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Brookfield Central's Carl Hirsch, Brookfield Academy's Ryan Send win titles at state track

Brookfield Central, WIAA, Track and Field

La Crosse — Two down, one to go for Carl Hirsch.

The Brookfield Central senior won the 1,600-meter Division 1 title Saturday at the WIAA track and field championships with a time of 4 minutes 13.02 seconds. On Friday night, he took the 3,200. Hirsch will shoot for three gold medals later today in the 800-meter run.

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Dr. Ben Carson: 'Gifted Hands' and a gifted mind

Common sense, Conservatives, Constitution, Government / Bureaucracy, History, Special events

Dr. Benjamin Carson was the featured speaker at the Americans for Prosperity rally last Thursday night at the Waukesha Expo. Though Dr. Carson made quite the media splash at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013, his visit to Waukesha went largely unnoticed by local mainstream media.

Senator Ron Johnson was also invited by AFP, and he spoke prior to Dr. Carson about the dysfunction of Washington D.C.  Then he gave an interesting intro about his first impressions of Dr. Carson at the prayer breakfast, which is included in the video clip below. (Sometimes being wrong is good!)

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Brookfield East boys wins third straight D1 track title

Brookfield East, Track and Field

La Crosse — Brookfield East needed to be perfect in 1,600 relay and it was.

Trailing Green Bay Preble, 48-41, into the final event of the WIAA track and field championships, Brookfield East’s foursome of Trenton Daniels, Josh Breider, Will Sutton and Brad Johnson took first with a time of 3 minutes 17.26 seconds. Preble, meanwhile, finished seventh (3:20.87).

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(Adopt A) Cat Month at HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adoption, cat show, kitten shower

June is known in the pet world as Adopt A Cat Month or Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.  We’re all over that at HAWS!

If you’re a cat fan or just an animal advocate in general, there are several ways you can help HAWS help cats this month – get involved, donate, help spread the word about our fantastic feline friends.

HAWS’ Kitten Shower is Saturday, June 15. From 11am to 3pm we’ll be celebrating all things kitten – while also getting out information on how you can become a foster home, bring up a well socialized kitten and more. Enjoy cake and a little kitten playtime, too! Don’t forget your shower gift – check out our Wish List for ideas.

veral of HAWS adoptable cats will be participating in the WI-IL Cat Fanciers Show this coming weekend at the Waukesha Expo Center (just down the street from our shelter on Northview Road).  Cheer them on to victory in the household pet division…then take one home as your very own.

The Delafield Public Library has a wonderful display dedicated to information all about cats, adoption, proper cat care, and overpopulation issues we’re facing in Waukesha County. Stop by their branch on Genesee Street (Hwy. C) and read all about it!

Vote for Milo until June 22nd: A local family has entered their cat in the contest – if Milo wins then HAWS receives $4500! Here’s the link to vote every day – search for Milo Willms.

By the way – HAWS’ Project Guardian and SNIP spay-neuter  programs are fighting the good fight against cat overpopulation every day.  Donate and save a life!

St. Mary's Visitation - Graduation Photos

St. Mary's Visitation, Class of 2013

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Baseball and Burden of Proof

Baseball is the sport I love, have played, have managed and now am a loyal fan. Baseball in American in its early infancy was a gambling sport, both at the ball park and in the saloons. The Chicago (Black) Sox were accused of losing the world series for money paybacks and both the guilty and innocent suffered. Sweeping reforms banned players for good reason or for none at all. The syndicate gambling owners got off easy and just went along their merry way. After WW11 conditioning of baseball players became a business that flourished because there were no regulations. The modern era of the sport hi-lited the use of performance enhancing drugs and a search began to stop the boys of summer from improving their bodily structure. There have always been pain healing drugs in every sport at every level.

It is interesting to note that Baseball has had no interest in the alcoholic escapades of some of the most prominent players. Nor has there been much interest in gambling with the exception of Pete Rose who like many other players gambled away his own earnings.

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Into Hitler's Europe

It hangs there in the closet - there in silent repose.

It hangs there, wanting to tell us of the men that it knew; even as I gaze at it, wishing the very same thing.

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HAWS is "Expecting"...and Everyone is Invited!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, kittens for adoption, kittens, kitten shower, donation

HAWS is “expecting” – and everyone is invited to celebrate with us!

Hundreds of cute kittens will “rain” on HAWS this it is a great time for a
Kitten Shower!  Join the fun THIS Saturday, June 15, from 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the shelter at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha.   Enjoy cake, prizes, kid’s activities, kitten playtime and more while helping HAWS raise the much-needed funds and supplies to care for these furry feline bundles of joy.

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ELECTION 2014 is starting to fire up as the incumbents and local city candidates make the rounds during the summer activities. This is the time they line up support and money to run a campaign. It is also the time to test local residents on their views concerning local issues. There are a myriad of local issues that do and will affect the local residents and the local taxpayers.

For the incumbents it is important for them to stress their accomplishments and avoid answering what will hurt them at the polls.

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The Impact of Success

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adopt, intern, Pet Fair, Ride

This summer, we’re turning over the HAWS blog to our writing intern, Meg, a student at UWM. We hope you enjoy her insights as she discovers “all things HAWS.”

As I sat at the HAWS’ front desk during the first day of my internship, I began to wonder what it must be like for the employees and volunteers at HAWS to hear success stories.  I couldn’t imagine the sense of accomplishment they must feel when they hear these stories that they helped make possible.

While observing the activities going on throughout the day at HAWS, I soon discovered that every worker and volunteer at this organization is essential.  Without these devoted people, the shelter would not be the same, and the many success stories would not exist.    

Midway through my thoughts of HAWS’ amazing cause, I overheard a recent dog adopter say, “I can see her confidence building every day.”  The adoption counselor immediately responded to the man with a proud smile.  I knew at that moment the counselor felt the sense of accomplishment that I had been imagining.  My heart was warmed at seeing the happy adopter standing next to his new furry family member.

After my first day at HAWS I knew how lucky I was to have the opportunity to intern for this wonderful cause.  I realized not only was I lucky to have the opportunity to make an impact on this cause, but also I was lucky to have the opportunity for HAWS to make an impact on me.  I have already developed a deeper appreciation for the kindness in people’s hearts and their devotion to our furry friends.

By the way - save the date for HAWS 6th Annual Pet Fair in Menomonee Falls and 4th Annual Ride for Rover!  On August 17th we're again merging these 2 great events into 1 amazing day for HAWS!  Join us!

Finding Out What's Best

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt a dog, dogs, eval, shelter

Another post from HAWS summer intern, Meg!

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to observe one of the dog behavioral evaluations.  These evaluations are performed to determine what type of home would be most suitable for each adoptable dog at HAWS.

These evaluations test to see if the dogs have a food preference, if they mind being touched while eating, and if they are possessive or aggressive over their food.  The dogs are not fed prior to their evaluations because this encourages them to eat during it.  Yet, although these dogs are probably quite hungry, some still have a preference to which type of food they’ll eat.

Dogs are also tested to see how they react to strangers, startling objects and noises, cats, and other dogs.  These tests all aid in placing dogs with the best match for them.  The behavioral evaluations allow HAWS to discover if each dog is suitable to live with children or other pets. 

After completion of the test the evaluator gives their recommendation on what would be the best forever home for each dog.  These evaluations really show just how much HAWS cares about its animals.  HAWS does everything possible to find forever homes for each and every animal that enters the shelter.

By the way - tomorrow, Friday, June 21st, our friends at First Weber Lake Country are celebrating their 4th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day fundraiser for HAWS!  Join the fun at 2750A Golf Road, Delafield, from 9am to noon.  Meet HAWS adoptable pets, enjoy a hotdog lunch, have your dog compete in the costume show and and other contests, all in support of HAWS.

Good Things DO Come in Small Packages!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Waukesha County, adopt, pets, rabbits, rats

HAWS’ summer intern Meg shares a brand new experience!

Two weeks ago I spent some time in HAWS’ Small Animal Ward. I was surprised that for being so small they sure are a lot of work! It also shocked me that there is so much to know about small animals.

Andy the rat is available for adoption at HAWS!I was impressed with myself that I worked up the courage to hold a rat. While holding the little guy, I soon discovered that the often feared animal is actually quite friendly. It seems to me that once you overcome the strangeness of their tails, they really are fun animals. They definitely aren’t worthy of the bad rep they are often given.

HAWCoco and Walnut are 2 adoptable rabbits at HAWS!S knowledgeable small animals volunteers taught me quite a bit about rabbits as well. Did you know rabbits are prey animals? Due to this, they don’t care for being handled. Although they aren’t fond of being held, they certainly didn’t seem to turn down any petting!

I was fascinated that my time in the small animals ward flew by. The five hours I spent there felt like 5 minutes! I was truly impressed by the amount of time and hard work the volunteers in this ward dedicate to the small animals.

By the way – if you’re a small animal fan you’ll want to save the date for HAWS’ annual Guinea Pig Primer on October 27th and TTouch for Little Critters on November 3rd. Watch our Events Calendar for details!

Skiin Celebrates with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Thursday, June 20 to celebrate Skiin’s office opening and membership with the Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

While unforeseen to some, Skiin provides “a little bit of every service,” according to Chris Zajdel, part owner of Skiin. Varying from massage to IPL Light Therapy, the staff at Skiin is pleased to provide informative consultations, for even the most apprehensive patient, in order to deliver the best treatment along with the most effective healing time.

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