Junior high science teacher Kathy Biernat was recently named to the NASA National Explorer School Merit Roll based on her “stellar ideas and successful teaching strategies,” according to NASA. Mrs. Biernat was one of 10 teachers nationwide to receive the honor.  We are so blessed to have such an exemplary science teacher for our Junior High students.

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Only Disney's Obama swears to uphold Constitution daily

Constitution, Debt, President Obama

On President Obama's first Inauguration, he put his hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. During his first term, however, he did everything but.

Yesterday he swore in for his second term, using 2 Bibles. But before he even reached that date, his actions already negated many of our Constitutional rights with the sweep of his Imperial, Executive pen.

He circumvented the Constitution and our Congress with his Executive Order on immigration. His EPA sends out its decrees that usurp our liberties and property rights. His 23 Executive Orders relating to gun control infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

In recent days, some Democrats allude to the 14th Amendment as justification for a president raising the debt ceiling without Congress! (The 14th Amendment dealt with Reconstruction: Citizenship, Civil Rights, and paying Civil War debt. It was not meant to authorize a carte blanche credit line.)

The President is acting more and more like an Imperial President, not a co-equal branch of the government.

Alas, only the animatronic Disney version of our president swears to uphold our Constitution multiple times a day. The real President Obama thwarts our Constitution every chance he gets.

Mark Levin: If Obama sidesteps Congress on debt ceiling, 'no choice' but impeachment 
Mark Levin refers to Obama as the Imperial President in his book Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America  .


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Archbishop Listecki visits St. Mary's Visitation school

Archbishop Listecki visits SMV!

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St. John Vianney kicks off Catholic Education Week 2013

Catholic Schools Week, Catholic Schools Week

What's so special about Catholic educatoin when other schools also offer excellent education? It's the religious aspect intertwined with the school's goal of providing superb academic instruction. Classes, service projects, field trips, religious retreats and many other activities are always connected to Catholic teachings. "Our religion is integrated into the overall educatoin of our students, " wrote Principal Pam Pyzyk, in the school's newsletter, the Shamrock Weekly.

This week, St. John Vianney, along with 115 schools in the Archdiocese, joins thousands of schools nationwide to celebrate Catholic Education Week 2013. The week kicked off with an Open House and each day will be marked with a special activity  including service projects, school-wide competitions, and a special Mass held at St. John's Cathedral with Archbishop Listecki and Father Bogacki, among others. The week will close with the annual eighth graders versus staff volleyball game.

SJV students evaluate Caldecott Award book candidates

Chances are you have a book or two with a Cldecott Medal in your bookcase. Did you know that books with the Caldecott Medal have been chosen as the year's best American picture book? SJV students in the mock Caldecott Medal Club experience what it's like to decide the Caldecott winners.

The SJV Caldecott Medal Club meets several weeks in a row and includes fourth tand fifth grade studnts. They read and critically evaluate several books carfully chosen by SJV librarian Christine Weichart, who does extensive research to determine which books may be consdiered for the award. In fact, her choices have been spon-on as last year the SJV studnets correctly picked three-of-the-four actual Caldecott-awarded books.

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Scott Berg shows Statesmanship

Scott Berg, City of Brookfield Alderman, show Statesmanship by introducing a proposal to reduce the size of local government. His proposal, already frought by criticizm from his peers, is to reduce the number of Aldermen from 14 to 9. There are 7 aldermanic districts and reducing them in half would result in 7 aldermen. Alderman Berg has a plan to reduce the number of Aldermen fro  14 to 9, which is close to the 50% reduction.

Local conservative politicians for years have been preaching that government must be smaller to be more functional and yet nothing has been done on the local level to accomplish that goal.

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The Godfather - Feelings - and the Saga of Manti Te'o

In an early scene from The Godfather, a depressed and wilting Johnny Fontaine mutters in the shadow filled study of Vito Corleone, "Oh Godfather - I don't know what to do; I don't know what to do".  As he absored his Godson's tale of woe, Marlon Brando's visage tightens, gathering the shadows of the darkened office into an all but visible storm cloud on his brow.  Finally, unable to endure the singer's maudlin wallowing a moment longer, Corleone explodes out of his chair, gives his Godson a vigorous shake, and screams, "You can act like a man"!


Marlon Brando brings to life one of cinema's most iconic creations in Don Vito Corleone, also known as The Godfather.

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Can we please talk 'Debt Control'? It's For the Kids

Conservatives, Debt, President Obama, Spending, THE ECONOMY, Taxes

Congress is poised to kick our debt ceiling crisis down the road to May, but instead of using this breathing room as an opportunity for getting our message out, we are still distracted by the topic of the day--gun control and now amnesty.

Debt Limit USA crafted this easy to understand 3 minute piece that explains what our government is doing--borrowing more money than it takes in. They call it Debt Limit - A Guide to American Federal Debt  Made Easy, or as I call it, The Debt Crisis in Terms Even a Low Information Voter Can Understand!
It doesn't get much easier than this; watch the whole thing. The ending is applicable to our unsustainable debt problem.

In case you didn't catch the last slides from the clip, the dad's annual household budget had $140,000 household debt, income of $21,700, $38,200 in spending, $16,500 in new bank to loan (debt), budget cuts $385--about 1% of their total household budget. Sound familiar?

Our Federal Budget Deal to Raise Debt Limit was: $14 Trillion total debt (obliviously, this was from the last 2011 debt crisis because we are well over $16T now!), $2.17 T federal income, $3.82 T in Fed. spending, $1.65 T in new debt, and the amount "cut" (from future spending)? A measly $38.5 Billion, about 1% of the total budget.

No matter, our children, grand children and great, great grandchildren will be picking up this tab.

Unlike other It's for the kids pleas, this one IS for the kids! Us too.

More reading:
House Votes to Temporarily Suspend U.S. Debt Ceiling 
Obama's Now Borrowed More Than All Presidents from Washington to W
US Debt Headed Toward 200% of GDP Even After 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal
Speaker: Fitch: Cut Spending or Risk Credit Rating Downgrade
Morning Bell: Don't Raise Debt Ceiling Without Balancing the Budget

I urge you to contact your legislators and tell them to talk about our spending crisis and then stand firm on more debt. We don't have much time.
Contact your Representatives and Senators
Find your  U.S. Senators by last name
Wisconsin's  U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (202) 224-5323
Wisconsin's   U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (202) 224-5653

Find your  U.S. House of Representatives member by state
House Representative James Sensenbrenner Washington D.C. (202) 225-5101, Brookfield (262) 784-1111

House Speaker Boehner phone line (513) 779-5400

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