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Tis the Season


TIS THE SEASON, to get signatures for your nomination papers for public office. nothing in these times of political unrest is so important. it is important because the people you elect will make the decisions you will have to live with and pay for.    

Government is politics and politics is government. take it or leave it. some noble citizens are gearing up to take it to the ballot box and become a part of the real American dream. DEMOCRACY.

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Yes it will be Alderman until further notice from the city.

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One of the reasons I might not run

Who wants to get caught like this again?

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Well that settles that

I'm not going to run.

I called City Hall today to see who all had declared intent in my district, and the answer was no one. That was an interesting response given that the 2nd district incumbent Rick Owen was out collecting signatures this weekend.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...


I love this time of the year. Sure I'm happy the prep winter sports season is here, but most of you know I'm a baseball fan - Brewers and fantasy (sometimes they seem the same) - and the winter meetings kick-off about a month of seeing what your team is going to do to get better.

Having been in PR with the Brewers for 19 years, I went to just about every winter meeting while I was aboard. It is an exciting time and most of the time nothing gets done there - most of the time - but it lays the groundwork for the next month or so.

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in an unexpected and surprising comment to my last blog ALDERMAN ELECTIONS 2012, an incumbent Alderman requests a legal opinion from myself.

You can read the blog for yourself so i will only paraphrase it.

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Montana blogger not media, judge rules in lawsuit

This case came to me over the internet and i will not print it out. you can try Associated or

The decision may or may not be legal precedent in Wisconsin and i am not going to research it any further. my concern as a blogger is enough. but it is a federal court decision.

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Trader Joe's FINALLY slated for Brookfield

Happy Dance! I love Aldi's. I love, love, love Trader Joe's. And it's official. On-the-recent-addendum-to-the-Plan-Commission-meeting-next-Monday-night official. WooHoo!

From that accompanying staff report: In June 2011, the Plan Commission recommended approval of a PDD for “Underwood Crossing”, a proposed retail center including a big box anchor located at 12821 W. Bluemound Road. ... The primary applicant, Ryan Companies, has secured a specialty grocer – Trader Joe’s – as a tenant for Lot 2 of the site, or the outbuilding lot located at the northeast corner of the property.

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Getting into the Christmas Spirit at St. Mary's Visitation

2011 Christmas Concert

All SMV students will present a Christmas Holiday Concert on Thursday, December 15th in the gym beginning at 6:30 p.m.  The concert is expected to last about an hour.

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The City of Brookfield a perfect opportunity in the upcoming elections to elect Aldermen who are willing to reduce the size of government. We can become a leader of conservative government which is smaller and more fiscally sound. A step in the right direction.

There are 7 Aldermanic districts and 14 Aldermen elected which means having 2 Aldermen for each district.

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Vote. One Alderman or Two in Your District

This is a follow up. i asked , for the first time , to delete something. an ad selling political signs. not done so im back again.

This post is very simple.

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Basketball Jones, Basketball Jones, Basketball Jones...

boys and girls basketball

I have had a chance to see the New Berlin Eisenhower boys and girls teams, the New Berlin West boys team, the Brookfield Central boys and girls team, the Brookfield East boys team, the Wauwatosa East boys team and the Wauwatosa West girls team so far this young season.

I still need to see the Brook East girls, Tosa East girls, New Berlin West girls and Tosa West boys so I can cover all the bases.

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Sports Update as 2011 nears the end

Soon, the year 2011 will end.

Sports Update

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Of Brave Companions - and Boredom

Amongst many other things my mother told me when I was a boy was the following counsel, "if you learn to love to read, and if you read works of quality and interest, you will have the power to banish boredom from your life".  Wise words, and ones that have been proven true.  

I thought of that advice this weekend when I finished one of the most delightful reads I have encountered in a long time, Brave Companions, by historian and author David McCullough.  The book is an anthology of articles McCullough has penned over the years about famous, and not so famous people; his selection of subjects dictated by the criteria of those who lived remarkable lives within the context of remarkable times.  

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How good is Ike's girls basketball team?

Eisenhower girls basketball

The New Berlin Eisenhower girls basketball team will get a big test on Tuesday night when they host first-place Cudahy (5-0 overall) of the Blue Division of the Woodland Conference.

The Packers are led by senior wing Taylor Gradinjan (21.8 ppg), so you will have a chance to see two pretty good players with Ike's Nicole Bauman (17.3) on the floor.

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City of Brookfield Person of the Year

Tv does it, magazines do it and news sources honor it.  so why not have our own person of the year. As always there are many deserving people in the City of Brookfield. This choice is on a larger scale because of the downturn of the economy, the housing crisis and the need to hold the fiscal line.

This person, a resident of the City of Brookfield, did all that it takes to keep our fair city in a strong fiscal position without giving up the quality of services to the citizens.

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To be consistent with my view of open government you are advised that today, December 23, 2011, i was present at city hall and filed with the city clerk a declaration of candidacy for Alderman of the 1st District.

Some local press and blogs may be behind in purely local news so in all fairness my announcement is to clarify any rumors or misinformation.

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