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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

Now you can know who signed Walker recall petitions from Brookfield

 Here's the search for the 53045 zip code. Yes, some of my neighbors are on that one, as are Bruce (former Elmbrook school board president) and his wife Ann, Nattinger. Former board member Cheri Sylla is there as well.

Here's the link for 53005.

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I was 20 minutes into a great post when this incredibly stupid blogging software dumped all my hard work! Here's the quick summary.

1) Yes, the tornado sirens will stay.

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Brunner, Ziegler signed recall petitions

As did candidate Lynne Thomas who is running against current member Meg Wartman. I'd call the election April 3rd a case of "better the devil you know" and will be voting for Wartman, and also for Jean Lambert.

Brunner and Ziegler are known Democrats. Have been for years. If you don't like it, you have a chance to do something in 2014 and 2013 respectively. Remember the candidate with the ideas that best match your own is you!

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