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Senior Viewpoint

Dick Steinberg has resided in the city of Brookfield for 35 years. He served 34 years as municipal judge and has been an attorney for 50 years. He enjoys tennis, golf, biking and creative writing, which includes legal issues, sports, government and people.

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With the future of a new stadium and downtown venue on the line the Milwaukee Bucks who badly need to have a winning team picked a new coach who is a winner. Jason Kidd is an All Star and future Hall of Famer. In his first year of coaching he took a newly organized franchise in Brooklyn and made not only the team a winner but made some of his players big money winners. Remember the NY Yankees manager Billy Martin who was the bad boy of baseball, constantly irked the owner but always had a winning team. We need a coach who can teach defense, team play and precision scoring. That is exactly what Jason Kidd will do. Forget his style and personality. He is not here to teach dinner manners. He is here to mold and prepare a very young talented team into a winning team. In my opinion Kidd will do that.


On the media a commentator said that gun violence in our country is decreasing and/or declining. what a shock since every person knows this is not the fact. I grew up during WW11 when the men were gone to war and the women and children had tremendous stress to keep up the home front. Mental illness was not treated in a uniform manner and there were certainly more cases of mental illness that were not detected then. and yet, I do not recall any gun violence, mass shootings or a cry for the right of civilians to bear arms. why? because then people did not have guns in any significant number and even the mentally ill could not use guns to kill because there were not any available. possession of a firearm was cause to be arrested as a traitor to the country unless proven otherwise. It is not rocket science to decide that if the mentally ill do not have guns they will not shoot to kill. There will always be some form of mental illness that is not detected and that is either hidden from the public or denied by the people who suffer from the disease. The increase in gun violence has been and will continue to grow as will mental illness.


Today, Saturday, at about 10am my personal residence doorbell rang and I opened the inside door and saw three people standing on my doorstep outside the open screen door. I asked if they have a permit and one person said "I don't need one". I then told them to leave my property and that I would call the police, and then called 911. Shortly thereafter, a police office rang the doorbell and we discussed the incident. I explained that this soliciting and trespassing had been going on for many years. He said this is a church group who does not need a permit to invade the privacy of your residence. I pointed out that there is a "no soliciting" sign" posted in plain view on my front entry and he said this does not apply and admitted that solicitors must have a city permit to come to your residence. I pointed out that the criminal laws sec. 943.13, WI STATS have anit-trespassing laws and he said I would have to post a no trespassing sign on my lawn and / or give a warning. The trespassing law is very vague and does nothing to protect a private property owner from suspicious persons and those from the criminal element to be on your land. The officer implied that he trusted church people and I responded that there are religious organizations that are violent and dangerous to our well being. apparently, there is no screening process for the validity and background checks of these church people. A copy of this post is being sent to the Mayor to enact a city ordinance that will protect the sacred rights of the property owners/taxpayers from the lack of protocol in protecting the lives of our families. RICHARD J. STEINBERG, J.D. MEMBER OF WI STATE BAR 56 YEARS AND RESIDENT/HOMEOWNER IN THE CITY OF BROOKFIELD SINCE 1974.


For some the long Memorial Day weekend is a time to relax and spend time with family and friends, which is all well and good. In the meantime the real meaning is to remember the military veterans who served our country with pride and honor. My day to remember those brave defenders of our land is at Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield, where the American flag is on display as a symbol of liberty and justice for all. There is a wonderful concert starting at noon on Monday. Whatever you do and wherever you are remember our veterans.


strange how the media works these days. a story was a story based on the fact of the matter. just like in is a search for the truth as our law professors said. once you got the facts clear it was a slam dunk. in the world of make believe we now live in a news report includes an interpretation of the accepted facts and live vocal interviews from people who were not at the scene and have no first hand information. blogs, tweets and outright lies are the norm today. when u tell a lie u must tell a bigger lie to cover up the first lie, etc. there is no news reporter on earth that can shape my opinion of the facts once I confirm the facts. no cut and paste tv host can change my mind/opinion because their opinion is ZERO to me. I grew up with the voice of Edward Murrow, James Buckley and Walter Cronkite. none of those popular news hosts changed my opinion of the facts. My conclusion is to be an independent thinker and not a news hound stinker. if you are willing to debate me be my guest. your blogs don't cut it. a storm is a storm, a war is a war and and a politician is a politician despite the lack of personal integrity/ in some.

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