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EBHS Unleashed

Staff and volunteers of the Elmbrook Humane Society will be blogging about what's going on at the society, as well as other observations about life in Wisconsin.

The mission of the Elmbrook Humane Society is to promote the human-animal bond through adoption and education, to provide shelter to homeless animals, and to prevent animal cruelty and neglect. EBHS services the city of Brookfield, the villages of Butler, Chenequa, Elm Grove and Nashotah, and the towns of Brookfield and Delafield. EBHS shelters unwanted pets and strays, and rescues injured domestic animals and wildlife, provides resources for individuals with companion animals and provides Humane Education to schools and civic groups.

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What Dogs Mean to Me.

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What Dogs Mean to Me

A number of years ago, I received an afghan that contained the following message that expresses what my dogs and all the dogs I have met over the years mean to me. Hope you agree.

Dogs are Miracles with Paws!

A dog’s nose in the palm of your hand can cure almost anything.

Dogs are made of love and fur

Let your dog take you for a walk

Dogs are a sure thing

Some little known dog secrets: Dogs have no secrets

Dogs are like vanilla ice cream: reliably delicious

Dogs are wise angels directly from heaven

If you had a tail wouldn’t you wag it?

There are no bad dogs.

Be your dog’s best friend

Dogs like dancing, drive-in movies, and dreaming.

God made dogs and spelled his own name backwards!

Dogs make great therapists

Kiss your dog all the time

Some dogs are nap dogs

Dogs invented unconditional love

Dogs are party animals

Apply dog logic to life: eat well, be loved, get petted, sleep a lot, dream of a leash free world

Live Your Dog’s Life

Sark 91

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