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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

The Shire Moratorium Committee Recommendation

The committee doesn't meet until Wednesday the 14th at 6:30 p.m., but no matter what happens, here's what they are being told to say according to the memo already drafted for them by "Brookfield;Dan Ertl":

The Committee concludes that the State has applied a professional and scientific methodology regarding preparation and issuance of said Report and accepts the State Report. The Committee recommends that the Landfill Moratorium Committee be dissolved and it’s acceptance of the Report be binding into the future regarding property-owner initiated requests for development approval or change of platting status of lands in the moratorium area unless new public health conditions arise, as documented by the appropriate state or federal agencies.

Yes, I thought that was charming, too.

Listen, we always knew this was only about kicking it around so much that no one would have to own the decision to develop land contaminated by the nearby landfill. And remember? We know all but two of those lots are contaminated according to the state document referenced. 

Now we are beginning to see how everyone intends to touch the decision so that no one takes responsibility. Never fear. A trench will be near!

But seriously, I feel sorry for those who already live in the subdivision if this request to develop goes through the channels. Forever and always, The Shire will be labeled as contaminated by explosive methane. Future buyers will know. (Of course, we did discuss a way that label could be undone, but I'm not thinking that's very likely.)

Just to reassure a few of you who are obviously very concerned for my wellbeing, (That was sarcasm, by the way.) I'll let you know it doesn't really matter to me. I live way over here on a corner where they want to put a drive-thru bank in zoning where drive-thrus are not permitted, but that won't stop them either.

It's a shame. Development is the one thing Brookfield could do so right everyone would want to live here. Instead it looks like it's going to be badly managed and very mediocre. But then, I guess it would be our fault for electing bad managers with mediocre goals. As always, the majority of those making our development decisions are very welcome to prove me wrong.

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