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Hot Times at HAWS!

HAWS, adopt, puppy parties, Mobile Adoption Center, mini-golf, Pet Fair, Ride for Rover

The action at HAWS heats up along with the summer temperatures!

Stay cool everyone!Due to the Independence Day holiday, HAWS will be closed to viewing and adoptions on July 4th. 
Regular hours will resume on July 5th.  Those needing assistance with lost or found animals over the holiday should contact HAWS’ main number (262-542-8851) to be connected to our holiday Rescue team.

HAWS’ Behavior Department wants you to have a great life with your best friend. Starting July 1st and running each Sunday evening are HAWS’ Puppy Parties: Establish good socialization habits that will last a lifetime…and burn off some of that puppy energy! Also, get training advice every 3rd Thursday at the “Behavior Chats with Dr. Claudeen,” hosted by End of the Leash in Mukwonago. A special K9 Nose Work Mock Trial will be held at HAWS on July 14th for scent work student dogs and their handlers. Details and registration for all these programs are available at or 262-542-8851, x114.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center “brings happy tails to you!” Join the adoptable pets at Pewaukee’s 4th of July Parade, come for the Brat Fry on July 7th at Pick’n’Save of Sussex, participate in the special Adoption Event at Petco – Germantown on July 21st and celebrate the Dog Days of Summer at Advance Auto Parts of Waukesha on July 28th. Details on these and all the regular monthly Mobile stops are at

Show your skills on the links at the Friends of HAWS 6th annual Mini Golf Outing, Sunday, July 22nd at National Golf Center, Big Bend.  Donate a HAWS’ Wish List item and admission is only $10 for 18 holes!

Filling out HAWS’ busy calendar are Small Pet Pedicures (7/11 at Pet Supplies Plus, 7/21 at HAWS) and Cat Pedicures (7/14), the twice-monthly First Aid for Pets seminars (7/14, 7/28) and the GPA-WI Greyhound meet’n’greet at HAWS (7/28).  Read more on the Upcoming Events calendar page of

By the way - Save the dates: HAWS’ 5th annual Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls “merges” with the 3rd annual Ride for Rover on Saturday, August 18th..."make tracks" to Rotary Park and join the party from the beginning!  And don’t miss HAWS very “fashionable” fundraiser, Romp the Runway, coming up on Friday, September 28th.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a lethal fungal disease that plugs the water conducting system in an oak tree. It can occur in all species of oak, but will very quickly kill red oaks.

Prompt diagnosis is crucial. The primary symptom is wilting of the leaves and early defoliation. In the red oak group wilting generally progresses from the top of the canopy downward. In white & bur oaks, wilting may occur on branches scattered throughout the tree. These symptoms may also be cause by anthracnose, bur oak blight or two-lined chestnut borer. Laboratory testing may be needed to confirm oak wilt.

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July 4, 2012. A day to remember equality over politics

July 4, 2012. A day to remember equality over politics.

A day to to remember this unanimous declaration of the United States of America:

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Are You Among the Thousands Who Could Lose Internet Access Next Week?

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users may lose their online access on July 9, 2012, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging all consumers and businesses to run a quick and easy diagnostic test to see if their computers are infected. The FBI’s DNS Changer Working Group can detect the malware and explain how to fix infected machines.

“Everyone should check to see if their computer is infected,” urged Randall Hoth, Wisconsin BBB president/CEO. “It takes less than a minute to check and, if your equipment is clean, there is nothing more you need to do. If your computer is infected, the DNS Changer Working Group recommends the necessary steps to save your computer. But this must be done by July 9th or you could lose internet access.”

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The Shire building moratorium to be extended

 The current ban on developing the remainder of the subdivision expires September 1, 2012, so it's time to do it again. This time, though, it appears the extension will be indefinite, or rather, it's up to the developer Joseph Niebler to clear certain hurdles. They are:

A. Waste Management properly abandons the gas probes and detection gas probes located within the lots of the proposed Shire Addition No. 1, in accordance with a plan  approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Plan Commission Minutes 

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The Nose Knows!

HAWS, K9 Nose Work, search and rescue, scent work, mock trial, adopt, play, sport

We have a really neat activity happening at HAWS this Saturday, a K9 Nose Work "Mock Trial."

K9 Nose Work is just what you think - dogs doing scent tracking and targeting.  Not only are nose work dogs used for search and rescue and crime investigation, but the practice has also become a sport for enthusiasts of any type of breed.

From the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) website:
"K9 Nose Work is the specific sport created and sanctioned by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).  This sport was inspired by the training methodology of detection K9s and borrows elements of that training for recreation.  The terms nose work, fun nose work, scent work, search work are all commonly used references to describe any activity where the dog is using its nose to locate a target scent or odor.  K9 Nose Work is the term that defines this detection inspired sport that has evolved from the pursuit of many dogs (with their handlers) to practice nose work and have fun."

On the HAWS grounds this Saturday, July 14, from 4-8pm, nosework students and their handlers will be conducting an exercise to practice their skills before they do a real trial.

The public is welcome to attend and view the dogs at work, HOWEVER, spectators must remain quiet and not interfere with the search activities.  (Not your typical sporting event, for sure!)

For more information on K9 Nose Work, or if your dog is a nose work student and you would like to join in the mock trial, contact Laura Yurchak, laura@lovingpawsllc or 262-652-0652.

By the way - Central Bark of New Berlin is hosting "Open Gym for HAWS" this Sunday, July 15!  Bring your dog for playtime between 4:30 - 7:00pm and also meet a few darling HAWS' adoptable pups.  Admission is $5/dog - proceeds benefit HAWS.  Dogs must be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations.  NBCB is located at 2105 S. 170th St., New Berlin.  Call them at 262-785-0444, or contact Angela at for details!

For me, it's Hovde, Fitzgerald, Neumann, Thompson, in that order

2012, Conservatives, WISCONSIN, United States

  Way back in October of 2011, Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald announced he was running for U.S. Senate. At that time, he was my likely pick over Tommy Thompson or Mark Neumann. I didn't want Thompson when he was toying with running in 2010. (Thank Goodness we had Ron Johnson step into that race.) I'm still not liking Thompson in this 2012 race, for the same reasons: he's not all that conservative, he was a big spender, and he is too old. Thankfully, Eric Hovde, the newest candidate to enter the 2012 race to fill Herb Kohl's vacant seat, is pulling ahead.

I have liked Eric Hovde ever since I heard him interviewed on Mark Belling's radio show some months ago. Hovde talked about how he was conservative, even in his college years. He mentioned how he was required to give 2 speeches for one of his classes and he chose to do both, extolling Reagan's policies. And that was in Madison! (Hovde's father worked for the Regan administration.)

I thought, there aren't many college students who are conservative (people tend to grow more conservative with time), much less at the University of Wisconsin - Madison! That indicated to me he was able to stand up for his convictions, which is an important quality in a U.S. Senator. His ads are hitting a lot of the issues important to me.

Needless to say, any one of the 4 in the running would be a vast improvement over what we had in Kohl and certainly over Tammy Baldwin.

So I am still deciding, but I think Eric Hovde will get my vote. Seems other people are thinking that too since he is giving Thompson a run for his money now.

Wisconsin's Primary is August 14th. The winner will go on to face Democrat Tammy Baldwin in November.

Website: Eric Hovde U.S. Senate


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I am only the Author

yes, i am only the author of this blog since its inception some 5 years ago. there have been technical changes and i have made an effort to keep up with them. like all our bloggers this is a voluntary avocation and personal time is precious. my zeal to go on has kept me here that long. i have no personal censorship policy but BFNOW does and they run the show, and i am happy to accept their judgment. there are some comments on all of our blogs that are not relevant. if you want only to be heard and make trite comments then get your own blog. never before in journalism has the press allowed a reader to comment publicly about the writer. these blogs are not a debating forum between the commenters to beat each  other up. our names and identities are out up front and we have to deal with comments that bear false names to protect their images. we bloggers do not want our images to be impaired but in the interests of real journalism we do it. we also encourage the challenges from those who read our stuff as long it is in good taste. we honor the local press at BFNOW who allow us to publish our blogs without interference.

My sincere apologies for the omissions in some of the comments, but my part has been trivial and my goal is to let the people be heard, but for the technical difficulties that some of us have with the computer world.

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21 restaurants coming to fundraiser for animals - tickets on sale now!

Feasting for Felix tickets now on sale

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The Purrfect Time to Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS!

HAWS, adopt, cats, kittens, feline, mini-golf, Friends

If you're looking to add a feline friend to your family, HAWS has just what you're looking for!

While summer is also known as "kitten season" at HAWS, we have lots of adult cats that are ready for their new furrever home, too.  Singletons and bonded pairs, tuxedos and torties, the lazy and the playful - you'll find them here at HAWS!

Meet Tux & Tawny!Tux and Tawny are a bonded pair who sadly lost their home when their owner passed away.  Tux is a handsome brown tabby and white male while Tawny, the female, is a unique "torbie" and white.  Both cats are approximately 1 year old and ready to settle in today!

Broadway is a brown tabby who is a little over 3 years old.  He's not a fan of baths or pedicures, but he loves to be brushed.  (No worries about the pedicures - you can bring him back to HAWS on the 2nd Saturday of each month for help with that!)

Maybe there's a kitten in your future?  How about Bert and Ernie?  Or maybe Izzy or Onyx?  Driver or Wankel?  (Pop quiz:  where does the name "Wankel" come from?  Before you Google it, here's a hint - our gearhead caretaker named that one...)

It's a PURR-FECT time to adopt 4 feline paws from HAWS!

By the way - the Friends of HAWS' annual Mini-Golf Outing is this Sunday, July 22nd!  Join us at National Golf Center in Big Bend - $12 for 18 holes, or $10 with an item from our Wish List.  FORE HAWS!

Rob Hutton for Wisconsin Assembly District 13, Vote Aug. 14, 2012

2012, Brookfield, Conservatives, Elections, TAXES, WISCONSIN

With Wisconsin's Primary just a month away, it's time to focus on our ballot choices on August 14th. I live in the newly redistricted 13th Assembly District, and I was not too pleased when I learned I lost Dale Kooyenga with that swipe of the redistricting pen. But Rob Hutton seems to be a worthy replacement. He is in fact endorsed by Representative Kooyenga as well as former State Senator Ted Kanavas. If you check out his website, you can see his growing list of endorsements.

Rob Hutton grew up in Brookfield and graduated from Brookfield East. He is a Conservative, pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. Hutton is President and CEO of a Wisconsin based company, Rock Transfer & Storage, Inc. and will bring that private sector experience to Madison. He has served on the Waukesha County Board as a Supervisor for 7 years.

Like Representative Dale Kooyenga, Rob Hutton has been knocking on doors and meeting the residents in his district. This is no easy task and it demonstrates a level of commitment to the job. His yard signs are popping up all over too, not just on the right of ways, stuck here and there, but in the front yards of real supporters in our district. Rob came to my front door 2 times and I found him to be just what I am looking for in a Representative.

So in the weeks before our primary, take some time and read over his positions, his concerns, his background and family, and endorsements. August 14th will be here before we know it.

Website: Conservative Republican for Wisconsin State Assembly 13th District
Facebook: Rob Hutton

I will be posting a pre-primary ballot pick piece in about 3 weeks...stay tuned!


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Brewers Improving-------Will it matter

The Brewer are improving their won/lost record with some close wins and some good breaks. It remains to be seen if they can keep winning enough to be a contender for the wild card.

A positive sign is the return of Lucroy but will it be too late for him to have an impact before the end of July trading deadline ? Is Axford still the closer ?  Will they ever decide on the starting shortstop ? Is Manny Parra for real ? Can Marcum make a mid-season comeback ?

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Pit Bull Puppy Amputee Recovers at WHS

 Puppy’s Deformities Result in Amputation Surgery

Wisconsin Humane Society seeks donations for “Thumbelina”
MILWAUKEE – A very special puppy has stolen the hearts of staff members at the Wisconsin Humane Society and indeed, it’s fairly impossible to resist her sweet puppy face. WHS is hoping a special appeal this weekend will help them raise the funds necessary to cover her recent amputation surgery.
Thumbelina is an 8-week-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix puppy who arrived at the shelter because of a congenital deformity in her left front leg. It wasn't growing properly and her family was unable to care for her any longer. 
“Thumbelina underwent the specialized surgery like a champ,” says Dr. Rebecca Jackson at WHS, who performed the amputation.  “She is currently recovering in our Intensive Care Unit, and her prognosis looks great. We were glad to be able to help her.”
The cost of her surgery and medical care is expected to reach about $2,000 and WHS is asking for help with her special medical expenses. To make a contribution, visit or call 414-431-6121.
The Wisconsin Humane Society receives no government funding and relies entirely on the support of the community to annually care for 20,000 animals. The organization is recognized by Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading charity watchdog group, as a 4-star charity, its highest rating.

Government Did Not Allow Them to be Millionaires

Constitution, Liberty, redistribution of wealth

Entry 151

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To Be Green Again

Certified Arborist MN-0324A

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It's HAWS Birthday...and YOU get the Gift!

HAWS, birthday, adopt, adoption special, gift, celebrate

By the way - we're having birthday treats all week, too!  Stop by during our viewing hours to enjoy!

Don't Get Steered into Paying Extra for a Car Rental

BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, car_rental

Gasoline prices have dropped for more than 10 weeks in a row and are now averaging about $3.50 a gallon in Wisconsin, according to AAA. This just may be the perfect time for a road trip! The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends tips for renting a car without breaking the bank.

In 2011, BBB received 3,773 complaints nationally against the auto renting and leasing industry. Many of the complaints were a result of billing and contracting issues. When it comes to navigating the rental car process, there are many little details that often times leave consumers confused as they eagerly wait to get on the road.

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Prescribed Fertilization Can Help Your Trees Now!

by Anthony C. Arnoldi, Board-Certified Master Arborist WI-0102B
Trees have had their share of problems:  necessary elements for growth, defense, replacement
• They have suffered from thinning root systems during leaves or roots and compensating for environmental
the last five years of the accumulating drought stresses.
• Boring insects have risen to extremely high levels and • Root biostimulant and humates option for tree fertil-
are attacking various species. ization. This more “green” approach enables the roots
• Chlorosis has begun or intensified on susceptible trees to be targeted. This is often necessary to compensate
• Needle diseases and needle drop of evergreens are for drought, construction damage or root rot. It is
commonly visible. invaluable in assisting trees without stimulating root
• Fungal leaf diseases of deciduous trees are causing rot, shoot blight or other diseases. It is indispensable
defoliation. in encouraging newly planted trees to become estab-
• Root rots have affected many root systems. lished, especially in our difficult, clay-based soils.
• Dieback and decline has started on many trees • Mixing root biostimulant combinations with varying
All of these are working in varying combinations to leave levels of complete fertilizer. This provides for special
our trees stressed and vulnerable to further insect and disease applications and requirements based on the tree con-
attack. Some are not ready to endure another long winter. dition and insects and/or diseases present.
Fertilization is one of the most powerful tools arborists • Chelated iron, or manganese alone, or as an inclusion
have at their disposal to help trees recover from stress to fertilization, can help to fight or prevent chlorosis or
and damage. It is often necessary to help trees by controlling micronutrient deficiency.
insect or disease attack but as far as providing aid that actu- Your Certified Arborist is best qualified to choose the
ally improves tree health; fertilization is the cornerstone. right options and combinations to design the program tai-
Several options in fertilizer formulation enhance our abil- lored for your specific situation. Fall is the perfect time to
ity to help your trees recover and avoid potential problems: fertilize because roots naturally peak their growth as the
• Polymer-based nitrogen in a specially balanced com- leaves shut down for the year. Fall fertilization can enhance
plete fertilizer. This allows us unmatched control with this peak and promote greater pick up of the soil-injected
slow release for an entire year without “pushing” the materials. This will better prepare your tree for a long winter
tree or stimulating unwanted growth. It provides the and help it to be able to successfully “wake up” next spring!

Brookfield Can Recover a Liberty

Constitution, 10th amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Liberty, separation between Church and State, supreme court, first amendment

Entry 152

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"Make Tracks" with HAWS this August!

Ride for Rover, Pet Fair, HAWS, adopt, dog training, behavior, fashion, runway

The 5th annual HAWS’ Pet Fair “merges” with the 3rd annual Ride for Rover to create one fantastic time for HAWS this August.
A FREE, pets-welcome event, the Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on August 18th at Rotary Park (Fond du Lac Ave. west of Lilly Rd.).  Featuring all things for the pet and pet lover, from helpful information and demonstrations by vendors to adoptable pets, food, fun and prizes…come early and stay all day!

Joining the action on August 18th this year, the Ride for Rover motorcycle rally will rumble through the area for a third straight year.  The Ride starts at Hal’s Harley-Davidson at 9:00 a.m. and ends at the Pet Fair with a party featuring music by Daisy Chain!  This ride is open not just to motorcycle enthusiasts but to anyone who would like to support HAWS, and the Friends of M.A.D.A.C.C.’s B.A.D. program.  Register at the event website,, or at  Fees of $20/driver and $10/additional rider include the official Ride for Rover t-shirt and a goody bag.  Fill out the “Ride Game Board” to win a flat screen TV, a party at Casa del Rio and other local favorites. 

Patricia McConnell visits HAWS on August 16th at 6:30 p.m. for a talk on Play, play, PLAY! Purchase one of Dr. McConnell’s books and she will sign it after the talk. Fee is $40, registration is required – call 262-542-8851, x118.

HAWS’ Behavior Departmentpresents a seminar on “Essential Oils” on August 17th at 6:30 p.m.  Speaker Susie Bower will discuss the benefits of oils for our pets, and the registration fee of $20 includes a $5 gift certificate to End of the Leash. All levels of dog training classes are offered this month; behavior advice is available both at HAWS and off-site several times each month. Details for all department programs are at or 262-542-8851, x114.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center“brings happy tails to you” at stops including “Fill that Infinity” August 4th at The Pet Outpost, Mukwonago’s Night Out on the 7th and New Berlin Woodcraft on the 25th.  All the visits – including the regular monthly stops at area Petco stores and Pet Supplies ‘N More – are detailed at

Completing HAWS’ event calendar: Small Pet Pedicures (8/8 at Pet Supplies Plus, 8/18 at HAWS) and Cat Pedicures (8/11), the monthly First Aid for Pets seminar (8/11) and the GPA-WI Greyhound meet’n’greet at HAWS (8/25).  Read more on the Upcoming Eventscalendar page of

By the way - be sure to save the date for HAWS’ very “fashionable” fundraiser, Romp the Runway, on Friday, September 28th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Silver Spring Banquet Center.  The cocktails-and-appetizers event features a runway show with styles from local shoppes Boutique B’Lou, Faye’s, Georgie and Next Door.  Reserve your spot on the runway today! V.I.P. tables and sponsorships are available – contact Jessica at 262-542-8851, x112 or

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