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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

Elmbrook: Time to close two schools

I get so embarrassed for our school board. Instead of making a common sense decision about closing two elementary schools they embarked upon a study where the options included closing Dixon or Brookfield Elementary. 

You know. Those new grade schools with enormous gymnasiums and air conditioning that taxpayers haven't finished paying off yet.

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It's The Shire Week

Oh, come on. You know you expected it. Sooner or later we'd talk about that subdivision The Shire.

Well we're going to talk about it because the city is talking about it. On Wednesday, August 17th at 6:30 p.m. there is a Landifll Moratorium Committee meeting, and that agenda includes a place for public comments. 

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Council to vote on The Shire moratorium

 On tonight's agenda it's in the consent agenda as part of the Plan Commission actions.

Proposed extension of Ordinance 2223-10, an extension of Ordinance Nos. 2182-09, 2144-08, 2090-07 and 2070-06 which are an extensions of Ordinance No. 1958-04, a Development Common Council Moratorium for the Waste Management landfill known as Outlots 1 and 2 of CSM No. 9898 and outlots 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 of The Shire subdivision (initially identified as Outlots 6-10) bounding same, not including lots 1-25 of The Shire Subdivision.  

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Last night's Moratorium Committee Meeting

 Well, they met. All the committee members were there. A few aldermen were in attendance. Scott Berg took pictures. (Noisily, I might add. Folks all cameras have a way to turn off that annoying picture taking sound.)

I was generally pleased with the questions presented. I was also pleased with some of the questions from the audience. One concern was that many were not aware of the meeting, and there was a request that the neighborhoods be contacted.

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I was wrong

 Now keep in mind, if certain men were writing this post, that title would have to be:

I was wr...wr...wr...slightly inaccurate in my initial assessment.

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Homes on Dumps Across America

 Well one website has gone and made it easy to start the investigation of homes built on or next to waste sites. The list is about a year old, so that's not too bad. There is nothing listed in Wisconsin.

I'll keep digging around. I've about a dozen open links right now to investigate. I'll add to this post as I run across information to share.

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WalMart still trying at Pilgrim and Lisbon

 This time WalMart is only shooting for one of their new neighborhood concepts stores, more like a grocer. It still has residents in Brookfield concerned. Writes one resident in the Northeast quadrant:

"There are Walmarts at Pilgrim/County Line on MF/Germantown border, a Walmart going in on Pilgrim Road/Main St. in MF, at Silver Spring/US 45 area in Milwaukee, at Capitol/164 in Pewaukee, Sunset Drive in Waukesha.  I read recently that there is some discussion of a Walmart at Burleigh/US 45 in Tosa.  Seems like we are sufficiently served by Walmarts, is another needed on the Brookfield/MF border?"

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The Shire subdivision is contaminated.

 I know that statement is not going to please a couple of people, but I also know that statement is accurate. It's a logical conclusion when one acknowledges the outlots being discussed by the Moratorium Committee are all legally platted as "The Shire" and the Wisconsin DNR has determined that all but two of those outlots have measurable contamination from the landfill waste mass.

Let me show you a specific. You can find Outlot 8 on this map. Here is the legal description for Outlot 8:

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Meetings for the week of August 29

 There are only a couple: a special sewer and water board and a Sister Citiies.

The Sewer and Water board notice is interesting:

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