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Practically Speaking

Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

If Obama is so ahead, why all the ads and mailings?

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics

Just a thought...If Obama is indeed such a shoe-in, especially in states like Wisconsin, why all the Obama radio and TV ads and mailings? Why the 30 minute infomercial?

On Mark Levin the other day, he discussed how Obama polled 5% higher during the primary than the actual vote tally. Dick Morris said Thursday night on Sean Hannity that unless Obama is above 48% in the polls, even if he is ahead of McCain, Dick didn't think Obama could win.

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Obama's Auntie Zeituni here illegally, will she vote Obama?

Elections, Illegal immigration, Obama 2008, Politics

Another interesting turn on the road of politics. We just learned that Sen. Barack Obama's Aunt Zeituni lived in a Boston tenement.

Now we learn she isn't an American citizen: Obama has aunt living in US illegally:

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Obama, what? Women register for draft? Civilian National Security Force?

Elections, Obama 2008, Politics, War

Are you ready for this? "If elected president, the Illinois senator would require women to register for the military draft. As commander in chief, he would also consider assigning women to roles in close combat, also know as 'the point of the spear,'" according to World magazine:

"Women are already serving in combat [in Iraq and Afghanistan], and the current policy should be updated to reflect realities on the ground," Obama spokeswoman Wendy Morigi told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Oct. 13. "Barack Obama would consult with military commanders to review the constraints that remain."

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Arnold Schwarzenegger-OK, Howard Dean-OK, Sarah Palin - NOT OK?

Elections, McCain 2008, Politics, Truth

It amazes me that the question is still out there: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be Vice President or God forbid, President? Considering Senator Barack Obama has so little experience and such questionable ideas and connections, the question is laughable.

In the race for the White House, Governors traditionally are hands down the favorite against Senators or Congressmen. Since Governors must prepare a budget, run their state, and are commanders of their National Guard, it is thought that their executive experience translates more completely to the presidency than experience in other branches of government.

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Teflon, Velcro, and Teflon II of presidential politics

Obama 2008, Politics, Socialism / Marxism, The media, Truth

President Bill Clinton was known as the Teflon president. No accusations or even cold, hard facts stuck. Monica Lewinsky was not a fabrication of a vast right-wing conspiracy as Hillary claimed. No, Monica was real. She was an intern with whom the President committed unprecedented indiscretions with right in the Oval Office. But it did not stick. He was Teflon.

President Bush on the other hand, according to the left, is responsible for all the ills of the world. No matter that he has kept us safe for 7 years, he is the fall guy for every ill there is: Hurricane Katrina, the housing crisis, global get the idea. He isn't responsible for it, but he is Velcro--everything sticks.

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Other ballot questions


Germantown voters believe their new school won't cost anything?

Indian guy running for Wassermans seat, came with $5

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Forget the Bradley effect, what about the Bush effect?

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics

I've been wondering about this for some time. Are some independents reluctant to voice support for John McCain because they don't want to take flack for supporting the Republicans? Democrats have incessantly talked against George Bush during this election cycle, as if they are running against him, even though George isn't running.

Amongst African Americans, I think there is a Bradley effect. Remember J.T. Harris telling McCain that he was taking a ...whipping for supporting McCain? J.T. continues to feel the heat.

The Investor's Business Daily poll isn't as hopeful for McCain today as it looked yesterday, but Obama still isn't 5% points ahead of McCain or above 50%. There are still 9.5% not sure. Are they really not sure or are they just not saying?

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Obama, Are you for or against Same-Sex Marriage? Yes

Culture, Elections, Homosexual agenda, Obama 2008, Politics, Religion

Obama's I'm against same-sex marriage but against ending it's practice via California's Proposition 8 rings about as true as Wisconsin State Senator Jim Sullivan saying, he is for Voter ID but not for a state constitutional amendment referendum question requiring Voter ID. It's doublespeak for I don't want the current situation to change, but don't want to be on the record as saying so.

Obama Says He is Against Same-Sex Marriage But Also Against Ending Its Practice In Calif.:

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Why do foreigners value America's freedoms while many in U.S. don't?

Culture, Elections, Entrepreneurship, Obama 2008, WISCONSIN

We are all growing weary of the campaign ads, but there is one ad I love to hear. It is Yash Wadhwa's radio ad for Wisconsin's 22nd Assembly district.

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"Choose this day whom you will serve"

Culture, Elections, Homosexual agenda, McCain 2008, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion

Well, today is the day. The day we go vote for president and our other government representatives*. How will you choose which one?

Will your choice be based on what the candidate promises to give and do for you? Or will the candidate's platform and character influence your choice?

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Obama, are you for or against Partial Birth Abortion? Yes

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Truth

At the last debate, John McCain stated his strong opposition to the horrible procedure, Partial Birth Abortion. Barack Obama, knowing his pro-abortion stance at the Saddleback Forum hurt him, must have decided that in a national venue such as a televised debate, he could not publicly support Partial Birth Abortion. So Obama said he was "completely supportive of a ban on late-term abortions, partial-birth or otherwise, as long as there's an exception for the mother's health and life..." 


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Thanks to Sarah Palin, Joe Plumber, bankrupt coal, and Joe Biden


Choose this day whom you will serve

Elections, Homosexual agenda, McCain 2008, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion

Well, today is the day. The day we go vote for president and our other government representatives*. How will you choose which one?

Will your choice be based on what the candidate promises to give and do for you? Or will the candidate's platform and character influence your choice?

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Candidates and ballot issues I'm watching tonight

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics, United States, WISCONSIN

Of course the BIG deal of the day is the presidential race and Electoral College count. Will Obama win big? McCain squeak by? Will we even know today or this week?

What will happen with the majorities in the House and Senate. It is difficult for me to understand how a Congress with the lowest approval rating can gain more seats for the party in power, but I have given up trying to understand people's irrational choices. 

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Radio Free America

Democratic Senator Schumer Defends Fairness Doctrine, nov 4

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Hey Republican Party, stop moving to the left!


The morning after

Elections, Obama 2008, Politics

It is difficult for me to square last night's election results with the fact that when polled, more people consider themselves conservatives than the 1 in 5 who say they are liberal.  But the results are the results.

Senator Barack Obama won, but considering the amount of money he spent, it was not the huge landslide some expected in the popular vote.

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To quote "The Candidate" now what?


Signs of the times: Russian missiles, chief of staff, stocks plunge

Obama 2008, War


Conservatism in exile

Conservatives, Obama 2008

conservatism in exile  

Wow! Wisconsin is bluer than I realized

Conservatives, Elections, United States, WISCONSIN

Thumbnail for version as of 22:23, 5 November 2008

Huge voter turnout?


Looking at the total vote counts, I don't see it.

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All but 1 state in or headed toward recession. Any guesses?

THE ECONOMY Recession Nation: 49 States at Risk, In March, Five States Were in Recession; Now There Are 30, With 19 More at Risk

Nov. 3 

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Are we ever going to clean up voter fraud?

Elections, Voter fraud

Falsified registrations become votes, Nov. 2, 2008 

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voter fraud and what next?

Conservatives, Elections, Voter fraud,_2008

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What can you expect? We didn't choose our candidate

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008

Senator John McCain managed to get 56,494,802 votes, which translates to 46.4% of the total. That was 1.9% less than John Kerry received in 2004. Hardly the trouncing Bob Dole took in 1996 with his 40.71% of the vote or Carter's 41.0% in 1980 or Mondale's 40.6% in 1984.

Just for comparison purposes, President Bill Clinton never broke the 50% mark--receiving 43.0% in 1992 (Ross Perot was the spoiler) and only 49.24% in 1996.

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Republican party wrangling: Jealousy?

Conservatives, McCain 2008

 Republican party wrangling Jealousy?

Palin caused McCain to go up in polls. It was pretty obvious that she solidified the base. Could even McCain's ego take that? It seemed that was the case during the campaign, but maybe not. 

Who is President elect Obama?

Obama 2008, Politics, The media

Well, it is a fine time to be asking that just moved heaven and earth to elect him.

Charlie Rose, who is Obama will he govern from the center? 

Conservative? Better let RNC know that

Conservatives, Elections, Politics

RNC phone number 202-863-8500 

Chief of staff chosen

Obama 2008, Politics

Jewish Emanual chosen.  All is filtered through him. So much for Obama being a centrist.

Arabs are scratching their heads? Rush theorizes the foreign Muslims might think Obama has sold them out? 

The Alinsky machine is in place, it's going to be tough

Conservatives, Obama 2008, Politics

Conservatives may not realize just how difficult it might be to recover from this week's elections.

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Does Obama even believe in Obama?

Obama 2008, Politics

At the end of the movie, The Candidate, Robert Redford wins the election. He then looks at his handlers and says, now what? ???

Obama has his first security briefing . Is he now wondering what he got himself into?

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Voter registration 185 million, votes cast millions less

Elections, Obama 2008, Voter fraud

Why didn't these people vote? Rush says about 20% of his emailers said they weren t voting Nationwide Voter Registration numbers reached 185 million==up 42 million since 2004 nov 5

ME: in the close states, did voter fraud push state to blue?

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Palin 2012

2012, Conservatives, Elections

What next for Sarah Palin?, The sombre air at Senator John McCain's concession speech was momentarily pierced by cheer as Mr McCain spoke about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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Bailout might keep Obama from his agenda? Economy made Obama win


Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist? nov 6 2008

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Even Mickey Mouse feels the economic pinch


We used to go to Walt Disney World during the off season period following spring break. It was great. The weather warm, but not hot and the crowds light. Our American accents were in the minority however, being surrounded by Brits and Aussies. Because of the lower dollar, foreign travelers flocked to our shores for holiday. Same holds true in the National Parks, a destination for foreign travelers.

But when the airlines started raising prices because of higher fuel prices, flying to America for a 2 week vacation became less attractive.

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Rescue Mission's work will increase

Charity, Helping others, Religion Nov 6

Times may change, but not rescue mission's work

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Successful Republicans urge: Stand up for what works

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics

It has become a family tradition to attended the Waukesha Republican's "Victory" party at the Country Springs Hotel.  Various local candidates stop in and give a pep talk along with Waukesha Republican leaders. This year most of us hoped for good news but were braced for the bad.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner addressed the crowd first. He quipped something to the effect that after 8 years of Democrats blaming President Bush for everything, with them in charge of the legislature and the White House, we'll be able to pin the tail on the donkey. (Donkey being the symbol for democratic party.)

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Ronald Reagan's 1964 speech, nothing's changed

Conservatives, Obama 2008, Politics

Ronald Reagan made this speech at a Barry Goldwater campaign event. It is about 27 minutes long, but well worth the time.

Adjusted to today's dollar, the amount of money spent in 1929 for Federal government spending equaled 13 cents per dollar earned. In 2007 that government spending ballooned to 43 cents per dollar earned. Under a President Obama, no doubt we will top that.

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Spice it up! Tomato & pepper salad

Good food / recipes, Living well on less $

Do you still have green tomatoes sitting on your kitchen counter? I do. (I treasure every one.)

Some of them ripen nicely; some of them ripen sort-of; some of them never quite make it. The ones that ripen nicely I save for adding to a tossed salad or making BLTs. The tomatoes that ripen but are less than perfect, I have been making this colorful and tasty marinated tomato & pepper salad with. (The duds sometimes find their way into a pot of chili.)  

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Call the RNC, tell them what you think

2012, Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Politics


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Where did you get your news? Where will you now?

Elections, McCain 2008, Media/ Talk radio, Obama 2008, Politics, The media Notable Quotables, Campaign 2008 Review: Barack Obama's Media Groupies NOve 3, 2008  Reuters

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Elmbrook enrollment shrinks, tax levy grows

Education, Elmbrook, TAXES, THE ECONOMY


Call RNC, let them know

2012, Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008

Gingrich, Steele duel privately for RNC job, nov 11 

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Other 2012 hopefuls

2012, Conservatives, Elections

Governor Sarah Palin gets to bask in some sunshine at The Republican Governors Association conference this week: Palin still center stage:

Gov. Palin is set to be a featured speaker at a panel discussion entitled, "Looking Toward the Future."  Other featured speakers expected to partake on the panel are General Tommy Franks, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), Bill Kristol, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), and Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC).  (Try to count on one hand how many of those folks have 2012 circled on their calendars.)

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Kiss lower gas prices goodbye: Hello sky high heating costs

Energy, Going Green, Legislation, Obama 2008

Obamas first priority exec offshore order etc. 

It made me feel better: PALIN 2012 RYAN

2012, Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Politics

On election eve, I quickly made this campaign button to illustrate my hopes for the 2012 ticket. I wore it to the Waukesha Republican Victory Party.

Barely there 2 minutes, a few women from the Waukesha Republican Party and I started talking. Are you part of the Republican Women's group, they asked? No, I said, although I did work a little on the last 2 campaigns. Why not? I explained it was because Republicans didn't support conservative candidates. Citing Republican State Senator Tom Reynold's 2006 race and the lack of support from the party, I said I now put my efforts into individual races instead of the GOP as a whole. They did not disagree. 

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No use for wishy-washy

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Politics

Wall street journal cited Ryan succeeding in dem territory.

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Happy 233th Birthday Marine Corps


Today marks the United Sates Marine Corps 233rd birthday. My favorite Marine is my father (pictured left), who is now 90 years old

My neighbor's sons are a little younger; I've known them ever since they were little boys. The oldest returned from Iraq this year. He is in his early 20s. Their 3rd son, 19 years old, is in Japan awaiting deployment to Iraq.

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Recession proof businesses

THE ECONOMY Starbucks 4Q Profit Drops 97 Pct on Closure Costs

Odd: Left has no use for Christianity until now

Obama 2008, Politics, Religion, The media Time: Obama a 'Pricne' Like Jesus Born of 'Imagination and Hope'

  Warning its readers to "be prepared to gag," the "Scrapbook" page of this week's Weekly Standard magazine recited "some of the worst over-the-top reactions to The One's ascendance," starting with Time's Nancy Gibbs who opened this week's cover story by comparing Obama with Jesus: "Some princes are born in palaces. Some are born in mangers. But a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope..." In the November 17 issue, she heralded (citing his full name) the greater meaning of Obama's victory: "Barack Hussein Obama did not win because of the color of his skin. Nor did he win in spite of it. He won because at a very dangerous moment in the life of a still young country, more people than have ever spoken before came together to try to save it. And that was a victory all its own."

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Insider Palin complaints, does he exist?

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics, The media

When I first heard about that McCain insider who told tales out of school about Sarah Palin, I immediately thought those criticisms smacked of sour grapes and jealousy. Imagine a true McCain, cross the isle, centrist campaign worker now having to help the novice, but igniter of the conservative base upstart. No matter that she was happily minding her own business in Alaska when she got the tap for VP. She clearly energized the McCain campaign, and that can create jealousy.

One of the more scathing comments was that Palin did not know Africa was a continent. I immediately thought, well, 52% of Americans just elected a president who does not know America has 50, not 57 states or that Pakistan is an ally. Besides that, it could just be a slip of the tongue--much like we say Iran when meaning Iraq. We know the difference but misstate it. 

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Fire hose not feather duster, says Ryan

2012, Conservatives, Politics

Take Some Political Risks 

After two straight electoral defeats, it is time for a substantial party shake-up. We don't need a feather duster; we need a fire hose.

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Obama to fund embryonic stem cells? They don't work

Ethics, Health care, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion Obama May Move Quickly on Stem Cells, Children's Health Nov. 10, 2008 

Nix voter registration all together?

Voter fraud

Movement to abandon all voter registration and ID Vicki mcKenna nov 11 show towards end 

Thank you and God bless you Veterans and enlisted troops

Holidays, Movies & Books, Veterans

Today is Veterans Day, a day set aside to honor those who have served in the armed forces. My father, pictured right, served in the Marine Corps in WWII.

From President Bush's proclamation: (My emphasis)

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Elmbrook ACT scores, 4K, and new schools


Catholic Bishops say no more ACORN funding

Charity, Politics, Religion, Voter fraud

Conference of Bishops met, they  

What about St. John Vianney  Common Ground? 

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Merry Athiestmas?

Culture, Holidays, Religion, Slipping fast!

 Fox news why believe in good, just be good for goodness sake, the american humanist association 'Why Believe in a God?' Ad Campaign Launches on D.C. Buses

You better watch out. There is a new combatant in the Christmas wars.

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Free baking demos at Brookfield Suites Friday, Nov. 14

Education, Free, Good food / recipes, Just for fun!

This Friday at Brookfield Suites Hotel on 1200 S. Moorland Road , The King Arthur Flour company will offer 2 baking classes. Did I mention it was FREE?

Their web page says, No registration is necessary – just come join us! For more information, call 800.827.6836. (The hotel is located on Moorland Road just north of Greenfield Ave. and south of I-94, phone 262-782-2900)

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Culture, Education, Movies & Books, Politics, War Trailer

1940s Berlin, an 8 year old boy must move out of the city because his Nazi father got a promotion. Neither the boy, Bruno, or his mother understand that Bruno's father is in charge of an extermination camp.

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The other shoe...s in this economy are dropping


A Barack Market Wall street Journal nov 13

The voters may be full of hope about the looming Obama Presidency, but so far investors aren't. No President-elect in the postwar era has been greeted with a more audible hiss from Wall Street. The Dow has lost 1,342 points, or about 14%, since the election, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq hitting similar skids. The Dow fell another 4.7% yesterday.

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Tough sell: Global warming in 2008 & Doyle's trip to Bev. Hills

Energy, Environment, Going Green, THE ECONOMY, Weather, WISCONSIN


A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Click this National Climatic Data Center/ NOAA link to see a map United States. It shows U.S. temperature averages from January through October of this year.

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We've got to do something but not right thing


The auto industry bailout is the latest in billions giveaway frenzy. Francis Glick says, we have got to do something.

Why is it our government is so willing to throw money at failure, yet so hesitant to do what works? (cutting taxes and corperated tax rates?)

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Prop 8 passage prompts disgusting protest in church

Elections, Homosexual agenda, Legislation, Religion

So much for tolerance. A Radical Michigan Gay Group Attacks Christian Church Service on Sunday. Yup, those gay people that Christians are to be so tolerant of, acted in a very intolerant, disgusting way during a church service.

On Sunday, November 9, 2008 Michigan liberals sat peacefully through announcements, worship and prayer for the sick, our nation and our President-elect before staging a coordinated, disgusting and repulsive attack on worshipers and the broader concept of the church itself at Lansing's Mount Hope Church.

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Franken race reminds us voter fraud still going strong

Politics, Slipping fast!, Voter fraud

We heard a lot about ACORN and voter fraud before the election. Now, we hear virtually nothing. Are we just going to let voter fraud go unchallenged? It seems so.

Right before our eyes, it appears Al Franken is stealing the election in Minnesota*: (Emphasis mine)

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Looks like Senate could become filabuster proof unless....

Elections, Slipping fast!, Voter fraud

 Dick Morris urged that Republicans go to and contribute to Sas Chandly's Senate recount race in Georgia. The Obama team is already going down there to help opponent.

If Republicans lose the ability to filibuster, there goes any hope to stop The Fairness Doctrine.

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The UN-Fairness Doctrine

Constitution, Media/ Talk radio, United States

You know it is coming. Obama has promised to address it. Schumer has talked about it too 

Seeing RED


What would happen if all states awarded their electoral votes, congressional district by congressional district, as Maine and Nebraska do? Nebraska was a red state in 2008 with the exception of its 2nd district, which went for Obama and contributed its 1 electoral college vote for him.

Look at the 2008 map. I found it interesting to see the distribution of counties going for McCain and Obama--especially in swing states that went for Obama. America Is Still a 'Red' Nation: Election Map 2008: 

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Don't they already have your children enough? Manditory Civil Defense Training

Education, Obama 2008

Obamas universal 4k and mandatory 50 hrs community civil defense service at camp for 3 mo.

How much do you want others to influence your children? One of my compelling reasons to homeschool was to be the primary influences for my child.

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Fun fall project

Just for fun!, Nature

Here is a fun project that you might want to try: Give oak leaves the Midas touch!

I have Martha Stewart to thank for this idea. She collected oak leaves and sprayed them with silver spray paint. She then made Christmas garlands and wreaths with her sliver leaves to deck her halls.

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...and up from the ground come a frozen fuel

Energy, Obama 2008, Politics

Thawing Fuel For Palin's Pipeline

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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Anglo-Saxon vs. Euorpean-style, who will speak for us?

Common sense, Conservatives, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

Telling It Like It Is At A Tipping Point

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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Elmbrook plans

Elmbrook, Elmbrook 2008 Referendum

 Santa elf

Cindy underbudget

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China, sonar and save the whales

Environment, United States, War 

Free (From) Willy

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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The war against CO2

Energy, Going Green

Chevron's Orwellian Crude Discovery

By SAM KAZMAN | Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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Down economy: Fewer prescriptions filled

Health care, Medicine, THE ECONOMY

Will the Down Economy Herald the Use of Natural Medicine?

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SPAM making a comeback?

Just for fun!, THE ECONOMY Spam Turns Serious and Homel Turns Out More Nov 14

At the museum, they said it was very popular in Hawaii.

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More on the gulag

Elections, The media, Truth, Unintended consequences

  Joe the Plumber case still dripping

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Elmbrook's $62.5 mil referendum over budget: That was then, this is now

Education, Elmbrook, Elmbrook 2008 Referendum, TAXES, THE ECONOMY Board considers cuts on high school plans Nov. 14, 2008

That was then, this is now. Elmbrook voters passed that $62.5 million dollar referendum last spring when voters still thought the economy was fine. We now know better.

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State funding & Elmbrook class size discussion Tuesday, Nov. 18, 1:30 - 3pm

Education, Elmbrook, Elmbrook: nonresident students, TAXES

I almost missed this little notice, it was tucked away on page 27 of Thursday's Brookfield NOW:

Members of the Elmbrook community are invited to attend a discussion about the effect of state funding on class sizes.

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OOPS, NASA used Sept. temperatures for Oct.'s data

Energy, Environment, Going Green, Obama 2008, Truth, Weather

Do you ever get the feeling that those who believe in Global Warming don't want to be confused by the facts?

I fully support a person's right to believe what they please. That doesn't mean their beliefs are correct, but they do have the right to believe what they want. We call that free will.

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RNC needs to hear from You!

Conservatives, Elections


The man who would be king: Treasury Secretary Paulson


Remember late in September, Congress had to pass a $700 billion dollar rescue plan to keep our economy from financial ruin? Well, that emergency plan eventually passed on Oct. 2nd. It grew from its original 3 pages to 450 pages. It also grew in scope: no longer was it a $700 billion blank check, it now included lots of pork!  

In the month and a half since passage, the stock market continues to head downward. More companies, states, and cities are lining up with their hands extended for bailout cash. Every week it seems the bailout bill morphs into something other than its original purpose: (My emphasis throughout.)

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Why we need Talk Radio

Conservatives, Constitution, Ethics, Media/ Talk radio

NBC has its eco week. Did they tell you about Nasa's mistake? No, they were giving misleading info about oceans rising 200 feet!

I found out about the Nasa mistake from The Drudge Report. I later heard it mentioned on Vicki McKenna and Mark Levin. (Other talk shows might have mentioned it, but I did not listen to them.)

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US filabuster proof senate in the balance with Saxby Chambliss runoff Friday

Conservatives, Elections

Chambliss  Warns: Out of Control Congress at stake in Georgia Race Nov 17

view interview 

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Christmas Tossmas of catalogs

Conservatives, Holidays, Religion


Bush going out with a bang

Conservatives, Pro Life / Pro Abortion

Refer a Friend | November 19, 2008

Obama Daschles Hopes of Pro-Lifers

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Tightening the belt and grim realities are never easy

Conservatives, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

 Let Detroit Go Bankrupt Mitt Romney Nov. 18, 2008  

IF General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.

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Elmbrook's revenue pie and future

Education, Elmbrook, TAXES

Tuesday, about 20 Elmbrook residents gathered at Brookfield El. to discuss state funding and its affect on class sizes. Board member Glen Allgaier attended as well. We all introduced ourselves and stated the ages and grade level of our children in the Elmbrook school system. I think I was the only person in attendance who never had a child in Elmbrook schools. (I homeschooled my son.) I would say most of the attendees were mothers of grade school aged children. 

Assistant Superintendent of Finance Bob Borch guided us through the very complicated system of school finance with a power point presentation. He carefully explained how the system used to work and then brought us up to date with today's system.

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Grow your own transplant parts from ADULT stem cells

Conservatives, Ethics, Medicine, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion

Don't you love it?  Grow your own transplant parts from your own stem cells. Claudia Castillo gets windpipe tailor-made from her own stem cells: (My emphasis)

A woman has been given a new section of windpipe created from her own stem cells in an operation that could revolutionise surgery.

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Elmbrook pdf District Ends Year On Positive Note Financially Nov. 2008




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Elmbrook pdf District Seeks Community Involvement in Financial Planning Process Nov. 2008




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US Senate filibuster proof race hangs in balance

Conservatives, Elections, Obama 2008, Politics Fred PAC

 First, below please read Senator Thompson’s most recent column on Townhall.  We must not become dispirited with the elections or be fearful for the future.  But Senator Thompson says it best when we writes:

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Class sizes then and now

Education, Elmbrook, TAXES

Tuesday, about 20 Elmbrook residents gathered at Brookfield El. to discuss state funding and its affect on class sizes. Board member Glen Allgaier attended as well.

We all introduced ourselves and stated the ages and grade level of our children in the Elmbrook school system. I think I was the only person there who never had a child in the Elmbrook system. (I homeschooled my son.) I would say most of the attendees were mothers of grade school aged children. 

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Bailouts and deficits: Win the battle, lose the war

Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

A bailout might keep an industry afloat while they reorganize, but unless the business changes their ways, it does little in the long term.  

Homeschool kids "demented?"

Conservatives, Education, Homeschooling

The right to homeschool in the United States has been a long, hard fought battle. In many countries, it is still illegal. The public perception of homschooling is rather two-faced: People know homeschoolers on average outscore private and government school children on standardized testing*, but they still view the parents and students with skepticism.

This negativity was evidenced last week when Joy Behar from The View characterized homeschool children as "demented!"
Joy's slam did not escape Michelle Malkin's attention:

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Teaching to the test takes its toll

Education, Elmbrook

Link act scores. that is how we measure intelligence these days.

Civics, economics, personal finance, are no longer taught in school. All of the emphasis is on the almighty ACT and SAT score. Notice what was on the cover of the LINK. ACT scores.

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December dates: 1st, Obama v Berg case to Supreme Court, 2nd, Georgia votes for Senator

Constitution, Elections, Obama 2008, Politics 

CO2 reductions will cost millions and do nothing

Going Green, Obama 2008, THE ECONOMY, Truth, Unintended consequences

Heritage foundation look at Obamas proposal 

Library $50,000 restored, will we notice?

City of Brookfield, TAXES


Council restores library budget cuts

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Elmbrook Human Growth & Development Parent Review: Dec. 9, 12, and Jan. 6

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File this under: Plan ahead. Human Growth and Development team member Cheri Mastel left a comment reminding us of these upcoming HGD meetings. Since I don't want any interested parents or residents to miss this opportunity, I am posting portions of her comments here:

Soon we [team members] will give of time, effort, and talent to the HGD parent advisory committee again.  

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The Civics test: How do you compare?

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How many times do you hear that our children are so much smarter these days or that our high school and college age students are so advanced compared to our school days?

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A Time to Pay Tribute to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock "Giving Thanks" 

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Yosemite: Can't go back to that cabin!

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Yosemite Nat. Park: Can't go back to that cabin!

National Parks, Socialism / Marxism, TRAVEL, Unintended consequences

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"Christmas," I saw it in a store ad!!!

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 Kohls ad and newspaper bag ad said, Christmas sale.

Elmbrook to borrow $9 million from City?

Many people are confused about the separation of City and School District. Some think they are one in the same. Some think never the twain shall meet. But there is one place where they meet and that is on the City's property tax bill. The property tax bill includes the school district's levy. It also included the Property Tax Levy Credit from the state. (I just learned a little about that at that at the district meeting about state funding and class sizes.) 

Santa's Elf:

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Homeschool kids called "demented?"

Conservatives, Education, Homeschooling

The right to homeschool in the United States has been a long, hard fought battle. In many countries, it is still illegal. The public perception of homschooling is rather two-faced: People know homeschoolers on average outscore private and government school children on standardized testing*, but they still view the parents and students with skepticism.

This negativity was evidenced last week when Joy Behar from The View characterized homeschool children as "demented!"
Joy's slam did not escape Michelle Malkin's attention:

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This is NOT the Great Depression

History, Truth

People act like we are in the great depression. I suggest that if you are with older family members this Thanksgiving, you speak to those who lived through the great depression. You will realize that no matter what the stock market is doing right now, you have much to be thankful of

My dad was just 11 when the stock market crashed on Black Thursday. He quit school to go to work at a bakery at age 13. The pay was not much, but he could take home old bakery and the rejects. Later on he worked for Kroger grocery stores in the produce department. Again, terrible pay. The bennies were he could take home the unsellable produce. What the family couldn't eat by cutting off the bad parts went to feed the few milk cows and pigs on the farm. (Beets and peas yielded sweeter milk. Don't feed a dairy cow onions!)

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You don't miss as much what you never had: Air Conditioning school

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Obama promises even more stringent green pacts than Kyoto

energy prices going to rise

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What, me worry? (About recession)

Just for fun!, THE ECONOMY

I don't go to shopping at malls* very often for several reasons: 1. I can never find the style or item I need, and if I can, it is too expensive. 2. Watching people buy frivolous, overpriced stuff makes me want to leave. 3. Often, they are too crowded. But every 4 weeks or so, I do make a pilgrimage to Mayfair's Alterra coffee stand for my 5# bag of whole bean Sumatra coffee.

Last Saturday, I needed to go to Mayfair for coffee. I wondered, would the fear of recession or layoffs put a damper on people's shopping habits?

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End to school QEO and Revenue Caps?

Education, TAXES

Jay Weber 8:10 hour tuesday, Cap Times 

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e-Harmony bullied into submission

Culture, Ethics, Homosexual agenda


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Binge eating, binge drinking, binge shopping, now, binge bailouts!

Government / Bureaucracy, TAXES, THE ECONOMY Fed to buy $600 billion in mortgage-related assets. nov 25

WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve says it will buy up to $600 billion in mortgage-backed assets in another attempt to deal with the financial crisis.

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Thanksgiving gets shortchanged

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It is true; I don't get out much. But even I notice that the retail world goes directly from Halloween to Christmas decorations, totally ignoring Thanksgiving. Every year, the Christmas decor comes out earlier and earlier.

This year I observed Mayfair Mall donned its Christmas decor BEFORE Halloween! I had gone there on Oct. 24th to get my monthly 5# bag of Sumatra whole bean coffee. The mall was decked in reds and greens.

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The year before the 1st Thanksgiving

History, Holidays, Religion

Most people are not aware that the Pilgrims arrived in the new world in November of 1620--one year before the day we commemorate as the first Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims had endured a 9 week ocean journey for one reason only, freedom. Freedom to worship God in their own way.

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Tis the season... of the red kettle

Charity, Helping others


1st Amendment rights threatened, will you be Speechless?

Conservatives, Constitution, Free, Religion

Speechless Silencing the Christians All Episodes No Registration Required - Scroll down for each episode 

Watch movie "Come What May" free online

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