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North Avenue widening zooming across Brookfield

 Waukesha County executive Dan Vrakas announced yesterday that the county's plan to make North Avenue four lanes from 124th will drive right past  Pilgrim Road as indicated previously and go all the way to Calhoun.

North Avenue is the county's road, not Brookfields, so while Mayor Steve Ponto will have to field complaints, he really won't have any say over the project. Not to worry. Planning starts in 2016 with construction in 2019. A homeowner has a few years to get used to the idea.

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0% job growth: What didn't work then isn't working now!

2012, Economy, President Obama, Truth

That is right, for the first time since Feb. of 1945, the U.S. economy showed NO, Zero, the Big 0 job growth for August 2011.

If that wasn't bad enough, CNBC reports that Heidi Shierholz, economist at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. said, "Though much attention is being paid to ‘zero job growth’ in August, the real news in today’s numbers is that job growth is worse than in recent months, and the nation continues to produce far fewer jobs than needed to meaningfully reduce the unemployment rate. ...In fact, in some ways the report was less than zero in that weekly hours fell, as did hourly earnings." (My emphasis)

This report just reflects the reality many Americans already know: the US economy is in real trouble. Despite the billions of dollars spend on Stimulus, son of Stimulus and any form of Stimulus out there, these spending programs just aren't cutting it!

Perhaps the only American who still doesn't get this is President Obama, who is expected to propose more of his same failed policies in his coming speech on jobs. No doubt he will tout more spending, more Green jobs, more government.

One can't help conclude, 'We're Spending More Than Ever and It Doesn't Work'. That was the title from a Heritage article from January 14th, 2009. It is worth reading in its entirety.

The title is actually a quote from Henry Morgenthau Jr., "close friend" and "loyal secretary of the Treasury to President Franklin D. Roosevelt--and key architect of FDR's New Deal" in 1939!

Here are some more quotes from Morgenthau, “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.”

I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot!” (My emphasis)

Sound familiar? What didn't work in FDR's time, isn't working now either.

So I say, after 2 1/2 years of this Obama Administration, we have even more unemployment, and an enormous, unsustainable debt to boot!

It is time for a change. .


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No News is Good News

Yes, the old saying is no news is good news. sometimes that is correct. This holliday weekend is usually a no news weekend. Family gatherings, military parades and just a time to rest and enjoy.

By all means take advantage of this time off and do what comes naturally.

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Rushin on Their Run

It has been a few years since I first wrote of the odious creep of heroin, and other opiate derivatives into the lives of our suburban youth. 

Rock music of the late 1960's and 70's was replete with lyrics and imagery of drug use, and the Rock 'n Roll scene of that era was littered with those who fell in their dance with that particular devil:  Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Duane Allman, Danny Whitten, and Graham Parsons to name just a few.    

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Labor Day remembrance

911, labor day

With Labor Day this weekend, and the approach of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 in a little over a week—I am choked up by yesterday’sTLC TV memoir on 911 -Heroes of the 88th Floor. Frank and Pablo were just two ordinary men who saved more than 70 innocent people on the 88th to 91st floor of the North Tower.

The documentary brought tears to my eyes because their heroic and selfless acts saved, not only the innocent lived they saved but the nation’s spirit. ‘Let’s not forget ‘carried one the family members with pictures of his son and wife.

Part of the documentary had the survivor’s accounts of their selfless acts to other victims during that day and the courageous acts of kindness that each of them gave to help another victim walk 88 floors down or the numerous attempts by them to open the elevator to a man trapped inside desperate and frantic.

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New Berlin West to host first tourney in memory of former coach Dillett

New Berlin West soccer, soccer

If you want to see some good soccer, New Berlin West will be hosting the first Mike Dillett Memorial Invitational on Friday and Saturday.

The Invitational will include a some talented teams - Madison West, which is third-ranked in  state, Verona, honorable mention in state, Eau Clare Memorial (2010 Division 1 State Semifinalist), Bay Port, Fox Valley Lutheran (2010 Division 2 State runner-up), Plymouth (2010 Division 2 State Semifinalist), Hartford, and the host Vikngs.

The tournament begins on Friday at 2:30 p.m. with Eau Claire Memorial vs. Fox Valley Lutheran and
Bay Port vs. Verona.

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Tomorrow, the day after Labor Day, is a time to shine for the City of Brookfield.

Our elected officials will vote fore a new City Clerk and a replacement 7th District Alderperson.

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More development planned for Capitol and Calhoun

Scott Jackson wants it. It's on the neighborhood plan. So instead of a rezoning, the plan commission is scheduled to pass it next week as change in operation.

1) My aldermen of Rick Owen and Bob Reddin seriously suck at their jobs. There's no way this should be on an agenda without neighbors knowing about it. I guess they are flat out lazy. 

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Follow Hamilton-Central live blog tonight

Sports director JR Radcliffe will provide live updates from the Sussex Hamilton-Brookfield Central football game tonight, with kickoff beginning at 7 p.m. Both teams are 1-0 in early play of the Greater Metro Conference. Follow the live blog here.

Cheer on the Brewers

Cheer on the Brewers. This is as close a pennant race for the Brewers in a long time. It was predicted before the season and now the two contenders are in the stretch run . Plainly speaking this is baseball. Every game is important and every fan is important.

Those who say I told you so, just hang on and give the guys a chance to prove their talents.

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The Shire Moratorium Committee Recommendation

The committee doesn't meet until Wednesday the 14th at 6:30 p.m., but no matter what happens, here's what they are being told to say according to the memo already drafted for them by "Brookfield;Dan Ertl":

The Committee concludes that the State has applied a professional and scientific methodology regarding preparation and issuance of said Report and accepts the State Report. The Committee recommends that the Landfill Moratorium Committee be dissolved and it’s acceptance of the Report be binding into the future regarding property-owner initiated requests for development approval or change of platting status of lands in the moratorium area unless new public health conditions arise, as documented by the appropriate state or federal agencies.

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Welcome Back!

St. John Vianney Parish School welcomed it students back to school with Orientation Day on August 26. The first full day of school was the 29th and the students in 4K through 8th grade are on their way to a fantastic year.

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A drive-thru bank at Capitol and Calhoun

 I discovered last week the new building at Capitol and Calhoun is to be a bank. A bank with a drive-thru. (Or two or three. I was hoping to get you a picture from the video of last night's Plan Commission meeting, but it wasn't very good quality for me, which I realize might be a problem on my end.)

Anyway, my whole problem with this new development is that it's a drive-thru in B-1 zoning where a drive-thru is not to be allowed. The code (law) states:

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Random thoughts before vacation

I left for California on Wednesday to visit my son Marty and his fiance' Ann for a week. They are getting married next Memorial Day, so Ann's parents also flew out there as we are going to do some food tasting, see the wedding site and just relax for a week.

Ann is running in a triathlon to battle cancer on Sunday, so I will make a huge sacrifice and miss most of my watching football on Sunday. I will try to keep track of my fantasy football on my i-phone. Then we are going to the Hollywood Bowl (I thought it was to watch a football game) on Sunday night to listen to music, so I can't watch Sunday night football either.

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The Shire Moratorium Committee is disbanded

Don't bother watching the hour unless you want to cry from boredom. The last minute or so does it all according to that blip we read the other day. There was also something added about a retaining wall being moved to the Waste Management property.

So there you go. Brookfield is fast tracking to have their first contaminated subdivision fully approved. Woohoo! Put a feather in the Mayor Steve Ponto's cap. That's one heck of a legacy, don't you think?

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Lisa Mellone to return to Brookfield Common Council

 At least that's what a reasonable person could surmise from the fact that she's being reappointed to a number of Council committees. Funny, though, the agenda doesn't state who's the appointee.

1. Council appointment to fill the vacancy in the 7th Aldermanic District.  Oath-of-Office administered.

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Creation Science Seminar at Camp Timber-lee, Sat. Oct 1, 2011

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Special events, Education

It's back to school time for the whole family on Saturday, Oct. 1st, when the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee hosts an all day Creation Science Seminar, 9:30am - 4pm, at Camp Timber-lee in East Troy, Wisconsin. All seminars and exhibits are in the Arbor Vitae Science Building.

There will be 4 seminars in all, presented by 2 Wisconsin Creation Science speakers: Keith Robinson, a public school educator, professional musician, and author of the sci-fi trilogy: Origins and Richard Marrano, a creation science speaker, who often speaks on the topics of fossils and astronomy. Here is the schedule:

  • 9:30 - 10:30 am, Countering Evolutionary "Proofs" in Biology Texts - Keith Robinson presents an analysis of the top 10 "proofs" for evolution and how "the evidence is either misinterpreted, misleading, or downright false".
  • 10:45 - 11:45 am, Implications of Evolution on Society - Richard Marrano shares how Evolution influences people's Worldview in Science, Medicine, and Social policy.

Noon Lunch Break

  • 1:15 - 2:15 pm, Implications of a Biblical Creation Worldview - Richard Marrano informs us what nature illustrates about our spiritual world.
  • 2:30 - 3-30 pm, Aliens and Evolution: Exploring the Connection - Keith Robinson asks us to consider, are we alone in the universe? He will also present scientific research that demonstrates some of the flaws in Darwin's theory.

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From me to You. The art of being a blogger is not a secret but the life of a blogger is personal. We all took on this task for different reasons. We all spend a great deal of time and effort to be creative. We all from time to time have issues with our own computers, websites and being timely reading and responding to our readers who post. We all have to tend to other priorities only a daily basis. We all have our own opinions and convictions from our vast experiences. We all take pride in our chosen hobby.

As for myself, as a lawyer and judge i have been trained in legal research and writing but was not trained in the world of computer technology. sometimes that is apparent.

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It's budget time!

The first rumblings are being heard as to what will shape the next City of Brookfield budget. It won't be easy, but it can be done. Here are a few things to look forward to in the next couple of months.

1) A statement or quote, probably in the HuffPo Patch, from Mayor Steve Ponto about how darn hard it's going to be. We have to prepare the people, you know, that their taxes will go up.

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Goodbye, Wagfest 2011!

Thank You for attending
Elmbrook Humane Society's Wagfest on Saturday, September 10, 2011!


Thank you to all of the Wagfest sponsors, Wagfest vendors and food vendors for making this event so successful.  If you're interested in becoming a Wagfest 2012 sponsor or vendor, please email for more information.

Thank you to over 100 Wagfest volunteers who donated more than 1,000 hours of their time and energy to this event.  Thank you to Susie Oleson and the Northwestern Mutual volunteers, Patricia Mueller and the Kohl's volunteers, Tina Majeski and the SUMMIT Young Professionals, M&I Bank volunteers, Fiserv volunteers, and EBHS volunteers Steve Williams, Chris Schmidt and Matthew Phillips. 

Special thank you's to Linda Braun from, Michelle Serocki from the Brew City Bully Club, Clodagh McGuinness from Mystic Ireland, Mike and Lauri from Lure Coursing Fanatics, Nicole Koglin from FOX 6, Josie Pender the Wisconsin Vision spokesmodel, Horny Goat Brewing Company, and the City of Brookfield Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department.

Last but not least, THANK YOU to everyone who attended Wagfest!  Over 3,500 people from Brookfield to Chicago and even New Mexico attended this year's Wagfest festivities.  Thank you for promoting this event to your friends, family, other animal lovers, co-workers, etc.  Thank you to everyone that put up a Wagfest lawn sign and to the street team who posted Wagfest flyers everywhere they went! 

The Elmbrook Humane Society could not host an event like Wagfest without all of you.  Thank you for your love, support and generosity - see you next year! 

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