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The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

A Thanksgiving That Will Last

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This week's blog is more a personal entry than on behalf of HAWS.  I am sure, tho, that my sentiments are shared by many others within the HAWS family - adopters, donors, members, friends, volunteers, board, staff...

I wanted to take the opportunity to give thanks for the wonderful year we have had at HAWS.  We knew 2009 would be a year unlike any other!  Knocking walls off the side of the building and tearing out a few more from within will make for a unique experience.  We will always remember HAWS "Year of the Build."

Along the way we have learned just how blessed we are to be in this community!  Almost all who have come thru our doors this year have been beyond accommodating with the chaos they've encountered.  Our volunteers have just kept plugging away, no matter what changes are made to their routines.  My co-workers have managed to continue with the day-to-day, even when their workstations have disappeared completely or our operations have been relocated to unfamiliar territory or offsite. 

Most importantly, adopters have still come in, despite the dust, to find their new best friends.

The animals we are here to help have also soldiered on, still wagging tails, purring and chirping.  Their ability to take every day in stride has reminded us to do the same.  And it makes us even more dedicated to getting them out to their forever homes.

In the next few weeks our facility expansion will be completed!  It has both gone quickly and taken too long, depending on the day of the week!  But 2010 will begin soon and with it our "new" HAWS will open.  Oh, the anticipation!

We feel like kids on Christmas night!  And we can't wait to open our "gift" - and share it with all of you.

All We Want for Christmas is...

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Welcome to HAWS!Have you ever moved into a new home and not had all the furnishings for it yet?  Maybe you went from a small apartment to a full-size house, or upgraded to a bigger place - but the living room stayed empty while you decided on the new couch and chairs and tables that would best fill it...

As our shelter expansion project nears completion, we are taking stock of what we need to fill some of our new rooms!  We have plenty of residents coming and going, now we need the little, final touches to make our shelter the best it can be.

Below is our "sponsorships" WISH LIST - we buy the item, but put YOUR name on it if you donate towards the purchase price.  For example, is there a cat lover in your house?  Donate in their name towards our cat townhouses and we'll put their name on a plaque by that item.

Most of the things on our list are directly for the animals, and some are to help us help the people that come to our shelter facility.  Our goal is to have a place that is warm and welcoming for everyone that visits!

Climbing areas for the cat exercise room  -  up to $1000 each
Comfy, pet-friendly seating for HAWS.
Comfortable (and comforting) love seats for Friends Meeting Room, Home-like Interview Room & Rainbow Room  -  $850 each

Rabbit cages/small animal habitats  -  $500 each

Read more

HAWS Becomes Greyhound Haven

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Toy is a 3 year old female greyhound.On Saturday, December 5th we at HAWS became a new safe haven for greyhounds being displaced due to the impending Kenosha racetrack closing.

Already in partnership with Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) – Wisconsin since February 2009, we're increasing the number of greyhounds housed at our shelter while GPA is inundated with dogs needing housing - with Dairyland ending live racing on December 31.

Our Executive Director, Lynn Olenik says its just the right thing to do.  “We want to do anything we can to help them out in this time of need.  GPA has many dogs to move in a short amount of time and we're happy to help out. The greyhounds add a wonderful spirit to our facility; our staff and volunteers love having them here.”

Female greyhounds Toy, Chic and Devi, along with male greyhound Bill, joined Lexi – a greyhound already in residence at HAWS due to the ongoing HAWS-GPA agreement – on the 5th. By Saturday, December 12th, Lexi and Chic had been adopted out to their new homes. Bill and Devi were placed on hold that day, and will be heading out to foster care this week prior to going to their adoptive families.

Five (5!) more greyhounds are scheduled to arrive at HAWS this coming Saturday, December 19th.

Greyhounds at the GPA-HAWS partnership party.We work with Ellen Paulus, GPA-Wisconsin President.  She notes, “It is great exposure for our greyhounds to be at HAWS, so people who see them realize that greyhounds can - and do - make great pets after their racing careers are over.” 

The greyhounds participating in the program live at HAWS and receive spay/neuter surgeries from our SNIP clinic. They are available for viewing 7 days a week along with the other adoptable animals at HAWS. Those interested in pursuing adoption are directed to contact local GPA representatives to continue the process. HAWS viewing hours begin daily at 1:00 p.m.

By the way - HAWS will have modified hours during the holidays.  We will be open from 9am -3pm on 12/24 and 12/31, but our kennel will not be open for viewing.  We will be closed on 12/25 and 1/1/2010.  Have a wonderful holiday season with all your Best Friends!

Have a Wonderful Holiday and a "HAWS"-y New Year!

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When you celebrate the holidays with your pets,
please remember…

Don’t let them eat the tinsel,

Don’t let them eat the turkey,
Don’t let them eat the chocolates
Because they won’t be very perky!

While the holiday lights are beautiful,
The electric cords are not:
Don’t let your pet chew on these --
Things could get a little hot!

From all the paws, claws, staffvolunteers and Board of Directors at HAWS:

Wishing you and yours the 
Happiest of Holidays and a Great 2010!

By the way - HAWS holiday hours are 9am-3pm Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (receiving only, no viewing), Closed Christmas Day and News Year's Day.

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