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Practically Speaking

Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Experience or judgment

Ever since McCain announced Sarah Palin, the left has been moaning about her lack of experience. Pretty ironic, rather like the Obama calling the Palin black.

Here is another frightening thought: Nancy Pelosi is only 2 heartbeats away from being president. Do her years of experience make you feel any more comfortable with that idea/ 

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Brookfield has Green Herons too

Birds, Just for fun!, Nature

One of the things I love about living in our City in the Countryside is the variety of wildlife here. Last year, it was not unusual to see a Red Fox or the entire Red Fox family out and about in our neighborhood. This year I saw a coyote in my back yard.

Birds also abound here. When the fruit trees are in bloom and when mulberries are ripe, Baltimore Orioles are regular visitors to my yard. Hummingbirds frequent my perennial flower garden. I love it!

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20 years of experience did not = understanding

 Vicious attacks on Palin and family

Do you know the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick. 

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Vicious attacks on Sarah Palin

The left is acting like McCain picked Sarah Palin out of a hat on Monday and announced her on Friday without proper vetting. How silly. By this time the McCain camp probably knows what toothpaste she favors!

Evidently Sarah Palin was warned about the potential for vicious attacks from McCain's opponents. She is no shrinking violet.

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Gustav miss the reason oil falls? Stocks lose steam; Oil tumbles on relief over Gustav

The Dow Jones industrial average initially surged nearly 250 points on Tuesday as oil prices dropped as low as $105.46 a barrel on reports that the Gulf Coast and its oil facilities have been spared heavy damage from Hurricane Gustav.

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Obama experienced--Palin not? How can that be?

Criticism of Palin shows lack of understanding of conservative Christians

You make a mistake, you ask for forgiveness and dust your self off and get up and try again. Righteous man gets up. King David sinned, he was called the apple of Gods eye. Do Christians think this is a license to sin? NO, Paul, God forbid.

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Lower temperatures and country's mood quell global warming ferver

Elections, Energy, Environment, Going Green, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Weather

Have you noticed that this summer was cooler than usual? That fact, coupled with our recent cold and snowy winter, takes the subject of Global Warming off the front burner.

The last time the temperature didn't hit 90 degrees in Milwaukee during a summer* was in 2000, the weather service said. Before that, it was 1915.

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Palin on difference between hockey mom and Pit Bull dog

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008

Evidently Sarah Palin was warned about the potential for vicious attacks from McCain's opponents. She is no shrinking violet though. William Kristol posted this:

"A nervous young McCain staffer took it upon himself to explain to Palin the facts of life in a national campaign, the intense scrutiny she'd be under from the media, the viciousness of the assault that she'd be facing, etc." Here is what she had to say,

Information meeting re: Percheron Square tonight, Sept. 3, 6-7

City of Brookfield, Development

My 2 aldermen, Lisa Mellone and Renee' Lowerr, sent out an email that there will be an information meeting on Percheron Square tonight, from 6-7pm at City Hall in Council Chambers. If you are interested in this development project, this would be a good opportunity for you to find out more. (Sorry this is late, I have been having computer troubles.)

Percheron Square is an AVS project (division of VK Development) and will be located on the former Ruby Farm and WTMJ properties next to Swanson Elementary School. Former plans.

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Victory in Anbar can't compete with "important news"

McCain 2008, Obama 2008, United States, War

If the liberal media wants to know why conservatives have pretty much given up reading their papers and watching their broadcasts, this may give them some insights. From Investor's Business Daily: (My emphasis throughout)

"Iraq War: We interrupt coverage of Bristol Palin's pregnancy to announce that the U.S. has turned over control of Iraq's wild, wild west to Baghdad. Memo to Barack Obama: Soon you will have nothing left to surrender.

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Even a teleprompter malfunction didn't phase Palin

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

My husband and I were glued to the TV set last night, watching the Republican convention. The speeches were outstanding--Romney, Huckabee, and Giuliani did great. 

Then it was Sarah Palin's turn. Would she be as composed and confident as she was on Friday? Would all the vicious, negative media attention throw her?

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Think soy is healthy? Think again

Follow the money, Healthy living, Medicine

For years I was a vegetarian. I ate a lot of soy and soy based veggie-meat substitutes. I did it for health reasons. Boy, was I wrong!

A few years ago I started seeing a D.O. (Osteopathic Doctor) because I felt so exhausted. After a number of tests it was determined I had an under active thyroid and an allergy to soy. She added that most people were allergic to soy because it is in so many processed foods.

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Is nothing wrong anymore? Now Herion withdrawal a disease?

Heroin follows I-43 into northern Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula

Not every vote should count

Americans are proud to say, Every vote counts here. But sadly, in recent years, voter fraud has been raised to a new level1. 10 more voter registration workers face investigation
10 more voter registration workers face investigation. Milwaukee’s top election official said Thursday she plans to seek criminal investigations of 10 more voter registration workers, including two accused of offering gifts to sign up voters...
August 29, 2008 

2. Voter registration information often doesn’t match driver records
Voter registration information often doesn’t match driver records. 22% mismatch rate found in registrations this month. One in five people who registered this month to vote provided information that does not match driver's license records, state officials said Wednesday...
August 28, 2008 

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Compare the candidates tax stance ala Snopes Recession could delay rescinding tax cuts

McCain & Palin in Cedarburg: so close, yet so far away + pictures

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Special events

The phrase so close, yet so far away was never more true for me than yesterday. A friend asked on Thursday night if I was interested in going to Cedarburg Friday, That was just the nudge I needed. I said, yes!

Neither of us had ever gone to one of these campaign stops before, so we were greenhorns. We did manage to get there by 8am, but we could see by the crowd, that was not nearly early enough.

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Will Trooper-gate be the October surprise? About that trooper 

Voice of the Martyrs free offer 

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'Cuz I'm a woman: Juggling motherhood and Vice Presidency Get back in the kitchen, Sarah! 

Funny how the perception that a V.P.'s job just consists of going to state funerals has changed. Now all of a sudden it is THE most important job in the world. Of course the main reason for a VP is that the chain of command can be smoothly transitioned should the President be incapacitated. Somehow the Democrats think this is only is a problem for the Republican candidate because of his age. But the possibility of incapacitation exists for every person on the planet, regardless of party affiliation or age. How comfortable is America with President Biden? Doesn't seem too comfortable since he received less votes than Palin did running for mayor ????

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Assisted suicide, the next slippery slope

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Freddie and Fannie bail out Bush takeover of housing giants 'critical'

Whose administration do we have to thank for this mess? I think it is Clintons? 

ABC will interview Sarah Palin later this week ABC News' Gibson lands first Palin interview

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis complained that the media has focused too much on 44-year-old Palin's personal life. Many of those stories came after McCain's campaign announced that Palin's unwed 17-year-old daughter was pregnant. News reports also have questioned her record as a reformer in Alaska.

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Obama flip on sanctity of life: Palin & McCain defend life

The Bible is not an ala carte  menu where you pick and choose which parts you will agree and which you don't agree with. Yet many people think they can just clip out the parts they don't think apply to them.

This is not a new phenomena, back in the Old Testament, King used his pen knife to cut out the parts he did not want to obey. King whatever ignored God's rules on treating the temple vessels with reverence, using them as part of his drunken party. God did not wink at that oversight. You may know the story as the handwriting on the wall. God saw, judged, and found them,  and sent the enemy destroyed them that very night.

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Obama: Oh, pick me, I thought about joining the military too

Elections, Obama 2008

Feeling a little left out, Obama? He now says he 'wanted to join the US military'

"The statement is thought to be the first time during the 19-month-long presidential campaign that the Democratic nominee for the White House has indicated he once wanted to serve in uniform. The aspiration was not mentioned in either of his two volumes of memoirs.

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Tuesday is primary election day. Go vote!

Elections, WISCONSIN

I don't know that many people are even thinking about voting tomorrow, but Tuesday, Sept. 9th is the primary for the Nov. 4th election. As usual, we will go vote. (One of the joys of having an adult child is that our household vote total now is 3!)

Don't assume that this election does not matter. There are primary challengers to Congressman Sensenbrenner, Assembly, and Register of Deeds depending on your district. 

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The days of Ronald Reagan

Age And Experience: The Reagan Resume

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, September 08, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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From little ACORNs, big fraud grows

ACORN Obama worked for this group, famous for registering voters and voter fraud.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both donated to ACORN 

Another fairytale? Obama, there was no Selective Service registration requirement in 1979

Elections, Obama 2008, Truth

On Sunday, Sept. 7, Barack Obama told ABC news: (My emphasis throughout)

"I had to sign up for selective service when I graduated from High School," he explained. "I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and you know, honorable option."

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Today is primary election day. Go vote!

Elections, United States, WISCONSIN

I don't know that many people are even thinking about voting today, but Tuesday, Sept. 9th is the primary election for the Nov. 4th election. As usual, we will go vote. (One of the joys of having an adult child is that our household vote total now is 3!)

Don't assume that this election does not matter. There are primary challengers to Congressman Sensenbrenner, Register of Deeds, and Assembly, depending on your district. 

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Bridge to Nowhere explained 

Barack and Biden both voted for this. Probably a case of I'll vote for yours if you vote for mine.

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Now this is a tree hugging earth pagan!

Commander Palin

References to Gov. Palin’s experience as Commander of Alaska’s National Guard have been greeted with hoots of derision by the know-it-alls on the left, who generally know very little at all about the nation’s military defense. It turns out she’s in charge of some pretty darn important stuff because Alaska is our first line of defense in something that may seem anachronistic but is still very much a part of defending America’s safety: our missile interceptor defense system.

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Palin first approached in February 2008 

Media does not understand Christianity: Palin's beliefs shared by many

The only problem with this is that what Palin’s pastors preach is mainstream (if slightly amped on brimstone) Christian orthodoxy - Christians do believe in Hell and salvation, after all. It may sound intense to a non-believer (i.e., most of the MSM), but it definitely lacks the … er … color of Rev. Wright’s anti-American rantings. As you’ll see in the examples that follow, any effort by the media to beat this drum will only serve to alienate most Americans.

Oh, I really like this guy at Cheat-Seeking Missiles

Laer Pearce missiles

Want domestic drilling? Send an email

Contact Your Government About American Energy Production


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Beware of energy bills bearing worse than nothing

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Palin saved her state money by staying in her home 

Sensenbrenner's Congressional seat safe, Dan Knodl wins Assembly District 24

Elections, United States, WISCONSIN

I am happy to report that Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner will continue serving in the United States House of Representatives. He won with 36,665 votes to Jim Burkee's 10,080.

Just in case you were interested, Dan Knodl won Assembly District 24 with 2,706 votes against Jason LaSage - 2,312, Randall Ryan Melchert - 1,995 and Michael Moscicke - 215 votes. Knodl will face Democrat Charlene Brady in November, but in the conservative Menomonee Falls area, she is a long shot.

Please, comment content should relate to the subject of the post.

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2 H.R. Bills: bad idea and co$tly- Education Begins at Home Act & Pre-K Act

4-K, Education, Family, Legislation

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ ”
President Ronald Reagan


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Stem cell research

Elections, McCain 2008, Medicine, Obama 2008, Religion  

IV. Stem Cell Research

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House of Reps started talking about DRILLING because of you!

Elections, Energy, Environment, Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, THE ECONOMY

Have you noticed that the mood of the country has changed regarding energy?

Last year, THE solution was all about growing our own energy by using ethanol. The emphasis was on reducing our carbon footprint and dependence on foreign oil, regardless of the cost.

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9/11: Seven years later, amazingly, we are still safe

History, Special events, United States, War

I venture to say that every American born before 1955 remembers where they were and what they were doing the day they heard President Kennedy was shot. (I was in Jr. High science class.)

Likewise, for Americans born before 1995 or so, that morning we heard about the attacks on the Twin Towers will be forever fixed in our psyches.

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Palin: a good lesson in why more people don't get into politics

I think the over the top news coverage of her daughter's unwed premarital sex and pregnancy issues flew a bit of cover for her lack of experience in many ways. Mikeyd comment Sept.  Teleprompter

hen says Palin's qualification was that she did not have an abortion.

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The Right View Wisconsin 

9/11: A tribute to the debris (woman) wearing a pink sweater

Special events, United States, War


Congressional Dems worry about Obama "fallout" this November

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

No doubt about it, people are fickle. Everyone loves a winner--especially when it comes to politics.

One day a candidate is the darling of the public, the next, they can be cast out like a stinky "old fish" in yesterday's newspaper. (Couldn't resist.)

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God, Gumption, and Guns served this nation well

The 7th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks just passed. We remembered that horrifying day when America was under attack. Many who never thought much about God before to beseech his protection. Prayer meetings sprung up. No one was afraid to say or post a sign, God bless America.

Our nation clung to God during those dark days. Trying times make us realize that our fate or success is not in our hands, but in God's.

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All governors are not created equal. Alaska ranks higher, California, lower

 From Wall Street Journal editorial, Sept. 10, 2008 editorial:


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When the 3am call comes, you cannot answer "Present"


Elmbrook 5K enrollement requirements + reading ideas

4-K, 5K, Education, Elmbrook, Family

My posting on Dr. Gibson flirts with 4K again to cure Elmbrook budget woes sparked a bit of a controversy regarding Elmbrook's 5K enrollment requirements in the comment section.

MikeyD stated a startling bit of information in his/her comment, inferring that 4K was necessary: (My emphasis throughout. You can read all of the comments by clicking the above link.)

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Dear Mr. Obama, Freedom isn't free 

Jesus a community organizer? Not according to Him


In Jesus' day, Israel was under Roman rule. They yearned for a leader to take their nation back to the days of greatness and free them from their oppressors. Many thought Jesus was just that man.

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Brookfield District 7 Info Meeting Sept. 24


Dear District 7 Residents,

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The uneditied version of Charlie Gibson's 9/11 interview with Palin

What in the world is the Bush Doctrine?

Elections, History, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

I know what the Monroe Doctrine is. I could even tell you that Kennedy pledged to help any country struggling to be free--a take off on the Truman Doctrine: to "support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures."

But I confess I was not familiar with the term Bush Doctrine. At least not in the way Charlie Gibson presented it in his 1st interview with Governor Sarah Palin on Thursday, Sept. 11, 2008.

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Tough week for Americans with disabilities

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Truth

You probably heard by now how Joe Biden asked handicapped State Senator, Chuck Graham to stand up at a campaign stop. Trouble was, Chuck was in a wheelchair.  

Biden handled his gaffe about as well as anyone could. It was an innocent mistake.

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I want to make government "cool" again. Um, those are Republican issues

Had enough? Where will you get your news?

 The Charlie Gibson interview was enough to push some conservatives over the edge.

The Milwaukee Journal front page saying Palin said Iraq was a war from God was enough to make one woman I know cancel her subscription.

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Totally silly: Vote for cat and dog that most resembles Presidential candidates

Elections, Just for fun!

And now for a little comic relief. Remind my pet (heart worm medication email reminder) presents a Presidential candidate lookalike poll.

 Vote on which cat and dog most resembles the candidates. Results will be posted on their site on Sept. 24.

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24th Assembly District troubles

Elections, WISCONSIN

Our 24th Assembly District neighbors to the north have had quite a week since their Sept. 9th primary election. Candidate Dan Knodl won by about 400 votes, but his victory is not without controversy,

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Freddie and Fannie woes started in Clinton years 

No doubt about it. The stock market is in a mess, and we are finally reaping what we have sown. The years of too easy credit are finally coming to an end.

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Freddie and Fannie generous to Obama, Hillary, & Dems

 Republicans called for reform of Fannie and Freddie, but Barney Frank and Chris Dodd fought it. Rush sept 16

There is a difference between lipstick on a pig and pit bull reference

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

I cannot believe people don't understand this, but here it goes.

The old saying, putting lipstick on a pig, is rather like the saying, making a silk purse out of a sows ear. It just means that you can try to dress up a dirty, bloated pig, but it is still a pig. Pretty simple. 

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Beware of Democrats bearing drilling bills

Energy, Legislation, Truth, United States

Remember the story about the Trojan Horse? The Greeks gave a huge horse statue to Troy. The unsuspecting Trojans brought the gift into their city. During the night, the Greek warriors inside the horse came out and took the city. Hence the saying, Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. The gift ended up being the undoing of the citizens of Troy.

Well, I am saying, Beware of Dems bearing drilling bills. It is not what it seems, in fact, it is worse than doing nothing.

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Obamanomics and the stock market

Bloggers of the world unite (OK, of Metro Milwaukee)

Blogging, Just for fun!

Last night about 40 of my fellow MyCommunityNOW bloggers and I met at the Journal Sentinel building downtown for a bloggers' meeting. Although I have been blogging on BrookfieldNOW since Feb. of 2007, this was my first meeting. 

Various Journal Sentinel staff told us about some coming changes at the paper. For one, a new platform is coming to better manage the MyCommunityNOW websites and JSOnline. They said they are implementing the million dollar system sometime in Oct., so that they can better be at the forefront of breaking news.

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Non-resident students source of school trouble?

Elmbrook: nonresident students

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Elmbrook budget: The proactive, practical, and procrastinators

Gary Jones and effort to ease budget

District must cut $1 million article

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What happened to gravitas?

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

Remember the 2000 election? Governor George W. Bush ran against Vice President Al Gore. The buzz in August was, who was George going to pick as his running mate.

George W. Bush was considered a light weight by the left and the media. (Yes,  I realize that is really one and the same.) No matter that Bush was a governor of a large state--something that is usually considered desirable in a presidential candidate.

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Another reason to avoid "Made in China"

Economy, Ethics, Healthy living, THE ECONOMY, Truth

It has happened again. Tainted Chinese made baby formula* has caused 3 infant deaths in that country. More deaths will probably follow since 1,253 babies are already sick, and at least 10,000 infants have been exposed. (In 2004, 13 babies died from "drinking fake milk powder.")

Now the Chinese government is cracking down. China arrests 12 in milk scandal:

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My kind of recycling: less junk + $

recycling at West Allis and ECFA 

How many nail salons does Brookfield need?

Village bakery advice, brookfield development, I favored a factory in quebecor, school referendum tax figured on 2% growth, in a tighten belt economy 

Some houses are selling

corner home selling, April and Mike able to buy a home--last year they couldn't

Allowing people to stay in homes even though bankrupt, means that someone else is losing. 

Al Gore asks for help

Sustainability in our schools

greening of our schools. email from Julie 

Saul Alinsky's son endorses Obama 

Obama's dealing from both sides of Iraq deck

Makes me wonder what else he has been telling foreign heads of state? 

Charity begins at home...or at least it should

Biden's pitiful donations 

Patriotic to pay taxes? 

Bloom is off the Biden rose

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

The public and the press are often fickle. One day they praise you, the next they ridicule. That seems to be the case with VP pick Sen. Joe Biden. At first he was praised for adding experience to the Obama ticket, but now he is fast becoming Joe Biden: The incredible shrinking candidate.

Someone should break the bad news to Sen. Joe Biden: As a vice presidential candidate he's doing far worse than Dan Quayle.

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In a jam

Strawberry jam 

Got tomatoes?

Tomato jam and tomato pepper salad 

McCain ad points to Obama's former Fannie Mae financial advisor,

Economy, Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

Barack Obama has an ad running about lobbyists advising the McCain campaign. In light of the Freddie and Fannie mess, and that Obama was the #2 recipient ($152,698) of Freddie/Fannie donations, if I were Obama, I don't think I would even bring this up. (McCain "has taken $16,400 from Freddie and Fannie employees since 2005.")

John McCain is fighting back against Obama's accusations with this new ad, "Advice"

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President addresses market worries

Freddie and fanny not bush fault 

Start planning now: Free admission to Disney theme parks & free Disney dollars

Free, Just for fun!, Living well on less $

Around this time of year, I usually start thinking of vacation destinations for the coming year. How about this one?

Walt Disney World just announced their new theme for 2009, "What will you celebrate?" They are giving a free theme park ticket to visitors who come on their birthdays. So if someone in your family has a birthday when you are thinking of going on vacation next year, you might consider Disney World or Disneyland. A little planning now could save you a bit of money later. 

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Tomato & pepper salad, Spice it up!


Deregulation myth dispelled

Dispelling the deregulation myth 

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Freddie & Fannie

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Obama has sponsored legislation. Hope it never passes 

Show me the cheap energy, Al Gore al gore email

Dear MoveOn member,

Elections matter. We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track. I'm personally focused on what I think is the greatest threat and greatest opportunity—averting the climate crisis and "repowering America" using clean, cheap energy sources. That's why I'm supporting Barack Obama. He's the sort of transformational leader who could move us through such deep, structural change.

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Enough with the financial bail outs Some conservatives are balking even more bluntly.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a member of the Joint Economic Committee, told the Los Angeles Times: “What is missing from it and from the recent string of bailouts is a commitment to return to a free enterprise economy. ... What we need now is not what could be nearly a trillion dollars in new taxpayer bailouts but pro-growth policies that allow our markets to correct and start growing again.”


Put the brakes on roundabouts

Slowing down on roundabouts.

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"From Feminist Atheism to Biblical Truth" Tuesday, Sept. 23, 7:30pm

Creation Science / Intelligent Design, Religion, Truth

Author Kitty Foth-Regner is the featured speaker at the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee's September meeting. (See bottom of post for location.) The speaker's name means nothing to me*, but her story is compelling. She was an atheist/agnostic for 30 years but now is a Bible believing Christian. (It does happen, and Creation Science played a part in her conversion.)

For those who assume that any Bible believing Christian who also believes in Creation must check their brains at the door, Kitty graduated summa *** laude from UWM. She is a a freelance copywriter, co-author, and author.

Read more to register 500,000 new voters. Will registrations be checked?

Great news: We're within half a million dollars of fully funding our program to register 500,000 new young voters in battleground states. ...

Half a million new young voters in key states could be enough to tip this election. But we're going to have to push hard to hit that goal. If 50,000 MoveOn members get these new shirts, we'll have the resources to keep registering voters right until the last moment.

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Brookfield's Brookside Baptist Church celebrates 25th this Sunday


Civil War weekend at the Wade House


Voter registration: Mark Belling vs. the City of Brookfield--and others

Every voter registration from August 6th into the future will be checked against the DMV database, no exceptions.  It will take us months to clean up after the Presidential election.  I forgot to mention that all mail in registrations, outside the late registration period,  receive a confirmation card from the State Election Board.  The return address is my office.  If the card comes back as undeliverable we remove the person from the polling list after checking that we did not make an error in putting in the information.

I have no data as yet as I have not had time.  I also have no press statement either.

Please call me with any questions.  We run various checks on the database and have done so since it's inception from 2006.  They may not have been HAVA checks, but they do check duplicate registrations, death notices, and felon lists.  People who mail in registrations have a higher proof in that if they were never registered in Wisconsin, they must send proof of residency.   If they do not, their name will appear on the polling list as ID required.  They will not be able to vote until they show proof of residency at the polling place.

Kris Schmidt
City of Brookfield
2000 N. Calhoun Road
Brookfield, WI  53005
Fax:  262-796-6671
Population 39,700 +

Say "No way 4K" at Elmbrook school board meeting Tuesday, Sept. 23, 7pm

4-K, Alert, City of Brookfield, Education, Elmbrook, TAXES

I almost missed this, but thanks to a reader, here it is: A group of pro 4K residents will be making an appeal to the school board this Tuesday during the Citizen's Forum time--first on the agenda.

My reader had this to say about the pro 4K group:

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Hannity tells Levin, Palin is solid


Saving spare change for something special

Behold the lowly change jar. Suzi Ormond  

A retraction of my comment

Culture, Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Truth

I would like to formally retract a comment I made on Cindy Kilkenny's Fairly Conservative blog. It was regarding Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live (Sept. 13th.) I said,

I saw a clip this morning. It was really funny! The actress who does Sarah has it down pat. Even the facials and accent–not just the looks...

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Treasure hunt

 3 estates that turned in to a treasure hunt

Please leave a note

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Wisconsin's voter fraud problem

With the latest poll showing Barack Obama and John McCain neck and neck in Wisconsin, we could easily become the eye of the Election Day storm. If that happens, we are probably going to look like complete fools on the national stage.

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Brookfield's City Attorney: GAB says NO HAVA checks on prior registrations

City Clerk Kris Schmidt will be in attendance to answer questions or concerns regarding recent news about the Van Hollen lawsuit against the state elections authority.

Over the past several days there has been a great deal of discussion and
media attention regarding local municipal compliance with the Federal Help
America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA).  Our city clerk and staff along with their
counterparts in the other communities in Wisconsin have been performing
web-based HAVA checks at the direction of the Government Accountability
Board.  The Government Accountability Board (GAB) is the successor to the
State Elections Board which oversees and administers the laws and rules
relating to elections.  One of the areas that the GAB is charged with
responsibility by State Statute is the Statewide voter registration list.

Wisconsin Statutes Section 5.05 (15) states that "[t]he board is responsible
for the design and maintenance of the official registration list.....  The
board shall require all municipalities to use the list in every election and
may require any municipality to adhere to procedures established by the
board for proper maintenance of the list."  The procedure established by the
GAB states that municipal clerks are to perform HAVA checks confirming
registration information beginning August 6, 2008.  The City of Brookfield
is in compliance with that procedural requirement.  Under 5.50 (15) of the
Statutes, the City cannot perform checks or alter the State registration
list  for registrations prior to August 6, 2008.  Such activity on the part
of the City would violate the procedures established by GAB which in turn
would be in violation of the Wisconsin Statutes.  Kevin Kennedy, the
Director and General Counsel of GAB, confirmed GAB's responsibility for the
administration of election procedures, and verified that municipalities
cannot change the voter registration list by using HAVA checks for
registrations prior to August 6,
2008 unless such is the final result of the lawsuit recently filed against
GAB by Attorney General Van Hollen or if the GAB decides to alter its
established procedures.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact

Karen J. Flaherty
City Attorney
City of Brookfield
2000 N. Calhoun Road
Brookfield, Wisconsin
(262) 787-3525


More shoes will drop in this economy if we don't change our ways

Economy, Elections

We're bailing out Freddie and Fannie. We are giving life support to AIG. We are helping out the banks. Think it will end there?


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Why wouldn't oil prices go up?

Elections, Energy, Obama 2008, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

The Democrats present the Trojan Drilling Bill, the stock market is in major jitters, investors look for safe places to put their money. Hence oil, gold/silver/precious metals go up. Pretty simple.

With the Democrat's no-drill oil bill, prohibiting drilling in most areas, there will be little change in our domestic oil supply. If we don't get a real Drill Here bill, we will be dependent on foreign oil for years and paying higher prices. It is supply and demand...the price will go up.

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Obama blames Greed for financial woes Barack Obama transcript, Green Bay speech, 9/22/08

The era of greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street and in Washington has led us to a perilous moment. They said they wanted to let the market run free but instead they let it run wild, and in doing so, they tramped our core values of fairness, balance, and responsibility to one another. As a result, we are facing a financial crisis as profound as any we have faced since the Great Depression. As a result, your jobs, your savings, and your economic security are now at risk.

America beyond the point of no return heritage foundation

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Obama draws 6,000, but Palin draws 60,000 in Florida--pretty good for the "disabled"

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

I constantly hear the Palin affect if over and done with--mostly from liberals. How then do we explain that Barack Obama drew a crowd of 6,000 in Green Bay and Sarah Palin drew about 60,000 in Florida? Granted, she was in very friendly territory, but people still waited for hours in the hot sun to see her.

A 60,000 person draw is pretty good for a woman who was called "disabled" by Democrat Charles Rangel.

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Ann Coulter on politicians faking being religious

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Religion, Truth

 Lucifer is my homeboy

by Ann Coulter
September 17, 2008

It's another election season, so that means it's time for Democrats to start uttering wild malapropisms about the Bible"" to pretend they believe in God!

In 2000, we had Al Gore inverting a Christian parable into something nearly satanic. Defending his nutty ideas about the Earth during one of the debates, Gore said: "In my faith tradition, it's written in the book of Matthew, where your heart is, there is your treasure also." And that, he said, is why we should treasure the environment.

First of all, people who say "faith tradition" instead of "religion" are always phony-baloney, "Christmas and Easter"-type believers.

Second, Jesus was making almost the exact opposite point, saying: "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on Earth," where there are moths, rust and thieves, but in heaven, because, Jesus said, "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

I guess that's the kind of mix-up that can happen when your theological adviser is Naomi Wolf.

Then in 2004, Democratic presidential candidate and future Trivial Pursuit answer Howard Dean told an interviewer that his favorite part of the New Testament was the Book of Job. The reporter should have asked him if that was his favorite book in all three testaments.

And now in 2008, we have Democrats attacking Sarah Palin for being a Christian, while comparing Obama to Jesus Christ. (And not in the sarcastic way the rest of us do.)

Liberals have indignantly claimed that Palin thinks the founding fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance, which is Olbermannic in the sense that (a) if it were true, it's trivial, and (b) it's not true.

Their claim is based on a questionnaire Palin filled out when she was running for governor of Alaska in 2006, which asked the candidates if they were "offended by the phrase 'under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance." Palin answered: "Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, it's good enough for me, and I'll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance."

As anyone can see, Palin was not suggesting that the founding fathers "wrote" the Pledge of Allegiance: She said the founding fathers believed this was a country "under God." Which, um, it is.

For the benefit of MSNBC viewers who aren't watching it as a joke, the whole point of the Declaration of Independence was to lay out the founders' breathtaking new argument that rights came not from the king, but from God or, as the Declaration said, "Nature's God," the "Creator."

That summer, in 1776, Gen. George Washington -- a charter member of the founding fathers -- rallied his troops, saying: "The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves. ... The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of the army."

So Washington not only used the phrase "under God," but gave us one of the earliest known references to the rights of the "unborn." That's right! George Washington was a "pro-life extremist," just like Sarah Palin.

There is no disputing that a nation "under God" was "good enough" for the founding fathers, exactly as Palin said.

Meanwhile, on the House floor last week, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee compared Palin to Pontius Pilate -- and Obama to Jesus. Cohen said: "Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus, who our minister prayed about. Pontius Pilate was a governor." Yes, who can forget the Biblical account of how Jesus got the homeless Samaritan to register as a Democrat in exchange for a carton of smokes!

Rep. Cohen would be well-advised to stay away from New Testament references.

As anyone familiar with the New Testament can confirm for him, there are no parables about Jesus passing out cigarettes for votes, lobbying the Romans for less restrictive workfare rules or filing for grants under the Community Redevelopment Act. No time for soul-saving now! First, we lobby Fannie Mae to ease off those lending standards and demand a windfall profits tax on the money-changers in the temple.

David Freddoso's magnificent new book, The Case Against Barack Obama"" describes the forefather to "community organizers" like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- the famed Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky is sort of the George Washington of "community organizers." If there were an America-hater's Mount Rushmore, Saul Alinsky would be on it. He tried to hire Hillary to work for him right out of Wellesley. A generation later, those who had trained with Alinsky did hire Obama as a community organizer.

In Freddoso's book"", he quotes from the dedication in the first edition of Alinsky's seminal book, "Rules for Radicals," where Alinsky wrote:

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: From all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins -- or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom -- Lucifer."

I suppose it could have been worse. He could have dedicated his book to George Soros.

Even liberals eventually figured out that they shouldn't be praising Satan in public, so the Lucifer-as-inspiration paragraph was cut from later editions of Alinsky's book. (But on the bright side, MSNBC adopted as its motto: "Who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins -- or which is which.")

That's exactly what happens to most Democratic ideas -- as soon as they are said out loud, normal people react with revulsion, so Democrats learn to pretend they never said them: I was NOT comparing Palin to a pig! I did not play the race card! I did not say I would meet with Ahmadinejad without preconditions!

Sarah Palin might be just the lucky break the Democrats need. As a staunch pro-lifer, Palin could give Democrats an excuse to steer away from topics they know nothing about, like the Bible"", and onto a subject they know chapter and verse, like abortion.

Wall Street woes all because of "Lowly mortgage"

Who would have thought that the lowly mortgage, once thought to be the safest of all investments, would bring down banking down to its knees 

Brookfield District 7 Info meeting, Wed., Sept. 24, 2-3pm or 6:30-7:30pm City Clerk Kris Schmidt will be in attendance to answer questions or concerns regarding recent news about the Van Hollen lawsuit against the state elections authority.

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Obama ad misleading about McCain stem cell research stance

Conservatives, Culture, Elections, Ethics, Health care, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Religion, Truth

What if I had a cure for Parkinson's, leukemia, diabetes, or paralysis caused by spinal cord injury? All you would have to do is take an infant, remove all of its stem cells (sorry, the infant dies), tweak the cells, and transfer them to the ill patient.


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Palin won't allow AP in on meetings w/ Afghanistan & world leaders

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

In the land of double standard politics, here is another story.

AP Whines Palin 'Banned' Them From Chat with Foreign Leaders, No Such Concern When Obama Did:

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Another reason to vote Republican: Offshore drilling moratorium expires;_ylt=Ak0IxtOKOOlAUKxhxST2vfms0NUE Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire

WASHINGTON - Democrats have decided to allow a quarter-century ban on drilling for oil off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to expire next week, conceding defeat in a months-long battle with the White House and Republicans set off by $4 a gallon gasoline prices this summer.

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Obama, The Man Who Never Was

WWOD? What would Obama do about the latest terrorist attacks?

Powell's No-Brainer

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, September 22, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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Teflon and Velcro Presidents


I went to say, thank you, to Elmbrook School Board

4-K, Education, Elmbrook

Last night I stopped in at the Elmbrook School Board meeting to say, thank you, to the board. I had heard there might be a group of impassioned pro-4K parents making their pleas during the public forum time and thought a different point of view might be in order.

I thanked them for acting in a fiscally responsible manner last fall when they discontinued 4K. True, parents and children loved 4K, but popularity alone isn't a valid reason for implementation. I also encouraged them to evaluate all programs and purchases in that same way because Elmbrook cannot afford to spend its precious taxpayer dollars on programs that don't show long term academic benefit.

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City of Brookfield's voter registration stance

Jeff B: I missed the City Clerk meeting. Could someone fill me in on the highlights? I called her  a week ago and asked her to check the registered voters from jan 1 2006 against the database. She said she would not because of the dispute. I asked her why she thought JB was filing the lawsuit and her response was 'To be honest with you he is doing it for political reasons'. NICE. So republicans are the only ones concerned with fair elections and federal law? I am so mad i missed this meeting!!!!!

4K out of the picture...for now

4-K, Education, Elmbrook

Lisa Sink reported that 4 year old kindergarten lacks support in Elmbrook. Am I breathing a little easier? 

Well, yes and no: (Emphasis mine)

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Civil War weekend at the Wade House, Sept. 27 & 28, B.Y.O.C.

History, Interesting places, Short trips, Special events, War

This weekend, the Wade House in Greenbush, Wisconsin, will host its 18th Annual Civil War Weekend. If you have an interest in American history, this event should prove to be very enjoyable. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

I have not been to one of these events for 11 years but am planning to attend this one. (Photos are mine from 1997)

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Where Brookfield stands on voter registration checks


Maybe McCain should just send Palin to debates? Palin Talks; Pakistan President Impressed by Alaska Gov.

ABC News' Kate Snow and Imtiyaz Delawala report: Turns out Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has the power to make world leaders gush too. 

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What? Bill Clinton said McCain delayed "in good faith"?

Elections, Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, THE ECONOMY

Yup, it is true. Former President Bill Clinton appeared on Good Morning America this morning and defended John McCain. (Politics makes strange bedfellows!)

ABC News' Nitya Venkataraman Reports: Former President Bill Clinton defended Sen. John McCain's request to delay the first presidential debate, saying McCain did it in "good faith" and pushed organizers to reserve time for economy talk during the debate if the Friday plans move forward.

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Oil drilling moratorium to expire, Democrat majority needs to too

Drilling Forward Energy: In a stunning defeat, congressional Democrats were forced to allow the quarter-century-old offshore drilling ban to expire. But the fight has only begun, with the struggle now shifting to state legislatures.


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Rumors persist that Biden will step down and Hillary step in

Elections, H. Clinton 2008, Just for fun!, Obama 2008

The rumor mill is churning out that Sen. Joe Biden will step aside for medical reasons* and that Sen. Hillary Clinton step in as VP. Never mind that her husband just said yesterday that Hillary never wanted to be Vice President.

Obviously, Sen. Obama wasn't thrilled with the idea either, or he would have picked her. (The thought of a Hillary VP, who only has presidential aspirations, is daunting.) Besides, wouldn't that be the ultimate flip-flop? That Obama couldn't even make up his mind on who to pick for VP?  No, I think Obama is just stuck with Biden and his bloopers. (They have added a unique bit of entertainment to this election.)

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Act NOW to stop costly Federal preschool bills

Action is needed now to stop a harmful early education bill, H.R. 2343, the Education Begins at Home Act. Despite the bill’s seemingly homeschool-friendly title, the legislation is actually yet another “big government” encroachment into the sphere of education.

H.R. 2343 seeks to expand the Head Start Early Home Visitation program to supposedly “educate” parents of children from infants to 5-year-olds on parenting strategies. If passed, this bill would literally open the door for government employees to enter private homes to impose unelected officials’ educational agendas, which may prove offensive and contrary to many families’ moral and religious beliefs. Although at this point enrollment in the home visitation program is voluntary, government programs almost always grow beyond their original scope when bills are amended.

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Harry Reid tries to sneak oil shale ban on appropriations bill

UPDATE: This just in from National Review Online:

"From Jim DeMint's office: We've just been alerted that despite House Democrats relenting on extending bans on offshore drilling and oil shale in the continuing resolution (CR) appropriations bill, Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid has decided to sneak an extension of the oil shale ban through as Congress fights over the financial bailout."

We reported yesterday that the announcement from Democrats in the House of Representatives that they would not seek to extend the moratorium on domestic drilling WAS NO INDICATION that the battle to "drill here and drill now" was over!


Palin impresses some at UN Snarky Media Hide Palin Policy News  

Palin's meetings with foreign heads of state in New York this week sent a stark message to the world's tyrants: If she and John McCain are elected to the highest office in the land, America will stand by the embattled nations it calls friends.

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Chilling news: Where is solar wind? (Global... COOLING)

Environment, Going Green, Weather

The Day The Earth Cooled

By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Thursday, September 25, 2008 4:20 PM PT

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Wall Street GREED caused crisis?

Economy, Unintended consequences Failure to be Real Capitalists Caused Crisis

An indictment of greed! A case for more government intervention! Worst financial crisis since the Great Depression! Failure of capitalism! This list includes the "lessons" of the recent turmoil in the financial markets. Nonsense.

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The debate about the debate tonight

Elections, Just for fun!, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

The question of the day is, will Sen. John McCain go to the debate tonight? (UPDATE: Yes)

If he does not go, here are 2 possibilities:

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Work Out, not Bail Out

Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, U.S. Sovereignty

There is lots of chatter today about how Sen. John McCain squashed the soon-to-pass bail out plan. (So much for the Dems. calling him Bush 3)**

Hmm, the Democrats are in the majority, why don't they just pass it on their own?*

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Feed the Pig, and I'm not talking pork


increase savings 

The movie "Fireproof" and the Pope encourage married couples

Family, Movies & Books, Religion

The movie, FIREPROOF opens today at 2 area theaters. From the previews, it sounds like a must see for any married couple, and probably would set a good foundation for anyone getting married too."FIREPROOF is the third feature film from Sherwood Pictures--the creators of FACING THE GIANTS and FLYWHEEL."

This is a low-budget film, but the story looks good. Kirk Cameron stars as a firefighter whose marriage is in serious trouble. His father challenges him to the "love dare" for 40 days. A firefighter friend encourages Kirk to work to save his marriage saying you go into a burning building to rescue a total stranger but you won't try to rescue your own marriage? After all, a firefighter's motto is that you never leave your partner behind.

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What does Dave Ramsey (Mr. Fiscal Conservative) think about economy? 

Happy 25th Anniversary to Brookfield's Brookside Baptist Church


In 1983, 11 people gathered in the conference room of the McLario law firm in Menomonee Falls for a church service. Out of that core group Brookside Baptist Church was born. Today, 25 years later, often 900 people attend Brookside on a Sunday.

This Sunday, Sept. 28th, in celebration of Brookside's 25th Anniversary, two of our former pastors, Dean Taylor and Bill Jones will be preaching as part of the celebration. 

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The burning recliner, tainted candy, & more Made in China cautionary tales

Ethics, Product safety, Unintended consequences

I know I just cautioned you about purchasing products that are ingested or applied to the skin from China, but here comes another Made in China cautionary tale. This time it is a chair that can cause chemical burns to the skin--just from sitting on it!  French retailer in hot seat over Chinese chairs,

One customer, Caroline Morin, said Friday she was stunned to learn the chair she bought last December appears to have caused the skin problems she says she suffered for months.

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It stinks: Hold nose and vote for bail out? Key House opponent of bail out changes tune 6:51 pm Sun. night

Boehner Backs Bailout Bill

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Regardless of bailout vote today, we have still learned NOTHING!


Our present market woes and the Freddie/Fannie mess did not come out of nowhere. They are not George Bush's fault. They started a  l-o-n-g  time before either Bush.  Watching the house burn down: What caused our economic crisis? gives a good run down of the chain of events leading up to this crisis.

First thing this morning, I checked to see if Rep. Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner were on board with the bailout bill. If so, then I felt it might shore up the market with the least harm. Thankfully, ACORN funding has been removed from the present version.

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ACORN's shady past 

Rescuing ACORN

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How is that fiscal responsibility, civility, and bipartisanship working?

Elections, Legislation, THE ECONOMY, United States

Remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Remarks Upon Becoming Speaker of the House two years ago? (Emphasis mine) 

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Congressmen Ryan and Sensenbrenner on why I voted Yea and Nay

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, Follow the money, Government / Bureaucracy, Legislation, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, United States

I heard both Congressmen Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner interviewed on Jay Weber's radio show this morning. (Hour 4 Part 2). Since I trust the opinion of both of these men, I was curious as to why Ryan voted YES and Sensenbrenner NO on the latest bailout bill. 

First Congressman Ryan, who does have a degree in economics. The following are some notes I took from the interview--they are not direct quotes. Listen to the podcast if you can.

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Where do you get your news? Many are getting fed up As if it weren't obvious

Palin says Georgia and Ukraine should join Nato. Eyebrows go up. Obama says the same-not even a twitch

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Taxes increase for 2009. Better get used to it 

Views of Government: Do you favor a Republic or Federalist system?

Elmbrook is NOT planning to discontinue board meeting cable broadcasts


Recently, a reader emailed the following:
Rumor has it that Elmbrook may discontinue cable broadcasts of BOE meetings, as they aren't sure anyone watches.  I cannot recall who told me this several weeks ago, but now I see there is an item scrolling at the top of the district home page to the effect of:  please tell us if you like the broadcasts.  
If you do, this is probably the time to let them know.  I certainly value them. 
So I emailed Elmbrook Schools Feedback:
Someone told me that Elmbrook is thinking of discontinuing their cable TV broadcasts. Is this true?
What ever happened to the idea that Elmbrook would just post the school board meetings on the internet like Wauwatosa does?
Kyle Prast
Here is my reply: (Emphasis mine) 
Hi Kyle
Thank you for contacting Elmbrook Schools.  We are pleased that you are interested in how we make board meetings available for public viewing.
At this time, there is no plan to discontinue broadcasting the meetings on cable channels 13 and 96.  We will continue to do this.
We do not record the meetings digitally at this time, therefore they are not posted on the web.  It may be an option in the future for the district.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at 262-781-3030 ext. 1176, or
Thanks again!
Melinda Mueller
Communications Manager
School District of Elmbrook
Ph:   262-781-3030 ext. 1176
Cell:  414-587-3171
Fax:  262-901-0056
This was my reply back:
Thank you, Melinda. It would be great to have the meetings on the internet. Not everyone has cable TV. Plus, viewers could then watch at any time.
So if you value the broadcasts on Cable TV, give Melinda Mueller a call or email. If you would like to see them on the internet, let her know that too. If they don't hear from you, how will they know?

Please, comment content should relate to the subject of the post. Although I try to respond to many, do not interpret my lack of a response as agreement.

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