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EBHS Unleashed

Staff and volunteers of the Elmbrook Humane Society will be blogging about what's going on at the society, as well as other observations about life in Wisconsin.

The mission of the Elmbrook Humane Society is to promote the human-animal bond through adoption and education, to provide shelter to homeless animals, and to prevent animal cruelty and neglect. EBHS services the city of Brookfield, the villages of Butler, Chenequa, Elm Grove and Nashotah, and the towns of Brookfield and Delafield. EBHS shelters unwanted pets and strays, and rescues injured domestic animals and wildlife, provides resources for individuals with companion animals and provides Humane Education to schools and civic groups.

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The Adoption Guarantee Facility.

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Elmbrook Humane Society (EBHS) was founded in 1964.  Our founders had no idea how much EBHS would need to grow and evolve in order to help the increasing number of animals and residents in our community.  Animal welfare has changed a great deal over the past 45 years and there is a need to focus on the issue of senseless euthanasia faced by adult animals, especially cats and large dogs, right here in Wisconsin.


Were you aware that there are many animal welfare organizations that limit the parameters of their adoption programs?  Some organizations will not work with certain breeds of dogs.  Others will not work with animals over a certain age or animals with treatable medical conditions - even minor injuries.  That means that they are healthy, treatable and adoptable animals that are behind euthanized every day in the state of Wisconsin.


In 2010, Elmbrook Humane Society became an Adoption Guarantee facility.  What this means is that every healthy, or treatable and adoptable animal that comes to our facility will be guaranteed to remain in our care until they are adopted.  No matter their age, breed or how long it takes.  Many animal welfare organizations are unable to make this guarantee.  Our goal is to make the entire Greater Milwaukee area an Adoption Guarantee community.


EBHS supporters have never wanted life or death decisions to be made on the basis of dollars and cents.  Please support Elmbrook Humane Society when you can and please help us keep our promise to be Adoption Guarantee.  With your help, healthy and adoptable animals in this area will never need to be euthanized for lack of space or resources.

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