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The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

It's Been Such a Long Time!

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Today our shelter at HAWS is filled with dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, turtles and guinea pigs.  Tomorrow…who knows?!

It is amazing how quickly the faces in our shelter change - from day to day and week to week.  When a prospective adopter doesn’t find the right pet for them on their first visit, we’ll tell them “just wait a few days, we’ll have more!”  Rarely do they have to wait very long.

Kane is a happy black Lab mix!Also amazing is when we have a handful of long-term residents.  We don’t have a time limit for the animals staying at HAWS – the right home will come in, and we want to give every pet that chance.

Kenya is a sweet, 6-years-young Pitbull.Kane, a black Lab mix, and Kenya, a Pit Bull, have been part of the HAWS roster since this summer. Both dogs have special circumstances and will need to be adopted by just the right owners…but we’re committed to finding those homes. In the meantime, our Mod Squad™ volunteers are working daily with Kane and Kenya to ensure they have great manners and are ready when their new loving homes become a reality.

Sherry is a super-cute gray tabby!Since our facility expansion a few years ago we’ve greatly increased the amount of room at HAWS for housing cats (there still never seems to be enough!). We’re glad to have the space to allow for a bonded pair like Hector and Vivianne, who have been with us since April. Sherry, a lovely gray tabby, is one of a handful of adult cats who joined our shelter ranks in August.  While all these felines are well-loved by our staff and volunteers and get lots of affection, playtime and attention, we’d all like to see them leave for a sunny spot in someone’s bay window!

Lea is a Dutch rabbit.Jasmine is an American rabbit.In the small animal ward we have long-timers Lea, a Dutch Rabbit, and Jasmine, an American Rabbit, both of whom have been at HAWS since March.  Fievel the mouse has been making his home at HAWS since May.

These great adoptable pets at HAWS are waiting patiently for their new homes. We just hope they don’t have to watch more and more pets come and go before they get their chance.

By the way – this Saturday and Sunday, November 10-11, our Friends of HAWS – with the help of Unlimited Vision Photography club – are taking Holiday Pet Photos. Call today to reserve your sitting at 262-542-8851, and get your pet’s picture for greeting cards and more!

Taco John's Helping HAWS have a Happy Holiday!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Nachos Navidad, Taco John's, Winter Symposium

HAWS has again been chosen to benefit from the December “Nachos Navidad” promotion and through sales of Christmas ornaments at the Waukesha Taco John’s restaurant at 317 N. Grand Ave!

Noted Dusty Stiefel, Unit General Manager for Taco John’s, “This will be our third straight year raising donations for HAWS, and we want to make sure we beat our amount from last year of $1,992.00.”

Nachos Navidad billboards will be posted November 12th, marking the day Taco John’s will begin selling their $1 holiday ornaments for HAWS.  Then, starting December 1st and continuing throughout the month, 25 cents from every Nachos Navidad sold at the Waukesha eatery will be donated to HAWS. For those with spare change in their pockets, Taco John’s will also have collection jars for HAWS.

Stiefel continued, “The entire crew at Taco John’s works very hard to make all the customers aware that we are raising money for HAWS, and our customers are a huge part of raising this money year after year. We wouldn’t be so successful without them!”

“We are incredibly grateful to Taco John’s and their continued support of HAWS through these fundraisers,” said Lynn Olenik, HAWS’ Executive Director. “Support like this from our community means so much to us – and we really enjoy working with Dusty and her staff. They are great friends to HAWS!”

By the way - HAWS' 2nd Winter Symposium is only a few short weeks away - be sure to register today for this day of learning and networking with other animal fans and professionals!  Topics include pet nutrition, cutting-edge theraputic options and more.  Click HERE for more details and registration.

Gone Fishin' at HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Adopt, vote, goldfish

Last week HAWS became the home to hundreds of goldfish.  Not our usual adoptable pet, but we've learned that "usual" doesn't really exist here at our shelter...
Fish delivery system.
The day before Thanksgiving, HAWS got a call from the local FedEx office that had "about 250" feeder fish in a box, meant for delivery to an area business.  The address given was deemed "undeliverable" and they were told to destroy the box and its contents.  Animal lovers they are, the FedEx employees decided to call us instead!

The number of fish in the box may have been SLIGHTLY underestimated!  We are now literally stuffed to the gills with fish - with one tank on display in our lobby and another fully stocked in our back room ready to replenish the supply as they are adopted.

Thinking of getting a relatively low-maintenance pet?  NOW is definitely the time! 

We are "adopting" out the fish at a name-your-price deal, and we're happy to give out multiple fish to interested homes.  Kids will need their parents' approval, because we really, really, REALLY don't want returns...

Adopt 4 paws from HAWS?  How about adopting 2 fins and a tail?!

By the way - do you like to make your voice heard on behalf of animals?  You can do that in a bunch of ways for HAWS right now: 
- Through this Friday you can vote every day for Bug on and HAWS will receive 5 free beds for our kennel if Bug wins!  (Bug is the super-cute schnoodle at the bottom left of the voting group.)
- Head to GOODmaker and vote for HAWS to win a grant for our STEM camp - our Improve LIves with Animals challenge entry is titled "Animal Welfare Leadership: The Next Generation."  Voting runs through December 4th - everyone can only vote once so every vote counts!
- Help make HAWS the "best shelter" on WISN's A LIst - vote for HAWS through December 16th.

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