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"STATUS" of Plato's Closet



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Join us monthly at Cafe of Life Wellness Club of Brookfield

wellness, health, hormone balance

Thank for all the great folks that attended today's monthly meeting at Cafe of Life Wellness Club of Brookfield at Fred Astaire at W. Capitol Dr. We had a spectacular time, first Chiropractor Don Hundt had us learn some fun dance moves to reinvigorate and revitalize your body. Then Dr. Solano talked on the importance of evaluating and balancing all your hormones by a physician trained in Anti-aging Regenerative & Functional Medicine. Then we learned about Detox & Cleansing by Lisa Belisle and some fun yoga moves by YogaAslyum. Fantastic people !!!

Join us again June 6th, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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National Day of Prayer: Meet at Brookfield City Hall Plaza, May 5th, 12:20pm

Brookfield, Special events, United States, Religion

Thursday, May 5, 2011 marks the 60th Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer, where people all over our country will meet at school and city flagpoles to pray for our nation.

This year's theme is A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD and the verse is from Psalm 91:2 "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Whom I trust."

I will be heading to the City of Brookfield's Plaza flag area (just north of City Hall) from 12:20pm to 12:40pm to pray for our community, state, nation, schools, leaders, servicemen, churches, and more. Hopefully, I won't be alone, but will meet others who who have come to pray for our country.

The National Day of Prayer website had this brief history of prayer in America under the heading Why Pray?:
"Prayer has always been used in this country for guidance, protection and strength-even before we were a nation or a handful of colonies. The Pilgrims at Plymouth relied on prayer during their first and darkest winter. Our founding fathers also called for prayer during the Constitutional Congress. In their eyes, our recently created nation and freedoms were a direct gift from God. And being a gift from God, there was only one way to insure protection-through prayer. "

Several years ago, their website gave this account of prayer in America: “The National Day of Prayer is a vital part of our heritage. Since the first call to prayer in 1775, when the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation, the call to prayer has continued through our history, including President Lincoln's proclamation of a day of "humiliation, fasting, and prayer" in 1863. In 1952, a joint resolution by Congress, signed by President Truman, declared an annual, national day of prayer.”

I have attended several other N.D.of P. meetings at Brookfield's City Hall Plaza* and found them to be an encouraging experience. Hope you will venture out and join me in praying for our country.

*Note: Meeting at City Hall Plaza is NOT a City of Brookfield activity. It is just citizens exercising their right to free speech in a public place..


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Bin Laden and Hitler

Bin Ladin and Hitler. Both died as enemies of the USA. Both were violent killers of the innocent. Both were hiding when killed. It does no good to see pictures of the now dead killer of humanity. To release a picture of a half blown off head only will incite those who are already incited. It would be below the dignity of the USA to rub it in to those who  need no further reason to condemn us for killing him execution style. It would be exploited by t-shirt images, background for dark music and give our children bad thoughts. I trust the USA and the Navy Seals.If the Navy Seals say they killed him, to be sure they killed him.

Yes,there is a serious problem with a faction of a religious sect. But that was the case with the Crusades.

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Remember, Saturday, May 7th is WEED-OUT day at Mary Knoll Park

Brookfield, Gardening, Special events

Though the temperatures might seem more like it is March or April, the calendar says it is the first weekend in May.

And that means it is time for the annual Garlic Mustard Pull WEED-OUT at Mary Knoll Park in Brookfield.  

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"STATUS" of Arm Flappers



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BeBop and Barbecue

On Saturday May 14th, Mr. Jason Gillette and the student musicians of the Brookfield Central High School Jazz Bands will proudly and joyfully present the Fourth Annual BeBop and Barbecue, an inter-generational presentation of music, food and community.

There are few things that can unite and create common ground as rapidly and effectively as good music, and this wonderful event gives evidence to that reality.  Founded by Jason's vision of a production that would bring people of all ages together, this fundraiser has grown in stature, profile, and attendance each year.  It is produced by the efforts of students, faculty, and parents.

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Senior Dogs

It will come as no surprise to anyone that keeps up with the EBHS news that they are running a special on senior dogs.  I’m also sure that people come with their preconceived notions as to what a senior dog is like.  I’d just like to say, from my own experience, that just like with adopting any dog, you have to meet them before you can really know what they are like.  You can’t just look at the web-site pictures.  Different breeds of dog age at different rates so that what may be ancient for a large dog may not be that old for a small dog.  Perhaps you are thinking, as I once did, that an older dog will just lie around the house and not be able to do much else but keep you company.  Well, that is true for some older dogs but not for all.  I adopted my senior dog about 4 years ago.  She is 13 now and definitely showing signs of age; in fact I thought I was going to lose her about 2 weeks ago, but she is back on her feet and back to her mischievous ways.  When I got her, I wasn’t sure what to expect but thought she’d just age calmly and I’d have her for 2 or 3 years.  Well, she required daily 2 mile hikes with my younger dog, went on many mother, daughter, and dogs camping trips, and has kept me very busy.  Her hind legs are giving out so she can’t walk as far as she would like any more but she still comes running if I pick up a leash.  So, if you have room in your life, check out the senior dogs.  They still have a lot to give and may just surprise you.

"STATUS" of Less Chasing



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Second Graders to Receive First Communion This Weekend

Congratulations to all the second graders at St. John Vianney Parish who are making their First Communion this weekend.

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Mr. Obama, illegal immigration isn't funny in southwest

Illegal immigration, President Obama, National Parks, United States

This week, President Obama visited El Paso, Texas, and in his typical say anything manner, proclaimed the border fence basically complete. Of course, the people of southwestern states know this is not true, for only 5% of the mandated 700 mile double fence has been constructed: 32 miles under Pres. Bush and 4.3 miles of it built under Pres. Obama. (The entire border is nearly 2,000 miles in length.) 

Obama went on to quip about Republicans never being satisfied on securing the border--that if he built the fence, they would want a moat and alligators. He treated this very serious subject as if it were a joke.

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Current Events

Sports in Short

Sports in Short.

Brewers. starting pitching now in rotation. need a big winning streak to catch up. never thought that parra coming back was meaningfull. only one lefty on roster now. braddock will be back too. another lefty much needed. fielder and braun cannot do it all. need mcghee and hart to start hitting soon. surprise so far is betencourt at ss.

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Harmon - Seve - and the World of Sport

Sports has been a big part of my life............playing it, watching it, following it, talking about it, introducing our kids to it.  I believe its most compelling aspect is that it so surely and obviously stands as a microcosm of life: victory and defeat, conflict and unity, pain and pleasure, great expectation and crashing disappointment, all displayed in high drama and in extravagant settings.  We see it all played out on a stage before us -  all of those thiings that we mortals encounter in our more mundanely regular existence. 

But most of all, watching, learning about, and coming to love the true stars of their respective sport; the greatest of the great.  I think back to the giants of my life:  Ali, Nicklaus, Johnson, Gretzky, to name a few.  Like Collosae, they strode across the screens in our living rooms and imprinted themselves into the very fabric of our daily lives.  The dazzling physique, skill, and speed of Ali, and his absolutely indomitable courage inside the ropes...............Did anyone in any sport ever wear the mantle of glory, wealth and fame as effortlessly and as well as Jack Nicklaus, the sun glinting off his steel-shafted clubs and his golden mane as he strode up yet another victorious eighteenth fairway.............The utterly uninhibited joy with which Magic Johnson played his game.............The grace with which Gretzky skated, ever elusive and always one pace ahead of where opponents thought he would be, and the jaw-dropping, never to be equalled records he left behind............ They occupied our attention with their larger than life talents and personas; human meteors that shot across the horizons of our lives, bringing us awe, joy, pain, disgust, inspiration, and more. 

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Remember me?


I'm coming back to BrookfieldNOW. Well, the Brookfield-centric material is coming home, anyway. I'll still be keeping my other blogs.

Oh my goodness, we have so much to catch up on! I can't wait to fill you in on the details.

Von Maur-anchored project dubbed The Corners; store to open in 2013

Brookfield, Retail

A $100 million retail and office development proposed for the Town of Brookfield on Wednesday announced its name: The Corners of Brookfield.

The 460,000 square-foot development is to be built on 19 acres north of I-94 and east of Barker Road, in an area long known as Goerkes Corners. That site now includes a strip mall and former movie theater mall owned by developer Marcus Corp., and a former Menards home improvement store. 

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Medical Tourism: Fast Growing Trend Again

medical tourism

By Marisol Wesson

Obtaining Healthcare Abroad continues to be an excellent choice for thousands of North Americans and for some, the best option they have to recover their health. Professional Medical Tourism companies have established relationships with some of the most respected medical facilities in key destinations offering world class facilities and top surgeons providing procedures at costs savings of up to 80%.... ( read more )

About Discover Med World

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Sir Isaac Newton and The Decemberists

A young associate of Sir Isaac Newton once asked him how he had managed to accomplish all that he had.  The great mathematician and scientist pondered the query and replied, “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants”.


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EEF Awards 24 Scholarships on Behalf of Community Partners to the Class of 2011

In 1958, three $500 scholarships were awarded to Brookfield High School students by a volunteer group of parent and community members.  It has since grown into a community wide scholarship program made possible through the generosity of honorary/memorial funds, community groups, businesses and school PTOs.  Having the EEF administer the program helps ensure that the greatest number of seniors can be honored by our community each year.  The EEF takes great care to select recipients that meet the criteria provided by scholarship sponsors.  Over $1,000,000 in scholarships has been awarded to Elmbrook's graduating seniors through the Elmbrook Education Foundation. 

This past week, 24 students from Brookfield Central and Brookfield East received a $1500 scholarship during their respective Senior Honors Celebrations.  All scholarship students were selected based on their commitment to their education, their sincere desire to serve others, and/or their ability to overcome challenges to meet personal goals. 

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2010-11 Honorariums for Elmbrook Staff, Retirees and Alumni - Updated

The Elmbrook Education Foundation provides many different options to honor staff/retirees and help Elmbrook at the same time.  Staff/retiree honorariums are a great way to thank your student's teacher for a great year, honor a retirement, and/or recognize a students graduation. 

Staff/Retiree Honorariums

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