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My Blog Closed on Palm Sunday

My Blog is closed today in respect of Palm Sunday

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My April 3, 2012 ballot picks: Grant, Sutton, Wolfla, Lowerr, Lambert, Wartman

2012, Brookfield, Elmbrook, Elections, WISCONSIN

Tuesday, April 3, 2012, is Election Day in Wisconsin. We vote in the Presidential primary and for local non-partisan races. Click to view larger photo.

It is doubtful that our recently passed Voter ID law will be in effect, however, you will be required to sign the Poll List when you vote.

You can find your sample ballot anywhere in Wisconsin simply by putting in your address at this website: Wisconsin Voter Public Access Find your polling place here.

Polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. District 7 voters, remember we vote in at St. Luke's Catholic Church on Greenfield Ave. and Davidson Rd. in District 6.

Take the time to be an informed voter. If you don't know anything about a candidate, don't vote in that race. The Wisconsin Conservatives - Vote April 3rd! site is a good source for many races in the southeastern quadrant of Wisconsin.

Most of the races on our ballots in Brookfield are uncontested, meaning the candidate will win regardless of your vote. I still cast a vote for some of these people if I support their candidacy; I don't if I don't know much about them or don't support them.

Going from the general to the specific on the front page of the ballot:

Party Preference: You must select a party for the Presidential Primary. For me that is Republican. (Last time, since McCain cinched the nomination, I selected Democrat and voted for Hillary, believing she was the less radical choice should she win!)

Presidential Preference Vote - I am voting for Rick Santorum. Considering his shoe-string budget campaign, I am impressed he is doing as well as he is with Romney outspending him 4 - 7 times to 1, depending on the state. More than likely, by the end of April, if not on Tuesday, results will show Mitt Romney will be our nominee in November, but I still am voting for Rick. His candidacy has made Romney a better candidate as Santorum pushes him more to the right. 2012 Primary Election Schedule

County Races:
Waukesha County Board Supervisor: District 7 - Jennifer Grant She is running in the only contested County Board race in Brookfield in some northern Wards of our city. Jennifer Grant contacted me 2 months ago and we have emailed back and forth a bit. She explained, "I am running because I truly believe that we are at a crossroads and it is time for even the Waukesha County Board to represent conservative fiscal policy and reduce taxes (we are a red county after all). As a CPA and Benefits professional, I think I have the private sector experience needed for the position."

Jennifer Grant is endorsed by my State Assembly Representative Dale Kooyenga and the Menomonee Falls Taxpayer Association. She would get my vote too, but I live south of her district.

Jennifer Grant for Waukesha County Supervisor
Menomonee Falls Patch: April 2012 Election: Jennifer Grant

The other County Board races in Brookfield are uncontested. I am not voting for Tom Schellinger in County District 20. Possibly next time, in 2014, we will have a choice in southern Brookfield.

Municipal Races: City of Brookfield Aldermen

District 1 - Incumbent Dan Sutton - Though I don't live in District 1, if I did, I would be voting for Dan Sutton. He has been my ballot pick before mainly because he supports the residents and has good instincts. Retired Judge Dick Steinberg is challenging him this April. I do appreciate and thank Judge Steinberg for all the years he spent on the bench in Brookfield, but I would leave it at that. Dan Sutton is very popular in his district and he should be reelected.

BrookfieldNOW Alderman District 1 race

District 4 - Cathy Wolfla over Appointee Buck Jurken - I'm thinking I would vote for Cathy Wolfla if I lived in District 4. She seems to be very interested in keeping constituents informed on the issues, something I really appreciate with my 2 Aldermen Renee' Lowerr and Lisa Mellone. I also liked her last line in the BrookfieldNOW profile, "I am open to listening to what the residents think about bond issues and "specialty taxes," but ultimately, we must balance what we can have with what we can afford to pay." Now that is a refreshing concept!

BrookfieldNOW Alderman District 4 race
Brookfield Patch: Aldermanic Election: Wolfla Promises Greater Input; Jurken Touts Record

District 7 - Renee Lowerr - I have lived in District 7 for 26 years, and by this time, I know a good Alderman when I see one! Renee Lowerr takes her job as Alderman very seriously. She is hard working, energetic, listens to her constituents, and does not have divided loyalties. Her focus is on what is best for her constituents and the City of Brookfield. She is very sensitive to residents concerns with new development.

Her challenger is Tom Schellinger, who is and will be our County Board Supervisor. He was our Alderman from 2002 - 2006, but was voted out of office by Lisa Mellone in 2006 and by Renee Lowerr in 2008. Schellinger's performance aside, I believe serving in both positions would be a conflict of interest.

The thing that troubles me is that new to the district residents don't know the issues we have had with him in the past and might believe the very misleading campaign literature he distributed against Lowerr. I do hope they will do some research before voting.

Schellinger sinks to new low with misleading campaign literature, Vote Renee Lowerr!

Conflict of interest? Schellinger for County Supervisor & Brookfield Alderman with left-over Schellinger for Assembly signs

Brookfield Patch: Aldermanic Election: Challenged by Schellinger, Lowerr Focuses on Development
BrookfieldNOW: Brookfield 7th Aldermanic District

District 7 - Lisa Mellone - Lisa again is unopposed as she runs for the remainder of her term, but she does deserve our vote. I will quote my 2010 ballot pick post: "...she deserves mention as an outstanding Alderman. What a pleasant change from our former Alderman [Schellinger] often referred to as "Mr. Rolodex". Lisa Mellone works very hard for her district and follows through on resident concerns. Some day, I hope to draw that little connecting arrow next to her name for Mayor of Brookfield!"

Come back, Lisa Mellone, District 7 needs you!

For School District of Elmbrook School Board races, you must turn your ballot over. Everyone in the Elmbrook School District votes for both school board races, regardless of where you live in the district.

Area IV - Jean Lambert - Her background as a senior financial analyst for Froedert Health makes her a great asset to the board. She is a 40 year resident with 30 years private sector experience and 3 years on the Elmbrook School Board.

Jean Lambert summed it up well in Elmbrook incumbents face challengers: "'I'm running because we have, for the past couple of years, done a lot of heavy lifting with regards to Act 10 and decisions about Open Enrollment and the closing of Hillside,' Lambert said. 'Now we can concentrate on student achievement, acclimating the new superintendent and building our school communities as we have needed to redistrict.'"

At-Large - Meg Wartman - I have supported Meg Wartman in past elections, and I support her now. She, like Jean Lambert, has been a solid vote against adding expensive 4K to Elmbrook. Meg Wartman has lived in the district for 25 years and has served on the board 3 terms as treasurer, President, and Vice President. Her experience has helped her to understand that adding more students through Open Enrollment, 220, or even 4K does not help our district but rather just adds more cost to the taxpayers. Meg Wartman is one of that collective "we" Jean spoke of in the above quote. They have done heavy lifting. They have made tough decisions and our Elmbrook School District and the Elmbrook taxpayers are the better for it.

Please see 2012 Elmbrook School District election picks: Meg Wartman & Jean Lambert for more details from the Candidate Forum

So, there you have it: My ballot picks for April 3rd. Be sure to look into the issues and candidates for yourself and vote. Each of the links to postings I did on these candidates has numerous links to more articles and postings.

Voter guide to conservatives on southeast Wisconsin ballots


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Recent Happenings at St. John Vianney

The fourth grade students shared their knowledge of the 50 states by participating in the State Fair. Each student wrote a research paper and made a poster displaying the many facts they learned about their assigned state. They enjoyed sharing all they had learned with their schoolmates, teachers and parents.

The seventh grade Life science students dissected the Lumbricus Terrestris of the phylum Annelida to learn more of the structures and functions of segmented worms. Studying the anatomy and body systems of annelids helps us to understand the bodies of higher level organisms. After overcoming their initial squeamish anticipation the students found how interesting and complex a simple earthworm actually is. They began with an external sketch and continued their dissection to identify and label all the internal organs of their specimen.

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Remember the Local Candidates

Remember the Local Candidates for public office who will be on the ballot when you vote.

Normally, the closing days of a campaign bring out the best in the candidates who make their last effort to gather votes.

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Winners, Issues and More to Come

After calling Alderman Dan Sutton on election eve to wish him well, my thoughts were with my family and friends who encouraged me to take on this venture.

My only regret is that in the most conservative area in the state there was no outward sign of interest in reducing the size of government. That was the theme of my campaign even if it meant i was seeking a post that i advocate being eliminated.

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St. Mary's Visitation School wishes you a Blessed Easter season!

Easter Blessings from St. Mary's Visitation School!

On Sunday we will celebrate the great Easter Season of joy and the new life all around us.  Our world and lives are coming alive to Spring and so is our faith as we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord and the gift of Eternal Life.  May God's holy blessing fill you and your family with Easter joy.

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Good Friday and Easter blessings to you, April 6 - 8, 2012

Brookfield, Holidays, Music, Special events, Religion

"Over two thousand years ago Jesus Christ willingly endured the anguish of the cross--then three days later rose from the dead proving His deity and power. The amazing part of this true story is that He did it all for you so that you could personally experience His free gift of salvation."

If you do not have a church home, I would like to invite you to Brookside's church services this weekend. (My church). Find out how Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection can change your life.

On Good Friday and Saturday, the Brookside choir and orchestra will present their musical: He Is Risen at 7pm on Friday, April 6th and at 5pm on Saturday, April 7th. Each performance is followed by a visitor reception.

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Crime and Punishment

In 1866 Fyodor Dostoevsky published his immortal work Crime and Punishment, his penetrating study of crime, murder, and evil as portrayed through the timeless character of Raskolnikov.

The great novel has been in my thoughts as I have considered the death of Trayvon Martin.  It is an enormous story, with tout le monde focused upon it, and wagging tongues on both sides of the political aisle shamelessly engaged in their newest sport - tragedy trafficking.  And like bread at the Roman circus, the breathlessly complicit media hurl the loaves of hopelessly excessive coverage; little more than grist for its ever churning mills.  

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Conservatives to gather in Madison for Tax Day Rally, April 14, 2012

Conservatives, Special events, TAXES, Government / Bureaucracy, WISCONSIN

Americans for Prosperity is once again sponsoring a Tax Day rally at our state capitol in Madison on Saturday, April 14, 2012, from 11:30am to 1pm--so even working folks can participate. Their invitation reads,

Join us! Be there as thousands of patriots descend on the capitol in Madison to fight for smaller government, lower taxes and increased economic freedom!

I attended one of these Tea Party rallies in 2010 and it was a great experience--it was there, many in Wisconsin were first introduced to Ron Johnson!

This year, Americans for Prosperity is again providing bus service but you must register under their Ticket Information section to reserve your spot. Unfortunately, the bus service is sold out from Milwaukee and Waukesha locations, but if you were set on taking the bus, you could drive to the Fond du Lac pick up location behind Rocky Rococo at 806 W. Johnson Street, and go from there. (Be sure to register first.)

If you wish to drive to Madison, AFP has also arranged parking at the Alliant Energy Center for $6 that includes a free shuttle from 10am to 3pm. (I am not sure which lot, but I think you will see the crowds. Contact AFP for more info: Phone: 414-604-6613  Email: You must register for this option as well. It is the last choice listed on the Ticket Information section under General Admission.


The Confirmed Speakers Include:
Fox News Contributor - James T. Harris
Conservative Talk Show Host - Vicki McKenna
Big - Dana Loesch
Gateway Pundit - Jim Hoft
PJTV - Stephen Kruiser
Nashville Recording Artist - Krista Branch
AFP WI State Director - Luke Hilgemann

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Jerry Frye on Origins, Beauty, and Wrath: Why What We Believe Matters Today, April 24, 2012

Brookfield, Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Religion, Special events

On Tuesday, April 24th, Jerry Frye will once again be the featured speaker at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee's monthly meeting, at Brookside Baptist Church in Brookfield. His topic is Origins, Beauty, and Wrath: Why What We Believe Matters Today.

Jerry is an Elm Grove business executive and also a very popular creation science speaker here at home and around the world. On Tuesday evening, "Jerry will delve deeply into a subject he has been exploring for his audiences in recent years -- why our beliefs matter. He will survey such topics as the origin, organization and pervasive nature of information: the origin of order and beauty, and the wrath of abandonment that results when we suppress our innate knowledge of our Creator."

I have heard Jerry Frye speak at past CSSM meetings and also teach Sunday school classes. He is an engaging and thought provoking speaker.

The April 24th CSSM meeting will be held at 7:15 pm in Brookside Baptist Church's auditorium. Brookside is located at 4470 North Pilgrim Road in Brookfield, Wisconsin. This event is free and open to the public.

Previous Jerry Frye CSSM presentations: Purpose Precedes Creation
The Importance of Worldview & literal 6 day creation

Creation Science Links: Creation Science Society of Milwaukee

Answers In Genesis
Institute for Creation Research
Creation Minute
4th Day Alliance'


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The sirens never sounded

 I'm writing this in part as a follow up to our own recent tornado siren debate, and in part just to share my story. Of course you all remember the City of Brookfield debate that ended up in our spending another hundred thousand to update the equipment and keep warning sirens in our area going for a few more years. Though the media kind of tried to get a few stories out of it, the whole thing will little more than staff thinking one way and residents thinking another and the mayor and aldermen getting caught in the middle.

But, a couple of days ago, a tornado blew through Woodward, Oklahoma and killed five people including three children.

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Checking out a book on the Kindle

I finally gave in and bought a Kindle a few months ago. I am a book person, a hard-core bind-my-own signed-collection book person. And now, I love my Kindle.

I chose a Kindle because it was under $100 and it uses an e-ink system that doesn't backlight the screen. I spend way too much time on a computer as it is. I swear (though it's never been confirmed and could well be coincidence with the phenomenon known as aging) that my eyes have suffered as a result of staring at a backlit computer screen so much.

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Elmbrook Education Foundation Volunteer Interest Form Now Available

The EEF values representation from all aspects of the Elmbrook community:  residents, parents, staff, retirees. students, alumni, local businesses and civic organizations.  The Foundation is currently looking for independently motivated individuals who are committed to sustaining the quality of our Elmbrook schools for the benefit of its students and the community at large. 

For more information about the Foundation and a copy of the Volunteer Interest Form, please refer to the Foundation's web site at

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Gathering No Moss

Life has milestones; events that make us stop and wonder, "Where has the time gone"?  September Eleventh, graduations, anniversaries, dates on a calendar that mark freedom from cancer or addiction.  Time seems elastic, expanding or contracting with events, and our assimilation of them.  This piece asks the question, "where have the last fifty years gone", prompted by the fact that this month of April marks the 50th Anniversary of the world's greatest rock 'n roll band.

1965 - the eye of my memory can still see my oldest sister grooving on the pier of that ramshackle cottage my parents rented on Okauchee Lake.   I see her movement to the singular opening of Satisfaction; notes that cut through the pop charts like a chain saw through soft pine.  The sound was pure Keith Richards, and the clever, provocative lyrics were pure Mick Jagger.  Carved on rock 'n roll's Mt. Rushmore, Satisfaction was their first number one single; its message the very tap root of that genre's seminal pull.    

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St. Mary's Visitation - Sunset Playhouse performance, golf outting, May crowning



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The Local TV News

The local TV news is for me the same as everyone else. The TV is easy to turn on and easy to watch, even while eating a meal or relaxing.

But it is not uplifting, although it is factual to see events unfold before your eyes.

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Early Brewer Ratings

The baseball season is still young but some of the naysayers are already counting them out. Of course, thats going too far. Baseball players thrive on warm weather so they have not yet heated up.

Anyway, here is my early brewer player ratings, by position.

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Early spring means early garlic mustard

Alert, Gardening

What a beautiful spring we are having. Though temperatures have retreated a bit from our unseasonable highs, I am enjoying the spring flowers and emerging plants--you can't beat fresh garden asparagus!

But unfortunately, our warm temperatures are also prompting the vile garlic mustard to make its presence known. I just pulled 2 huge garbage bags full from my own yard--and I didn't think I had much at all. So unlike last year, when the stuff was barely visible this early in the season, this year I am finding 18" plants that are beginning to blossom.

Now this isn't all bad. Because other plants are relatively slow growing yet, the garlic mustard sticks out like a sore thumb. I plan on following up in the places I yanked it from to check for regrowth. I will pull the large plants and Roundup the babies.

By the way, the official Mary Knoll Park Weed Out date is Saturday, May 12th, 9am - noon. Judging from my own yard, we won't have to look too closely for the culprits. In the meantime, keep an eye on your home-front for garlic mustard is no respecter of persons.

Past Garlic Mustard Posts with photos:
3rd Annual Weed Out (with photos)
It is worth saving (pictures from Weed Out and wildflowers)
Oh, the shame! (photos and tips for evicting Garlic Mustard)

Weed control links: Garlic Mustard and garlic mustard's pretty cousin, Dame's Rocket. (It can take over native areas too.) Garlic mustard should be thrown in the trash and labeled Garlic Mustard: Do not compost.


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Civil War Days Encampment, May 5 & 6, 2012 at Dousman Inn

Brookfield, History, Special events, War

Mark your calendar for the Elmbrook Historical Society's 18th Annual Civil War Days Encampment at the Dousman Stagecoach Inn Museum on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th. The historic Dousman Inn, outbuildings, and grounds are located at 1075 Pilgrim Parkway (north of Blue Mound Rd.) in Brookfield. Park for free nearby at Pilgrim Park Middle School at 1500 Pilgrim Parkway and take the shuttle to the Inn.

The 2 day event, 10am - 4pm (both days), includes craftsmen, soldier camps, skirmish, cannon fire, President Lincoln, fashion show, worship service, and more! (We had quite an interesting conversation about President Lincoln with the embalmer at a past encampment.) Check the schedule for times and events.

Admission is $5 for adults, $2 for children 6 - 16, children under 5 are free. Food and beverages are available both days. There is also a raffle and silent auction.

For more Info call 262.782-4057 or visit the Elmbrook Historical Society website. And by the way, consider joining the Elmbrook Historical Society; they could use your support!

About the Elmbrook Historical Society, Where History Comes Alive


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gone fishin'

after a long winter it is my time to be gone fishin'.

it will be someting special because i do not fish or hunt.

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