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Congrats to Tosa wrestlers, Central's Wandrey and other thoughts

A special congratulations goes out to two of my favorite people.

First of all, coach Kent Morin of the Wauwatosa West/East wrestling team. Tosa swept the Woodland Conference this year, winning both the regular-season dual meet title - something Pewaukee has done since 2006 when they came into the league - and the conference tournament on Saturday.

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Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS - and Hop to it!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, HAWS Waukesha, adopt a rabbit month, Valentine's Day, Bunny Day

February is Adopt a Rabbit month. How convenient that HAWS has suddenly filled up with a bunch of bunnies ready for adoption!

Black Licorice is a female Silver Fox rabbit.We have more than a dozen beautiful rabbits just waiting for new homes. Each one goes home with the House Rabbit Handbook, and our great small animal volunteers will make sure you have everything you need! You can also learn all about house rabbits at

So, about those adoptables…

Got a craving? How about Black Licorice, Coco & Walnut, Snickers, Jasmine or Colada? Still loving this weather? Meet Snowball. There’s also Amber – a real gem, and Lea, Pia, Lila and many more.

Pia is a little Holland Lop bunny.Valentine’s Day is a great reminder of HAWS’ bunny “matchmaking” service. Did you know that single rabbits can be very lonely and depressed without friends of their own kind?  HAWS volunteers will help your little companion(s) find a best buddy, love match or roommate. Call HAWS at 262-542-8851 for more info…and to make a date!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day: maybe you need a gift for a rabbit fan? HAWS is still selling our Year of the Rabbit t-shirts…because it is always the year of the rabbit for bunny fans.

Stewart is a male Dutch Rabbit.By the way – HAWS’ annual Bunny Day is coming up quickly – this year it is Sunday, March 10, from noon – 4pm. Presented by HAWS and the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society, spend a day learning the Bunny Basics, ask questions of bunny experts, win prizes, meet adoptable rabbits and more! Admission is $5/adults, children under 12 free with parent. This event is for bunny caregivers only, please leave your companion rabbit comfortably at home.  More info at!

Freshmen girls key to Spartans improvement

Brookfield East girls basketball

When Brookfield East hired Mike Goodman from Mondovi to take over the girls basketball program, I couldn't help but feel bad for him.

He was taking over a team that was 3-20, 0-14 in the Greater Metro Conference with a 15-game losing streak in league play.

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America Forever

"AMERICA FOREVER". Our country is the only safe haven for those who seek freedom. We are protected by the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Connstitution. For the most part we are safe from being put in jail for expressing our own personal views on the subject of our choice.

The freedom of expression is one of the reasons we have the right to make choices and say what we want about whatever we want.

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A Time for Heroes at HAWS

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Companions for Heroes, Jeff Cirillo, Behavior, Mod Squad

HAWS has been selected as a Wisconsin shelter partner for Companions for Heroes, an organization dedicated to alleviating the psychological suffering of our nation’s returning wounded warriors and first responders by facilitating their adoption of shelter animals.

Capitalizing on the strong bond between people and animals, last-chance pets are connected with our nation’s heroes, providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment while minimizing stress, depression and feelings of loneliness and isolation through unconditional love and friendship.

“My shelter dog is the sole reason I am here today,” notes C4H founder David Sharpe, a U.S. Air Force veteran who was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression eight years after serving. “My dog has allowed me to grow close relationships with my family and friends. I believe other veterans can benefit from the same type of companionship.”

Those interested in adoption through the program should contact David Jurado at, or log on to for a qualifying application. They are then sent to HAWS to continue the adoption process, through contact Jessica at (262-542-8851, x112).

By the way - Retired Brewer Jeff Cirillo has teamed up with HAWS for the $10,000 Matching Gift Behavior Rehabilitation Challenge. HAWS has just 90 days to raise the matching funds for the shelter’s Behavior program: $15 for kennel care for one dog for a day, $27 for a treat puzzle box,  $60 for one dog through the entire program! Every dollar contributed is matched dollar-for-dollar. Donate at 262-542-8851 or Help rehabilitate those dogs who may have never received a second chance! All donations are tax deductible.

Martin Luther King, Jr. play enlightens students

In order to teach future generations about Martin Luther King, Jr., St. John Vianney fifth graders produced and enacted a play recapping salient moments in his life for the kindergarteners.

The play presented significant historical events including Rosa Park's courageous actions, a peace march protesting segregation, and poignant quotes from Dr. King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech. As part of the project, the students were challenged to develop ideas for creating a more peaceful world.

Anti-bullying expert coaches St. John Vianney students

Master Chan Lee, the Bully Expert from Milwaukee's own JK Lee Black Belt Academy, is teaching St. John Vianney students age-appropriate anti-bullying skills over the course of four sessions.

According to the American Justice Department, one out of every four children is bullied. Recently, a staggering 77% of surveyed U.S. students reported being mentally, verbally, or physically bullied.

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St. Mary's Visitation - Annual Auction for Education

SMV Auction for Education

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Yes, YES, Marco Rubio, Bravo!

Conservatives, Government / Bureaucracy, President Obama, United States

Senator Marco Rubio delivered one of the most inspiring State of the Union Responses I can ever recall. In his 14 minute address, he clearly pointed out the differences between Liberals and Conservatives: more taxes and more government vs.protecting liberty and  the American Dream

Best line of his speech was, "So Mr. President, I don’t oppose your plans because I want to protect the rich. I oppose your plans because I want to protect my neighbors."

Another favorite was an acknowledgement to God's blessing on our nation, "But God also blessed America with abundant coal, oil and natural gas. Instead of wasting more taxpayer money on so-called “clean energy” companies like Solyndra, let’s open up more federal lands for safe and responsible exploration. ... If we can grow our energy industry, it will make us energy independent, it will create middle class jobs and it will help bring manufacturing back from places like China."

Rubio touched on one of our biggest threats to our nation, our spending problem, "The real cause of our debt is that our government has been spending $1 trillion more than it takes in every year. That's why we need a balanced budget amendment."

Today, many are hailing Rubio's speech last night. Either watch it for yourself or read the transcript.

Unfortunately, others are focusing on the minor detail of Rubio needing a sip of water. Again the complice media doesn't look at substance, they nit-pic the superficials.

Do I care if someone got a little parched delivering a speech? or am I more concerned about a smooth talking President who twists and distorts the truth to fit his agenda?

Truth wins the day for me.

More Reading: Transcript
Forbes: Marco Rubio's Imressive Response to Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address

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'VIP' Primary Election for Justice Roggensack on February 19, 2013

Conservatives, Elections, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: Voters chose Pat Roggensack and Ed Fallone to advance to the April 2, 2013 spring election.

Spread the word: Wisconsin has a V.I.P. as in Vitally Important Primary election coming up on Tuesday, February 19th for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. We must reelect Incumbent Pat Roggensack to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Though in many areas of the state there is only race on the ballot, this election is still of the utmost importance to our state, because Wisconsin's Supreme Court is the court of last resort in our state. Every court case appealed, every law or reform ruled "unconstitutional" by liberal lower courts come to this court for the final decision, the final word.

Roggensack recently explained her judicial philosophy is based on the Wisconsin Constitution, which sets up 3 branches of government. The Legislative branch's power resides in the Assembly and Senate, so when she interprets a statute, she strives to figure out their intent and uphold the statute (if in accordance with the Constitution), not change the statute.

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St. Mary's Visitation - Win a Chauffeur to the Auction

Win a Chauffer to the SMV Auction!!

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'Bring a Friend to School Day' introduces area kids to SJV

St. John Vianney Catholic School students invited friends currently attending different area schools to share a-day-in-the-life of an SJV student in January. The guests experienced classes with their friends including Art, Music, Spanish, Math and even roller skating in Gym. The visitors were treated to lunch and SJV water bottles, pencils and folders. Hopefully, they left with more than just fun memories and school supplies. SJV aimed to introduce the visiting students to Catholic school edcuations and all it has to offer.

Self portraits enhance children's understanding of themselves

Art class is getting personal at SJV as Art teacher Dana Bach challenges the kids to produce a self-portrait this quarter. All the grade levels are participating in the project.  Creating their self portrait helps the students "focus on seeing and understanding their identity and what makes them who they are," said Ms. Bach. Using different methods and mediums, the students' projects will reflect their "own personal identity in the world," Ms. Bach added.

St. John Vianney announces mid-year enrollment incentive

In an effort to encourage families to pursue their interest in a Catholic education for their children, St. John Vianney Catholic School (SJV) in Brookfield is offering tuition savings as part of the New Student Enrollment Promotion for students who enroll now. In addition to offering significant savings on 2012-2013 tuition, the plan also ensures that the new student will have a spot at SJV for next year. If you're interested in discovering what a Catholic education has to offer, now is the time to find out more thanks to the tuition savings promotion. To schedule a tour or to learn more about the mid-year transition process for your child, contact Principal Pam Pyzyk at 262-796-3942 or You can also find more information about the New Student Tuition Enrollment Promotion by visiting the school's website

Jay Seegert: 'Faith is not a 4-letter word', 7:15 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Special events, Truth

Photo  from  last event: Nature without Naturalism

People are often led to believe they must choose between believing in God and believing in science--that the two are mutually exclusive. And if they do believe in the God of the Bible, and the Genesis account of creation in particular, their faith is treated with the same disdain as a 4-letter word. The assumption being that science deals with "facts" and certainty and the Bible with faith, feelings, and wishful thinking, none of which are academically credible.

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Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS: Bubby Will be Your Buddy!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, Adopt-A-Rabbit Month, World Spay Day, Dog Day

February/Adopt-A-Rabbit month continues, and we present the latest addition to HAWS’ Adoptable Bunny Family.

Bubby snuggles with Adoption Counselor Amanda.Beautiful Bubby is a Holland Lop rabbit. She is an adult female, has been spayed, and has a stunning jet-black coat. Bubby is sweet, but still a little bit shy and getting used to handling. She enjoys leafy green salads – a girl’s gotta keep her figure, you know! Bubby is waiting for her new forever human to love.

Did you know that a group of rabbits is called a herd? Rabbits are very social animals that like other bunny companions to live with in a “warren” or hutch.

If a house rabbit is properly cared for and spayed or neutered early in life, it can live to age 8-12 years! Rabbits require an owner that is able to make that lengthy commitment to them.

By the way – HAWS has a number of neat events coming up – something for everyone! We’ll be joining in the fun at the Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day game on March 3rd (you can purchase tickets to benefit HAWS through the link on our website). Our annual Bunny Day is coming on March 10th. AND, our 3rd annual Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition is March 17th!

And don't forget World Spay Day is coming up this Tuesday...

St. Mary's Visitation Eighth Grader Heads to State Spelling Bee

St. Mary's Visitation Eighth Grader Heads to State Spelling Bee

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Obama's Sequester Spending Cut Disaster Charade Continues

Debt, Government / Bureaucracy, President Obama, Spending, TAXES

We've known it was coming. The very idea came from the White House. He approved it a year and a half ago, and in November 2011, insisted it be done. What is it? Why the Sequester, of course.

What is a sequester? Automatic spending cuts triggered to go off in 2013, after the 2012 presidential campaign. Sequester was a gimme the money now, I'll economize later deal.

And here is a graph of that Sequestration deal. Nothing cut from present levels of spending, just $85 billion cut from 2 years of* FUTURE spending! Take a look here. (Put your reading glasses on or you might not notice the change.) *Correction: About $44 billion cut from this year, remaining cuts spread out over the next 7 years.

Now our Spender in Chief doesn't want to go through with Sequester cuts and threatens the sky will fall if we don't increase the increase in government spending on Friday. So much for his famous last words from November of 2011 regarding welching on the deal: “Already, some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple: No. I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts – domestic and defense spending. There will be no easy off-ramps on this one.”

But then our President seems to enjoy running our government in sky-is-falling-crisis mode, or as Peggy Noonan just wrote, "Government by Freakout". And to make sure you freakout, Obama's Federal Immigration officials just approved 100s of illegal convicted criminal detainees released from prison for emphasis on how these budget increase cuts will affect us. Now the President could easily find $85 billion savings by eliminating redundant programs, fraud, and wasteful pork spending but instead chose this avenue to make his point.

Refreshingly, for once Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is not negotiating this one in advance but is challenging the Senate to 'Get off its [posterior]' to propose other cuts if those in the Sequester deal are unacceptable. Reason being, the House has come up with 2 proposals thus far with no response from the President or Senate. Hope the Republicans stand firm on this.

One reason the president might be balking is that he again is talking about increasing revenues in any substitute sequester deal: "So when the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts.

Increasing revenues could be the real reason for Obama's flip-flop. Incidentally, $85 billion in sequester cuts funds the government for about a week and a half--hardly worth freaking out about.

And here is another heads-up: The debt ceiling/government shut down could come at the end of March, so I would avoid planning any extensive vacations touring our National Historic Sites and Parks until later in the spring. Like a school district facing a budget cut with the threat the cut will eliminate the music program, government threatens to close the Washington Monument*or Grand Canyon, etc. (We had an extensive National Park trip tour planned for the last debt ceiling crisis in April 2011! Rangers told us they put up barricades to block park entrances the eve of the debt ceiling agreement--just in case. That agreement was reached at the 11th hour, 11pm our time.) *Washington Monument is presently closed for repairs.

More Reading:
Bob Woodward: Obama's sequester deal-changer
President Obama in 2011: 'No Easy Off-Ramps' on Sequester
Noonan: Government by Freakout
Federal Spending Without and With Sequester Cuts
Boehner tells Senate to 'Get off its [posterior]
Immigrants Released Ahead of Automatic Budget Cuts


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Saving Lives - 365!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha County, Project Guardian, spay day, neuter, matching grant challenge

Yesterday, February 26, was the annual observance of World Spay Day. For HAWS, saving lives through spay and neuter surgeries isn’t just limited to 1 day, but a year-round effort!

World Spay Day was created to raise awareness of the effects of spaying and neutering companion pets. Pet overpopulation is a problem – worldwide and in Waukesha County. But, spay and neuter surgeries can help control pet overpopulation and put an end to needless euthanasia.

HAWS’ Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic not only performs surgeries on HAWS’ shelter animals, but also gives assistance to area rescue groups and financially struggling Waukesha county residents. We again observed World Spay Day by offering free surgeries to the pets of eligible owners of cats, kittens, Pit Bulls and pit mixes during these past few weeks, but assistance is always available to those who’s pets are in need.

Our Project Guardian continues to combat the outdoor cat overpopulation issue in rural and newly-developed areas of Waukesha County.  Free spays and neuters are offered, along with basic vaccinations to those who are guardians of outdoor cat populations. Our staff can even give some helpful hints for proper trapping and release of these cats!

If you have any questions regarding our SNIP clinic or spaying or neutering your pet, please call us at 262-542-8851, x109, or email

By the way – the life-saving continues with our $10,000 Matching Gift Behavior Rehabilitation Challenge! Donate today and make a dogs’ day!

By the way, part 2 – HAWS will be at the
Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day this Sunday…will you?!

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