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June 4&5: Last chance to enjoy Reclaiming Our Heritage weekend at VA

History, Free, War, WISCONSIN, Special events

Sad but true, June 4th & 5th marks the 10th and final Reclaiming Our Heritage weekend at Milwaukee's VA Medical Center. (5000 W. National Ave. behind Miller Park) As the JSOnline reported in March, "In some respects the event is a victim of its popularity." The article mentioned that the reenactment weekend grew from just 50 reenactors with around 3,000 visitors in 2002 to hosting 700 war re-enactors and over 10,000 visitors last year.

I have been to a few Civil War reenactor events around the country, but Reclaiming Our Heritage was unique in that it hosted reenactors from many war eras at the same time: Pre Civil War, Civil War, WWI, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq.

However, one drawback to all that variety is that all those groups need open space to set up their camps and conduct Living History demonstrations. And with the the VAs new building plans, vacant areas, large enough to house all those reenactor camps, is said to become too scarce for future events. (Many of the reenactors actually live in their camps for the weekend.)

So attend if you can, because this is your last chance to experience this Living History event at such a history rich location as the VA and National Cemetery.

Reclaiming Our Heritage is billed as Family Friendly and Positively Patriotic and seems to include events of interest for the whole family: plenty of music, dancing, fashions, soldier reenactments and demos, church services on Sunday, and more. Check out the Reclaiming Our Heritage events page for specifics.

The event is FREE, and activities begin at 9am both days.

Past Post: June 5&6, Milwaukee VA Center History Event: Reclaiming Our Heritage
JSOnline: Reclaiming Our Heritage ending after this year.

Photo taken at Wisconsin's Wade House Civil War reenactment

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Suiters store becomes Squire in Brookfield


Squire, a new men's clothing shop, will open Sunday in the space formerly occupied by Suiters in the Brookfield Towne Center on W. Capitol Dr. and N. Brookfield Rd.

Suiters closed in April after the owner's other businesses went into bankruptcy. Squire, the new business, is owned by David Matsudaira, a longtime men's clothing merchandising executive who had run the Suiters store. 

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Empty Calories


Looking for a snack to eat,

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Budget Cuts, Gibson Let Go

Elementary schools saved, block scheduling stopped

That's the headline from the June 1 Brookfield East Special Edition of the Spartan Banner. Yes, it's a senior prank. A pretty good one, I have to admit. Find your favorite East student to get your hands on a copy.

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Brookfield City Clerk to retire mid-August

City of Brookfield Clerk Kristine Schmidt will call August 19th her last day. She's finally going to enjoy a retirement.

I don't know how long she's been there, or what her thoughts are, or even her plans, so I'll tell you the bit I do know: She's done a fine job over the years.

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Open Air Exhibits



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Into Hitler's Europe

It hangs there in the closet - there in silent repose.

It hangs there, wishing it could tell us of the men that it knew; even as I gaze at it, wishing the very same thing.

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Paintball, laser tag venue planned for Town of Brookfield


The owner of a Milwaukee firm that sells paintball supplies over the Internet wants to open a paintball and laser tag venue in a Town of Brookfield warehouse.

Eric Ruscheinsky plans to lease the building, at 21975 Doral Road, and open the business by mid-August. His proposal needs zoning approval, and the Town Board will likely set a public hearing for June 28, said Gary Lake, town building inspector.

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See You at the Festival!

Congratulations to our St. John Vianney graduates! They celebrated mass with the whole school for the last time Friday morning. That evening a prayer service was held and diplomas were handed out. I am sure they are enjoying the summer break already. The rest of the school has 2 ½ days left this week!

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The 'Bon Voyage'


Two ships passing in the night,

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Catching up...

Special shout out to Brookfield East coach Mike Steiner and the gang for winning the state title. Aaron Dillon,  etc. etc. etc. it was really a team effort - that was not just coach-speak.

I do want to give a special nod to two athletes. CJ Gregg, who had gone thru a ton of losing in football and basketball before this year. He had a great football year, finally, another solid basketball season personally, and then makes it to state in the high jump and the relays in his first year out. Great kid, who always had time for me, win or lose.

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Union thugs protest at Special Olympics award ceremony

I'm mad. Really mad. I hope you'll be mad, too, after you see this. Please tell everyone you know. It's time the union fools understand they've overstepped their boundaries. Push back. Hard. They are out of control and I'm not inclined to let them get away with it anymore.

weebly statistics

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Watching Perry and Pawlenty for President

Though Texas Gov. Rick Perry has said no to running for president for some time now, it would seem he might be reconsidering. (I hope, I hope.) The Wall Street Journal dangled the slim possibility of Perry entering the 2012 race in New Whispers of Perry 2012 Bid

"...over the past two weeks, political advisers and friends say, Mr. Perry has changed his tune on a possible presidential campaign. In private conversations, they say, the three-term governor said he worries that the current GOP contenders have yet to stir real excitement within the party and may struggle when facing President Barack Obama.

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Telomere Test & Anti-aging Medical Services on Fox 6 News

telomeres, longevity

Good afternoon,

On June 5th, Dr. Alexandra Solano Chief Medical Officer of Milwaukee Center for Longevity Medicine appeared on WITI Fox 6 News talking more about our Anti-aging Medical program and our unique Telomere test. This test is the most accurate test to measure your biological age and how fast you are aging compared to your general age group population. With this vital information we can make specific recommendations using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medical grade supplementation and personalized nutrition and exercise programs to protect the shortening of your telomeres.


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June happenings at the South Milwaukee Library

"One World, Many Stories" summer reading program starts on June 13th and runs through July 30th.  Stop in and pick up a schedule of activities at the library.   The " Travelin' Teddies are ready to go on vacation starting on June 13th. 

The sculptures you see in the Youth Room  are not commissioned pieces by professional artists.      The Art Survey students at the South Milwaukee High School created large scale paper mache sculptures  for their final 3-D project.  The students used classic children's book characters as an inspiration.  Their teacher, Mrs.  Maggie Wetzel, helped them develop the characters.You will find  Captain Underpants, Little Red Ridding Hood, Snoopy, How to train your dinosaur and many other story book characters.

Art Survey is a foundations art course offered at the South Milwaukee High School that allows students at many different levels an opportunity to experience various media.  Besides the paper mache sculptures on display this summer, students worked with ceramics, metal and ivory soap. Check out the Library's web site at for pictures of the sculptures.

Cooper's Hawk to open in Brookfield

Brookfield Square

The opening date for the new Cooper's Hawk restaurant at Brookfield Square is June 27 in the former Claim Jumper space on the east side of the center.

I first wrote about Cooper's Hawk in February. The new restaurant will feature a winery atmosphere, a tasting room and a retail shop.

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Elmbrook Humane Society Rescued Puppy Mill Survivors

Elmbrook Humane Society has rescued six puppy mill dogs and they were all transferred to EBHS last night safe and sound. EBHS is honored to give these puppy mill dogs a second chance at life. These six dogs will be available for adoption at EBHS very soon.  Thanks to Valerie, Kevin and Heather for their help.

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Sweet 'n creamy coleslaw made easy

Good food / recipes

Good coleslaw is hard to find. Many people think it is even harder to make! Even at many delis and restaurants*, what passes for coleslaw runs the gamut of being just shredded cabbage and heavy cream (had that several times on the west coast) to something resembling cubed cabbage hearts with a horseradish-like bite--so disappointing. Some people just give up trying.

But if you love coleslaw as much as I do, don't throw in the towel. Give this simple recipe a try.

I make my coleslaw dressing from 4 basic ingredients in equal parts: mayo, cider vinegar, sugar, and cream (either sour cream, light sour cream, heavy cream, or half and half). If you don't want to use any dairy products, you can eliminate it altogether and still have a very acceptable coleslaw. Just use the mayo, sugar and vinegar in equal parts.

The Recipe: Makes enough for 4
1/2 head green cabbage
1-3 carrots (Carrots do give it an orange tint)
1/3 C mayonnaise--I usually use a sweet Miracle-whip type (Aldi's whipped type works great) or other mayos. Depending on the type used, it will change the taste a bit. I have used the olive oil light or other light varieties successfully, but never tried real or no fat types.
1/3 C sugar
1/3 C cider vinegar
1/3 C cream of some sort Usually this is 1/2 and 1/2 or lite sour cream for me
1/4 t. salt or to taste
scant 1/4 t. celery seed--optional

1. I mix the dressing in the bowl I will serve the coleslaw in--that way I don't dirty an extra dish!

2. Measure the ingredients into the bowl and stir around until mixed. (In time, you won't even have to measure. I just put blops of each of the main 4 ingredients and estimate the salt and celery seed.) I did actually measure the ingredients listed above though.

3. Remove the dark green leaves and wash the cabbage, then slice.

You can use a food processor, mandolin shredder (watch those fingers--yes, that is the voice of experience), or a very sharp knife. For a batch this size, I just use my trusty Cutco knife and slice as thin as possible, then coarsely cross cut the shreds. The shred size of coleslaw is a individual preference. You can use the bagged shredded coleslaw or broccoli slaw if you want, but I avoid it. I believe you lose nutritional value when veggies are peeled or cut in advance.

4. Place shredded cabbage in bowl on top of dressing.

5. Peel the carrots and coarsely grate with food processor or hand held grater. If using hand held one, I place that right on top of the cabbage in the bowl and grate directly onto the slaw. (That way I avoid cleaning up the carrot juice on the cutting board!)

If serving later in the day or next, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. If you are taking to a picnic, pour the dressing into a jar or container with a tight lid, then mix it with the cabbage once there.

When ready to serve, toss and mix well, and TASTE. You might want to add a little more salt, make it a little more zippy with more vinegar, make sweeter with more sugar, or creamier with more sour cream or 1/2 and 1/2.
Hope you give this coleslaw a try. I have found that even kids like it--must be all the sugar! Once I made it with red cabbage and called it Barney-slaw. (It turns the color of Barney!)

You can add some a little shredded red cabbage for color, little pieces of sweet pickle, pineapple tidbits, snipped chives, or even peanuts. Don't be afraid to make changes and make it your own.

*Red Lobster and Chili's serve what I consider to be good coleslaw.


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Brookfield Target store construction to start within 60 days

Brookfield, Retail

Construction of a Target store planned for Brookfield's former Quebecor World printing plant site is expected to begin within 60 days now that the project has obtained city zoning approval.

Minneapolis-based developer Ryan Cos. hopes to have the 140,000-square-foot Target open by October 2012, said Tony Barranco, Ryan's retail development director.

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Foundation Seeks Teen/Adult Volunteers for July Events

The Brookfield Convention and Visitors Bureau is sponsoring two fun and family friendly community events this summer and the Elmbrook Education Foundation has been selected as a partner for these events.  But we need your help!

Gus Macker 3x3 Basketball Tourny, July 23-24

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