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Practically Speaking

Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

New Year, clean slate

Family, Healthy living, Holidays

One week down, 51 more to go in 2008. Already I am thinking, where did the first week go? (I started the new year out a little under the weather, so that may account for feeling I missed out on something.)

The end of the past year and start of the new naturally lends itself to being a time of reassessment. Being one of those Christmas letter people helps me sum up our highs and lows of the year. 

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Mayor Speaker, wasn't that our money?

City of Brookfield, Mayor Speaker, TAXES

Did you read that Mayor Speaker wrote a check to fulfill his 2006 campaign promise regarding the return of his pay raise to the city? "'I kept my word,' he said." Unfortunately, he gave it to the wrong city!

The Journal/Sentinel reported that "Mayor Jeff Speaker returned his 2007 salary increase - and a little more - to city coffers Monday, making good on a re-election campaign promise."

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Pay raise for aldermen? Can we make it a merit pay raise?


How about merit pay for aldermen?

City of Brookfield

Recently, Brookfield's human resource committee voted 3-1 in favor of a 1% pay raise for aldermen. Gary Mahkorn, Bob Reddin, and Jim Garvens voted in favor; Mike Franz voted against.

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Please Elmbrook, fewer open enrollement students, not more

Education, Elmbrook, Elmbrook: nonresident students, High Schools, TAXES

When I read the Community Watch posting, Board considers change in Open Enrollment* headline, I thought, at last they are starting to "get it".  (*Sorry, this is not a perm. link)

I thought the posting was going to state that the board would be reducing the number of non-resident students. I was half right, but the posting was not exactly what I expected.

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Fountain Brook comments

Visualizing where the water might go,& where the extra cars might try to park??? The service road is full now, when people are at the SPORTS
Bar--Champs, parked on the outer drive, both sides. Can barely get thru.
Now,Moorland Road is OverRun with traffic 3:30 thru 6:00.      U-Turns constant on
Hackberry Lane. Cars running Red lights constantly.
Also, if Thomson does EVER get his way to build Condos would be an extra 1000
cars or some kind of vehicle a day.
Maybe they could use his Land as a place to channel all the water.Drain it all there. 
The service road is under water half the time.

Also, isn't it approved for that 94' tall building etc. corner of Greenfield/Moorland in
New Berlin?   Most, if not all of that traffic will be coming off this Freeway Ramp
also!!   We have people same as in D.C. over here in Brookfield. Where are all the
people with BRAINS.?   M. G.

Fountain Brook Crossing: BIG building, BIG zoning change, BIG precedent, BIG mistake

City of Brookfield, Development, TAXES, ZONING CHANGES

Just to give you the heads up, there is a potentially HUGE zoning change and building project coming to Brookfield next week. There will be a Public Hearing on Fountain Brook Crossing at City Hall on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7:45pm (before the council meeting).

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Fountain Brook Crossing: 2 Unbelievably BIG buildings

City of Brookfield, Development, ZONING CHANGES

I hope you took the time to look at the architect's renderings of Fountain Brook Crossing. But keep in mind, it is nearly impossible to imagine just how BIG this set of proposed buildings is simply by looking at those drawings. They are presented using the roadway to give some sense of open space and perspective.

Even though I am a visual person, I too am having trouble envisioning what this will look like. The easiest way for me to convey the size and scope of this project to you is to compare it to what we already have.

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Just for fun: Amazing ballet like you have never seen

Just for fun!

A friend sent me this link to some truly amazing dancing. I have never seen anything like it in all my days at Milwaukee Ballet.

Be sure your sound is on on your computer. The intro is in French, but that does not matter. If you click on the last box in the bottom right hand corner of the "youtube" screen, then it will show full screen.

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Remembering the Big Chills

Just for fun!

I just got back from church and lunch out, and now I am glad to be back home. My, it's cold out there! But when I think of past cold snaps I've experienced, today's weather pales in comparison.

Even though the heat is running often, I still feel cold in the house. This chill, however, is nothing compared to our first years of marriage. Prior to moving here, my husband and I owned a very tiny Polish Flat in the Riverwest area. It had no central heat! A space heater in the living room supplied all the heat we had. We were young and adventuresome (and poorer) then and decided not to heat the upstairs. (Remember, this was just after the Carter years--we were used to cutting back.) That meant we kept the stairway door to the bedroom closed. During a particularly cold -26F day in January 1982 our attic bedroom temperature dipped below the freezing point to 28 degrees! An electric blanket on a timer kept us from freezing once in bed. I think after that we lived it up and kept the door open at night.

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Let them eat (and drink) gasoline and evolution religion Mark Morano Climate Science Coalition Jsonline Madison researcher skeptical of concerns. 

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Reap what you sow

coach arrested in child porn sting.

We over sex our kids allow girls to dress like harlots, don't put any limits on the airwaves and then scratch our heads when someone gets caught.

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The birthday party: Open enrollment's fairy tale


I cannot edit but they can?

Elmbrook: nonresident students

As a Brookfieldnow blogger, I am told I cannot edit anyone's comments. I must either present them as they are sent to me or choose not to post them if I feel they aren't appropriate. But last Thursday, my blog on Open Enrollment,  Please Elmbrook, fewer open enrollment students, not more was edited and put into the Brookfieldnow printed paper.

Now, I can certainly understand that print space is limited while web space is not. I also know I am never a woman of few words. But by editing that posting, the paper eliminated my acknowledgment of the board's efforts to lower the number of open enrollment students by almost 50%. Of course if you only read the print version you would not know that; the editing changed the intent of my posting.

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Free speech doesn't mean anything goes  

Dear President Bodenheimer:

I am appalled that neither ESPN nor ABC has taken any action against Dana Jacobson for her hateful, slurring remarks about Jesus.

Your refusal to take any action is an indication of your contempt toward Christians.

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Elmbrook's new referendum mentioned on talk radio


You ask for the outrageous so that you can come back for the ghastly.

I did not say that, but I do agree. I happened to catch that statement on the radio this morning while tuning in for the weather report. Jay Webber briefly mentioned Elmbrook's new $62.2 million high school referendum. ($62.2 million is still much too high for me; there is still too much fat in this plan.)

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Jim Sullivan, why another extra 1% tax goes to let 17 year old criminals off the hook 

15 calls to a state rep is a lot

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Ben Stein "Ben realizes that he has been “Expelled,” and that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired – for the “crime” of merely believing that there might be evidence of “design” in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance."

It's not easy going GREEN

Going Green, Technology gone awry, Unintended consequences

You just cannot depend on common sense any more. Last year, I remember hearing that California was thinking of banning the incandescent light bulb and mandating more energy efficient fluorescent lamps. I was not too concerned; I just chalked that up to another nutty Californian idea.

But just before the end of 2007, President Bush signed onto the United States Congress' energy bill phasing out most incandescent light bulbs! (Sensenbrenner, by the way voted against this ridiculous piece of legislation, but 314 of his fellow representatives lacked the backbone to oppose it--too afraid of committing heresy against the new religion of global warming.)

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Mandate not a bright idea

Better bulbs are a bright idea — mandate is not

Our view: Power-saving new varieties of light bulb have wide-ranging benefits — not least of which is cutting utility bills — but not every good idea needs a mandate from Congress to back it up.

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It's back! Ethanol bill heads to senate Thursday--speak up

Ethanol, Going Green, Unintended consequences, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: The Ethanol bill is on the Senate floor right now. Reportedly, Senator Jim Sullivan is on the fence regarding this bill. Please let him know what you think. If passed, the bill goes to the Assembly. There Assembly Speaker, Mike Huebsch is said to also be on the fence.

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Keep the heat on Ethanol bill: Senate short 2 votes! Update: Sen. Olsen abstains

Ethanol, Legislation, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: Senate Bill 380 sponsor Senator Olsen removed his name from the bill and will abstain from voting for it due to a perceived conflict of interest. Vicki McKenna of WISN radio was kind enough to send me that tidbit. Senator Olsen, by the way, is a republican, which just goes to show we need to watch them all. She also sent this lint to an Ethanol piece Mark Belling wrote 2 years ago when this was heading to the senate. Very interesting.

Senate Bill 380, the Renewable Fuel bill a.k.a. Ethanol Mandate bill hit the Senate floor today. However, according to Mark Belling's radio program* this afternoon, the Senate Democrats chose not to call the vote today. They knew they were short 2 votes (they need 17 votes for passage). So rather than have the bill fail, they simply returned it to the Democrat controlled Administrative Committee. I would guess it will wait there until the pro-ethanol crowd feels they have enough votes for passage.

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