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Tomorrow, the day after Labor Day, is a time to shine for the City of Brookfield.

Our elected officials will vote fore a new City Clerk and a replacement 7th District Alderperson.

The effort to find a new City Clerk was a success and the chosen candidate reflects the best interests of the city residents.

The effort to find a replacement Alderperson is a matter of choice that will reflect the best interests of the city residents.

The city residents will be best served by appointing a person other than that person who quit the job for a "dream job".

Being an alderperson is real and deserves someone the whole community can trust and rely upon to serve as a public servant. That means no insider politics and no political deals to further the ambitions of the alderperson.

It is a time to shine for those public officials who control the very existence of our city and decide where our hard earned tax dollars go.

It is time to shine to carry on the tradition of good government by good people.

It is a time to shine for those who care more about the people than their votes.

We can only hope for the best.

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