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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

Contaminated subdivision The Shire one step closer to approval

The addition is scheduled to be discussed at the November 7th Plan Commission meeting. What's the recommendation? Well gosh, we dont' know. True to form with a controversial topic, the final recommendation will be delievered at the Plan Commission meeting that evening.

Remember, the question has never been about developing this land, it's whether or not Waste Management (and yes, they are named on the agenda) should be rewarded and allowed to make money off the sale of the land when so much contamination has come off that landfill. There are still unanswered questions about the water plume that's developed to the south and east. And yes, as we saw before, there have been, even in the last few years, evidence of gas migration to the property that is wanting to be platted.

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Wait a minute!

New City Clerk Kelly MIchaels has been on the job for a few weeks now. I've noticed some changes to the way things are done. For one, the agendas are now a thing of beauty. They are so easy to read!

When the first set of minutes she'd done were emailed, I was very excited. The minutes were thorough. One could tell the basics of every discussion and easily discern how the alderfolk voted. No more listening to those meetings where certain elected like to hear themselves talk!

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Kuttemperoor's Rose House sells for $37.50 a square foot

Not bad pricing if you can get it. The Business Journal has done three articles on the sale of the home. This one shows the new owner Bachan Singh. Mr. Singh owns gas stations.

The Rose House is still unfinished inside, which accounts for part of that bargain.

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Would you build on a lot in The Shire addition?

The staff report is out for the special Plan Commission meeting on November 30th. It's long; it's cumbersome, and indeed, it includes this tidbit as part of the deed restrictions:

The landfill owner is responsible for monitoring contaminated groundwater and/or methane gas from the landfill that may migrate to the lots in The Shire, Addition No. 1.

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Kilkenny for Alderman?

 Ok, this is going to surprise some of you. I told about a dozen people I wouldn't be running. But I might be running. Setting back The Shire decision until after signatures are due is so typical. Someone in community needs to stand for something. Might as well be me.

I think I'll file the form that allows me to collect signatures, then I'll collect signatures. What I'm not going to do right now is commit to turning in those signatures to be on the ballot. If you would like to run in the 2nd district instead, by all means, let me know! 

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