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A Boo-tiful Month for the Animals

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, Halloween, party, canine

HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, gets in the spirit of the month with activities and events for pets and their people.

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St. Mary's Visitation Fall Activities: K3 Apple Projects and K5 Visits the Fire Station

K3 - Apple Projects

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Easter Seals Welcomes Home our Heroes!

Veterans, military, welcome home, easter seals, forward operating base


Easter Seals recently shared its mission of serving veterans and their families with Hollywood. As the featured charity at Variety’s Emmy Studio, a gathering of this year’s leading television actors and actresses and Emmy nominees, we discussed ways Hollywood can support veterans, too.

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Only 10 Days Until "Haunted HAWS!"

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, halloween, Waukesha, pets

Haunted HAWS, the fall-fundraiser and Halloween bash to benefit the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, is only 10 days away: now is the time to get into the “spirit” and Eat, Drink and Be Scary for HAWS!

You know you want to "BEE" there!Admission is $50 per person; tickets are limited and going quickly. Purchase yours at the Waukesha shelter at 701 Northview Road, online at or by calling 262-542-8851, x112.

On Friday, October 18, 2013 the Country Springs Hotel, 2810 Golf Road, Pewaukee, will be transformed into a ghostly graveyard and haunted mansion from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. The party includes dinner and dessert buffets, silent auction and more:

  • Show your Spirit: come in costume and win great prizes!
  • Trick or Treat with the great balloon raffle.
  • No Scaredy Cats at the meet’n’greet with HAWS adoptable pets: watch them in the Pet Parade complete with Halloween costumes!
  • Let the Ghoul times roll with music by DJ Majic.
  • Learn all about the great things going on at HAWS at the Spooktacular staff booths.

Sponsorships and VIP reserved tables are available; contact Jessica at HAWS at 262-542-8851, x112.

By the way  - HAWS' annual Guinea Pig Primer is coming! Join fellow pig fans on October 27th from noon - 4pm. Learn all about these great little pets, swap stories and pictures - even bring your little pig buddies along for games and contests. FREE - children (and pigs) must be accompanied by an adult.


We all know the dangers of drunken driving and we all know the lawmakers want more punishment for those convicted. Well and good but the lawmakers fail to even draft or consider a Dram Shop law the has been successful in many states. That is because the liquor lobby will do everything to block it. Dram shop  laws make the tavern keepers and servers of alcohol legally liable for the damages caused by over serving resulting in accidents, death and injuries.

Several states who have Dram Shop Laws have placed the blame where is the tavern where too much alcohol is sold.

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Carl Kerby to speak on Becoming Bold! and Human Evolution - What Does Evidence Show? Oct. 15, 2013

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Religion, Special events

Carl Kerby is an engaging speaker, who has a way of connecting with young people, adults, church groups, schools — almost everybody. He is a much sought-after speaker both in the United States and abroad, and he is the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee's guest speaker  this month.

In his first talk entitled “Becoming Bold! Know it! Live it! Share it!” Carl will examine the reasons 50 to 88 percent of young people raised in Bible-believing churches walk away from the church as adults. He will look at the causes of this huge exodus and then show that by starting with the Bible, solutions can be offered to this alarming problem in the church. Just teaching Bible stories to our children isn’t working; young people in our churches need to know how to stand uncompromisingly on the authority and accuracy of the Bible so they can answer the skeptical questions of the age and live lives pleasing to the Lord. 

He will also present “Human Evolution: From Ida to Us, What Does the Evidence Show?” We are inundated with the message that man evolved over millions of years. Our public school systems, television programs, movies and secular museums all push this message on us constantly and convincingly. But, what does the evidence really show? Using information from the website “Revealing the Link,” Carl will debunk the myths surrounding the “missing links” (including the world famous Lucy) and why we didn’t evolve from apes. Once we look beyond the veneer to what the actual evidence really shows, you may be surprised. 

Carl Kerby’s passion is to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible and to engage the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers in today’s culture so that they may experience the realities of the Word of God.  He was a founding Board Member of Answers in Genesis for 10 years and served there for over 15 years before becoming President and Founder of Reasons for Hope (rforh). He created rforh to offset the hopelessness that is so prevalent in our time and culture.

We can and need to have answers to these issues today. Both of Carl’s presentations will give faith affirming information to those seeking and to those needing encouragement.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at Grace Bible Church, 2643 South 117 Street (north of Cleveland Ave., south of Lincoln Ave.), West Allis, WI.  The event is free and open to the public; a free-will offering will be received. 

Mr. Kerby will also be guesting on the live radio program, Crosstalk, on WVCY, Monday, October 14, 2013, 2:00 - 2:55pm. Tune in 107.7 FM to listen or catch it online.

For more information visit Genesis Matters: Carl Kerby - Oct. 15, 2013

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Serving our Military Here at Home

Veterans, military, easter seals, families, support

Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin has partnered with AmeriCorps and the University of Maryland to create the Legacy Corps program.  The Legacy provides FREE services that provides a break to the caregivers of military families and veterans of all ages. The goal of the program is to relieve some of the stress related to caring for a family that may be experiencing deployment, reintegration, or caring for an injured Veteran. The hope is to allow that caregiver an opportunity to leave the household, relieve some of the stress they’re experiencing, and build a stronger family bond. The Legacy Corps program accomplishes this by providing a well-trained, qualified AmeriCorps member to serve the family for 8-10 hours per week for one year for FREE. AmeriCorps members will be trained to provide respite services such as:

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Celebrate "The Great Gatsby" with Elm Grove Reads 6

The Friends of the Elm Grove Library are celebrating their sixth year hosting a community big read with a couple of exciting events planned over the next two weeks. The name of the program is Elm Grove Reads 6, and it encourages the entire community to come together by reading and participating in a discussion of one selected book. The title for this year’s community read is “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In celebration of Elm Grove Reads 6, the Friends of the Elm Grove Library have organized a free movie screening and book discussion around “The Great Gatsby.”

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St. John Vianney string orchestra records CD to help feed the hungry

Under the guidance of string orchestra director, Maria Gesiorek, the St. John Vianney and St. Dominic's advanced string orchestra recorded a CD to raise money for feeding the hungry in Milwaukee. The meals are coordinated by the Agape Community Center in Milwaukee. The sales of past CDs have provided funds for some 20,000 meals for the hungry in our area.

St. John Vianney 5th graders learn about commerce at Hartford's Buckskinner's Encampment

The St. John Vianney 5th graders traveled back in time to Wisconsin's own Buckskinner Encampment in Hartford in order to learn about life in the 1700s and 1800s as part of their Social Studies work. They learned about trade practices such as fur traders, cooking, blacksmith, quill working and much more. As a follow-up to the fieldtrip, the students created their own goods and sold them at a market at school.

Four-year-old kindergardeners at St. John Vianney indulge in culinary art

The K4 students in Mrs. Andreucci's class at St. John Vianney spent some time learning about colors. They created their own edible paint and decorated pieces of bread. The kids toasted the bread, added some butter and feasted on their colorful creations. They also used food coloring and frosting to create a rainbow of edible color. These are just some of the examples of how the St. John Vianney 4-year-old kindergarten exposes kids to learning in a fun and engaging way.

First graders visit the Village of Greendale

St. John Vianney first grade teachers Jenny Williams and Melissa Klement spent a day with the kids at the Village of Greendale. The students learned about goods and services, worked on map-building skills, enjoyed the village's beautiful English gardens and sampled sweet treats from the local malt shoppe.

A Cat-tastic Adoption Special

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, shelter, adopt, cat, halloween, trick or treat

We have an abundance of cats available at HAWS - and our Trick or Treat Cat Adoption Special is a sweet deal you won't want to miss!

Meet Raven, Cosmo, Luke, Autumn and Fluffy!

Autumn is a shorthaired "torbie" cat.These 5 cats are just a handful of the great felines waiting at HAWS for their new adoptive homes. We have all ages, colors and sizes...if you've ever thought about adding a cat to your family, NOW is definitely the time.


Even better, you can take advantage of our Trick or Treat Cat Adoption Special!


Raven is a domestic shorthaired cat.First, come to HAWS and find your new best cat buddy, aged 4 months and up.  Then, pick a piece of candy from our Treat basket.  The number on the wrapper is your adoption fee – anywhere from $30 all the way down to $1!

We've even got special deals for pairs of cats and kittens – so if you just have to have 2 of these cat-tastic pets, you’re in luck, too.  Trust us, black cats at HAWS are the bearers of GOOD fortune!

Learn all about HAWS' adoptable friends at our Pet Showcase at  Or, better yet, stop by in person - HAWS is open 7 days a week at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha.

See you at the Shelter!

By the way – from our Haunted HAWS to our Guinea Pig Primer, from the Holiday Bazaar to Holiday Pet Photos, we’ve got lots of great goings-on for pets and their people.  We hope you’ll join in the fun - all in support of the “HAWS cause.”


St. Mary's Visitation Students Tour Majestic Churches in Milwaukee

St. Mary 's Visitation Students Tour Majestic Churches in Milwaukee

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In the past few months the news of a development in the location better know as Silenos Pit has caused resentment by those citizens who are residents that reside near the location of the proposed development. The announcement of this planned development came as a great surprise to the dismay of the taxpayers who have a personal and financial interest in protecting their property rights. Property rights have been sacred in the City of Brookfield since its inception. But, today the wishes and desires of city hall employees and commercial developers ignore the very people that live and vote in our city.

The notice of a public meeting to view the plans already conceived was on very short notice and was preceded by political activity to create a state law(Sec.85.193, published 10/1/13) which was preceded by an 8 page opinion from legal counsel to the City. The legislative history and effect of this new law has not been explained in detail to the public. I  have written many comments to blogs and news stories and now decide to protect my property rights. The total destruction of traffic on Burleigh Road for a number of years will have an ill effect on property values and potential buyers will look elsewhere for a clean and quiet suburb for their families. Those most affected should have the most to say. However this is not the case. Meetings and polls do not truly represent those most affected.

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Get help with your child's reading with Words for Whiskers/Read to Rover program at the Elm Grove Public Library.

Does your child need a little extra practice with their reading skills? If so, the Elm Grove Public Library may have just the program to help. The Words for Whiskers/Read to Rover pet therapy reading program is back again this fall and there are still a few spots open. This program is ideal for students in grades 1-5 who would benefit from reading stories to a pet who loves to listen and will not judge the child’s reading ability. Students can sign up for one 25-minute session per month, and can choose to read to either Dexter the cat or Jake the dog. Here are the upcoming dates for Words for Whiskers/Read to Rover:

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Easter Seals Honors Employers Committed to an Inclusive Workforce

work, jobs, easter seals, waukesha, childrens hospital, employer, employee, waukesha county

Last week, Easter Seals hosted a wonderful gathering of local mission partners.  This group was different than who you might expect.   These were local employers who partnered with Easter Seals to find new employees or contracted with Easter Seals for services.  Not matter their relationship, each helped to grow job skills and experiences of over 200 individuals with barriers to joining the workforce.

We honored four businesses in particular:

  • The 128th Refueling Wing : We began our partnership with the 128th Refueling wing through our commercial cleaning program in 2006.  The 128th has been supportive of the Easter Seals mission in providing opportunities to develop marketable work skills.  128th staffs are always very courteous, helpful, and patient with our cleaning staff. This year we began to assist on their “drill weekends once a month” as mess attendants through a contract with assistance of SourceAmerica.  They worked side by side with military persons and learned many valuable transferable skills.
  • KHS as our partner with catering services, using Easter Seals LilyWorks to cater and host their employee training.   KHS gains from use of our facilities and Easter Seals participants set up the room, prepare the continental breakfast gaining valuable experiences in hospitality services.
  • Vaportek, a partner for over a decade, who uses our facility based services to package literally millions of items annually.  Items you use in your home everyday.
  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for hosting Project SEARCH at the hospital, giving dozens of young adults internships to gain marketable and transferrable job skills.  To date, Children's Hospital has hired five Project SEARCH interns on to their staff.   Why? “To ensure the best experience, we work together with the right people in the right roles doing the right thing for children and families”    

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St. Mary's Visitation Fall Events: Living Rosary, Spooks and Spoofs, Geocaching

Living Rosary

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Fall book season brings many great new titles to the Elm Grove Public Library

Fall is typically the most eventful season for new and noteworthy books to be released, and this year has certainly been no different. The past few months have seen a flurry of highly decorated and award-winning authors release exciting new titles, some returning after lengthy periods between new works. Many of these new books, such as “The Lowland” by Jhumpa Lahiri, and “Bleeding Edge” by Thomas Pynchon, have already been short-listed for major awards in 2013. The Elm Grove Public Library is always adding exciting new titles, and is your destination for all of the new fall releases, as well as classic works by the same authors. Here are a few of the major new fiction titles recently released and available for check out at the Elm Grove Public Library. Click on the book cover to reserve your copy today.

The Circle by Dave Eggers

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From A Blogger

Having your own Blog is not what it seems. So I decided to post this to give you some insight From A Blogger.

My Computer is the first step in writing a blog. You must be able to sign in properly and use your personal password to start creating the blog. But before getting online with your blog you must be prepared either on paper or in your mindset. The subject matter and the content are the expression of the blogger's knowledge and thoughts.

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