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Packers, Bucks, Brewers and More

The Green Bay Packers have a veteran lineup with all the pieces and according to the press have high expectations partly because of a relatively soft schedule which does not include the Giants, Seattle and New England. The Norhern Division is no stronger than last year unless the Vikings lure Favre out of retirement. The Bears have improved on their quarterback but their receivers are tentative. The Lions are again rebuilding both their team and fans.

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Chickens Cross??


Why do chickens cross the road, to reach the other side?

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My tomatoes not happy with chilly July

Just for fun!, Musing, Gardening, Weather

My, oh my, we had a chilly July. We only went above our average high of 85 degrees to hit a sweltering 86, according to once and 3 times if you use AccuWeather. Out of the 31 days in July, only 4-6 were above the average low of 63 degrees, depending on which source you use. That is pretty chilly.

The chart on was rather interesting for Milwaukee. It shows the highs, lows, records, etc. all in easy to compare columns. Neither nor AccuWeather show the high of 94 degrees on July 27 this year as JSOnline reported though. But we really don't need the charts to tell us this July has been cool, our gardens and number of blankets on the bed tell us that.

Milwaukee's all time high was 105 in 1934. In fact, the 1930s look like a hot decade. The next record high was 103 in 1995. I knew that without looking at the chart; that was the summer we remodeled and literally had half our house open to the elements. Yup, that means living with NO air conditioning and lots of mosquitoes. Believe it or not, you do get used to the heat. The mercury topped 105 at our house.

Most of us have not had our air conditioning on for much this summer, which is a plus when it comes time to pay our WE Energies bills. But the tomato plants in my garden are not so happy with all these good sleeping, cool nights!

Today I did find one tiny tomato that had fallen off the plant and had started turning a dull orange. It is a new variety to me called a berry tomato and is shaped much like a small strawberry. That berry tomato was my first inkling of anything ripening in my garden.

Any of you gardeners out there have tomatoes ripening? Do let me know if yours are maturing. I would like to think someone is enjoying a tomato mayonnaise sandwich out there. After all, it is summer.


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High Speed Rail Proposal

High Speed Rail

The Brookfield News reported today on the City of Brookfield's submitting a plan for a high speed rail (HSR)  station in the Old Village area on Brookfield Road.  BN 8/3/09 “Brookfield pushes for high-speed rail station” Ald. Mahkorn and I were given a detailed briefing on this a couple of weeks ago since the proposed station lies in the 5th district. 

HSR was a topic of the Board of Public Works (BPW) meeting of July 14, 2009 in the context of reviewing the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. The official BPW meeting minutes have not been approved yet so they are not available online, but it was reported in the Brookfield News. BN 7/21/09 “Rail, I-94 interchange dominate transportation future”

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In Obama's own words, "I don't think we're to eliminate employer coverage immediately..."

Government / Bureaucracy, Health care, President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, Truth, United States

To us the President says, "You can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. Nobody is talking about taking that away from you."

But check out this video piece I found on Drudge today: UNCOVERED VIDEO: OBAMA EXPLANAINS HOW HIS HEALTH CARE PLAN WILL 'ELIMINATE' PRIVATE INSURANCE  I only just got my sound back on my computer so I could watch it. But in case you don't want to watch the clip, here are the quotes (as close as I could transcribe) from the video clips:

It opens with President Obama to the AMA in June of 2009: "The public option is not your enemy, it is your friend, I believe."

"Let me also address a illegitimate concern that is being put forward, by those who are claiming that a public option is somehow a Trojan horse for a single payer system."

Followed by Obama to the SEIU Health Care Forum in March of 2007: "My commitment is to make sure we got universal health care for all Americans by the end of my first term as president."

"I would hope that we set up a system that allows those who can't go through their employer to access a federal system or a state pool of some sort."

"But I don't think we are going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately, there's going to be potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out, or 15 years out, or 20 years out."

Then it shows Obama addressing the AFL-CIO Civil, Human and Women's Rights Conference in 2003: "I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan. A
single payer, health care plan, Universal health care plan, that is what I would like to see."

July 27, 2009: Democrat Representative Barney Frank then expresses his support for single payer systems: "I think if we get a good public option it could lead to single payer and that is the best way to reach single payer."

May of 2009: Democrat Representative Jan Schakowsky then talks about how an insurance guy sitting next to her argued against the public insurance option, saying that it would put private insurance out of business because it wouldn't allow private insurance to compete. She then says to the crowd she was addressing, "He was right, the man was right!"*

Lastly, a clip of the President saying, "Nobody is talking about some government takeover of health care."


More reading and viewing:
The YouTube piece on Breibart came from

*Hear the whole clip, which adds "I am so confident in the superiority of a public health care option that I think he has every reason to be frightened." Gateway Pundit: Rep. Jan Schakowski Lies to FOX Business Channel About Destroying the Private Insurance Industy

The Heritage Foundation:
Barney Frank: Public Option is Best Way to Single Payer

HotAirPundit has an intersting set of video clips at the bottom of his post showing Pres. Obama claiming "I don't believe Government can or should run Health Care."


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Why do I like roses?


Why do I like roses?  The fragrant smell does linger.

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"Going Postal" with Healthcare

Taxes, Obama, Freedom, Unemployment, Tim Dotson

Has anyone got the emails likening Obamacare to Hitler?  As a good friend pointed out to me, there is a lot of sensationalism going on from both sides of this issue.  These emails point to one single line, even one single word as damning proof that this idea of nationalized healthcare is either evil or an absolute necessity.  While I have read a number of parts of the bill, I told my friend I need not even reference it to make the case against it in three quick points.  Here they are.

1. The government never runs anything well.  Anyone who has stood in the atrocious lines of the Post Office or DMV can attest to the fact that when bureaucrats make decisions, it it rarely for the customer's benefit.  It is all about contolling cost regardless on the effect of service delivery.  Given the enormous cost of health care, this will be magnified.  Besides, we already have government run health care.  It's called Medicare and Medicaid.  There is no one clamoring to get these services.  Anyone who had had to use them can attest, you have to go through hoops just to get the absolute minimum care, and they fight you every step of the way.  Why would this new plan be any different?

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Of Oil and Water

Oil - it has been a significant and consistent part of our news cycle since Hurricane Katrina, and rightly so.

But there is precious little talk about another liquid resource that is going to become even more valuable in the coming years - water.  It is disappointing that not one political figure at the local or State level is talking about the need to CONSERVE water.  There is only talk about if and when to tap into Lake Michigan to feed our largely irresponsible and slakeless demand for the stuff. 

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Voice your opinion on RAIL & Master Plan at National Night Out tonight

City of Brookfield, Development, Special events

Tonight is the National Night Out at Brookfield's Safety Building and Civic Plaza, 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Not only are there some fun family activities offered, but there is also an opportunity to voice your opinion on Brookfield's future initiatives.

You can also fill out a comment form at the Brookfield Library. Deadline for submissions is August 10th. The 2035 Comprehensive Plan, will be adopted by the Common Council at year's end.

Some of the items on the 2035 Vision Implementation Comment Form (feedback form) are rather benign. Others are hot button issues. Here are some of mine in the order they appear on side 2. My position is in red.:

  • Establish a new Targeted Investment Area along the 124th Street corridor from Burleigh Road to North Avenue. (I am against if it involves a tax district and usurps property owners rights.)
  • Take a supportive approach to historic preservation including educational and persuasive (not coercive) efforts, and at all times supporting the rights of property owners. (I am for this. Saving the Siepmann home is an example of a supportive role.)
  • Support the completion of an Environmental Impact Study (EIS), through an open, public process, to study the feasibility, locational options, impacts, and design options of a future interchange from Interstate 94 between the two that now exist. (I am against a Calhoun Rd. exit.)
  • Support future high speed intercity rail service connecting Minneapolis - Madison - Milwaukee - Chicago and beyond, provided that a station in Brookfield is maintained and funded in state and federal plans. (Note: This is not the same as commuter or light rail.) (I am AGAINST rail in any form because it requires taxpayer subsidies and is NOT practical for most travelers.)

You may not wish to partake of the Night Out festivities, but do fill out the survey and contact your


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Sometimes you just need a good laugh, watch this

Just for fun!

Take a break from growing deficits and the prospect of single payer Obamacare and watch Extreme Shepherding. It is truly remarkable when you consider how dumb sheep are.


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The Perils of Public Office

The Perils of Public Office are so many that well qualified people chose not to venture out and take the risk of personal attack on their integrity.

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Too much...too early


I know when I have had too much...It leaves me feeling groggy.

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District 5 Meeting Monday August 17 at 7pm - City Hall



Fifth District Alderman Gary Mahkorn and Scott Berg invite you to an informational meeting to be held on

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Obama's request to turn in citizens' emails/postings eerily reminiscent of WW2 era

History, Health care, President Obama, Government / Bureaucracy

While studying the WW2 era in our homeschool history class, I was surprised to learn how many Americans living on the east and west coasts were instructed to keep their eyes open for any enemy activity. In fact, South Carolina's Coast Guard Beach Patrol trained for possible German landings. The threat was real.

Since September 11th, Americans are called upon to be observant and report suspicious behavior or abandoned parcels/backpacks. These examples of vigilance are understandable.

But I cannot remember any president in my lifetime ever asking that people's emails or web postings* be reported if they are against their agenda. In this case, against Obama's ideal of Health Care reform. That seems awfully Big Brother-ish.

From the White House website via Redstate: (Their emphasis)
"There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to"

President Obama's request to turn in citizens' "fishy" information seems eerily reminiscent of Germany's 1930s and WW2 years to me. Remember how Hitler encouraged the Hitler Youth to turn in anyone, including their parents, who did not support Hitler's agenda? From Military History Online:(My emphasis)

"An ominous new development within the HJ [Hitlerjugend or Hitler Youth] was the appearance of HJ-Streifendienst (Patrol Force) units functioning as internal political police, maintaining order at meetings, ferreting out disloyal members, and denouncing anyone who criticized Hitler or Nazism including, in a few cases, their own parents."

"Many of these same HJ became so infatuated by their Nazi education and work ethic, that they became hostile towards anyone who did not share the Nazi view of the world. Often, this included members of their own families. ...In one of the great ironies of history, parents suddenly became afraid of their own children, especially if their sons were HJ members. The adults found themselves living in fear that their son or daughter could report anti-Nazi talk or behavior to the Gestapo, whereby they would end up in a re-education or concentration camp."

As for President Obama's unprecedented request to turn in those who don't share his vision, most of us wondered, is this reporting legal? Doesn't this violate the Constitution's 1st amendment? Redstate thinks so:

"Given the near certainty that no one will be stripping from emails the names of the people forwarding on the information, the White House is most likely engaged in unlawful activity."

"According to 5 U.S.C. § 552a, United States agencies, including the Executive Office of the President shall, 'maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized by statute or by the individual about whom the record is maintained or unless pertinent to and within the scope of an authorized law enforcement activity.'"

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My day at the Wisconsin State Fair w/photos

Just for fun!, Special events, WISCONSIN

Posting with embeded photos on Brookfield7.

Wisconsin State Fair 2009

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Brookfield's 2035 Vision Materials display no longer at library

City of Brookfield, Development

Imagine my surprise. The 2035 Vision Implementation Comment Form I filled out at the library over a week ago stated in bold black letters: The deadline for providing comments is Monday, August 10th.

The library had a display with the various areas of "Vision" for Brookfield's future illustrated on large poster boards. There were also comment forms and a wooden box to collect the forms on a table front and center as you walked into the library.

Late Saturday afternoon, I stopped in for some music CDs and was going to look at the 2035 Vision renderings and information again, but it all had vanished!

I asked at the circulation desk what happened to the display and was informed that "they" took it away on Friday (Aug. 7).

But, if you still wanted to throw in your 2 cents regarding the 2035 Vision Implementation Comment Form, as seen at the library and Brookfield Square, know that the library comment box is no longer there to receive it. I would guess City Hall would still be accepting the forms? (They were closed at the time I discovered the collection box and display were gone.) You might want to call City Hall to verify they will accept your comment form: 262-782-9650. The form is available online for you to print out. Their fax number is 262-796-6671.

According to the City's website, there will still be 4 Open Houses in September "to get direct input from the public into the City's vision for the future." The notice talks about sending in your comment form to the City's planning consultant next month, so I don't know what the August 10th deadline was all about.

Please know that the input they are looking for is all in the positive. You are to select 5 things that are important to you. There is no way that I could see to object to any of the specific initiatives except to not check that vision.

Past Post: Voice your opinion on rail & Master Plan at National Night Out tonight


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An article in the May 1 issue of the Business Journal  about hospital volunteers has prompted me to write this. There has been an increase in interest in volunteering from newly unemployed workers. How about hospitals paying volunteers? On its face, this sounds like a real contradiction doesn't it? Why not? Hospitals, in spite of their complaints of financial losses and charity care are becoming money machines with a few exceptions like St. Michael hospital. The largest for-profit hospital chain in the country has over 600 hospitals. You can bet they're not losing money. I wonder if they hire unpaid volunteers? Let's look at the local hospitals. As far as I know, they are so-called tax exempt non profits.In their case, non profit  means they have no shareholders and don't pay out dividents but can keep all the money left after the expenses are paid. Of course, they have long-term debt like we all do.However, they don't  have to divulge how much cash they have on hand.  They have CEO's whose  annual salaries are in the seven figure bracket (miillions). They have layers of highly professional staff that are very well paid. My point is, why do hospitals need to pump up their bottom lines on the backs of  minimum wage level unpaid volunteers. The idea of volunteer hospital workers goes back prior to the 20th century when hospitals were run almonst exclusively by religious orders whose members took no salary except  for a small stipend and food and shelter. This custom of unpaid hospital volunteers in our current economic system is seriously outdated.  Yes this will raise the cost of our health care!  But  in our society a person's worth and stature is determined by their contribution to this society. A fair wage for everyone who works is only fair.

Vacation "Resorts"


I'd like to lounge out on the deck, aboard a restful cruise;

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Great Whites and Financial Capital in Wisconsin

The immutability of economic law has been an occasional theme of this blog.  Given the inevitable impact of the policy and legislation that has held sway in our State for the last many years, and the monstrosity that is the current two year budget, this is a reality that will become far more evident in the next ten years.  

Director Steven Spielberg imprinted the Great White shark upon our national consciousness with his 1975 movie, JAWS.  The film generated a fascination with the beasts, and one of the things we learned is that they are creatures of ceaseless motion; never sleeping and always consuming.  Indeed, should they sleep or stop - they die.  

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Taking some time off while Congress is in recess


My computer is acting up a bit; I'm having great difficulty copying and pasting. That might not seem so bad to you but it makes blogging a rather frustrating experience for me. So I am thinking, if our Representatives are in recess, maybe I will take it a bit easy too for the remainder of August? (Hopefully I will get to the bottom of my copy/paste issue in the next week or so.)

I can probably manage a recipe or two or something else on the lighter side, just not much with links and quoted text for a while.

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