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WHS Adoptable Animals

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness. For more than 128 years, WHS has been saving the lives of animals in need. We offer adoption services that place 9,000 animals in new homes annually, veterinary services that save thousands of lives, educational programs that instill respect for animals, behavior services to assist guardians and a myriad of other initiatives that help end suffering for animals. We depend entirely on private donations to fund our programs and rely on volunteers in nearly every department. If you are interested in adopting, volunteering, enrolling in a class, taking a tour or making a donation, check out our comprehensive web site at The adoptable animals' web pages are updated every 30 minutes!

ADOPTED! Sweet Boston Terrier ...


UPDATE: Little General met a nice family from Franklin, who adopted him this weekend. Congrats!  

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ADOPTED! Big Yellow Lab (comes with ball)

UPDATE: JUNIOR WAS ADOPTED IN TIME TO CELEBRATE ST PADDY'S IN A NEW HOME!  HOORAY! (and time to buy stock in a tennis ball manufacturer)
Meet Junior. He may go home with that tennis ball because he seems to carry it everywhere he goes!  This handsome 6-year-old lab has silly puppy energy and always greets you with a smile.  And the tennis ball. 

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UPDATE! Mattie could TEACH a manners class

UPDATE! This sweet dog went home to a great family thrilled with their new companion!

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ADOPTED! 8-month-old Lab Seeking Tennis Pro

Tinsel is a blast.  He's one of the funniest souls you've ever met and he thinks life is just awesome.  You'll feel such joy introducing this 8-month-old black Labrador Retriever mix to new situations and people. He will renew your appreciation for the little things - perfect blades of grass on which to munch, sparrows perched on telephone wires, the sound of the school bus turning the corner - Tinsel notices everything and is fascinated by anything.

Tinsel is looking for a guardian with a good arm and a big supply of tennis balls. Although if you don’t have any tennis balls, he would probably settle for plush toys, or Frisbees, or squeakers, or well, you get the idea. Tinsel loves toys! The only thing that Tinsel likes better than playing with his toys, is playing with his toys with you

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ADOPTED! Murphy's a barrel of lovin' sunshine

When you meet Murphy, you'll fall into a laughing fit.  This dog is such a happy, exuberant fellow that his enthusiasm for life is contagious.  He has a stocky golden body, dense coat and always-wagging tail.  At 8-months-old, this Labrador Retriever/Chow Chow mix is at a great age. Murphy loves to meet new people and eagerly eats up all the attention he can get.  He's fond of stretching out on the floor to invite a belly rub, too! 

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Birding, anyone?

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