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The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

"March" Into Spring with Us!

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At HAWS we're taking “March” literally, with many great activities and especially several exciting Mobile Adoption Center events!

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center brings adoptable animals out into the community - can't make it to our shelter?  We'll come to you!  This month’s special events include:

  • Take your dog with you (really!) to the MilwaukeeLucky Paws, the Dog from HAWS meets Roscoe - the AHL's BEST Mascot! Admirals Dog Day Afternoon, THIS Sunday, March 7th – HAWS benefits from each ticket purchased when you use the special code “HAWS” when ordering online, or buy your tickets through Brian at the Admirals office (414-227-0567) and tell him you want your donation to go to HAWS!
  • Make a Spring Break Splash on March 19-20th at K-9 Splash Center in Oconomowoc.  Bring your pup to play in the pool and support the HAWS cause, too!  Registration required, call 262-569-9540.
  • Good Harvest Market in Waukesha is holding a special sales day for HAWS on March 27th– 5% of purchases made that day will be donated to the shelter, and HAWS’ Executive Director Lynn Olenik will lead a discussion on choosing the right pet and pet care tips.  Adoptable pets will be available for viewing at the Market.

And don’t miss a minute of the action happening at our Shelter!

Get Lucky…or Spot or Fido or Fluffy, our annual adoptathon/St. Pat’s Day party will be on Saturday, March 13th from noon to 3:00 pm. People and pets are welcome to join us at HAWS for fun, games and treats!

  • TTouch for Little Critters is Sunday, March 6thpre-registration is required.
  • The Friends of HAWS hold their monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 10th.
  • HAWS volunteers will do small animal pedicures at Pet Supplies Plus on Wednesday the 10th and at the shelter on Saturday the 20th.
  • Learn First Aid for Pets on Saturday, March 27thPre-registration is required.
    I'm Walking for HAWS! 

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Sandy's Stories - A Cat Named Mouse

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Please enjoy another story by HAWS volunteer Sandy!

MOUSE - that is exactly what the adorable 3 week old kitten looked like when I first saw her under a drain pipe, in a pile of leaves. I bent down to pick her up and she was hissing and spitting to beat all and trying to look so mean! She was adorable.

While we lived our of the area, a friend and I often went on ‘kitten patrols’ looking for abandoned litters. Her husband was the police chief, and more often than not when he'd get a call pertaining to kittens he would say "I'll get my wife and her friend right on it."

Once we were sent to an abandoned house in the neighborhood, where sounds of kittens crying could be heard as far as the sidewalk. We were armed with carriers, nets and first aid equipment - for the kittens and for us! As we walked through tall weeds and an overgrown garden carrying as much as we could I mused aloud, "I don't think we should be in here." My friend laughed and said, "Are you forgetting who sent us here?!" (True, how can you get in trouble if the police chief sends you?)

We picked up two litters about 3 weeks apart. We took them over to my friends garage (the police chief's house) to clean them up and get them ready for adoption.

It was then that the horror of horrors happened: one of the kittens got out and crawled into the police chief's cruiser (under the hood) which was parked in the garage! Sheer panic set in and we did the reasonable thing - we called my husband for help. He called our veterinarian friend, and for over an hour all of us tried everything we could to get the kitten out of the chief's cruiser.

Finally we resorted to a live trap with the disgusting smell of canned mackerel in it. It worked like a charm, and before we knew it we had the runaway back in her cage. My husband and the vet left as quick as they could before the chief came home. We're still laughing about that episode!

Both of the litters were adopted, with the exception of little Mouse. She was very small and people were afraid to adopt her for fear that something was wrong with her. Finally we took her home ourselves, and we were always glad we did!  Her whole life she rarely left our large utility room, but she would venture out to be petted briefly and then run back to her comfort zone. We could tell that she was happy - her purring confirmed that.

It always gave us great comfort to see her cuddle in her favorite places in the sun. Most of them were at the windows where she could look out. She was not a pet in the normal sense of the word but she was special to us and we loved her.

By the way - KITTEN SEASON IS COMING!  In this part of the country we have a distinct time of year when mother cats are having their litters...and it is swiftly approaching.  How can you helpSupport spay/neuter initiatives like ours at HAWS, keep your owned/housecats indoors, and...adopt a new best cat friend from HAWS!


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This great weather as of late has all of us at HAWS thinking about hitting the beach...

Spring break comes THIS WEEKEND for all you HAWS fans:  Bring your dog to the K-9 Splash Swim Center in Oconomowoc for our special SPRING BREAK SPLASH event!

Here's all the details:

- We'll be there Friday, March 19th from 2 - 7pm and again on Saturday, March 20th from 9am - 4pm.

- Pre-registration is required.  Call 262-893-9540 to set your appointment.

- K-9 Splash is located at N58 W39835 Industrial Road in Oconomowoc.

- HAWS Mobile Adoption Center will be on hand, in case you're looking for a new Beach Bunny or Surfer Dude pet to add to your family...

- Best of all:  the proceeds for this spring break benefit HAWS!

We hope you and your pup can join us for the pool party.  What better way to welcome spring than with a "splash?"

By the way - mark your calendar for next Saturday, March 27th - Good Harvest Market of Waukesha is hosting Pet Day for HAWS.  Come for discounts, pet Q&A sessions, fundraising for HAWS and more!  Read all about it.

Saying Goodbye to a Best Friend

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Outside of the HAWS shelter is a large plaque that is dedicated to the husband of one of our founders.  It speaks of the Rainbow Valley and Rainbow Bridge - giving comfort to those who have lost a beloved pet, reminding them they will be reunited one day "across the Bridge."

Contrary to what some may think, even though we confront it daily, working here at HAWS doesn't have a desensitizing effect when it comes to pet loss.  Since all of us here have pets - some of us probably more than we should - inevitably we will have personal experience with the death of one of those best friends.

We're going through just that right now in my household.  Our feisty little cat, Pepper, who is a stray we took in at Christmas in '97, is in sudden liver failure due most likely to a very aggressive and rapid-spreading cancer.  She is fighting the good fight, but we know that within a few days this six-pound diva who ruled our household will no longer be with us.  As difficult a little being as she was (she was the queen of unprintable nicknames because of her antics), we will all miss her terribly - especially our 70 pound greyhound who was completely afraid of her but adored her anyway.

Despite our emotional pain as her caretakers (we're told she isn't in pain herself, thankfully), we would not give up a minute of the 12+ years we've had with her.  We have pets because of the joy they bring to our lives, because of what they teach us, because of how our lives change for the better with them along for the ride.  We're comforted by the knowledge that she chose us - she jumped into our arms from wandering outside way back when, and we were meant to be together for however long it lasted.

I wish you peace, Little Missy/Princess/Diva Pepper.  I hope you like the Rainbow Valley - you deserve a great place to rest.

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