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Senior Viewpoint

Dick Steinberg has resided in the city of Brookfield for 35 years. He served 34 years as municipal judge and has been an attorney for 50 years. He enjoys tennis, golf, biking and creative writing, which includes legal issues, sports, government and people.

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Non-Partisan Elections

The upcoming elections for Alderman/women are NON-PARTISAN.

There are basically 2 types of elections in Wisconsin. Partisan and Non-Paritsan.

Partisan elections are those in which the candidate seeks a Partisan public office which is identified on the ballot with a political party affiliation. (Republican, Democrat, etc.).

Non-Partisan elections are those in which the candidate seeks a non-partisan office which is not identified on the ballot as having a political party affiliation. (Republican, Democrat, etc.).

Examples of Non-Partisan offices that are elective include Aldermen/women and Judges, in Wisconsin.

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin rules of judicial conduct probibit a Judge from belonging to a political party or participating in political party activities.

Merriam-Webster defines "Non-Partisan" as follows: free from party affiliation, bias, or designation. Synonyms included are: impartial and objective.

(this writer is aware there may be other definitions or understandings and common usage of these words)

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