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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

R.I.P. Bill Muth

It's my fault I never told you, but you were one of my favorite guys ever.

Before a bunch of you city-management types get your undies in a bundle, I never knew Bill as a city engineer. I knew him as a guy from church whose whole face smiled. And yes, the current man in charge is famous for his "my predecessor" lines, but you know what? Brookfield grew more under Bill Muth's engineering eye than ever. 

And here's to Bill's wit: I never knew he had Alzheimer's disease

Unite us together again in one family, to sing Your praise forever and ever. Amen.


PS Dear BrookfieldNOW: I learned of the JSOnline article from Patch. Dudes. Wake up. You have an online news source to run. As of this post you still don't have a link to Muth's obituary. I'd rise to the occasion here if you guys show up.

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