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Untrained Companion


When bacon, eggs, potatoes, and pancakes were requested,

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A closer look at the Lancers, Spartans boys basketball teams

Brookfield Central boys basketball, Brookfield East boys basketball

When looking at the Greater Metro Conference boys baskteball race, I can't see anyone beating a talented Menomonee Falls team (6-3), led by everyone's favorite recruit, J.P. Tokoto. West Allis Central is 7-1, so they also have to be dealt with, and Hamilton is 6-4.

Although not as talented as in the past, Marquette (2-5) should be in the race and Wauwatosa East (3-7) might also be formidable.

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Bound To Ski


Somehow, I managed to grow up without the chance to learn,

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Tree and Branch Pickup

The city will be picking up Christmas trees through January 25.  Put your tree by the roadside.  City crews will drive through each neighborhood several times in the coming weeks and will pick them up, as has been the practice for several years.

Christmas wreaths are treated as trash due to having wire, ribbons, etc.  Just put them out on the usual trash pickup day.

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Houlihan's at Brookfield Square closing

Brookfield Square

Houlihan's restaurant at Brookfield Square will close by the end of the month. It will be replaced this fall by a Red Robin restuarant.

The longtime casual dining restaurant will not renew its lease at the mall, according to Brookfield Square manager Scott Oleson.

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New Year's Resolution

The New Year brings changes and new resolutions for many.  If your resolution is to explore better educational opportunities for your child/children, take a look at St. John Vianney School .  St. John Vianney offers a great academic education in an environment which fosters responsibility, spirituality and respect.  For the 2010 - 2011 academic year, the school has the following openings:

Eighth Grade – 0

Seventh Grade – 5

Sixth Grade – 0

Fifth Grade – 1

Fourth Grade – 3

Third Grade – 2

Second Grade – 11

First Grade – 0

Kindergarten – 0

4K - registration begins soon, call today

Please call our Principal, Jayme Hartmann (262-796-3942) if you would like to schedule a school tour or if you have questions.

Been to the new ALDI almost in Brookfield?

Brookfield, Living well on less $

Yes, it is true! Another ALDI grocery store moved into Brookfield - almost.

It is located on the Wauwatosa side of 124th Street on Burleigh Rd. next to the OfficeMax store, in the Lowe's shopping center. (Actual address is 12120 Burleigh)

They opened 2 weeks before Christmas. I stopped in that week and they were busy!

I shopped there again yesterday* because they had a fruit sale: cantaloupe for 89-cents, grapefruit for 29-cents, bag of navel oranges for $1.49, and bananas for 39-cents/pound. What a deal.

They seem to be well received, even in almost Brookfield. Like me, many shoppers bring their Sendiks heavy plastic grocery bags to reuse at ALDI.

People are interested in ALDI stores. From the weekly blog reports I receive from Brookfieldnow, I have noticed that 2008's posts on ALDI show up nearly every week on my page view totals.

Few stores consistently offer the same values as ALDI stores. Most of their products are made by mainstream companies, just relabeled for ALDI with their labels. The packages are often the same size and colors as the mainstream company, just the design is different. Other products are the same as other private label products. Their butter for example is the same as Roundy's butter, but at a cheaper price.

Plus, ALDI backs all of their products with a double your money back guaranty--even their produce. I once returned a moldy pineapple, which can happen anywhere, and they insisted on giving me double my money back. How refreshing.

So what do you have to lose? If you have never been to an ALDI store, give them a try ...don't forget to bring your quarter and bags. (See ALDI 101 below)

Past Posts: Shopping ALDI's 101: B.Y.O. B, Q, and C & New Loaction News
Just What Can You Find at ALDI's? Lowe Prices for One!
In Praise of ALDI's and Trader Joe's: Wish We Had Both!

*I shop at ALDI nearly every week but usually at the Hwy 100 store in West Allis, south of Greenfield Ave.


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Campaign for Mayor

Today, January 5, 2010 I issued the following press release.

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Sloppy Joe


The stove's a mess with Sloppy Joe,

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Promises, promises: It'll be on C-SPAN

Health care, Legislation, President Obama, TAXES, Socialism / Marxism

Eight different times, on Jan 2008, 1/20/08, 11/14/2008, 8/28/08, 3/1/08, 11/27/07, May 2008, and 4/25/08, presidential candidate Barack Obama promised that his ObamaCare negotiations would not be held behind closed doors. Instead they would be televised on C-SPAN. He promised negotiations would be "transparent and accountable" so the American people could watch them. He even chided the Clinton's for their closed door health care discussions during the Clinton era.

But like so many promises made by President Obama, the reality is quite different from his promises. At present, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are negotiating behind closed doors to mesh the passed House and Senate versions of ObamaCare. No C-SPAN, no transparency, except Pelosi saying they are close to a bill.

This in itself should raise the ire of every American because this Conference Committee melding of the bills is always done in Congress and subject to more discussion and scrutiny. Considering the bill affects 1/6th of the American economy, you would think they would follow precedence. But not with President Obama's administration.

I guess we just must chalk up his broken C-SPAN promise as another, I was for it before I was against it? Was this the change you hoped for?

From The Heritage Foundation's Obama's Other Broken Health Care Promises:

  1. Individual Mandate: ...Obama:'Now, under any mandate, you are going to have problems with people who don’t end up having health coverage...' Both the House and Senate bills now contain an individual mandate. According to the President’s own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, under the Senate plan, 19 million Americans would pay $29 billion in taxes/fines and still receive no health care in return.
  2. You Will Not Lose Your Doctor: ...Obama promised the American people: 'No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise...If you like your doctor, ...keep your doctor...If you like your health care plan...keep your health care plan.' Again, the President’s own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services confirms that the current Senate health bill breaks this promise. Seventeen million Americans will be forced out of their existing health insurance. [Even more woes for Medicare/Medicaid patients--see Mayo clinic link at bottom.]
  3. No Tax Hikes for People Making Less than $250,000: '...Obama promised the American people: “if your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.' I repeat: not one single dime.' Speaker Pelosi believes the Senate bill’s excise tax on insurance plans breaks this promise, and she is right... [and] There are a slew of new taxes in the Senate bill, many of which will hit the middle class...

  4. Your Health Premiums Will Be $2,500 Lower:Congressional Budget Office,and Lewin Group,[disagree.]
  5. Health Reform Reduces the Deficit:..'Obama: I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future. Period.' [but] When the true cost of Obamacare is considered, the final tab comes to $2.5 trillion with an honest accounting of Medicare reimbursement rates netting a $765 billion deficit all by itself.
  6. Tax Payer Funded Abortion: ...Obama: 'No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.'[but in Senate version]Your taxdollars most definitely would be paying for elective abortions.

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Where's Ponto?

City of Brookfield, Elections, Politics, Mayor Speaker

Brookfield's mayoral primary election is fast approaching on February 16th.

I spotted my first Marcello for Mayor sign mid December?

Marcello also had a color ad in the Waukesha Freeman freebie paper last week.


The large red Speaker for Mayor signs went up after Christmas.after Christmas.

But where-o-where are the Ponto signs?

They may be out there but I haven't spotted one yet. Have you?

I would hate to have Steve Ponto play it so laid back that he misses the boat.


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Low Visibility


We find it hard to shovel snow,

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Technology and Our Kids

"Technology is eradicating the wisdom of antiquity and slowly destroying our kids' ability to think".

Wow - what kind of reactionary Luddite crawled out from under a rock and gave voice to that mouthful?  Was it a joint communique issued by the firm of Belling, Beck and Limbaugh?  

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Feingold says he'll listen at WCTC on Monday. What will you say?

Health care, Special events, WISCONSIN, Legislation

Hey, our own Senator Russ Feingold says he will be listening on Monday, Janurary 11th, at 12:15pm, at WCTC. Amazing. He hasn't heard us so far, but on Monday, he is ready!

Other listening sessions have drawn 200 to 300 in attendance, I heard. I also heard Vicki McKenna say that he estimates the crowds were split 50/50 in favor and against ObamaCare. I find that very difficult to believe. So, I will go see for myself.

The listening session will be held in the Lecture Hall of the Business building at WCTC, at 800 Main Street, Pewaukee.

Regardless if you attend or not, still give him a call. Senator Russ Feingold: Milwaukee (414) 276-7282, Washington D.C. 202) 224-5323.

True, he probably won't listen on the phone any better than he does at a listening session, but I have to believe the calls are making a difference. Entrenched Congressmen like Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan aren't calling it quits because of all the positive calls their offices receive!


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It's Elmbrook's Human Growth & Development (Sex Ed) public review time again

Education, Elmbrook, Family, HG&D (sex-ed)

Elmbrook School District residents may look over the Human Growth & Development materials at the district offices at 13780 Hope Street, just a few blocks north of Capitol Drive.

Daytime Sessions: Jan. 11 - 15, Jan. 18 - 22 and Jan. 25: 9 a.m. - Noon and 1 - 4 p.m.
Evening Sessions: Thursday, Jan. 14 and Monday, Jan. 18: 5 - 7 p.m.

New for this year is the proposed packaged curriculum by Holt for the middle school students. I believe this is the first pre-fab curriculum our district has ever had for health instruction, which is the broader term for sex ed.

I like the idea of a packaged curriculum because it is easier to see exactly what will be taught. The Outcomes, I have heard, are tied to specific chapters and pages, which should help parents see what subjects are emphasized and taught.

One of the challenges in reviewing the HG&D materials is to match the Outcomes with the actual instructional materials. Another would be to look at how much time is devoted to a subject. For example, the curriculum may include teaching abstinence and birth control, but how much time is devoted to each? Hypothetically, if there is one mention of abstinence and then 10 lessons on contraception, are we really covering both subjects? Is instruction glossing over the importance of abstinence in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are incurable?

As you review the material, keep in mind the state graduation requirement for sex ed is 1/2 credit in the subject of health. Period. Every classroom hour devoted to HG&D takes one hour away from some other subject such as science, math, English, or history.

If you have children in the Elmbrook School District, I urge you to go take a look at what materials are there for your child's present and future grade levels.

Past Posts: Still time to review Elmbrookd's HG&D (Sex-Ed) materials:



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Brookfield woman inspired to run across the country

running, ultras, elite efforts

For nearly three decades, Jill Kumlien has endured the debilitating progression of multiple sclerosis with a smile and unwavering faith.

Her hands and feet often falter, but never her outlook, always steadfast, always positive.

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South Milwaukee Library events

There still is time to sign up for the winter story time.  Story time is held on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am.  Register in person or call 768-8195, ext 3.  No age limit.

The Library will be sponsoring a "basic computer skills class" on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 9:30 am.  The class is free.  We are limiting the class to 35 people.  Call 768-8195, ext 2 to regisister or register in person at the referece desk.  Some of the topics that will be covered are:  How to work with computer commands and desktop, learn how to save, save as, copy and move files, creating a shortcut and many more.

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Brookfield Central student selected as delegate to U.S. Senate program

Brookfield Central High School

Brookfield Central student Bryan Dongre has been selected as one of two delegates from Wisconsin to participate in the 48th Annual United States Senate Youth Program in Washington. D.C., Wisconsin Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold have announced.

In addition to attending a week-long study of the federal government in March, Dongre will receive a $5,000 college scholarship due to his selection for the competitive program. The program's scholarships, transportation costs and other expenses are paid for by the Hearst Foundation.

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Consumer Driven Health Care

Ah - the joys of turning fifty..........

I had a colonoscopy in December.  For those of you who know what is involved - enough said.  For those of you who do not, it's really not that bad.  To paraphrase Tom Petty, "the fasting is the hardest part".  

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