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April 5, 2011 Judicial Ballot Picks: David Prosser & Lloyd Carter

Elections, Elmbrook, WISCONSIN

Tuesday, April 5th's election has risen in scope from being a typical sleepy non-partisan spring election to one gaining national attention. For the first time ever, I had an email from a person in California asking about where he could donate to help Judge David Prosser. (See links below.) And it is no wonder, for this election will mark a turning point in our state.

Depending on the outcome, Wisconsin's Supreme Court will remain dominated by 4 judges who believe in the rule of law or change over to become dominated by 4 activist judges, those who believe you can legislate from the bench. Judge David Prosser IS the swing vote.

The choice is between fair-minded, pro-life Justice David Prosser and Greeniac, Green Party backing, DNR Attorney Joanne Kloppenberg for this very important, 10 year term, position on the highest court of our state.

Joanne Kloppenberg has NO JUDICIAL experience and in fact has been turned down 3 times for state and federal judgeships by Gov. Jim Doyle and President Obama. For comparison, Kloppenberg is to the far left of liberal former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler who Doyle appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2004 and Obama nominated for Federal Judge in the United States District Court in 2009. (Butler, perceived as too liberal, was rejected by the U.S. Senate.)

Take a look at Judge David Prosser's Endorsement page, and you will see former  Wisconsin Republican GovernorTommy Thompson listed there as Campaign Chair* and numerous Wisconsin State Representatives and Senators. Even The Journal Sentinel Editorial stated We Back Prosser in the primary. The Sun Prarie Star is endorsing Prosser on April 5th.

Tough on Crime Prosser also has Law Enforcement and experience on his side, having been "involved in more than 900 published decisions on the Supreme Court" alone and "authored at least 45 criminal case opinions", whereas Kloppenberg has only handled 51 overall cases ever in appellate and supreme courts, with only 7 being criminal cases, rightly acknowledges, "I never said I was tough on crime".

Between her statement that she would serve as a "check and balance on overreaching by the other branches of government" [the executive and state legislature] and her husband's public support of collective bargaining rights for public employees, it is difficult to believe she has or will remain "independent" on the collective bargaining bill.

If you wish to help David Prosser's campaign, you may donate to Citizens for Impartial Justice, Wisconsin Club for Growth to help them put ads on the airwaves, or volunteer at your local Republican Headquarters branch. The GOP is looking for people to man the phone banks, help put together yard signs, etc. In Waukesha, 1701 Pearl St., they are open M-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun. Noon - 8pm.

Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge
As for our more local race for Waukesha Country Circuit Court Judge, Branch 4, my vote is going for Lloyd Carter, as I stated in Lloyd Carter for Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge. Check out his page of endorsements and supporters.

ELMBROOK residents select school board representatives:  April 5, 2011 Elmbrook School Board Ballot Picks: Brunner & Write-In Kormanik

More Reading:
National Review, Robert Costa: Wisconsin Fight Goes to Court

April 5, 2011 Elmbrook School Board Ballot Picks: Brunner & Write-In Kormanik
Judge David Prosser & Jeff Stone need your support.

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How about a little Love & Respect?

Family, Religion, Special events

Doesn't everyone want a little love and respect?

The Apostle Paul in the Bible tells husbands to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands in Ephesians 5:33. Two short little commands that are often difficult to carry out.

And because husbands and wives often stumble in these 2 areas, Elmbrook Church is holding a Love and Respect Marriage Conference with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, the author of the book Love & Respect, this Friday, April 8, from 6:45pm - 10pm and Saturday, from 8:45am - 1:30pm. The cost is $45 per person.

If you are thinking this is one of those marriage conferences aimed at what men do wrong, think again. I have heard good things about both the conference and the book from my own pastor and from a girlfriend who attends Elmbrook. She told me that Dr. Eggerichs recently spoke at their church and was very funny. He uses many humorous examples to illustrate his points and is pretty even handed when it comes to helping each of the sexes see where they could improve how they relate to their other half.

Elmbrook Church is located at 777 S. Barker Road in Brookfield, WI, south of Blumound Road, north of Greenfield Ave.


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April Autism Awareness Month- Early Detection & Intervention

autism spectrum disorders, neurology

April is Autism Awareness Month at Milwaukee Center for Longevity Medicine. CDC's most recent report from the 11 sites that make up the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network identified 2,757 children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in a total population of 308,038 children aged 8 years, indicating a prevalence of approximately one in 110 (or 1% of children)

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"STATUS" of the Daily Grind



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Encouraged to hear he "already voted for Kormanik"

4-K, Elmbrook, Education

I passed out a few fliers for Nancy Kormanik to Brookfield residents at church today. They were all well received.

But as I approached a couple from Elm Grove, I did wonder how they would react to Nancy's candidacy--after all, closing schools is definitely on the table. The wife set my mind at ease when she looked at the flier and said, Oh, my husband already voted [absentee] for this Kormanik. He read about her in the paper and thought she was the best choice. I am going to vote for her on Tuesday. We think we should close some of our schools.

So they had come to that conclusion entirely on their own.

Another person I correspond with via email from time to time originally said they were voting for Wilson because they didn't think a write-in would win. Yesterday, they emailed again to tell me they changed their minds...they were voting for Kormanik.

I spoke with a few neighbors; they reacted very positively too. One man said he was going to take a few fliers to the gym to share with his buddies.

That is how grassroots efforts work, so I am encouraged.

Make a few calls. Send out some emails. Print a few fliers to give out. Talk to your friends and neighbors, and be sure to VOTE on Tuesday!

How to Write-In candidate Nancy Kormanik
April 5, 2011 Elmbrook School Board Ballot Picks: Brunner & Kormanik
Guest Posting 2: Nancy Kormanik on ENROLLMENT
Guest Posting: Nancy Kormanik Fiscal Conservative
Conservatives, you now have a real choice:Write-In Nancy Kormanik
What? Families who HAVE 4K petition to join Elmbrook WITHOUT 4K?

School Board candidate forum to be replayed [3 times daily] through Election Day

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April events at the South Milwaukee Public Library

Story time begins on Tuesday, April 5th at 10:30 pm.  Still time to register.  We have stories, crafts and games for the children. Children between the ages of 2 - 6 years old are welcomed.

The Friends of the Library book sale will be held on Saturday, April 9th from 9:30-3.

Join us as we celebrate National Library week, April 10-16th.  We will be giving away a book each day.  There will be drawings for a children's book and an adult book.  On Tuesday, April 12th we will have our family fun night  and ice cream social from 6 - 7:45 pm.  David "HB" Drake will present a "Gather the family" concert.

The Library will be closed on Friday, April 22.  We will be open again on Saturday, April 23rd from 9am - 4 pm. 

The Greater Milwaukee Rose Society will present a program  "Roses for Southeastern Wisconsin" on Wednesday, April 27 a6 6:30 pm in Meeting Room 1.  Everyone welcomed.

Time to start  thinking about your lawn and garden. Check out our collection of books and magazines  to help you achieve that beautiful yard and garden.

We still have tax forms.  Remember, you have until Monday, April 18th.

Brookfield Ashley store to open Friday

Ashley Furniture

The area's newest Ashley Furniture Homestore will open Friday, April 8,  at 16300 W. Blue Mound Rd., at the former site of Linens 'n Things.

The 30,000-square-foot showroom is the third Ashley store in the area. Other locations are on S. 27th St. in Franklin and near the Cabela's store in Richfield. The company also has stores in Kenosha, Madison and Middleton.  

Feeling Stressed or run down ? Adrenal Fatigue...

adrenal fatigue

Are You Experiencing Adrenal Fatigue?*

* Tired for no reason?
* Having trouble getting up in the morning?
* Need coffee, colas, salty or sweet snacks to keep going?
* Feeling run down and stressed?

Adrenal fatigue can affect anyone who experiences frequent, persistent or severe mental, emotional or physical stress.* It can also be an important contributing factor in health conditions ranging from allergies to obesity.* Despite its prevalence in our modern world, adrenal fatigue has generally been ignored and misunderstood by the medical community.* In order to help the many individuals experiencing this problem, Dr. Solano will speaking on this important subject May 3rd at MD Custom Rx in Brookfield at 6:30 pm. Seating limited.

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If voter turnout is like blog traffic, Prosser will win & Ballot Picks

Conservatives, Blogging, Elmbrook, WISCONSIN

See sample ballot below: Prosser, Carter, Write-In Kormanik & Brunner

Election results will start pouring in less than 24 hours from now. The big question is, will Justice David Prosser win? or will the union backed Kloppenberg prevail? That question is burning in the psyche of people with a political bent on both sides of the isle.

In uneasy conversations with fellow Conservatives regarding Prosser's chances, I have said that if Wisconsin sees the same level of citizen involvement as Tosa City Hall did the night they were going to vote on a union contract, Prosser will win. (For those outside the metropolitan area, in mid March, over 100 concerned residents came to "lobby city officials to put off approving union contracts" until after the state passed their budget repair bill. There were also "hundreds of calls and e-mails". I don't believe there was much lead time for this meeting, which makes the large number of attendees even more impressive. The counsel listened to their constituents and voted no.)

However, if people have a relapse of their all too common malady, attention-span-of-a-gnat-itis, and sit out this election, we conservatives are in trouble.

But in checking my blog page load/unique visitor numbers today, I noticed my numbers were very high. In fact, I was at an all time hit count high since I started blogging in 2004! That tells me people are looking.

When I checked the popular pages chart, I saw they were looking at my posts on David Prosser, Lloyd Carter, and Elmbrook School Board: Nancy Kormanik and Richard Brunner. That tells tells me interest is high. And if interest translates to voters, Conservatives will be happy.

Elmbrook voters, check out Fairly Conservative. Cindy shares her email correspondence with candidate Kathryn Wilson, in which Kathryn states she is going to vote YES on 4K. There are also some insights on Cindy's ballot picks Nancy Kormanik and Richard Brunner. (Scroll about half way down the page.)

No doubt, I will get my usual calls tomorrow morning from people asking who to vote for, so I am including all the links to Nancy Kormanik's articles and posts below just to make it easy for those of you who haven't quite decided yet.

Don't take a chance and sit this one out--be sure to VOTE!

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A look at the indoor season honor roll!

Prep track & field

With the Indoor Track season closing out, let's look at some of the local names (Brookfield and Wauwatosa) in the Track & Field honor rolls.

First, the girls.

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Too close for my liking, a nail biter extraordinaire

Elections, WISCONSIN

As I sat at my computer at nearly 1am, the results were still not conclusive on Prosser/Kloppenberg, with 98% reporting and Prosser ahead by a slim 1,878 votes.

But one thing is conclusive... I just received an email about assembling a team of experienced election observers and lawyers to monitor the recount, as required by law with such a slim margin.

When I awoke this morning, 99% reporting, Prosser's lead was down to 585, with several precincts in heavy Democrat territory still not in on the AP page. (Only Taylor is Republican.)

This is really torture! I am going back to bed.

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Brookfield Target store could break ground in August

Brookfield, Retail

A Target store planned for Brookfield's former Quebecor World printing plant site could have a groundbreaking in late August.

That's the word from Dan Ertl, City of Brookfield director of community development. Ertl told me the next round of plan and zoning approvals for the proposed store begins with a Plan Commission meeting on Monday, followed by a public hearing on June 7.

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A Month Full of Service Projects at St. John Vianney School

The month of April is filled with student-sponsored service projects at St. John Vianney School.

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Foundation Seeks New Board Members for 2011-12: Application Deadline 5/6/11

The Elmbrook Education Foundation (EEF) Board is seeking individuals to serve as part of their Board of Directors. Eligible individuals include residents of the Elmbrook School District, alumni of any Elmbrook School, non-resident parents of students currently within the Elmbrook School District (e.g. Chapter 220 or open enrollment) and current/retired Elmbrook staff members. Current areas of interest/expertise sought include alumni and retiree outreach, large event planning, endowment campaigns and accounting/treasurer.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 12-18 community members with staggered terms. Accepted nominations are offered a term of 1-3 years based on the current openings for the area they represent. Board members are expected to attend one meeting a month, support EEF programs and events, and provide a leadership role on at least one committee.

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April May Library happenings

On April 27 Jonell Neumann, Past President of the Milwaukee Rose Society who grows most of her roses in pots, and organically, will present a program "great roses for southeastern Wisconsin" at the South Milwaukee Library from 6:30-7:45 PM.  The program is free.  Registration not required.

We still have state and federal tax forms (No 1040 booklets).  We also have the forms for amending your taxes as well as fiing for extensions.

Join us as we celebate National Children's Book Week, May  2-7.  On Wednesday, May 4 the Library in cooperation with the South Milwaukee Public Schools and the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators - Wisconsin Chapter, will present a program "One World, Many Stories".  Authors Sara Laux Akin, Janet Halfmann and Illustrator Carol Schwartz will present an evening of stories and art work.  There will be activities, prizes and refreshments.  The Program begins at 6 pm and runs until 7:45 pm

The Library will be closed on Friday, April 22 and reopen on Saturday, April 23 from 9am to 4 pm.

Be sure to check out the library's web site at  for an updated listing of events. 

In Memory of Holly Christina Stahl (BCHS, Class of 2009) .......

Holly Christina Stahl passed away on December 21st, 2010.  Her family has recently established a memorial scholarship fund in her name to be administered by the Elmbook Education Foundation. Holly would have celebrated her 20th birthday on April 13, 2011. Holly was truly a breath of fresh air and will be forever remembered. 

Holly was a 2009 honor roll graduate of Brookfield Central High School. She had also attended Wisconsin Hills Middle School and Swanson Elementary School. Her family indicated that Holly was touched by so many wonderful teachers in Elmbrook throughout the years and that Holly was especially inspired by Joyce Sponcia (Grade 3 teacher, retired) and Molly Mathia (Holly’s BCHS English teacher).

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Congratulations to Brookfield's Fine Library

Thank You Mayor Ponto for your article that points out what some of us already knew. We have a fine library when comapred to other libraries of our size nationwide. Not only does the library focus on children to make them aware of the treasure in our midst, it provides programs and services for all age groups. And, we have a strong volunteer support group. It also provides a community center for many types of educational and social programs. Several years ago, a resident of the the rapidly growing City of Greenville in the Fox Valley near Appleton told me that its citizens voted down a library because in a few years books  would be obsolete and  would be all on computers!  In the meantime, they will just continue to "borrow books" from the Appleton system!  In any case there will still be a need to catalog and store the data for people to find it and use it.

May: Skin Awareness Month at Milwaukee Center for Longevity Medicine

skin cancer

My first year in Milwaukee, I experienced a very pleasant long summer. I walked, jogged, biked and walked at Lakefront having lots of outdoor exercise and fun. Although I don't have a family history of skin cancer my stepfather in his 60's was diagnosed with a malignant type of skin carcinoma. He has been getting regular yearly skin excisions to contain the skin cancer and prevent the spread.

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Election News Analysis

This evening's news revealed that Janet Kloppenberg is requesting a recount after the Republican Waukesha County Clerk botched the initial vote count. With people like her, the Republican party doesn't need any more enemies. The least perception of impropriety destroys all credibility. Given the suspicion cast on the election by the error of the Clerk there is justification a recount now to restore the integrity of the system. This incident  indicates that the election ststem is just as big a problem as voter fraud. Spend the money on the system rather than voter ID cards.

A bigger problem that surfaced in this election is the large number of local Clerks involved in elections: Some 5 thousand I believe. The majority of these would be township employees. Wisconsin has an extra layer of goverrnment  called towns. Towns were an important part of government at the turn of the 20th century, providing basic services to a primarily rural population. Today, counties could easily provide those services like road maintenance and parks. This brings me to the next level. Major county department heads are still elected. These are County Clerk, Register of deeds, District Attorney,Coroner, Clerk of Courts, and Sheriff. From their inception, these offices provided clerical services, record keeping, and  law enforcement.  There were no skills or qualifications to be elected to do the job. Today, all of these functions are very complex and utilize applications of the latest technology. These positions are known as constitutional officers because they derive their existance from the state constitution. These positions should be removed by constitutional amendment and recreated by statute to require professional skills and education and appointed by a select committee chosen b y the county board.. 

May Events at the South Milwaukee Public Library

Celebrate Children's Book Week, May 1-7.  A special program will be held at the library on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 from 6 -7:45 pm.  Guest children's authors Sara Laux Akin and Janet Halfmann will talk about their children's books.  Illustrator Carol Schwartz will demonstrate how illustrations are done.  In addition there will be  drawings for prizes and refreshments.  The program is sponsored by the South Milwaukee Public Library, the South Milwaukee Public Schools and the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, Wisconsin Chapter.  The program is frree and open to everyone.

"One World, Many Stories" is the theme of the 2011 summer reading program, which starts on Monday, June 13..  Children who read for 300 minutes (or for the very young, listen to for 200 minutes) will receive prizes and books.  Additional 300 minutes receive merchandise/food coupons.  Wednesday afternoons will feature performers and Thursday morning will feature craft programs.  The complete schedule of activities will be out in two weeks.

The library will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday on Saturday, May 28 and  Monday, May 30

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