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Retreat helps St. John Vianney students focus on tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance

St. John Vianney, retreat, ministry, catholic, news

Just take a look at the news headlines on any given day and you'll find examples of fear, anxiety, and self-preservation. What can parents do to help extract pearls of wisdom and teach kids to aim high despite the apparent chaos?

St. John Vainney Catholic School's annual 7th grade retreat armes students with tools to develop "acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness and love for our differences," according to Claire Hoffmeyer, SJV's Associate Director of Yourth Ministry.

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SJV 6th graders develop debate skills while learning about ancient civilizations

St. John Vianney, social studies, debate, debates, catholic school

With the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates coming up, some may wonder if Mitt Romney has honed his debate skills while others are curious to hear President Obama respond to his critics.

The St. John Vianney 6th graders can porvide a critical analysis of the debates because they just wrapped up a debate session comparing the success of two ancient civilizations - the Assyrians and the Chaldeans.

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The Great Debate

The Great Debate between President Obamma and Governor Romney is on television Wednesday evening. Both candidates are practicing for the debate. Since they both claim to have all the answers, what is there to practice for ? The questions from the moderators of course. Will the moderators concentrate of the economy and jobs or will they bring up new subject matters like crime, immigration and sustaining our military power without a draft ? Or will they throw in term limits for congress based on their inability to solve problems ? Maybe the President will explain funding for the new healthcare law and the Governor will explain how he will create 12 million jobs for unskilled workers.

None of the above. Both candidates will stay with the same worn out messages and try to convince us that they will keep us out of war and into a better cash flow.

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R.I.P. Bill Muth

It's my fault I never told you, but you were one of my favorite guys ever.

Before a bunch of you city-management types get your undies in a bundle, I never knew Bill as a city engineer. I knew him as a guy from church whose whole face smiled. And yes, the current man in charge is famous for his "my predecessor" lines, but you know what? Brookfield grew more under Bill Muth's engineering eye than ever. 

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1st Debate: Romney? Presidential, capable, Obama? ...clearly 'a drag'

2012, Conservatives, Elections, Politics

I listened to and watched nearly all of last night's 1st debate between Gov. Mitt Romney and Pres. Barack Obama, and I couldn't be more pleased with Romney's performance. For many viewers, this was the first look at Mitt Romney without the Praetorian press/media* filter in place.

Last night's Mitt Romney was the Romney I saw at the Waukesha Expo rally. He was the Mitt Romney we saw after the Egyptian and Libyan terrorist attacks. It was the real Mitt Romney mainstream media* refuses to report on.

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Invasion of the red and black beetles

Gardening, Nature

Has your home and yard been invaded by 1,000s of small, red and black beetles? 

Mine has, and they are leaving blood-red drip marks all over my freshly painted white garage doors!

Though nowhere near the epic proportions of the plague of flies and gnats Pharaoh and the Egyptians had to endure in the book of Exodus, I do not recall ever seeing such swarms in my lifetime.

I didn't really know what these red and black beetles were. Fortunately, they seemed pretty harmless. And they were stupid--didn't even try to get away when I squished them with a tissue. They reminded me of a smaller, more red Box Elder beetle, and in fact, emitted the same odd scent that Box Elders did when killed.

A quick Google confirmed my suspicions: They were Boxelders--in the nymph stage! (Youngsters) This website instructed that homeowners "Take the offensive, and attack the fall box elder bugs to keep them from becoming spring box elder bugs." You can spay their swarms with insecticidal soap, diluted laundry detergent, or pyrethrin (chrysanthemum based) insecticides.

As for removing the blood-red drips on my pristine white garage doors, I used about a quart of warm water, 2T of Oxyclean, and a squirt of Shakley Basic H. The red marks, which I think are the drip marks from feasting spiders, came off easily with this mixture. Probably any mild soapy mixture would work. I rinsed with clean water, and the beauty of my summer work project was restored.

So don't despair, another webpage says only the mature adult bugs overwinter in cracks, crevices, and protected areas. The cold weather will put an end to them..

St. Mary's Visitation, October, 2012


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Elmbrook Education Foundation Kicks off STEM Campaign

The EEF Board of Directors has recently announced their support for the District's implementation of the Gateway to Technology (GTT) program at both of Elmbrook's Middle Schools. 

Elmbrook is already a leader with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum at the High School through its offering of the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program.  PLTW courses benefit students that elect to take these classes.  In comparison, the Gateway to Technology foundation units will be integrated into the core curriculum at both of Elmbrook's middle schools.  This benefits ALL students by emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, innovation and real-world problem solving.  GTT specialization units will be made available through elective coursework to extend the curriculum for those with a passion for STEM topics.  Please refer to the STEM Campaign page on the Foundation's website for additional information. 

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Village of Greendale provides practical experience for St. John Vianney 1st graders

field trip, St. John Vianney, Village of Greendale, Ferch's Malt Shoppe

In an effort to provide real-world experience to students, St. John Vianney first grade teachers Jenny Williams and Melisa Klement spent a day with the kids at the Village of Greendale on Friday, September 28th.

The students learned the differences between goods and services by visiting various businesses in the village.

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St. John Vianney students' math skills shine at Marquette Math Meet

SJV, St. John Vianney, Marquette Math Meet, Marquette High School

St. John Vianney Catholic School (SJV) congratulates the 8th grade students that represented SJV in the Marquette Math Meet held at Marquette High School on Sunday October 14, 2012. There were roughly 200 students that attended the contest this year.

The 8th grade students that represented SJV were Sarah Clarke, Nicholas Dittrich, Kristina Kulpins, Brooke McArdle, Lexie Ries, Tricia Siy, and Alex Uy. Each student did a super job and is commended for their awesome effort and talent.

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Local Businesses Inducted into WASB 2012 Hall of Fame

The Elmbrook Education Foundation would like to recognize the following businesses for their induction into the Wisconsin Association of School Board's 2012 Hall of Fame.  These businesses have gone above and beyond in crafting programs and/or providing financial support for the benefit of Elmbrook students and schools. 

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STudents at St. John Vianney Catholic School participate in Coats for Kids campaign

Coats for Kids, FOX6 News, SJV, St. John Vianney, Salvation Army

Along with FOX6 News and the Salvation Army, St. John Vianney Catholic School (SJV) participated in the Coats for Kids campaign, a program that collects winter coats and snow pants and distributes them to children in-need in Wisconsin. For 30 years, the program has provided warmth and good will to Wisconsin children who otherwise might not have proper winter protection.

SJV has been a part of the program for nearly two decades. With students collecting between 100-200 coats every year, the school has contributed thousands of winter items over the years.

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Art curriculum offers window into diverse, visual world

SJV, St. John Vianney, Dana Bach, art

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Big Pumpkin play gets students and parents into the Halloween spirit

St. John Vianney, language arts, Halloween

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Advanced Orchestra students record fund-raising music CD

by M. Gesiorek and K. Adamson

The String Orchestra, comprised of Advanced Orchestra students from SJV and St. Dominic School, recorded the Christmas CD entitled "Sing for Your Supper," for the sixth year in a row, along with contributions from several other area schools.

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Parent volunteers grateful for SJV teachers and staff

Four times a year, parent volunteers at SJV coordinate teacher luncheons to honor and thank the SJV school and parish staff.

"We entrust our teachers with our children every day. They teach them, care for them, pray with them and help us raise them to be good humans," said Cami Adel, one of the event coordinators. "This luncheon is such a small gesture in comparison with all of their efforts."

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Mock Presidential election highlights political process for SJV students

On November 6th, the country will decide on the person who will man the helm in the nation's capitol for the next four years and SJV fourth through eighth grade students will cast their vote, too. Not in the Presidential election. They're too young, of course.

Instead, the students will participate in a mock Presidential election at the school under the tutelage of Social Studies teacher Susan Schmitt, who has run the event every four years at SJV since the early 1970s.

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Old World Wisconsin gives SJV students view of life in the late 19th century

Think you'd win a tug-of-war with a pair of oxen? Think an entire class of 7th graders would? The SJV 7th graders can tell you because they tried it. On October 17th, the students went to Old World Wisconsin to get a glimpse of what life in Wisconsin was like in the late 19th century.

Located in Eagle, WI, the historic site offers insights into daily life for European immigrants in this area around 1860-1890 such as Industrial Village, which features a black smith shop, a country store and wheel-making shed. The students also visited the German Farm Area where they helped knead bread, shaved wood, and yes - played tug-of-war with a pair of oxen.

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8th graders crystallize their relationship with God during annual retreat

In helping SJV eighth graders develop a more personal relationship with God, SJV's Associate Director of Youth Ministry, Claire Hoffmeyer, created activities that gave students several opportunities for quiet reflection during their retreat on Wednesday, October 17th.

The silent activites inlcluded meditation, writing prayer petitions, exploring scripture through meditative writing, and trying out certain prayer postures, among others. Each of the activites was a step in "Stations of Silence." Small and large group reflections were also part of the retreat.

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SJV Open House and Fall Fest Concert celebrate the season

St. John Vianney Catholic School is holding an Open House Tuesday, October 30th beginning at 6pm for all families interested in learning more about the school. The school also cordially invites all who are interested in reveling in the sounds of the fall season to come share in our Fall Fest Concert. The concert will be held at the school's Activity Center Tuesday evening, after the Open House.

The Open House offers school tours for interested families complete with trick-or-treating for the kids, who are invited to wear their costumes. Families attending the Open House are encouraged to stay and enjoy the concert, but all are welcome to the concert.

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