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No Time for Summertime Blues at HAWS!

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Chase away the summertime blues with great activities at HAWS!

Due to the Independence Day holiday, HAWS will be closed to viewing and adoptions on July 4.
Those needing assistance with lost or found animals over the holiday should contact HAWS’ main number (262-542-8851) to be connected to our holiday Rescue team.

Now, back to the blog:

It’s not too late to register for HAWS’ Kids 'N Critters Summer Day Camp! Interact with and learn all about animals, responsible pet care, training, health and more. Camps run June through August.

HAWS’ Dog U training classes are a great summer activity for pets and their people. Life Skills for Puppies, Basic Manners, Loose Leash Walking, Scent Work, Confident Canine and Dog Play classes fill quickly – and remember, Puppy Parties are held every Sunday at HAWS at 4:45pm. New this summer: HAWS Kitty College, providing kittens with the opportunity to play and learn appropriate social skills towards children, adults and other cats. A socialized kitten is a friendlier cat with fewer behavior problems. Register now for all classes by calling 262-542-8851, x114.

Additional highlights on HAWS’ July Calendar include:
“Pet”-icures for small animals (7/10 at Pet Supplies Plus, 18610 W. Bluemound Rd., Brookfield and 7/20 at HAWS).
Pet First Aid (7/20) – call 262-879-0165 for details/registration for this life-saving class!
-  GPA-WI monthly greyhound meet’n’greet in the HAWS’ shelter lobby (7/27).

By the way - its time to get your motor running: HAWS’ 4th annual Ride for Rover again merges with the 6th annual Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls on Saturday, August 17th. Be sure to register for the Ride by July 30th to get the official Ride t-shirt. Get the entire pack together for a great day on the highway, or join the fun at Rotary Park and join the “after party” from the beginning. Everyone – including pets – is welcome!

Learning Even in Summer

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, summer camp, shelter, animals, cats, humane

HAWS’ intern, Meg, spends a day at camp!

I spent a day recently at HAWS’ Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp. Camp teaches kids how to properly interact with animals of all types. It also educates kids about animal behavior and how they should behave around familiar and strange animals.  In addition, campers learn just how much work and responsibility it is to have a pet.


The campers learned all about cat behavior that day. They learned how to interpret different types of cat behavior, and more importantly, the counselors taught the campers how they should behave around cats. Additionally, in the activity “House Hunters” the campers learned the importance of spaying and neutering. The counselors taught the campers that in order to stop the overpopulation of animals, it’s essential to spay and neuter.


In a presentation called “Before the Bite” by Humane Officer Jill, campers were taught how to detect if an animal is in defense mode. They learned what they can do to prevent harmful bites. I even learned some tips to avoid being bitten!


Overall, HAWS’ Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp is a fun opportunity for kids to learn all about animals. The counselors and guest speaker did an excellent job of engaging the campers in each activity. It was obvious the campers were enjoying their time at HAWS!

Dig into reading (and writing!) this summer at the Elm Grove Public Library

reading, library, books, writing

Summer is heating up at the Elm Grove Public Library! Tons of readers have stopped by to sign up for the Summer Reading Program, and there is still plenty of time left for you to sign up if you haven’t done so already.

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July 4

Of the many thoughts that present themselves on July 4, the first I note is what might be history's greatest coincidence.  On July 4 1826, the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died; a coincidence so staggering it beggars description.  Once the bitterest of political enemies, after the fires of momentous decisions and office-holding had dulled to warm embers, their relationship ripened into one of mutual respect and deep friendship, and their letters stand as one of the longest running and winsomely delightful correspondences on record. 


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Be Together. Be Safe.

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha County, dog park, play, training

Summer means time outdoors with your best friend. HAWS  reminds you to be safe, no matter what you’re doing or where you are!

You’ve been cautioned to not leave your pets in the car during warm weather. You’ve been warned about fireworks and thunderstorms and their nerve-wracking effect on many animals. You’ve seen the news stories of pets in danger. Maybe you’ve made the trip to “break your dog out of doggie jail” when Fido has taken off on his own and been found by animal control.

But what about when you spend time at the local dog park?

Dog parks can be wonderful places for play and socialization – for dogs and their owners alike. But when dog park users don’t pay attention to their pets, or follow simple guidelines put in place by the park, bad things can and DO happen. Just last week, an animal welfare colleague experienced the unthinkable: his dog was attacked while at an area dog park and later died from the injuries sustained.

This tragedy could have been avoided. Surprisingly, the attacking dogs seemed to be at the park completely unsupervised! It would be crazy to drop off a toddler at the playground and go on a coffee run, yet similarly the owner(s) of these dogs didn’t even remain within eyesight of their pets, let alone take the steps (basic manners training, recall commands) to keep them under control.

The dog park is not a substitute for involvement and engagement with your dog. And when using a dog park, each and every person there has the duty and responsibility to maintain control of their dog. Don’t expect your dog to immediately have the proper etiquette: that is something WE must teach them and reinforce.

The idea of these parks is they are large, safe areas to play – since many of us don’t have big yards the dog park is that outlet. But, too often we hear stories of incidents where one owner wasn’t responsible and others paid the price. Many have had bad enough experiences they no longer frequent a dog park of any kind.

BE WITH YOUR DOG. It’s that simple. And it’s what your dog wants and needs.

By the way – many dog clubs have “etiquette” sessions available – check park bulletin boards for dates and times. HAWS teaches Basic Manners, voice recall and more – training classes that will get both you and your dog ready to be a great park buddy.


Celebrate Bastille Day at the Elm Grove Public Library

books, library, France

Milwaukee is celebrating the end of the French Revolution this weekend with Bastille Days, but if you can’t make it out to Cathedral Square, you can read all about France’s fascinating past at the Elm Grove Public Library.

First, set the mood with Live at Bastille Days & Beyond, a CD by Robin Pluer with songs recorded at Bastille Days a few years ago. There are some great songs on this CD, including a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love.”

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Win tickets to the Green Bay Packers Family Night and a football signed by Mike McCarthy!

library, football

The Elm Grove Public Library has teamed up with the Edvest College Savings Plan, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and the Green Bay Packers to encourage kids to read this summer, and now we have some great prizes to give away: You could win four tickets to the 2013 Green Bay Packers Family night and a football signed by coach Mike McCarthy! Any library patron is eligible to enter this contest, regardless of age.

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Get Your Pack Together - the Road is Calling!

HAWS, Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Ride for Rover, motorcycles, Poker Run, Fair, pets

In exactly one month HAWS hosts our 4th Annual Ride for Rover! Sign up today - cars, families, pets are all welcome!

By the way - we're again 'merging' 2 great events - you can join the Ride after party from the beginning by heading straight to the 6th Annual HAWS' Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls!


Hate Crime and Punishment

Below is a reposting of a blog I first published in April of 2012:

In 1866 Fyodor Dostoevsky published his immortal work Crime and Punishment, his penetrating study of crime, murder, and evil as portrayed through the timeless character of Raskolnikov.

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A Different Kind of Dog Park

Adopt, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Pet Fair, Ride for Rover

HAWS notes that humans aren't the only ones with options when it comes to exercise facilities!

Are you all about "the Y"? Loving the ladies-only gym? A die-hard health-clubber? Maybe you prefer using home equipment and have a co-dependent relationship with your treadmill or Soloflex? And there's always the old school jog on the track or walk around the neighborhood. Having the right option to suit your needs and comfort level is key to maintaining healthy behaviors.

Taking your dog for a walk is ubiquitous. Households even have mini-skirmishes over who's turn it is because walking the dog is a daily chore. Many entrepreneurs have capitalized on this need - and are available for hire to exercise Fido for you as needed.

Now coming into vogue is the private dog park. These members-only facilities have strict rules and guidelines for usage, requiring both vaccination records and behavior evaluations prior to granting a (paid) membership. These membership fees keep the park in operation as they don't receive tax funding or regular donations like a non-profit group.

Newly-opened Lucky Dog Park, at 1270 Mineral Springs Drive in Port Washington, explains it this way: "All dogs wanting to obtain entry to the park will have to meet with our staff, fill out the membership form and provide proof of vaccinations.... To gain membership, you'll need to make an appointment ahead of wanting to use the park. Entry will not be granted to non-members or dogs who do not pass our personality profile. This helps to ensure that any dogs entering the park are appropriate for a multi-dog setting."

The owners of LDP took action after hearing from many fellow dog owners who have had negative experiences at public parks.  Bob and Ellen note the positives of Lucky Dog Park are controlled use by members only, onsite supervision at all open park hours and 24-hour webcame surveillance to ensure safety.

This type of park isn't for everyone, and isn't everyone's "thing." But if you are looking for a controlled alternative to a general public park session, the private dog park may be just the thing for you and your pup!

By the way - have you set aside August 17th for HAWS?!! Between our 6th Annual Pet Fair and our 4th Annual Ride for Rover (motorcycle AND car rally), we've got you covered!
Log onto to register!

Books are beautiful!

Local author Shauna Singh Baldwin generously donated this attractive collection of books to the Elm Grove Public Library. We will be giving the collection to a lucky patron later this year, but in the meantime, please stop by the library and take a look at it – it’s beautiful!

Although the specific books in the collection are not available to check out, you can check most of the titles out (with different covers). The books are fantastic reads, so if you haven’t read them, you should! But if you have read them and would like to read similar stories, our fantastic librarians can help you find your next read. You can stop by and ask them for suggestions, or you can read this blog, where I will be writing about a different title each week, starting with Baldwin’s own novel, The Tiger Claw.

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Dog Parvovirus Cases Spike in Milwaukee | Get Vaccinated!

Monday, July 29, 2013

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HAWS Hits the Road - Again and Again!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Waukesha County, National Night Out, Ride for Rover

Summer is the season of roadtrips! We're totally in that spirit at HAWS.

The Ride for Rover early registration deadline is today! Because of the need to pre-order, we can only guarantee we'll have your size for the official R4R4 t-shirt if you sign up NOW...and while we'll still have shirts for those who sign up after today and on the day of (August 17th), we'd HATE to see someone be disappointed because they wanted a XL and we only have smalls left. (We can also guarantee the 2013 shirt is super-cool and you WILL want one.)

When we participated in First Weber - Lake Country's 4th annual "Take Your Dog To Work Day" we KNEW we'd have a blast. We didn't expect them to raise $4000 for the HAWS cause! Read their blog post about the day - and be sure to patronize their sponsors and TYDTWD partners.

Chester the cat checks out HAWS' new PetSmart Pewaukee digs.The new PetSmart store on Capitol Drive in Pewaukee will be hosting HAWS adoptable cats! Their hospitality gives us yet another off-site location to "bring HAWS happy tails to you." Partnerships like this enable HAWS to showcase our adoptables - giving them a better chance at a new loving home even more quickly.

Next Tuesday, August 6 is "National Night Out" - we'll be participating in the events in several local communities, but we are especially proud to be joining the Village of Butler for their celebration for the first time! C'mon out to Upper Frontier Park and say hello to our Mobile Adoptions crew, Behavior Department and Mod Squad reps...and even Mark our Animal Rescue chief!

By the way - check out our website -, follow us on Twitter - HAWS Waukesha, friend us on Facebook at HAWS Waukesha or "Like" our page at Humane Animal Welfare Society - HAWS of Waukesha. We put the socialization in Social Media!

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