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The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

Opening Day for HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum

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HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum proudly present The Nature of Dogs, opening this Saturday, April 10, with a special party from Noon to 2:00p.m.!

The Nature of Dogs, on exhibit from April 10 - June 12 at 101 W. Main St., Waukesha, features the fine art photography of Mary Ludington. Notes HAWS Executive Director Lynn Olenik: “Ms. Ludington’s works showcase many of our favorite canine breeds and embraces their spirit and heart. This show is a must-see for any dog lover.” 

As the first stop on the exhibit’s tour, HAWS and the Museum are marking the 9-week run with special event nights, seminars and fun activities for all ages.

This Saturday, April 10, is “Opening Day” at the Museum!  Join our special guest Marilynn Mee from 96.5 WKLH at the official kick-off party for the exhibit from Noon – 2:00 p.m.  Giveaways include free admission to the Museum and HAWS bracelets to the first 96 people, and doggie bags for their pets – yes, pets are welcome!  Stop in to meet HAWS adoptable animals through our Mobile Adoption Center.  Popcorn and hotdogs will be served to complete the “tail”-gate.

Then:  mark your calendar for Rescue Night at the Museum, April 23rd, 5-8pm. This exciting event will feature a meet-and-greet with local breed rescue groups and their representatives – both human and canine. Making a very special appearance that evening will be The Nature of Dogs photographer herself, Mary Ludington! 
See all The Nature of Dogs info at or  Don't miss a minute of the dog-gone fun!

By the way - our 27th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming on May 1st - raise funds for HAWS on foot or online!  Learn more at our official Walkathon webpage.


Sandy's Stories - "Streak"

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Today's story from Sandy illustrates the importance of taking in animals with less than perfect health.  HAWS' Foster Caregivers program gives pet lovers the opportunity to make a difference for the short term.  Want to help?  Contact us at for details!

Sometimes animals come into your life expectedly. Some stay for a short time and leave a lasting impression. That was the case with little Streak.

The veterinarian I worked for called and said that a client had found a Lab puppy in their driveway and they were just leaving for a vacation. They called the local animal shelter to put in a "found" report and asked if our office would foster him until they returned.

It did not take much persuading for us to foster him.

At the time, we had 4 dogs and cats - and all got along great with the newcomer.  We named him "Streak" because he had a lightning bolt white streak on his chest. He was adorable and a very smart pup, quickly learning to do his duty outside, and basic commands sit, stay and down.

He spent most of his time in our kitchen, and we quickly observed a very disturbing situation. Streak would not leave the water dish alone and would drink until it was empty. He did this even before he would eat his food. While he became house trained within one week, his drinking was getting worse and worse and we knew something was not right.  Our vet diagnosed him with diabetes. We tried all known treatment for two months and nothing seemed to help.

During this time, he was becoming a member of our family, and, yes, we were going to adopt him. When he went outside with the rest of the dogs, he had a ball. He loved running under the big dogs and sharing their toys.

As time went on, Streak's condition got worse and our vet said that there wasn't anything left to try.  We had a difficult decision to make!  We could see him failing each day and finally we decided to give him a well deserved rest.

Yes, our hearts were broken and he left an empty spot never to be filled. It was very difficult to have him and then lose him. We had him for such a short time, but we knew he loved the time he spent with us and that he knew we were trying to help him.  I wish that love could heal all of them!  It doesn't, but we will never stop trying because there will be times when love can do it all and we only hope that the next one that comes to us can be that special one.

Please never be afraid to try to help such an animal:  even if they don't make it, you make a huge difference in their lives and nothing can be more satisfying.

By the way - April and May are great months for activities at HAWS!  Our Annual Walkathon is on May 1st, The Nature of Dogs exhibit and special events are on-going...and we've got lots of ways for you and your pet to participate and learn.  Join us!

Walk, Ride, Hop for HAWS!

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Whatever way you like to ambulate, we've got an event for you at HAWS!

Coming up on May 1st is our 27th Annual Pet Walkathon at Waukesha's Minooka Park.  Hike the trails, then shop, have lunch, play games, meet'n'greet area mascots, enter the raffle, watch the dogs running the lure course...all in support of the HAWS cause.  To help, start collecting pledges or set up your very own personal HAWS fundraising webpage.  We'll see you soon!

June 12th is the day for the first ever Ride for Rover, sponsored by the Milwaukee Small Breed Dog Club and organized by Jim Demos.  Jim and his group of dog AND cycle enthusiasts decided to do a fundraiser for HAWS - what better way than to hop on a motorcycle on a beautiful early-summer Saturday?!  The "rally" will start at the Harley Museum in downtown Milwaukee, pitstop at HAWS for tours and snacks, and end at The Doggy Office in Brookfield with a picnic and fun for riders and non-riders alike.  Badges to ride are $15, and a discount will be available to those who make a donation off the HAWS' Wish List.

HAWS annual Bunny Day is THIS SUNDAY, April 25th.  If you already have a house rabbit or are thinking of getting one, this is the event for you.  Come learn from experts about rabbit care and behavior, meet with other rabbit fans and even win prizes.  Great supplies for your bunny friend will also be available for purchase.

By the way - "The Nature of Dogs" exhibit is now running!  This collaboration between HAWS and the Waukesha County Museum is a don't-miss, running until June 12th.  See the great photographs of Mary Ludington, join us for one of our special events during the run of the show - like this Friday's Rescue Night, and enter to win great pet-themed prizes.

I'm Walking for HAWS

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I'm Walking for HAWS!HAWS' 27th ANNUAL

Join us at Minooka Park from 9am-3pm for our 27th Annual event, a day-long festival for pets and their people!  You can help support the HAWS cause, on foot and online.

Each year this event is produced and sponsored by the Friends of HAWS volunteer group - their hard work makes sure that 100% of your donations for the Walk go directly to the animals at HAWS!

Walk the trails, enter the dog & owner contests, check out the Lure Course (weather permitting), shop, shop at our vendor your favorite area Mascots and more.  There is something for everyone - for you, your pet, your kids, your parents, your friends...

Here's how to get involved:
Download a pledge form - you'll need it for free parking at Minooka on Saturday.
Set up your own personal online fundraising page.   I did - it's easy, fun...and it WORKS!

Be a BIGGER part of the action:
~ Become a Walkathon Sponsor.
~ Tell us Why You Walk - share your story with - we'll publish them on the Walk web page after the event! 

Don't miss a minute of the fun!
We'll see YOU this Saturday.

HAWS volunteers will be at the park rain or shine to collect donations.  Our rain date is May 8th, at HAWS. 

By the way...we've got another neat event coming soon:  Save the Date!!
Ride for Rover event

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