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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

Congratulations to the Elmbrook Historical Society

Their Historical Society float took the Best Use of Theme award in yesterday's Brookfield 4th of July Parade. The theme this year was Star Spangled Celebration!   Below are a few pictures of the participants.

Trevor Mellone, a Wisconsin Hills student dressed as a Civil War Soldier, played several tunes on the trumpet. He was seated in one of EHS' antique sleighs.

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Poor New Berlin

Think your Mayor and Common Council can be responsive to their constituents? Think again. It could all end up like New Berlin with lawsuits and court orders looming.

Zoning has a lot to do with how this project came to be. Anyone recently checked out the planning that was passed around Brookfield Square?

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Much of Brookfield will have a new State Senator under redistricting plan

I've just been reading this bit on redistricting from the MJS. It shows how Leah Vukmir (R) will be my new State Senator instead of Rich Zipperer (R).

In fair disclosure, I like Zipperer. His office has been somewhat responsive in the past. I'm not wild about Vukmir - it's more who she is, though, than her work. She votes the Republican agenda like clockwork. That said, I'm not over the moon about the change, but I'll survive.

What dawned on me is that this shift would have never taken place had Ted Kanavas been the State Senator instead of Zipperer. Kanavas lives in Brookfield, which will be entirely represented by Vukmir. Zipperer is, I think, in Pewaukee. And that's when I wondered out loud if the anticipated shift is the reason Kanavas didn't run.

You know me, I'm not convinced we have a Republican crowd with all the oars in the water all the time, but I suppose there's a chance someone saw this opportunity coming and gently encouraged Kanavas to move on. Everyone (and I mean even his neighbor's dog) knows he'd rather be in Washington. Although there's been talk of him making a state-wide run for the Senate seat Herb Kohl (D) holds, I've always thought he was waiting for James Sensenbrenner (R) to retire. Wasn't Kanavas a former Sensenbrenner staffer?

I'm not a huge Kanavas fan, either, but that's not news. In his case, it's opposite the Vukmir issue. I like Ted (well, I like his wife and family) and get annoyed at his constant political posturing that often doesn't make logical sense. I haven't missed that over the last few months.

In any event, read the MJS article. Although they make it sound dastardly that the competitive seats are being redesigned for a firm Republican win, one must also remember they are creating firm Democratic strongholds as well. Instead of lambasting the newly arranged districts, maybe we should rejoice in how those districts will serve to calm the legislature down.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm tickled the new lines will serve to buffer Wisconsin's red-state status. Absolutely tickled. (I don't want to have to move to Oklahoma again. Do you know it was 110 degrees last Saturday?)

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Meetings for the week starting July 18

There are actually a lot of meetings this week. HRPS is meeting for "Discussion and possible action regarding the administrative and employee relations impact of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 and 2011 Wisconsin Act 32." Sadly, that agenda is always worded so poorly there's a good chance it wouldn't stand up to court challenge. It's supposed to give a reasonable person an idea of the topic of "discussion and possible action." Do you have any idea how big that bill was? It could mean pretty much anything.

Also, the Parks department is active again with a public hearing to amend the 2035 master plan in regards to open spaces. This is planning to change the planning that wasn't thoroughly planned in the first place but can always be amended later if more planning suggests it.

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Another Brookfield planning snafu

Ok, it's not exactly a secret that I think the City of Brookfield could save a big chunk of change by letting a certain Director of Community Development take a hike. Here's the latest brilliant move.

I can just picture it now. The Depatment has had zero, zilch, nada to do for years, so when a developer comes in to prepare a chunk of land (this same developer has been in a few times over the last decade trying to get his land planned in a mutually agreeable way) that office goes bonkers, calls in all the big guns, and attempts to make busy. This time it was $17,000 in busy from a favorite line drawing company named RA Smith.

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Meetings for the week starting July 25

There are two meetings this week: Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. in the Common Council chambers will have a committee recommending on the new Imperial Park design. Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.the Library Board meets at the library.

I was intrigued by a few things on the library schedule, the upcoming e-reader program and discussion of how to handle concealed carry were two that really caught my eye.

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L. Mellone resigns as District 7 representative to seek Clerk position

From the email she's distributed within the district:

Dear District 7 Residents:

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Walker Stalkers disrupt another ceremony for the developmentally disabled

 What in the world do these folks get for targetting the developmentally disabled? All Opportunities Inc. did was invite Governor Walker to speak.

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