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Brookfield City News

Cindy moved to Brookfield in 1994 with her husband and three children in tow. It's been a very interesting seventeen years.

More development planned for Capitol and Calhoun

Scott Jackson wants it. It's on the neighborhood plan. So instead of a rezoning, the plan commission is scheduled to pass it next week as change in operation.

1) My aldermen of Rick Owen and Bob Reddin seriously suck at their jobs. There's no way this should be on an agenda without neighbors knowing about it. I guess they are flat out lazy. 

2) I've had a complaint filed with inspections about the same property for a couple of weeks. Although someone promised to get back to me, no one did. I guess I know why now.

The fact it's being slid in as a change in operation is important. A rezoning can be blocked with four no votes. I can rally those. A change in operation requires a simple majority. With this council, that's likely a done deal. First  I need to compare the zoning to the square footage. Then I need to read if the "free standing" component will give me the room I need, as I thought the current zoning demands a contiguous building.

FYI City Hall, including Mayor Steven Ponto, I won't be walking away. There's no way that corner needs more density.

Love and stuff,


Monday, September 12, 2011 – 6:30 p.m.
Council Chambers, City Hall, 2000 North Calhoun Road

6. PLAN COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION: Request of CALCAP, LLC, 17000 West North Avenue, Box 106W, Brookfield, WI 53005, Scott R. Jackson, Member, for approval of a revised plan and method of operation allowing construction of an approximate 4,020 sq. ft. freestanding commercial building at the Pick ‘N Save Neighborhood Shopping Center located at 17295 West Capitol Drive. (NE ¼ of Sec. 9) – MT **Requires Common Council Approval**

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