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Lets Buckle Up to Health

There are two types of aging: genetic aging and metabolic aging. Every one of us has a predetermined lifespan because within our cells our genes have an inherent genetic programmed timeline.

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EEF Gears Up for Scholarship Season

The Foundation began with the objective of supporting the District's value on continuing education by rewarding the outstanding achievements of select graduating seniors.  In 1958, a group of school and community volunteers created the Lancer-Spartan Scholarship Foundation to honor High School students with a proven track record in leadership, scholarship, and a commitment to community service.  The scholarship program has been expanded to include need-based scholarships and now provides support for students planning to continue their education at either a University or Technical School. 

EEF Lancer-Spartan Scholarships provide a one time award of $1,500. The Foundation’s community scholarship program is almost entirely funded by Elmbrook’s local business community, civic organizations, and honorary/memorial funds established to recognize those that have made a significant impact on the Elmbrook School District. “Having the EEF administer scholarships on behalf of many different organizations allows the community to honor a greater number of students each and every year vs. having the same few students qualify for multiple scholarships throughout the community.” says Laura Schmidt, EEF Executive Director.

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OMG! SNOW in February in Wisconsin!

It's SNOW-magedden!  It's the SNOW-pocalypse!

There's SNOW in February in Wisconsin!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?! 

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25 motorists needed blizzard help in Brookfield

Brookfield police helped 25 motorists whose vehicles were either stranded in ditches or disabled along roads between 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and 6:30 a.m. Wednesday during the blizzard, Capt. Phil Horter said.

No shadow of a doubt? Our groundhog predicts early spring

Just for fun!, TRAVEL, Weather

As my husband and I manned the snow blowers in the driveway last night, I did think this blizzard's silver lining might be that the groundhog would NOT see his shadow Wednesday morning.

Sure enough, Wynter, the Milwaukee County Zoo groundhog did NOT see her shadow this morning! Instead, she frolicked around in the snow a bit before going back into her den. Other groundhogs predicted the same--an early spring. I am all for that!

I couldn't help notice some other winter wonderland frolickers this morning. The kids down the street were literally diving head first into the snow banks, along with their pet Golden Retriever. Glad someone is enjoying the white stuff.

Me? I am thinking warm thoughts by planning a southern New Mexico and Arizona vacation. This will be new territory for us, and of course we want to see it all. Editing is never my strong suit: So many National Parks and little time.

Feel free to share your must see southern New Mexico and Arizona sites.

In the meantime, I hope our groundhog is right and we have an early spring.


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Heart Disease: An Equal Opportunity Destroyer

Did you know Heart Disease kills 29,000 Americans every day? About one every 39 seconds!

"..Individuals with insulin resistance or diabetes in combination with one or more of risk factors ( poorly controlled blood sugars or out of normal range, high blood pressure, obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking and abnormal cholesterol ) are more likely to fall victim to heart disease or stroke.."

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SJV Catholic Schools Week Raffle for Haiti

 The St. John Vianney 7th grade is holding a school raffle during Catholic Schools Week to benefit the people of Haiti. The first anniversary of the devastating earthquake which still cripples much of this country was on January 12th, 2011. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. It was suffering from a terrible economic crisis even before last year’s natural disaster. The 7th graders hope to make a difference by holding the raffle this week. All proceeds will go to Catholic Relief Services, which is one of the most respected and reputable international humanitarian organizations in the world. For information on this organization, please go to With this raffle, the 7th graders demonstrate the Catholic Schools’ mission to "live out the Gospel" and make a difference.

The Anti-Aging Salad

The Anti-Aging Salad

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"STATUS" of Less and Less



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Sky's a Tweeter!


OK, folks, I just wanted to let you know that I am now officially a tweeter!

My handle is tomsky3434. 

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Brookfield's Dr. Scott Hardin, "From Fish to Amphibian, a Practical View" Tuesday, 7:30pm

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Religion

Ever wonder how a fish could evolve into an amphibian? While they both begin their lives breathing through gills under water, the amphibians soon leave their tadpole days behind as they mature. They not only develop legs, they also develop air breathing lungs. Toads and salamanders go on to live on land near water, and frogs live primarily in the water with occasional trips to Terra firma. How could 2 such complicated anatomic changes occur by chance?

Dr. Scott Hardin will discuss this question in his presentation, "From Fish to Amphibian, a Practical View" at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee meeting on Tuesday, February 8th, at 7:30pm. This meeting will be held at Grace Ev. Lutheran Church, N87 W16171 Kenwood Blvd., Menomonee Falls.

From the CSSM press release:
"A review will be made by Dr. Scott Hardin of some of the assertions made by proponents of the concept of evolution and he will challenge the validity of the same using acceptable laws of science, logic and common sense. Both evolutionist and creationists start with the statement, 'In the beginning...' It is what follows that creates divergent views."

"Dr. Scott's talk...will be about the anatomic changes that need to occur in order for the fish ancestor species to transform into the first amphibian, with special emphasis on the cardiopulmonary systems. He will explain that there is no way for the changes to occur from a genetic standpoint, and if there is no way for the fish ancestor organism to acquire the necessary DNA, then it is impossible for the fish to transform into an amphibian."

And it is that additional DNA code that presents the problem for evolutionists. Unlike Natural Selection that results in reducing the code, such as only long haired dogs* surviving in very cold climates (long haired dogs possessing less genetic information than the original wolf kind pair or even from a genetically mixed group of long, medium, and short haired dogs), adding legs and lungs to a fish means also adding vast amounts of complicated DNA coding.

I am looking forward to Dr. Hardin's talk. Dr. Hardin** presently is the Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services for St. Luke's Hospital and serves as Vice Chief of Staff 2010 - 2011, and then Chief of Staff 2012 - 2013.

Creation Science Society of Milwaukee

*Ken Ham gave this example at the Answers in Genesis Conference last weekend

**I was a patient of Dr. Hardin's several years ago.

Some readers might assume that I am trying to convince those of you who are atheist to believe in God. Although I would like to have all believe, this is not my goal, for no one convinces anyone to faith. My concern is for the believer who thinks the Bible is at odds with science. If these people take the time to educate themselves, they will find they do not have to check their brains at the door to believe in the Genesis account.


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Behind-the-Scenes of the EBHS “Packer Photoshoots”

Elmbrook Humane Society, adopt, Packers, Rally, Spa Paw and Tail, SMK Photography, EBHS

When the Packers beat the Bears for a trip to Superbowl XLV, I jumped around the living room in pure joy. After I eventually calmed down, Stacey Kremel (SMK Photography) and I starting sending text messages to each other about photographing the adoptable dogs at EBHS in Packer gear.

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Yippee! Packers overcome obstacles to win Super Bowl

Just for fun!, WISCONSIN, Special events

Who would have thought that the team that lost earlier this season to Detroit and only got in the playoffs via the wild card, would go on to win the Super Bowl? What a year it has been for our Packers. And then the Super Bowl game itself had a few obstacles. Greg Jennings sums up the game nicely.

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Here we go again, Elmbrook board discussing 4K tonight, topic at 7pm

Elmbrook, TAXES, Education, 4-K

That's right. At tonight's Elmbrook school board meeting, they will be discussing adding 4K...again. The meeting starts at 6pm with the 4K agenda item at 7pm: Four Year Old Kindergarten - February 8, 2011 Discussion. It is imperative the board hear from you if you are against adding 4K to our district, because you can be sure those in favor of 4K will be there tonight. Please come if you are able, or you may email your comments to the board. The board is to decide on 4K at their Feb. 22nd meeting.

A pro-4K email has crossed my path. To quote: "It is crucial for the Board to hear our voices in support of 4K before the decision is made at February 22nd meeting. 4K has a real possibility of passing this time, but the Board members need to see a packed room and hear our comments..."

The email then gives a number of statistics that I question. One being the survey taken at polling places on November 2nd, where Voters were asked to state their position on closing a school, more non resident students, and adding 4K to close the budget gap. There was no explanation given that 4K would be increasing the Elmbrook budget by increasing our taxes!

The general public doesn't always understand that when the district talks about increasing revenue, it really means higher taxes*. "According to the district, taxes for the owner of a $300,000 home would increase by $34 for 2011-12, $66 for 2012-13, $97 for 2013-14 and $104 for 2014-15 if K4 is implemented."

From the district's own Dec. 7, 2010 work session minutes: "...staffing costs will rise if 4K is added--therefore address salary/benefit concerns before adding 4K."

The Elmbrook School Board voted against 4K in 2007. So what is different with the board we have today vs. the board we had in 2007 when they voted 4K down? We still have Tom Gehl, Meg Wartman, Gary Jones, Glen Allgaier who were NO 4K votes. Bob Ziegler is the only surviving Yes vote. Jean Lambert and Kathryn Wilson have replaced Dave Marcello, a No vote, and Cherry Sylla, a Yes vote.

Has the information on academic achievement changed since 2007? At the time, Meg Wartman even wondered if Elmbrook ever assessed the difference all day 5K made in achievement in Elmbrook.

Well, now we do have our own "data" as Eileen Depka refers to it on how our pilot 4K-ers, now in 2nd grade, do compared to Elmbrook students who did not attend 4K. From what I have heard, on average, they have not done as well as students who only attended 5K. (If they did do better, do you really think you wouldn't have heard more about it by now?) All I could find was this sentence from the Dec. 14, 2010 board meeting minutes, "Eileen Depka presented non standardized assessment data from the current second grade class, many of whom participated in the District’s 4K pilot."

The board meeting starts tonight at 6pm with the 4K discussion at 7pm. As I understand it, people may comment at the Citizen's Forum early in the meeting. Or submit your comments via email.

Contact the Elmbrook School Board:
President Tom Gehl
Meg Wartman
Glen Allgaier
Gary Jones
Jean Lambert
Kathryn Wilson
Robert Ziegler

More reading: *School closing decision put off til fall, Feb 1, 2011

Past Posts: 4-K: The Dog Chasing its Tail Oct. 8, 2007 (Revised) Revenues collected "...would, however, cost the taxpayers more money, because it would be funded primarily from increased property taxes. The district would be allowed to collect more taxes due to its increased enrollment."
Does 4K Deserve Tax Dollars? Nov. 10, 2007
Uncle Matt Wants You--if you are 4 years old Nov. 14, 2007
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Public Schools: Safety Net or Drift Net? Nov. 23, 2007
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Bet Room Will Be Packed With Pro 4K Tonight Nov. 27, 2007
4K Yellow Hands and Green Trees Nov. 27, 2007
4K Discontinued Despite Emotions & Irregularities Nov. 28, 2007


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Judge David Prosser & Jeff Stone need your support Tuesday, Feb. 15

Conservatives, Elections, WISCONSIN

Be sure to read April 5, 2011 Judicial Ballot Picks: David Prosser & Lloyd Carter

Tuesday, February 15th, is Primary Election Day in Wisconsin, with one very important statewide Wisconsin Supreme Court race on the ballot. This is not an election we can afford to ignore, because there is only one conservative running, incumbent Judge David Prosser . The other 3 candidates are very liberal. The top two candidates will go on to the April election.

At present, our Wisconsin Supreme Court leans conservative with a 4/3 split, Prosser being one of the 4 conservatives on the bench. Each justice serves a 10 year term.

Judge David Prosser has been described as a "no-nonsense bipartisan who has strong conservative values and is devoted to the Constitution and the rule of law. He is a fair-minded and honest justice...a man of integrity who has participated in more than 900 published Supreme Court decisions. He comes with a great deal of judicial experience."

In fact, he is the only candidate with judicial experience. He is also the only pro-life candidate.

Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki, Waukesha DA Brad Schimel, and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark (among others in law enforcement) endorse Judge Prosser.

Conservatives, you finally won back the governorship, the Assembly and the State Senate. It would be a shame to win those 2 branches of state government and then lose out because of a liberal court contesting all of their reforms and ruling many as "unconstitutional". (Remember the Tommy Thompson era?) As one supporter wrote, "Remember, liberals view constitutions as "living" documents...subject to their whims about what they 'feel' is right. Conservatives interpret constitutions on the basis of what the document actually says."

So get out there and vote on Tuesday, February 15th.

For Brookfield residents, Supreme Court Justice is the only race on our ballot. Miwaukee County residents not only select the Supreme Court Justice but also the Milwaukee County Executive. Out of all the candidates running, Jeff Stone is the only conservative. The others are liberals.

Re-elect Justice David Prosser
Prosser endorsement page
Judge David Prosser Wisconsin Court Information Page
Prosser a judge with integrity, honesty

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Federal appeals court questions viability of Elmbrook graduation challenge

Elmbrook Schools, lawsuits, graduation

Federal appeals court judges raised questions Wednesday about the viability of a legal challenge to the Elmbrook School District's past practice of holding graduation ceremonies in a nearby church, noting that the ceremonies returned to campus last year.

At oral arguments before the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook also raised concerns about the anonymity of the plaintiffs, who include nine current and former students, their parents and taxpayers.

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Lang store closing in Brookfield


The Lang store in the Plaza shopping center on W. Blue Mound Rd. at N. Calhoun Rd. will close Feb. 27.

Jeff Werner, chief executive officer at Perfect Timing Inc., the parent company for Lang, said the store would re-open in June or July with back-to-school merchandise. It might close again later in the summer and re-open in October with fall and holiday items, Werner said.

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How Carbohydrates and Obesity are Linked: The Kind, Not the Amount

carbohydrates, obesity, overweight

How Carbohydrates and Obesity are Linked: The Kind, Not the Amount

It's the kind of carbohydrates you consume, not the number, that becomes a reflection of the number on your bathroom scale. Contrary to popular belief, overweight people don't eat more carbohydrates than those of normal weight. However, it was discovered that overweight people were more inclined to eat an excess of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta, which trigger a rapid spike in blood sugar.

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A Surgeon Story on Vitamin D

metabolic syndrome, heart disease, vitamin D, heart attacks

Mr. JB is a 51 yr prominent cardiovascular surgeon and father of five in northern Wisconsin. He entered medical school at 20 years old and became one the youngest fellow cardiovascular surgeons in his program. He envisioned a life of many years serving his patients and improving their health and in many cases saving their lives. Mr. JB never thought that at his age he would have to start saving his own life. For the past 25 years, he has worked a fulltime shift of 80 to 100 hours a week taking night calls almost every day. At the end of a work week, he felt fatigued, stressed and irritable. Over the last 5 years he was experiencing some intermittent pressure-like chest pain. On several occasions, he had been a patient at the emergency room. He knew he lead a fairly busy and stressful work life and it was adversely affecting his heart health. He had many sleeping difficulties averaging only four hours at most of sleep at any given night. He expressed concern for his weight 295 pounds with a previously measured body fat of 45.9%. He knew he had to lose weight and he knew it could possibly save his life and prevent a heart attack.

In addition to being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, Mr. JB had very low levels of Vitamin D.

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A Word or Two About Cats

I have a word or two to say about cats.  The first is that there are way too many of them, cats and kittens, at shelters all across the country.  For some reason the word about spay and neuter seems to have reached most of the responsible dog owners out there but somehow cat owners seem to have missed the boat.  There are low cost spay/neuter programs offered in most places and for those who need help, information is just a phone call away.  Secondly, I would like to highly recommend adopting a cat (or two).  I am first and foremost a dog person but my husband is a cat person so I have lived with cats for 31 years.  That’s a lot of years but only 3 cats.  Healthy and happy cats can live a good long life so they are a commitment as is any pet.  But, for people who don’t want to be bothered with exercising an animal or taking it outside, cats are wonderful companions.  They need food and water and clean litter boxes.  They are better off staying inside than roaming, especially with all the coyotes and cars around. They can be left on their own for longer periods of time than a dog.  They all have different personalities; some are independent, others cling to you, some are vocal and in your face, some hide and can be hard to find.  My current cat has a schedule; treats in the morning, canned food at night, and he has a great internal clock.  The rest of the time I can find him in a box, under or on a bed, or in/on any of the dog beds and cushions which are scattered around my house.  He will sit on your lap if he feels like it but when company comes he makes himself scarce.  My mom adopted two cats when she decided she was no longer able to keep up with a dog.  They entertain each other and her.  My daughter lives in an apartment and has a busy schedule but she also has two cats.  The cats keep each other company and are waiting at the door when she gets home.  So if you are looking for an animal companion but don’t have time for a dog, please consider adopting a cat, especially one of the adults.  They’ll appreciate it and so will you.   

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