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EBHS Unleashed

Staff and volunteers of the Elmbrook Humane Society will be blogging about what's going on at the society, as well as other observations about life in Wisconsin.

The mission of the Elmbrook Humane Society is to promote the human-animal bond through adoption and education, to provide shelter to homeless animals, and to prevent animal cruelty and neglect. EBHS services the city of Brookfield, the villages of Butler, Chenequa, Elm Grove and Nashotah, and the towns of Brookfield and Delafield. EBHS shelters unwanted pets and strays, and rescues injured domestic animals and wildlife, provides resources for individuals with companion animals and provides Humane Education to schools and civic groups.

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Meet Your Match - who's right for you?

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Hello again animal lovers!  Today I want to talk about cat personalities.  I think that this is the most important thing that a potential adopter should consider when looking at cats. It is important to adopt a cat that is compatible with your lifestyle and personality.

What personality traits do you find desirable?  Do you want a cat that enjoys being petted, cuddled and held?  Do you want a playful and talkative cat, or a quiet and mellow kitty?  Do you want a cat that is outgoing and friendly?  To answer these questions EBHS uses the MYM (Meet Your Match) Adoption Program.

The MYM program works by having both human and feline complete personality assessments. For the humans they take a 19 question assessment.  The cat’s “Feline-ality” is determined by: their enjoyment if being petted and held, their activity level/how talkative they are, response to new people and things.  After completing the test each cat and person is placed into one of three “color” groups: orange, purple and green.

A cat in the "green" color range is outgoing, savvy, and adventurous. An “orange” cat is good company and steady companions.  Cat's in the "purple" color range seek affection, are quiet and tend to stay out of trouble.  A person who is a “green” adoptor is most successful with cats who can adapt quickly to new situations and people.  People in the “purple” range are a good match for cats who need time to adjust to their new surroundings.  Adoptors in the “orange” color range are a good fit for the cat that is looking for a steady companion.  Within each of the three color groups: orange, green and purple are three specific personality types.  To learn more about the MYM personality types feel free to visit

Having been involved with cats and cat adoptions for a few years, I feel that the most important quality to look for in a cat is their personality.  Some people adopt a cat because they like the color.  Others adopt a kitten because they look “cute.”  Only later do some of these people find out that the cat they adopted doesn’t fit their lifestyle or personality.  For example, we got Mittens because we loved his color but we didn’t know he would be this needy.  Or I loved Spot when he was a kitten because she was so cute, but 4 years later she just isn’t cute anymore we don’t want her anymore.  Those are just a couple of the scenarios that can happen. However if you keep the cat’s “Feline-ality” in mind when adopting a cat, both human and feline can have many happy years together.

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